Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Notebook

I finally watched The Notebook. God I bawled my eyes out to this movie. I haven't cried at any movies since...I don't remember when.

Let me tell you in my words what this movie is about. It starts in an old nursing home, a man reading to another woman about this love story. A story out of the notebook:

Noah and Ally met in the carnival when Ally was 17 years old. She was beautiful and for Noah it was love at first sight. He asked her out. She rejected at first but eventually they fell in love. It was young love. Summer love. Innocent, carefree but real for both of them.

But Ally was from a rich family. Noah was earning 40 cents an hour at some low paying job. Ally was carted off to New York for college by her parents. Life moved on for both of them.

Noah went off to the war, Ally went to college. Some seven years later fate intervened and they met again. Ally was engaged to be married when she saw Noah's face in the newspaper with the dream house he'd promised Ally. She went back to meet him.

What happened next? Watch the movie. It's worth it really. Beautifully told story.

This is the trailer:


Wending Tang said...

Didn't I give this movie?

Amy said...

yes u did thank u very much. :)