Saturday, 28 July 2012

Behind blue eyes

Listening to How Could An Angel Break My Heart by Toni Braxton now. Why is her voice soothing? Why is my voice not like that hahaha.

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I used to think that one of my cousins looked like Toni Braxton. Only problem is he's a guy. When I tell my siblings, they all go WTF? To my eyes what!

Haven't heard this song in ages Mei You Ren by Zheng bao yi/ah bao/Bowie Tseng.

I like the rhythm of the song as well as the meaning. Basically it starts like this. Lemme try to translate the lyrics. Which reminds me, Mary asked me to translate a song for me. Damn what song was it again?!

Back to topic. Mei you ren (No one).

I asked you: who did you meet recently? Your silence already answered me. No one, you told me no one.

Bah this is harder than I thought. Basically this guy kept saying no one, even though certain things betray him.  Such as, missing dates, waiting for phone call seemingly from no one, different songs in the car that the two of them don't like. And he still says no one. And I like one phrase when she says: send my regards to no one.

You get my gist, right? I'll take your silence for a yes. :)

When I listen to music, I tend to turn the music way too loud, to tune out the world. I do that at home, in front of my laptop, on my ipod, and in the office. Yes, my poor ears. I do get the occasional buzz in my ear at times and I am not yet 30! The horror but ahh well. I seldom do this nowadays. Really!! Only on special occasions. Like now.

Also listening to Rhythm of the Rain by the Cascades.

Lyrics are rubbish. But so soothing to me right now. Ever since I heard this song in Taiwan, I kinda got hooked to it. It was winter, on one of the coldest day ever, I was happily strolling along with Cs in a non-English speaking country when this song came on. I stopped and stared. And somehow that song got stuck in my head.

I associate this song with that scene above. Happy. So now, I listen to it to cheer me up. Works you know!

I talked about it before here. *click*

I think most people haven't heard this song before but I love it. Bu Zhi De by Dreamz fm.

Simple lyrics but rhythm makes it outstanding. Dreamz fm are a Singaporean band, I think. I tried to Google years ago when I came across this song. Listen to it and tell me what you think?

I had the lyrics all written out years ago but its gone by now. Something along the lines of: besides thinking of you, loving you, I would do anything. Open my diary and organize my feelings, I really want to let go. You never loved me, keep playing with my feelings. I really don't have the energy to continue, this relationship is not worth it for me to go on. You get my gist again. Bu zhi de means not worth it.

But their voice and the melody! One of my fav songs ever!

Unlike rhythm of the rain, bu zhi de used to make me feel sad but still soothing. Now, it makes me feel peaceful. I don't know about you but to me, I have a story behind the songs I like. There is a story but it is not for now. Maybe over a few glasses of wine, I will tell you. :)

But now, I feel at peace. No wine with me, but I do have a Fosters beside me. Half full. (Optimist!)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Soi Cowboy vs Bangla Road

Its amazing. Two posts in two consecutive days. Gasp! What happened to me? Heh too bored. Nothing to do. Finished all my books and no new movies to watch. Plus I figured the sooner I update, the more things I still remember.

Better than when I update weeks later, and all I type is I forgot this and that. Annoying even to myself. :X Hehee so without further ado.

Street foods along Soi Cowboy.
From WikipediaSoi Cowboy is a red-light district in BangkokThailand. A short (400 meter long) street with some 40 bars, it is similar to Nana Plaza and Patpong and caters mainly to tourists and expatriates.

To tell the truth, Soi Cowboy was quite disappointing. I expected more like Bangla Road in Phuket. Soi Cowboy is a shorter street and less dancing girls on poles. Instead you get totally buck naked girls as soon as you walk in to the pub. They are dancing and performing at the same time. 

The first night, we didn't expect to see such things. I thought at least they had their clothes on, but when we walked in, it was tits galore. Ah well got bored of it quickly after they took off their clothes. We changed pub after that to Suzie Wong. 

It was more interesting..more live shows. Girls pulling things out of their pussies, including needles. OMG needles you hear?! Its true they are needles. After they pulled them out, they started poking balloons to burst them to prove that they ARE needles. Zomg. And then several girls licking each other on stage at the same time and a guy performing some fire show. 

Mummy stayed to watch with us heheh sporting eh. But she didn't want us to go the second night though. Oh well. At least we saw everything.

Ooh look that's Suzie Wong, the pub we saw those shows above.

This was before we went to watch the live shows. We chose a "normal" looking sports bar to drink during Happy Hour. Cheap! 4 bottles of Chang costs 300 baht or RM 30. When we went into Suzie Wong, a bottle of Chang costs about 160 baht (if I am not mistaken). They say you must all order one bottle each, but nobody's stopping us from drinking super slow.

So yea. Drink during Happy Hour before going to watch the shows. Actually those live show pubs should have happy hour promos too. But in case you wanna stay outside to watch ang mo's groping girls in public, you should stay outside to people watch. Very entertaining as well. Ha!

We saw a guy selling this and bought one each lol. Speaking of, where is mine? Must be with Winnie. Wondering would I actually wear this in Kuching? Haha. I'll try this Saturday, beng as it may be.

I thought that these eggs were kinda different so bought some to try. I thought they would peel the eggs for us. I assumed wrong on both counts. These are just hard boiled eggs barbecued. And unlike normal eggs, they have no yolk! Nooo..I love the yolk! Fcuk cholesterol. And I hate peeling egg shells! Complaints aside, actually tastes not bad. :)

Also saw these bugs for sale so bought some for our supper!! Always wanted to try them.

Winnie and I happily sampling frogs and grasshoppers! Mini frogs and giant grasshoppers.

Frogs definitely tastes better. In fact we finished the whole packet! Haha. Grasshopper not that nice plus they have huge eyes staring at me (I feel them!!), so we didn't finish it. 

Closer look.

I like that they provide these holders for the beer bottles. I'm the type who always use tissue to wrap my beer bottle cos I don't like water dripping all over. So yea. 

We bought two of this in Phuket btw, and I have no idea where it is now. I have to stop buying things I don't use. Grr..I seldom buy beer bottles at home what.

Winnie's tattoo looks kinda realistic eh. Not really cos can see the line on the sleeve but the wild hair, expression and black and white photo works for her. Nice!

Oh yea, this is what greets us on our table every morning. The first morning, I asked for boiled and thought they would peel the eggs for me again but nooo... lesson learned. Fav was scrambled. Chicken sausage is good; pork tasteless. Bacon is bacon, and ham is yum. HAHA sorry I suck at explaining don't I?

They also provide fruit juice, coffee and tea as well as a selection of croissants, breads, muffins, cereal, fruits, kuay tiaw, porridge, yoghurt for you every morning. 

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. No matter how early it is or how many people are staring. Yes, I amaze myself sometimes. thick skinned.

OK bye.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

1st day in Bangkok and Terminal 21

OK the first day of our Bangkok trip. I have shitloads of photos of Terminal 21, the shopping mall, because before I went to Bangkok, I was very interested and was busy looking for photos all over. What's special about this mall?

Well, Terminal 21 is designed to house several famous cities around the world, i.e. Paris, Rome, London, Istanbul etc, under one roof, and each level is different to reflect the city. Sounds pretty awesome eh. So that's why I took so many photos so you can feel as if you went there with me!! Not really but you get the picture. Lol pun. 

Start at the beginning first.

Start of the vacation..excited max!

Winnie was busy at the beginning and the end of every plane ride blowing and then deflating her inflatable neck pillow. Worse thing was it wasn't even comfy. Haha! At least it kept her busy. 

But she doesn't need to be busy really. She slept throughout all the flights! Kch-KL-BKK-KL-Kch. Damn lihai. Maybe not for the entire flight, but she definitely fell asleep on all of them. =.= Jealous. She slept on the taxi too to the hotel. Zzz..

Winnie still busy in the corner hahah..

On arrival in Bangkok, my mum had to go get a visa on arrival due to her Taiwanese nationality. So we went to take photo and got it done. Very fast actually. 

I estimated one hour to get through immigration and it took about that time cos we still had to find our luggage upon arrival (because we took so long at customs that we were the last to get our baggage already), and then find our taxi driver (I got the hotel to send us one), and we got lost trying to find him!! Bangkok airport is huge lah and confusing to first timers like us.

Found our taxi in the end (phew!) and about 30 mins later, we arrived at the hotel!! Citypoint Hotel at Asoke. Service was good and close to the BTS and MRT. 2 mins walk to the BTS (skytrain) and connected to Terminal 21. Awesome eh? We booked through Agoda.

Complimentary drinks at the hotel lobby. 

Hotel was very clean and new.

Our bedroom! So happy that its clean and new. Didn't disappoint at all! 

Toilet glass was a bit see through. It was fine for Cs and I, but for non-couples, could be a bit tricky. Our hotel in Phuket was also see through. Just blinds covering them. Wondering is this a trend in Thailand or something?

The breakfast area.

Shrine at the hotel lobby. It seems to be so normal to see temples and shrines by the road side, outside buildings, and everywhere in Bangkok. After a few days, you kinda get used to it. 

Four of us in the pic!

Walked to the BTS, which is connected to Terminal 21 and went to take lots of photos.

It was so cool! They even had the scanner at the front door like at airport scanners. Ha! Was so SPK walking around taking photos of everything, particularly in the toilets. But you get thick skinned after a while. :)


Parisian toilets. Winnie, Cs and I walked into each toilet on every level. Mum waited for us outside. Her loss! Hahah.


Tokyo! So pretty and so cool!

This looks wrong eh? 


Toilet wallpapers were the tube station map! Was looking for Bermondsey but couldn't find it. 

I'm running out of captions. 

Still in London. Buckingham Palace guards!

After that was Istanbul!

Photo does not do it justice. When we got off the elevator, we were like wahhh... There were a lot of jewellery stores on this level.

Another floor, another toilet. This is getting tiring. 

We were looking for the food court as well as we went on the different floors. Found it at last on the 5th or 6th floor. San Francisco. Fisherman's Wharf. Hence the toilet designs.

Crabs on the ceiling. 

Can you believe this is all in a shopping mall. Mad cool lah. Kuching catch up!

At the food court, you have to buy a card and insert credit  inside (any amount you like), then buy food using the card. Faster lah this way. Just swipe and you're done. The rest of the money is refundable within 30 days. 30 days only refer to Terminal 21. When we went to Siam Paragon, we had to refund on the same day; at MBK, you get the card first then pay later. 

I love this! Green curry fried rice is yum! 40 baht. RM 4. I had this twice!

Oyster omelet - didn't really like it.

Tom yam kung was good! A lot of prawns, squid and mushrooms inside. Nice! 50 baht.

Pad thai was good too! Also 40 baht.

Later we went for dessert!

Winnie ordered this. Don't really like it just because of the whipped cream on top.

This is good though! Just look at it! Imma find a way to duplicate this.

I took this photo because the elevator ride was longer than normal. Three times the length. Cool. Saves time.

The top floor was the cineplex, hence the name Hollywood. 

Had to check out the toilets as well. Getting a bit lazy already by then..

But the best toilets were in Rome!

I must get to Rome! And Venice! Must! One way or another, I'm getting there. 

There you go. Rome toilets! So clean, so new, so awesome! 

OK night. Too many photos - I'm too tired to check for mistakes. Bye.