Monday, 16 July 2012

Dark dark night

Delayed post: wrote about this some time ago.

I'm sitting here in Titanium typing away on a computer in a dark dark room, surrounded by guys (mostly), shouting to each other. If you have not guessed yet, yes, I am in a cyber cafe with Cs and friends. They are all (I assume) playing Dota. Men. Heh.

I came simply because I had nothing to do at home anyway, and mainly out of curiosity. He did warn me though. It will be boring. 3 hours of sitting surfing doing whatever you want. Get ready what you want to do online.

So far I managed to check FB every few minutes (nobody is updating anything when you most want some drama to happen), check all mails and made sure I signed out of everyone of them, check all the favorite blogs, read Wikipedia just for fun (and out of boredom - did you know Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii? so she has dual citizenships in U.S. and Aus ahahha trivia indeed), and read Wikitravel yet again on my upcoming Bangkok trip.

After 2 hours, I decided to fook it and blog about my experience here.

Its so dark that its hard to type. Did you know that? Plus guys do shout a lot while playing. Cs and group are relatively quieter - they just laugh and whoop occasionally. But mostly quiet.

The aircon isn kinda chilly in here - my fingers are getting numb - harder to type now. But I must persevere because I have nothing else to do!!

Is it ironic that I am surrounded by pubs yet I am sitting here typing. So kwai mi. So out of character.

Yessir - I have decided to turn over a new leaf - by that I mean just drinking less lah come on. At least not on weekdays. I will. I must. Besides I gotta save $$ for Bangkok. Heh heh.

Tried to understand the fascination with Dota and failed. Its a lot of err running around, fighting and killing each other. Men. Haha.

Earlier I asked Cs which would be more boring for me? Badminton or Dota. He said dota. Well I beg to differ now. Badminton is worse I think. At least I am semi-entertained now. At least I am not surrounded by sweaty men, I'm now surrounded by noisy men. Zzzz..

Don't think I'm coming again. Hahha the main reason I came was just out of curiosity. OK its 10:45pm. When are they finishing? Fingers crossed for 11pm. :)

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