Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Father's Day 2011

This is a long overdued post from Daddy's day. Dad is really big on family dinners. He loves steamboat at home. So there we were on Sunday night, consuming waayy too much food. Heh.

It was pretty low key. About the same as any other Sunday night really this year. Gave daddy a card, and did some chores around the house to make him happy. Haha serious. Dad loves it when we're hardworking.

My lettle bowl of food:

Besides the normal fishballs, meatballs, there are also fish, cuttle fish, prawn, deer meat (as pictured in the photo above), tang hoon (love this during steamboats), quail eggs and whatnot. Too filling.

How does the Simon family somehow manage to make normal steamboat into this very heavy meal? Hehe..its no wonder we are all overweight. =.=


Anyway!! I'm on such a high. In such a good mood the past few days! Because! I am on leave tomorrow and Friday. SO HAPPY!

The family (minus Kevin) is going to KL. It was a last minute thing. It has been a long time since I've been on holiday with the family!



Tuesday, 28 June 2011

An American girl in Paris.

The title of my post is the episode of Sex and the City I'm watching now. Fret not. I have not lost my mind.

Its harder to blog everyday than I thought. Haih. Nothing to talk about unless you want to know that I just painted my fingernails hot pink and toenails electric blue. Yah hot pink and electric blue.

I am suddenly reminded of Meredith and Christina who would probably scoff at people who use the words hot pink. What the hell is hot pink. Why electric blue? Why not bright blue? Blue is just blue. A colour. Haih.

In an episode (one I think), Meredith and Christina were scoffing at rhytmic gymnastics.

(If you don't know what rhytmic gymnastics is, you probably shouldn't be reading my blog too. Go read something more intellectual or smarter than this blog).

As I was watching that, I remembered that watching Olympics, I loved the gymnastics.

Ahh anyway.

So I logged into my hotmail blog. Or it used to be called a blog on hotmail. My blog got deleted some time back. Its a shame. I should have saved it down somehow. Boo.

Apparently now the space where my photo albums are located on hotmail is called skydrive.

Earlier today I logged in and saw these:

Wow that's a lot of photos. My life back then. I haven't looked back at these photos for so long. It was a shock to see all this. But a nice shock nevertheless. :) Wonderful memories!

That's it tonight. An update.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Of resolutions

I resolve to blog more often. One post a day. No shit! And swear less. I don't know what to use to replace no shit. Die lah. No kidding! How bout that? Haha no for real. Serious this time.

I will make time. But this also means that I ramble pointlessly without direction (a bit wtf not like I have direction at all before). So what to ramble about today?

♥ this photo I took years ago from my bedroom in Bermondsey. Looked out the window and saw this view. Nice!

I'm a sucker for nice views and artistic looking photos. Not that I know how to take any.

I am referring to the wedding photos I took. Finally I went to look at them today. The edited version.

I purposely chose the photos in such a way that they didn't have to edit too much. Aih if I had known beforehand, I would try my best not to reveal my teeth. The photographer kept asking me to smile, then smile more, show your teeth. Try to look very happy!

Its not like camwhoring, you take the photo, preview it beforehand and know what to fix, then retake the photo. At the studio, I can't tell the photographer to: eh, let me have a look at your camera! Preview first because I don't trust you enough! Hahaha cannot right?

So yea. Anyway, I was quite disappointed with the photos I took. Not because the photographer was bad. Cos he is not. I just kinda have my own expectations in my own mind. I want nice views. I want sunset photos. I want beach shots! I know what I want and I am a bit upset that I didn't get what I want.

I suppose its a good thing though. If I had been very, very happy with the photos, I might end up choosing 100 shots (imagine the $$ involved heh heh), but as it is, I found it quite easy to select the more flattering photos. Easy peasy. We were done in an hour. The people at the studio even said that they have never seen any other couple done choosing with their photos so fast. Heh.

So anyway. The edited photos today. What they did after we selected the photos was, they created some fancy design and touch up our faces and bodies, and voila we go back to preview the photos, which was today.

To which we, the clients would decide whether we are satisfied with them or not, and if not, get them to change the design etc.

And go back another time. =.= I had no idea that we have to go back and forth soo many times. Good thing its located so close to my office.

OK. It is 11pm and I shall fulfill my other resolution, which is to sleep earlier starting today.

Good night~

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Once upon a time at the Curve

One fine Saturday night at the Curve. The night started innocently enough. One Tiger tower to share between the 6 of us. No problemo.

When we were still sober..and everyone was so proper.

Oh wait, we had two jugs of Heineken to start with. Note the empty bottles around the table. I had forgotten about them already..this was from so long ago.

But as the alcohol flowed freely..

...and the games ensued...

I don't really like this game to be honest. I'm sure everyone has their own drinking games. This is one of the games we play. It involves quite a bit of scheming/lying to win, which is why I don't really like it. And you have to practise your poker face quite a lot. Anyway, the reason why I don't really like it is cos it brings out the worst in people aka me. Haha no lah. Kidding.

As with most games, you can somewhat tell the personality of each person based on how each person goes about trying to win, right? Who is the most competitive aka kiasu, who is the sore loser, who lies etc etc.

I just think that with drinking games, the more brainless it is, the better. Haha. Makes for more laughs. Rather than everyone being quite serious faced. Heh heh. This is just my opinion lah.

I'm referring to a game Winnie, Kah Ling and I were playing at VA just last Friday night. It was brainless all right. All we had to do was memorize some moves, and the other persons cannot do the same moves as you. So cute. So fun. And very brainless. :)

...we wrecked havoc..

The photos are in black and white cos I was testing out my camera functions. :)

Everyone looks so happy here heh heh. It was a mad night out. This was from ages ago. I don't remember when already. Earlier in the night, we went to a Philippine restaurant at Padungan. Near the police station. I think its called Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw.

The pub was very empty that night. They played some really old songs, including a combination of old Chinese and Malay song. Hmmm.. Nonetheless, we were very happy (because of the beer) and happily went along with whatever the DJ and singer spun/belted out.

No comment.

I have refused to put this photo as my profile picture in Facebook, because I can already foresee the comments that will follow after this. T___T

But hmmm...maybe I should try it out. Just for the heck of it! Wait going to upload it now.

OK done. Wish me luck!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dreaming of my cabana...

Missing in action again. Every time I sit down in front of my laptop, I end up searching/doing other stuff. Busy with some other thing. It doesn't help that I have very limited time on my hands. By the time I get to sit down in front of my laptop, it is 9pm, and old people like me have to get enough sleep since I have a 9 to 5 job.

24 hours a day is not enough.Let me lay it out for you. My typical weekday routine:

Wake up at 8 am (that's my alarm but I snooze till 820 -830am. Then I rush to take a shower (or not if not enough time =.=) and change (always picking out the same clothes a.k.a my uniform to work).

845 am. Rush downstairs to eat breakfast. A cup of coffee and a boiled egg. (thank you Eli). I don't know how will I survive when I stay with cs in the future. I will have to be his Eli FML. No way he will wake up earlier than me to cook breakfast for me (hint hint) :)

Cs come to pick me up 5 mins later and arrive at work 9 am sharp. Traffic is much less now than 15 mins earlier. Its true because most people are already in the office. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Ahem. Moving on.

Work. 10am. Work. 1030 am. Stomach rumbles. Uh oh. Time for a mid morning snack. Its always a packet of biscuit. Such as Jacob's oatmeal with apples. Or Jacobs hi calcium (says the packaging) biscuit etc. Or a glass of milk.

11am. Work. Work. 1130 am. Work. Keep looking at the clock till it is 1230pm. LUNCH! Depending on the day/my mood/ and the weather outside, I could have brought lunch from home (mee goreng with an egg and a hotdog - again thank u Eli!! or sandwich - which is cue for everyone around me to exclaim: finally Amy is eating something else. Something somewhat healthy! A change from mee goreng!! Hallelujah! Wtf!), or went to buy sandwich, or gone out for lunch with colleagues.

130pm. Back to office and try to stay awake. If its a heavy/high calorie meal such as Mcd or Pizza hut, beware a post lunch coma coming up. When this happens, my eyes glaze over the computer screen and my mind absorbs absolutely nothing! Which is why I tend to avoid eating heavy food during lunch.

My lunch meals are relatively light and I try not to stuff myself. So, continue working till 5pm. Mentally counting down the hours (happens particularly on Friday's) till 5pm. And off computer. Pick up bag. Stroll purposely to the elevator. Head down. Avoid stares of other hardworking colleagues.

Plop into cs' car and whine about work. Hahahahahaa NO LAH! I make myself sound like such a lazy ass whiny bitch but I'm not! Haha. That's up to your judgement. But I exaggerate a lot lah!

Anyway. To continue. Arrive home at 535pm. Change into work out clothes. Dinner with family. Play with Cherrie and bring her out for a walk after dinner.

7pm. Lock myself in the gym with my laptop and start to work out till 8 - 830pm. Wait for sweat to dry and body to cool down, then go for a shower.

After shower. Plop down in front of my laptop and more often than not, it is 9pm already. Where has the day gone?!

No time to catch up on any tv shows, no time to watch any hong kong drama series. Only now do I start to Facebook, read up favorite blogs, check mails (already did at office but gotta check again even if there is nothing new) and catch up on wedding stuff. No time to blog!

Damn. Just realized that I wrote so much crap down in such little time. I find I am best at whining/complaining/ranting to my blog. Hidden talent! Hahaa.

I realize my daily routine is going to change drastically by September, after I move in with cs. For example, who is going to make breakfast for the both of us. Either me or him. Should be me lah! So that means actually waking up when my alarm rings and not pressing the snooze button.

Come back from work, we have to cook dinner for ourselves. But I suspect that we will visit our parents very often (home cooked meal!) during weekdays. Heh heh. And I no longer have the gym at cs' home so I have to swim much more often then.

So enough ranting. Pictars! One fine night, cs and I decided to go to the Club, at Riverside Majestic. Trying to scout around for possible locations for an after party! Heh.

The club lobby lounge.

There is a band to serenade you while you enjoy your drinks. The place is small but cosy. Nice for a private function.

As I picked up the menu, I realized that it was ladies night! Free Blue Lagoon for the ladies from 7 - 9pm. It was already 9pm by then and we had already placed our orders for 2 beers, but I muka tebal (thick skinned) walked up to the bar and asked the bartender: do I get a blue lagoon? /smiles.

Bartender: there such a promotion? Wait, let me call the manager!

Manager comes over and squints at me. It is already after 9 miss. Squints some more then smiles broadly at me. Its okay. Give it to her. Just one okay?

Yay! Score!

Blue Lagoon! Yum!

Plus we got free keropok! Yum!

I like this photo. Its making me thirsty. :)

I quite like the place. The band is not too loud or too noisy. The place is small but its giving off good vibes. Intime and classy. Kinda perfect! Think I found the after party location. But I would still want to go on a Saturday to check out the crowd. Just in case.

72 days baby! ♥

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A walk to remember

I was searching through my old folders earlier tonight and found these photos. Long forgotten photos but I love.

I just painted my fingernails so my typing is a bit retarded now. But aiya I really wanted to update my blog today!

Photos shall suffice again today.

Cs and I before leaving our room/apartment at KK. I miss those times.

Actually I think I just reeaaally neeeeed a vacation!

I had such a bad headache the whole day and night yesterday that I slept at 830pm! Amazing. I don't remember the last time I slept at 830 pm. I don't even remember the last time I had more than 10 hours of sleep on a week night. Mostly its 6, 7 or 8 hours only.

Good hair day for cs. ♥ this photo of us. One chinese new year, late at night, but both still very dressed up. Still feeling slightly buzzy from alcohol no doubt.

This was from years ago. It was my birthday and after dinner with the family, I went for drinks with Winnie and her friends. At Silhouette, the Spring. Cs came to look for me (we were still friends), and in the car park, he pulled this bouquet of flowers out for me. Surprise surprise! ♥

Looked through an even older folder of photos and found these:

Nifer and her homemade Penang laksa! I miss! Both Nifer and the laksa! :)

Dessert from Pizza Hut in London!! Looks so freaking delicious. Huge slice and tastes oh so good! Why Pizza Hut Malaysia don't serve desserts and wine too? I could use some wine with pizza heh. Probably can't fit in the cake after pizza though, but damn..

Cramming before exams. I used to spend the day and night before in the kitchen, trying to study. Kitchen because no one is in there. Not bedroom because I would be distracted by my own laptop, Shirley, and my bed.

I saw Jessica Alba at Leicester Square one fine day! Haha no lah! I wish. My friend saw her. Quan came to class and showed me his phone. He just took those photos before coming to class!! And asked me do I recognize her!!!

Why why why not me? Ahh never mind. I saw the cast of Harry Potter. Its okay. I can die happy now.

So yea, he bluetooth-ed these photos to me. Boo.

And in case you ever wanted to see a retarded mi:

there you go. I am never getting a fringe again. It looks bad on me..

This photo below happened because I asked the guard: can I please take a photo with you?

He very deliberately glared down at me and rolled his eyes, all the while his body didn't move. Just his eyes.

So, I ignored him and took a picture with him anyway with that face. Kinda regret the face now. Regret asking him for a photo politely some more! Fucker. I know you're fed up with tourists but it would be better if he just ignored me or stared straight ahead. Oh well. That was years ago.

Amy and the army.

I don't know if I am going to get screwed for posting this photo, but oh well. Let's try and see heh heh.

I miss you both! And that tiny little room. :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Caput Draconis

The title of my post is just something that popped into my mind. Its one of the passwords used to enter the Gryffindor common room in Harry's first year! I know! Why do I remember things like this?! If only I can remember where I leave my hard disk, camera, phone and lip balms. Especially lip balms all the time! But I remember absolute rubbish.

Btw, Caput Draconis means "Dragon's head" or "Head of the dragon" in Latin. Says Wikipedia. :)


I can't wait to go on vacation too. Can't wait. I want time to pass by even faster than it is now.

The thing about booking vacations way earlier in advance, is how looong it takes for that day to finally arrive. Ever since Air Asia started, everyone has been booking vacations much earlier, planning further into the future. Its a good thing.

I have already planned my trips down to where I would go, what to wear, what to bring, and what to do at almost exactly what time of the day. In my head. I made lists and threw them out (cos its too early), and I started searching for the climate (but its too early), I wanted to buy entrance tickets (but cs stopped me too cos its TOO EARLY!), and I almost started packing (but its still TOO EARLY!).

In the end, cs had to give me a pep talk (sort of). Our holiday is after our wedding. We would be staying together by then. All your things would be at our house already. We can pack and plan together. Now, you need to focus on the wedding first!! :(( Upset.

Haha I sound so emo dumb.

Wedding = overrated! No lah. I just want the day to arrive already so I can stop thinking about it! Then I can focus my time and money (!!) on other things! Finally!


Updates on the wedding. Let me just copy an extract from the email I sent to Shirley and Nifer (to show how lazy I am).

"...supposed to go the bridal studio to look at photos, but lazy, supposed to look at invitation cards and favors, but no time, supposed to go florist but havent decided what I want, supposed to meet the band and MC, but lazy, supposed to pay deposit but lazy too, supposed to save money, but keep spending. DIE DIE DIE!! hahahha no lah writing it out makes me worried now shit!"

Ok that was an update. And yeah reading that again, and having Shirley scold me for being a lazy ass and to haul my ass to the studio to look at the wedding photos because they are once in a lifetime, maybe I will give them a call. Next week. :)

OK. Proper updates.

Photos - I'm not fussed about it really. I'm not ready/planning to post/share it on Facebook or my blog yet. In fact, cs wants me to post them only after the wedding. :) I can see from his point of view. Leave something to suspense. Hehehe as if.

Videos - Delegated to cs' brother. So this is a fuss free area. Ao are the photographers for the day itself. Happy.

Florist - Ahh yea. I have decided on my theme. It shall be simple, fuss free, and hopefully oh-so-pretty with a small budget. Haha possible? We are using Spring florist btw, if anyone is interested.

Church - Cs' family are Methodists, and my family are Buddhists. So we compromised on going to their church. It doesn't really matter to me. I'm pretty easy going. I'm a believer of faith comes from the heart, and not from how often you go to church or the temple, or pray or sing how many times a day, or know the bible inside out. I believe there is a God, and Guan Yin and Buddha. I believe in both because I want to.

Entertainment - ok I'm working on that. I so need to come up with program of the entire night so I can inform the band and MC on what I want. Shit got to find some songs. And soon.

Guest list - I'm working on that too. Everyone is working on that. My dad, his dad, cs, me, my mom, and basically even Winnie, because anyone who wants to invite anyone has to work out who sits with who by the end of the month. Tick tock tick tock.

Invitation cards and favors - almost forgot about this. I can only get to this AFTER the guest list is somewhat confirmed. Hopefully the number of guests has not increased again.

Ohh which reminds me, I have to go wine tasting pretty soon. This I don't mind. And beer. But I don't need to taste this. Heh heh. I'm perfectly familiar with beer..Tiger, Heineken, Tsing Tao, Kingway, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Corona...

So that's it. What else? Did I miss anything out?

Oh well. Still got time.. :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Sharing is caring

Good news of the day!! Buy 1 Free 1 McD medium fries on the 14th and 15th June 2011.

CLICK HERE, HERE, OR HERE. Its the same link. Haha but I'm in a good mood, not to mention free and hungry now, so I am going to gaze at my voucher again..

All you have to do is print them out (the voucher) and show it to the cashier at Mcd. Any Mcd in Malaysia, except the ones at MDS/MOS (wherever that is, Genting and airport!)That's it. Voila.

Buy ONE Medium sized fries ala carte, and get ONE free. Btw, ala carte means just fries only. Not applicable with the meals.

MCD fries to tempt me and everyone else! :)

Free food is always good. Free fries from Mcd, even better.

Don't remind me that I am still on antibiotics.

*fingers crossed that cs doesn't see this before I go buy some fries for myself*

*big happy looney smile -I don't know what's wrong with me. Even before I knew of this, I was smiling widely at everything. Wtf is wrong Amy? Its Monday! But I'm happy as a lark! :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Food cravings and memory loss

It is 1030pm and I am craving food. Always a bad sign. :( After dinner, I have already snacked on apples and a banana. I know lah. Sounds healthy and not fat at all. This is what I do at home. Head for fruits to curb hunger. Always works. Good things my parents always have the house fully stocked with fruits.

On different days, there are (1) always apples - an apple a day keeps the doctors away (this is horseshit btw since I take an apple almost every day and I am sick right now. Fever, sore throat, and a damn bleeding nose at 9am this morning. Fuck.) I'm sick, allowed to curse and swear all I want today! :( Unhappy!

Before anyone comes to lecture me, I know it is my other problems that cause me to be sick, and of course taking an apple a day won't help if I sleep at 1am every other night, and go out virtually every night, have no time to rest, and don't stop worrying even when I'm in bed. Hence the sickness. Dumb shit! Angry at myself, and angry at cs (cos he's sick too - I suspect he transferred his virus to me) Heh heh.

Other days, there are papayas, jambu (lazy to describe - go Gooooogle it!), oranges, pear, grapes (!!! seedless some more awesome), and banana. What did I miss out that I always see at home? Can't remember any for now.

Main point is, I'm hungry. Actually I'm not hungry. I just want to munch on something. Its the PMS symptoms. :( FML. You would think that taking medication, I would have less cravings. But no, PMS rules apparently. FML again.

I'm taking antibiotics, fever meds, and sore throat meds, which means that I don't really taste my food, but I still want to munch. Because I'm sick, there are a lot of food that I can't touch now too. Kill me now, can?

So, in an effort to stop eating temporarily, I went to youtube to for recipes. So far, I have learnt various ways to cook omelettes, oyster omelettes (too much trouble), pancakes (too many ingredients but am determined to try this again). I did make pancakes before (years back), and they tasted pretty good but, as usual, I lost the recipe.

I say as usual, because if you know me, you would know I lose things as fast as I find them. I have no organized file, and no organized place to store them. FML. No lah. This should be categorized in YDI, I know. Heh heh.

For those who don't know, FML = Fuck My Life. YDI = You Deserved It.

Some photos of the food I've been eating recently:

Mary brought this croissant sandwich for me for lunch, from Delizze. This photo is to show how huge it is, but damn it tastes soo good. In case you're wondering why my friend is bringing lunch for me, its part of her effort to stop-amy-from-eating-mee-goreng-everyday. Hehe. Thanks babe! :)

Dimsum with cs at After 3 (I think that is the name!) Char Siew pau, custard pau and har kau.

If you must know (heh heh), char siew pau wasn't that nice, the skin was kinda soggy. Xiao ba wang (at padungan) does it much better.

I always loved custard pao, eventhough it is damn fattening. Don't know why but it must be. Something that tastes so good can't be good for you. Especially love the deep fried version. MMMmmmm...

Chinese muffin ala custard pao.

Custard pao. This is how it looks like inside. Yummy. Delish. Sweet. Sinful. Argh.

Oh another of my breakfast at home with cs. What else is new? Omelettes again. But with yogurt this time. If I could have my way, I would have yogurt only for breakfast, everyday! Or cereal and milk. Or muesli and milk. Oh how I missed having semi skimmed milk every morning!!

This was at Westwood. Opposite Basaga. Obviously only Kuching people know what I'm talking about. Oh well. I am back to frequenting the place quite often again. They serve good food, and cheap some more! Can't complain! Gimme more. Grr..

Next up, this is from the Philippine restaurant at Padungan. Near the police station. I think its called Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)

Pork chop Pinoy style. Nice. Tender. Juicy. Meat fest but definitely yummy!

This, I don't know what it is. You're supposed to stir the raw egg into the mixture, but it tasted good all the same. =.= Food is good.

Shit looking at all that food is making me guilty.

I shall let the photos speak for themselves, and call it a night..

The pool wasn't empty before this shot. When I came in, there were two boys playing catch in the pool. Think they are about 8 or 9 only. Throwing a slipper at each other halfway across the pool, while people (me) are trying to swim.

Man, I was so amazed and astounded at his language. He puts me to shame ok. A skinny kid that probably comes up to my waist only, is telling his friend to ma chee-bye, bloody hell, and fuck u. I wonder where he learnt that from? My blog?

Haha that was a joke. Chill people chill. I promise to cut back on the FU's. Actually, I do. I only say this to my blog, and Kevin. Its a thing with my brother. No way to quit this.

Scenario 1

I couldn't find my hard disk earlier. Misplaced it. Probably left it at cs' place, but I distinctly remembered packing it into my bag, to bring back home. Then, I had a brainstorm! Kevin must have taken it. Borrowed it without telling me. (He did this before).

So, I called him.

Amy: Hello, bin ah! Did you take my hard disk? (Bin = short for Kevin ala Kuching slang)

Kev: No!

Amy: Sure not?

Kev: Ya lah! Fuck u lah. Bo ti, straightway ask me! (Bo ti = missing in Hokkien)

Amy: Fuck u back and hangs up.

OK, it was less rude than that. We are both already laughing at each other through the FU's. Heh heh and yes, it was my own fault. Blaming him for something he didn't do.

My absent-mindedness will kill me one day. Argh!

Monday, 6 June 2011

The Pact x2

I just finished the pact by Jodi Picoult for the second time of my life. The first time I read it was when I bought it in 2008. Immediately after reading it, I wrote this post down. Click to read. Tonight, I still can't get over it. How selfish can Emily get? You leave Chris behind in the world, staying in jail, people treating him like a murderer. Ahhh..forget it. Its just a novel but. I still want to know.

Throughout reading this book, I kept asking cs: would you love me enough to kill me? I want to die. Will you kill me, for me? Like all normal guys, he thinks I'm joking, and ignore me. The more I pester him for an answer, the more angry he got, and in the end he said that he would just die with me. Like I expected him too. Not selfish. But I would do that too. Die with him.

That was what Chris decided to do too. But apparently when faced with death, it is so much easier said than done. Killing is not as simple as people believe. (I think Dumbledore mentioned this wtf I'm such a geek!) When you are faced with death, it is not so simple to think you can kill yourself, or your loved one.

Sigh. I really want to put the book out of my mind.

If Jodi Picoult had Chris convicted in the book, I think I would be one of the ones sending hate mail to her! :) How can!


Time to change topic or I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. First off, I would like to apologize to cs. He believes that I'm sleeping now but the book is full in my mind. That is all I can think of now. Too much pent up thoughts and there is no way I can fall asleep without dreaming of Chris, Emily or suicide wtf!

Winnie says the book is depressing when I tried to describe it to her. Yea, well it kinda is. Heck, Winnie thinks all books by Jodi Picoult is depressing.

But that doesn't mean that it isn't interesting! I loved Nineteen Minutes, My Sisters Keeper, and well, the Pact too. It definitely is interesting and enlightening. I haven't read the other ones. Partly because I know it will be depressing, and I don't want to be dragged down by it.

Her books are not easy read. Books that you can read halfway and put it down to continue with another book. With her books, I find myself turning page after page, bringing the book in my bag to work, to church, to the toilet, out with cs. Everywhere!

Got some disclaimer to do. I don't actually read it in the office or at church. I just bring it with me. Just in case. But I do read it in the toilet and in the car with cs, during lunch and after dinner.


I need a change of topic. Its Monday again tomorrow. I will regret not being in bed now, by 2pm tomorrow. Yes. OK that is enough to send me off to bed now! Night all.

I resolve to update my blog more often. The thing is, my life is so boring nowadays that I see no point in depressing everyone else. Haha.

And I really suspect that no one else aside from myself, visit my blog. =.= Apart from those people who actually read about Rihanna's tattoos and Kuching food, and Olympics. Hehe.


Saturday, 4 June 2011

And another one

I like this phrase below that I took from Sweet Valley Confidential.

"...She once heard that a better gauge of drunkenness than a breathalyzer was a simple test: The drunker you are the more you think you can drive.."

I think its damn accurate. I remember on a few occasions when I had one too many drinks at Terminal one with friends, I would pester cs to let me drive his car. Not far lah. Just around the neighborhood, mind.

It sounds irresponsible, but I was driving reaaaly slowly. Plus, it was about 3am already, not much people around. Even the dogs were sleeping by then. (Must disclaimer some more, I don't do this anymore. This was ages ago. Old story!)

His car is a manual, and I haven't driven a manual ever since I passed my driving test. Some more, his is a heavily modified car, so it is a bit more challenging than driving my instructor's car.
Anyway. My point is, I like that phrase..

Moving on.

After those ugly photos taken of me in the convertible dress somewhere below, I was determined to find a way to pose that shows off a slimmer me. Vanity, if you will.

I mean, all those people in blogshops selling their stuff. They can't all be model material. Not all clothes fit you like a charm. They must have simply mastered a technique of posing.

And that is what I have accomplished!

Why? Cos I'm thinking of selling off some ok make that a lot, of my preloved clothes. Majority of them are worn once, or never before. So, why did I buy them in the first place?

Because I was a fool, sorely tempted. Its the one thing that all women (except Suet Li, I believe) are guilty of.

Oh man, she is my idol. When will I learn to save money like her? Ok lah, no need to answer me. I know its never.

Its a bad make up and bad hair day, hence the face. Also I was quarrelling with cs that day. 5 mins after this photo, I removed the make up, put on my swimsuit and went swimming. I've been swimming quite often lately. It is slowly replacing my treadmill as my number 1 form of exercise.

As I am moving closer to Sept 3rd, I am also closer to saying goodbye to my treadmill. Haha idiot I sound so emo. Dumb shit. Wonder if I can persuade my parents to allow me to move it to the new house heh hhe. Impossible.

So yea. Another rubbish post done. Too free now, nothing to do! Bye!