Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Venue: Rakutei Crown Square.
Date: 24/12/08
Time: 730pm - 10pm

We were supposed to design our own hat for the night and the best design wins a prize. Also, we had to exchange gifts. To be fair, we set the price at RM30 for the present. I bought 30 bucks worth of chocolate. nana got my gift, whereas I got a body shop shower gel and loofah. Nice.

Anyway, i actually bought this hat below: It came with a blond wig and I thought it was semi-cool.. But mum saw it and went: it looks ugly on makes u look fatter etc.

So then I thought I'd go in this hat: My hat I bought in Disneyland Paris with mickey mouse ears. but its a bit too big and falls over my eyes. So..I changed my mind last minute..

Oh, here's some of the food. Its not bad but nothing outstanding either. We had a set meal of about RM70 each.  There's soup, sashimi, sushi, ramen, soft shell crab, prawn tempura, salad, dessert, free flow green tea. I didn't take all photos though cos I was busy eating. =)

Here is Kheng Loon with his normal hat with chopsticks holders by the side.

Nana the Ninja. I can't believe how imaginative and creative some of them were. Man. I was so lazy compared to them. Here she cut holes in her hat for her eyes and bought a separate headband to hold her hat in place. She won the prize btw for best design.

The gifts.

Frankie, Boon and Ong with his witch type hat. 

The witch looks funny here.

Alvin totally pimped out his hat. Hahaha..he added those blond hair by the side using cellotape and added some light bulbs to his hat, complete with ribbon. So hardworking. 

Ninja looks funny in this photo. Click on the photo.

Busy eating. No time for photos.

Oh yea, I didn't pimp my hat. Stole it from cs last minute. 

I look like I have a mini/semi cleavage here. Hahahaa..wishful thinking Amy?!

We went to Terminal One after dinner but it was a very tame night. Lots of lucky draws and we didn't win anything. I'm lazy to talk about that night really cos it was so disappointing. 

So bye. And hope New Year's Eve will be better. Btw, it is Alvin and Wei Lee's wedding in a few more hours. I have to be at her house by 4am and it is now 9pm. I should sleep. 

Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day! Shop more Shirley and Nifer. Buy me something and mail it back to Malaysia pls. Hahaha...

Miss those girls.

Happy Boxing Day!

Monday, 22 December 2008


Its been a while since I did a food post. Here are some of the food I ate the past week. Photos piling up and I can't be bothered to upload them until tonight. Changed my mind. This won't be a food post. But I will write point form. Cos it makes things easier for me. I can skip from one topic to the other very fast. Suits me just fine.

1) Chicken rice.

Ok. Anyone who knows me should know I didn't eat this. I strictly only eat roasted chicken meat. The dark coloured one. Black chicken. This reminds me of what Alex said to winnie the other day.

Alex: hey winnie. what words of endearment do u call H? (her bf is from bangladesh and has dark skin)
Winnie: huh? errr.... honey? sugar?
Alex: you mean black sugar. dark chocolate.

I don't really remember how the conversation went already but it was funny then. Hahaa..but I'm no racist ok. Guys turn me on no matter what colour. Happy? =)

2) Kolo mee.

This is kolo mee with red sauce. I had this near Tun Jugah, didn't taste so good. A bit too sweet. Basically kolo mee is just boiled noodles served with shallots, pork meat, some vege, pork oil. I don't know man. Google it. I'm sure wikipedia has an entry on it. I don't like it much. Next.

3) Ka chang ma.

In Kuching, its what most chinese women MUST eat after giving birth. It's supposedly filled with herbs, wine, and lots of ginger. Cooked with chicken. Eaten with white rice. Healthy and good for u. I'm doing a lousy job of explaining. But all kch people know about this. Its quite popular at most fast food outlets at kopitiams.

4) I saw this car that looks kinda cool parked outside my house few days ago and took a photo.

Whose is it? Inside joke ok. Next.

5) I went to this "all salmon dinner" with colleagues last Friday night. It works like this. We bought a whole salmon from New Zealand. Around 2.8 kg for the fish. Then we chose a Japanese restaurant. Well they chose and bought. I just paid for my share. There were 10 of us and we each paid RM26. Man, it was so worth it. Everyone was stuffed full.

First, we had starters of deep fried calamari/sotong. Whichever. It was delicious. Soft, juicy, yummy. We also had deep fried soft shell. I love soft shell crab and I've never came across any restaurant that has managed to screw this dish up before. This was no exception. What else? For starters we also had a small plate of sushi. Nothing special. Some cucumbers with rice I think. Don't remember.

As we waited for the chef to slice up the salmon, we finished off the starters. Then we had salmon sashimi. Huge plate. Thick slabs of pink, fresh, raw salmon. With wasabi. 


Grilled salmon with the sauce. I just recently knew that the best meat was the salmon head. The most tender part. This was good too. I liked the sauce.

Salmon sushi. You can barely see the rice underneath. Hidden by those thick slabs of salmon. Definitely salmon overload. I had only one of this. Too full by then already.

This was made from the salmon skin. The leftover skin, they deep fried it and made it into sushi. The skin is rolled between. Taste? Crispy, crunchy. Never tried it before and was pleasantly surprised. A nice change from all those raw fish.

Some of the guys:

6) I went to a Korean restaurant last Saturday and took some photos of these:

Kimchi dumpling. Not too bad. The sauce is a bit spicy and the dumplings a bit dry. Nice combination? Hmm...

My date loves these fried chicken. So good that from the first bite, he went: mmmm... how chi. how chi. or delicious. delicious. (in mandarin) while pointing at the chicken frantically while gesturing for me to try. hahaha. i get the point. and yes, it was very delicious. crunchy and full of taste. at seoul garden third mile. try the fried chicken. Its good!

7) Mum made these amazing prawns. My turn to go: how chi. how chi. Yeah. I like prawns. And nearly all type of seafood. These were very crunchy and so good that you can actually swallow the prawn cover. what do u call them again? peel? skin? whatever. It tastes so damn good!

I didn't realize I ate so much in the past week. Its no wonder my skirt is feeling tight. Damn.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Last Christmas

Sorry for lack of updates. I've been so unmotivated, so uninspired to blog about anything at all. Even when I have the time. Looking through my old photos and realized there's some photos I've never posted before. Photos are good. Cos no one bothers to read what I write only. Just scroll down to the photos. Cos its another bimbotic blog. =) hahaa..

So here goes:

Rooaarr....I forgot where I took this. Primark? Hmm..

Took this photo outside Fleet Street McD on the way to work. Its a parade of some kind. I think. Hahaha..

Christmas is just around the corner and I miss you biatch!! I miss shopping with u. Who is going to shop with u on Boxing Day? Who will have hotpot with u on xmas morning? hahaa. Nifer and Brandon. =)

I've celebrated Christmas with Shirley for the past 4 years. Damn. I'm going to miss u like crazy this year. But, finally I'm back in Kuching. With family. Ironically I'm not going to spend that night with family. I'll be out for sure. Partying the night away. =)

Xmas 2005, we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner with nifer, aik lung, sze lin, jacob and his friends. Here's a group photo. I don't know more than half the people there man.

After dinner, we walked around Leicester Square and Trafalgar in the cold! Freezing ok! Took random photos such as these:

Shirley, me, Nifer and Jacob.

I forgot how fat I was before. Nice to remind myself with photos like these once in a while. Haha.. This morning shopping with winnie she was making fun of me and said: the day you wear a XXXL will be the day the world is over or something stupid like that. Before she finished the sentence, I had already said choi choi choi..!! An aunty in front of me said: I wear XL sometimes. I have big bones!

For some weird reason, we always have hot pot for christmas morning. Maybe its the cold. Maybe we always put off planning or cooking that when we're all finally free to go to Chinatown to shop, there's nothing left to buy except hotpot stuff. Such as fishballs, meat balls, prawn balls. haha. pathetic. but still good nonetheless..

Vegetables, mushrooms, lots of balls..typical hotpot at 168B.

This was taken on christmas morning 2006. Lost some weight. Hahaa..

Happy drinks one year later. Xmas eve 2007.

Preparing dinner 2007. To tell the truth, both Shirley and I never really "prepared" dinner. Credits go to Brandon!! The chef of 168B Jamaica Road. Shirley and I cook the normal easy stuff for ourselves to eat. The typical easy to cook food such as fried rice, chicken soup, chicken with mushroom, seaweed soup, mixed vegetables, ginger chicken, aubergine etc. But Brandon is super picky since he's a chef himself. 

So, whenever he's eating, he cooks. Good for us. Just sit back and wait. So, like in these photos: We all group in the kitchen watching Brandon cooking, while we take photos and sample his food. And drink and talk while waiting.. My after dinner chore is normally washing up. Routine already. Since I dont cook, I wash..

Said chef at work. hahahhaa...

No hotpot this year. Xmas 2007.

I miss these girls so much. I'm feeling a bit emoey now. 

In the restaurant just now, they played Last Christmas. Once upon a time, I was so so happy to hear this song with u. I'd pick up my phone no matter where I was and text or call u. Now, I wish they would turn off the stupid song. Its another Christmas.

Time flies. I'm moving on. Like it or not.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Another boring night. I googled "secret" for no particular reason and I came across this website. Its where you can post secrets anonymously and read other people's secrets here

I'm gonna copy some here.

1) i'm 15, and had sex to make my boyfriend happy. worth it? no. he promised nothing would change. im pregnant. happy?

2) I wish I had a magic mirror so I could lie to myself when I see the image looking back

Ok. go check out the website urself. Lazy to copy and paste some more.

Everyone has a secret, something to hide right?

Personality test

I copied this from someone else's blog. Try it.

What kind of season will you enjoy eating steamboat?
A. Winter ( To Qn 2)
B. Summer (To Qn 5)
C. No matter what season (To Qn 1)

1. Do you like to have some sauce on your food?
A. Like (To Qn 2)
B. Don't like (To Qn 5)

2. Will you add eggs in your steamboat soup?
A. Yes (To Qn 3)
B. No (To Qn 6)

3. If you find a cigaratte butt in ur steamboat food, what will you do?
A. Quarrel with the boss and request another new one. (To Qn 13)
B. Stop eating and just pay and go. (To Qn 10)

4. What is the main point ypu will consider for choosing a steamboat restaurant?
A. Famous ( To Qn 7)
B. Reasonable prices ( To Qn 8)

5. If the steamboat restaurant has a new product of steamboat, will you dare to try?
A. Yes ( To Qn 6)
B. No ( To Qn 8)

6. How many people do you like to have your steamboat meal with?
A. 2-3 soulmates ( To Qn 9)
B. A big group of friends ( To Qn 3)

7. If the steamboat restaurant is very crowded, will you wait for a seat or go to another place?
A. Wait ( To Qn 11)
B. Proceed to another one ( To Qn 12)

8. What kind of food you like to add?
A. Noodle ( To Qn 9)
B. Vermicilli "Tang hoon" ( To Qn 7)

9. Will you drink the soup first or finish all the ingredients in the bowl then drink the soup?
A. Drink the soup first ( To Qn 10)
B. Eat the ingredients first ( To Qn 12)

10. If the boss tells you that you must add some SPECIAL and ODD ingredient in the soup to make it more delicious, will you dare to add?

A. Yes ( To Qn 17)
B. No ( To Qn 13)

11. Will you drink a cup of cooling water after you finish this steamy hot meal?
A. Yes ( To Qn 15)
B. No ( To Qn 14)

12. When you are having your steamboat, do you put in your meat first or put in later?
A. Put it once the steamboat start ( To Qn 15)
B. Later part then put ( To Qn 11)

13. Do you like to put all types of food at one go into the steamboat or have it put in one type by one type?
A. All ( To Qn 17)
B. One type at a time ( To Qn 16)

14. What drink will you like to go with your meal?
A. Oolong Tea ( To Qn 16)
B. Plum juice ( Type A)

15. Do you like to have steamboat at home or outside?
A. Home ( To Qn 16)
B. Outside ( To Qn 14)

16. Will you mind if another customer is standing behind you, waiting for you while you are finishing your food?
A. Mind ( Type B)
B. Don't mind ( Type C)

17. You are already very full with your meal but the boss offer to let you have another steamboat meal, will you eat it?
A. Yes (Type D)
B. No ( To Qn 16)


Shy, a bit of an introvert. You are more stubborn and like to stay alone quietly at home. To you, talking to strangers is a hard thing so you have not much friends. But you will still have some soulmates. You need to treasure people who care and love you. You are more interested in your own matters, you will try your very best to achieve your target. But you can't do everything alone, and just depend on yourself, learn to open up and accept other opinions. Try to get along with different people.

You are a more active person, drawing a clear line between happiness and unhappiness. You are more quick-tempered. If you encounter things you like, you will do it without second thought. But once you encounter things that you hate, you will wish to get out of it as soon as possible. As you are a person of your own views, the friends you tend to have will be of the same pattern. But once good friends, you will understand them a lot and go all the way to help then. Friends are very dependent on you. As you are too emotional, you may make a storm out of a teacup with your friends. You must learn to do things in order and not give up easily. You can try making friends with those you don't think you can get along with, don't stick with the same category. This will make you more popular and charming.

Gentle like a lamb. You have a high level of adaptance power, easy to get along with people. Very popular in social life but seems that no one will talk bad about you. You hate to have conflicts with people so you always try to adapt to everyone. You treat every person differently. To look at the bright side, you adapt easily. But to look at the dark side, you lack of character, although you are one big nice guy but you lack of charm. On the surface, you have a lot of friends but once you have troubles, you lack of soulmates to help you around. You must try to express yourself more and be more decisive. In this way, you can understand yourself more.

You are stubborn, like to go in circles and don't get to the point. Once you decide on something, no one can change your mind. You are a good leader in a group so you win a lot of trust from your friends. But as you are too persistant on your own thinking, you neglect other people's suggestions therefore you can easily make enemies. Although it is good to maintain your own character but it doesn't mean you totally ignore other people's thoughts and feelings. You will let people think you are hard to handle and you will lose friends gradually and may end up alone. You need to learn to accept other people's opinion. This will make your social circle bigger and you will understand yourself better.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Too much of something

It was their combined birthday celebration last Saturday. The 6th. We went to Mandarin restaurant for dinner. At least I think that's the name. I've never been there before. At LiWah hotel. Near padungan area. Anyway, the 4 of them paid for dinner while the rest of bought the cake n alcohol at the pub. 

The goofy hat and masks were kinda cool cos we all haven't worn them in ages, years right? 

Cute photo. From left: Alina, Veronica, Frankie, Boon. Birthday people with their combined birthday cakes. Seriously, there's just been too many birthday's recently that we only barely finished one cake. The other one, we gave it to the staff at T1. None of us wanted to take the cake home. 

Seriously making wishes. Do wishes come true? I wish life were that simple. Haha. I'm very pathetic. I make wishes to the stars, the moon, to 11:11, at the temple, when I pray at night. I'm desperate. Hahahaa..

By the time we started cutting the cake, most of us were tipsy already. No, everyone was tipsy. We had finished a bottle of black label, opened a bottle of chivas. Oh, oh ya. something important. the manager of T1 dragged both alina and veronica on to the stage in the bird like cage thingy to dance. You just have to dance 2 minutes in the cage, and you get free 4 jugs of beer. so cool rite? hahaha..

Regular customers of T1. Let me elaborate about these people. These 4 are party people, always dancing after alcohol, one of the reasons why I love them. Haha. Each have their own dance trademarks.

Wei lee, me, vero and nana. To be honest, I'm a bit thankful that for the next two weeks, my calendar is mostly free. I've been too busy with social life that I've been seriously neglecting my health. Not only does my heart hurt every night as though something heavy is pressing against my chest, my back hurts all the time. Shit! 

I seriously need more rest. I will. This weekend, I resolve to get more rest. Haha. 

Define "rest" Amy. 

Public Holiday

No need to work!! I think its Hari Raya Haji. Or maybe someone's birthday? Agong? Whatever. As long as its a holiday on a Monday!! So nice. Woke up at 9am cos neighbor is renovating. Damn noisy. Sigh. Its a public holiday larr. Get some rest. Next thing I know, thunder and it started raining heavily. Neighbors have to stop renovating. I'm so happy. Yeah. Went back to sleep till 12pm. Hahaa.. I'm evil. Rain stopped at 2pm, work has continued next door.

Nothing new has been going on in my life. Same stuff everyday.

Christmas is in the air. Christmas. I miss Shirley and Nifer! What are u guys doing this christmas?? Hot pot again? Going shopping together on boxing day? My xmas eve is planned out already. Hmm..more on that next time.

It was mum and dad's 27th wedding anniversary on Dec 1. I should have taken photos of the actual cake and flowers. Haha. idiot. dad called me at work and told me to buy red roses and blueberry cheesecake for mum when I came home that night. I was wondering why did daddy suddenly get romantic? I later found out that winnie texted dad to remind him to do something this year...

It was Frankie's 24th birthday:

He was so surprised when we brought out the cake.

And t-shirt from his ex.

Ugly Betty specs. I've been wearing these to work everyday cos they're supposedly better for your eyes. Less radiation from computer, less tears etc. Whatever. Definitely feels better than my contacts though.

These are all recent photos from my phone. Daddy hard at work. While I camwhore around his new office. Went there after work to wait for the rest of the family to arrive at dad's place to go have dinner at:

THE GREAT LIM SEAFOOD. What a name. The food was disappointing so I didn't bother taking photos. Back to dad's office.

Note the big ass photo of winnie. hahahhaa..
When we walked into dad's office,

winnie said: wow. big ass photo of me.
mum said: why is there no photo of me?
me: wow. big ass photo of winnie.


Not nice to sleep on sofas. No pillows and no blankets.

Ok. Enough for this time. Bye.