Sunday, 27 December 2009

KL again

Waa...I just realized I have not updated my blog for so long! Shit. I wonder does anyone actually read this? That is one of the reason why I don't bother. Am I really keeping in touch through this blog? Do any of the people I care about read this? Besides cs! He doesn't count..

So. I am back from KL.

Yea shit I've been back for quite some time already. Too many things going on...Btw, I met a friend's friend in KL this time I was there. He is a local in KL. WHen he heard that cs and I were in KL for holidays (4 days), he exclaimed (quite loudly): what is there to play in KL (literally translated from mandarin)!!

I must remember never to say this to anyone coming from Sibu/Bintulu etc to Kuching! I know I have. But lesson learnt!!

We had Nandos cos Kuching is so small, Nandos don't want to operate a franchise here yet!

We also had oh ah mee sua (oyster mee sua) from shihlinsnacks cos kuching is so small, the population is too little, and out income is still too little for the average Joe to afford RM 6 for a bowl of mee sua. So, no one is starting a franchise here yet too. Grrr..Screw la. We have rich people in Kuching ok. But not enough.

We also went to Pavillion to experience the fake snow. Cos Malaysia is an all year round fucking hot weather country. SO we do not have snow. So we have to make do with fake snow. So everyone goes crowding to the fake snow at Pavillion.

Fake snow was in fact, bubbles. You know, soap bubbles. Like in an actual shower. Can't say which is more annoying. Real or fake snow. At least fake snow doesn't leave you shivering. Wet nonetheless..

We also took photos in the pretty see through lift at Melia Hotel. As far as I know, Kuching doesn't operate this kind of lifts too. Heh...

Yesh KL people do have it so much better.

We also went to Zouk. Simply cos we had nothing to do at night already. Fed up and tired of shopping. We decided to drink and dance the night away..

Earlier that night we went to a restaurant called the SHIP. It deserves to be mentioned cos it served the most awesomest steak I have ever tasted! No shit!

Looks: mediocre. Taste: awesome! I ordered the Black Pepper Steak! Medium rare!

He had err..mushroom or something steak, also medium rare. Mine beats his. So, I'm sorry baby I don't remember..

OK. Continue next time.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dec 12 2009

Four years today!!


We all lead different lives now, but I think that all three of us still remember that night four years ago.

My mind flashes back to images of 2 bottles of wine.

One song (Minnie Riperton - Loving You) that started it all...

Images of the toilet bowl+Shirley will always stay in my mind forever. Hahah..

Nifer and Shirley, oh God, I miss 168B Jamaica Road...

Looking at these pictures bring back so many memories...

Both good and bad memories. Mostly good. Those days were so carefree, filled with laughter. Joking and laughing over everything.

Three Malaysians abroad. Same classmates. Living together...


P/S: I am in a hurry to go out now hence this lousy post. Full entry next time.'s a friend's birthday...and I'm late.

And I'm going to KL tomorrow morning! Happy.

On leave the whole of next week!! Even happier!

OK. Bye...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

If there ever was a bastard, it would be you!!!

Today, I gained new meaning to the word revenge and betrayal. I cannot wait till the day I can do the same to you what you did to me! All those time of preparation gone to waste, all those anticipation, the money wasted, the precious time, and every little thing we agonized over in preparation. Everything wasted. Everything gone just because of you!

I mean it. I will not let this go! I will not forget this. This will not be forgotten. I will wait till the day I can do the same to you! You shall understand! One day I will have the satisfaction of gloating over you. Wait.

What did you gain? Huh? In letting me down, what did you gain? What do you get? Just the satisfaction! What did I do to deserve this from you???!!! Freaking bastard! ROT IN HELL!!!

No, I will not forgive and forget.

Don't even think for one second that I will let this go. Fuck this shit! I will find a way to make sure you pay dammit!! Spoiled my plans did you? Happy that you did the RIGHT thing?

Wait. Just wait.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Time flies...

So. On Dec 4 2009, Wee Lee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a lot of hair. When ah boon arrived and the baby was already brought away,

Cs said to ah boon: the baby has a lot of hair.

Ah boon (the womanizer): what hair? which hair?

Cs: (silence) then, of course on top of her head laa..what are u thinking about?!!

That aside, Wee lee was so casual about her giving birth and her baby. I think her name is Angie. According to Wee lee, her baby came out within an hour, and that there is only pain for like 5 to 10 mins. After that no problem!! Damn she was up and walking around a few hours later. So wtf man! She is my hero!

Obviously I have never had a baby. But listening to my mum, aunties, cousins, and other friends who have given birth, this should not be so easy. So casual. Like a walk in the park. Its like taking a dump! I wish its that easy for me in the future. I think I may have been influenced by all those HK dramas and Hollywood movies exaggerating childbirth.

I know that its different for every one and of course I'm glad that Wee lee is fine now. She said that she started bleeding at around 8pm, and that there was some pain already. But she refused to go to the hospital. Her husband was going frantic pacing up and down, around the house, persuading her to go to the hospital. But it wasn't till about 1130pm, she said the pain got worse. A different kind of pain. And she went to the hospital at midnight. And had the baby within an hour. Just like that wtf!!! Hero! Salute!

In the morning when we went to visit her, she was awake and talking to us (no sign of fatigue, tiredness, or anything). She was in bed flipping through the newspaper and still joking around with us...


It was a busy day! At night:

Happy Birthday to Frankie (Dec 2), ah boon (Dec 13), and Nana (Dec 11). They decided to celebrate it together last weekend.

We went to the Mandarin Oriental (I think that is the name). Somewhere near Chilli Peppers at Padungan, Upwell area. The food was cheap and ok.

Some photos from dinner...

After the dinner, cs and I went to VA to join Winnie, mum, and her friends. To celebrate Winnie and Kah Ling or Kah Yee's (I always forget their names!!! Sorry I suck at remembering names) belated birthdays.

This is Kah Ling or Kah Yee:

I have no idea what is going on here. Birthday girl was the only one looking this way..

As per usual at VA, it is complete chaos when you combine about 10 semi-drunk women. You get VERY loud voices, shouting and screaming with laughter, outrageous and slutty dance moves, which actually equals fun fun fun!!

Winnie here is hogging a glass of champagne. I don't know where she got it from...

Baby is so red, and I am too pale in comparison..

Alcohol makes you happy..

We got quite a lot of shots like this. Actually this photo sums the night pretty well. Cs and I got there by about 10pm, by which time they have all had enough alcohol in their system.

When I arrived, the table had debris of leftover chicken wing bones, half eaten cake, vodka orange, coke with whiskey (I assume), Long Island Tea, among other things..

Quite a party.

Cs and I ordered a Kilkenny and Heineken each. Pretty soon the rest came to us with various types of alcohol for us to finish as punishment, I think, for being late. Ah well...


On Saturday night, we went to a Rave party supposedly. Got conned more like. Seriously the pub wasn't even full. And the performances we were promised? They asked three girls to dance on top of the pool table!! I could do that too! And better too I bet! Grr..

All they did was prance around and act slutty. And doing a lousy job at it. Not slutty enough and not daring enough girls..

I paid 30 bucks to go in and I got one bottle of beer for that (which typically costs 10 bucks). And lousy DJ and lousy performance.

Here are some photos:

There you go. Dancing on the pool table.

Oh yeah. They had lucky draw's too. The prize? A pen with the Carlsberg inscription on it. Obviously it was a free gift from Carlsberg! Dammit cheapskate like hell. Oh yea they gave out 2 bottles of Black Label or was it Glenfiddich? But that was it! I mean you could get that back from the ticket prices, obviously..

The only group photo of the night. My hip looks like its 50meters wide here. Screw!

A better looking photo..

Ah boon went up to dance with the performers. Seriously, you should have seen them. The girl on the left (in the short gray dress) was the only one slutty enough to strut her stuff. The other two were shy and self conscious and playing with the scarf around her neck.

Yawn. Boring.

End of the night: We are ripping apart the tickets in anger! Heh.

Seriously though, rave party my ass!!

Cs and I went home after that around midnight. Some of the guys were unsatisfied and went to another club. Poor thing. Police raid at around 2++am. And got hauled into the police station along with alot of other party people..

Hahahhaaa....I can laugh not because I don't care about my friends. But they are fine with it and are laughing about it already so what the hell lar..

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Baby; real and fake

I just heard that my friend could be giving birth tonight or tomorrow. Within these few days. She should be due on the 13th. Can't wait. I'm happy and excited for her. But on hearing the news, I sense that most of us, the ones without kids were rather nervous/apprehensive albeit happy cos we had no idea what to expect. (I think lar) I had no idea what to say to her. In the end, I told her to take care and push hard. Hehe..

Some people get along really well with kids. I am not one of them. I'm scared of kids. I smile at them then quickly turn away. I don't know how to play with them let alone teach them anything. Crap. How ar?

Updates on the new house:

This is the view from the carpark. Barely enough space for Kevin ah boi to walk about.

The interior is still a mess. Right now, they are installing the switches for the lights/air con etc.. I know nothing about it; I don't understand half of what my dad is instructing pull this line that line etc..

After that is done, I suppose they can start putting on the floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles. By now, four or five kitchen cupboard makers have come to measure and show their designs and have quoted their prices.

This sandwich below is from Zest (the old Blackberry or Blueberry or Best berry) at Petanak. Sorry I know I suck at providing instructions/information...

I've been telling people that this place is good. Seriously it is. Try it out! Food is good and affordable. Service is good as well. This sandwich above is called the Zest Club sandwich. Inside, you can find bacon, tuna, melted cheese, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. Yum!! It costs RM8.90 Is that pricey? No lar. The other food are about the same price as well. And this sandwich that I ordered was among the more pricey one..

Baby has a toothache. He went to the dentist on Wed noon to have his wisdom tooth removed. It took close to 2 hours to remove it. This morning, he told me he drooled all over his pillow last night and that the drool was all blood. Poor thing. He still can't take solids yet.

I find this funny. Its like the dentist was having fun labeling these meds with Pain, then Very Pain!

Just cos there is no photo of me..

Too many birthdays recently. This is putting pressure on my jeans..This was taken in the office. Tea break?

It is the combined birthday celebration of 3 friends tomorrow. I have a feeling I might have to consume some 4,000 calories from dinner alone. Not to mention cake and alcohol later. No amount of dancing later on is going to help...

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Kite runner, winnie's birthday, and pavillion

I am now at page 117 of the Kite Runner by KHALED HOSSEINI. I can't continue reading for now. I just feel so disgusted at Amir! What kind of person is this. This spoiled brat! What did he do to deserve a friend like Hasan? What kind of person watches his best friend, his brother get raped by 3 men. Bastard ran away without helping! This is such crap! Its so cruel. Right now, Amir practically forced Hasan out of the house. AGRH!

I will continue the book some other time. Preferably at a time when I can reach out to cs to rant to him when I put down the book. Or when I can squeeze his hand. Or reach out for a hug. Not now.


So I finally watched 2012. Yes, it is a Must Watch! The movie has been out in the theaters for 2 weeks, or more. Yet when I went last night with cs, it was STILL FULL! Damn! The movie is good! Go watch it if you haven't already. Don't watch it on some lousy pirated DVD and spoil the movie for you. Go to the movies!!


Today is my parents' 28th wedding anniversary. Last night, the kids suggested that they go out for dinner together to celebrate it. You know, celebrate dad tolerating mum's temper. Vice versa. Tolerance, patience, and understanding of each other. Heh. Neither of them wanted to. They insisted we eat together as a family.

We said no. They should go off being romantic and all. Its none of our business. To which mum said: without our wedding, you won't be standing here talking to us! Wtf! Don't have to put it that way larr..

In the end, Kevin and I tapau-ed KFC and Pizza for dinner tonight.

The photo sucks. This photo wasn't even taken tonight. Btw, this pizza originally costs about RM 39 after tax. If you pay by MAYBANKARD, you get 30% discount! So, I paid about RM 27 only! Cool eh. It only applies to takeaway and alacarte only. And if I'm not mistaken, just this type of Pizza. The new one.


So it was Winnie's birthday last Friday night too. 27th Nov.

This was before dinner at home. We went to Mr Ho's at Crown Square. The food was great but quite pricey though. No pictures of the food. Starving people.

For Winnie's birthday this year, she chose, as her birthday present from me to her, the corkage for a bottle of liquer (Vodka) to be paid at a club. Sound weird? I am used to it. Presents are supposed to be like that, no? Chosen by the receiver. It should be something she needs and wants. Instead of some silly Archie comics or I dunno more earrings and necklaces..

This dress that I am wearing was sort of like a kimono. Short and slim fitted. Way above the knees. Too bad I didn't take a photo of the full dress. I doubt I would find an occassion to wear this dress again.

This is the interior of Pavilion. A new club at Travillon. This is the dance floor. Looks nice right. I was there on Friday night, by accident actually. We met up with some friends unexpectedly, who were entertaining some friends aka tourists from Singapore.

What do Singaporeans think of Travillion, I wonder. Haha. Bunch of hicks with no place to go. Poor thing.

I was at Pavilion again on Saturday night. This time, to drink and dance the night away! Being there two nights in a row, I can safely say that I HATE one of the manager there. Its a guy. I don't know his name and I didn't take a photo of him!

God its like he owned the place. Don't tell me he did. He was wearing a uniform just like the others. He was standing watching over just like the others. But unlike the others, he had no smile on his face, except when he is talking and laughing to his friends at a table, and he was goddamn rude!

I was telling cs that he was probably fired from some other job, and is now stuck here in a smoky, noisy club watching other people have fun. He probably got dumped by his gf as well, or got cheated on etc etc... I was getting quite fired up actually going on and on when I realized cs had quite a fixed/fake smile on his face, and not looking straight at me. Probably thinking wtf. What is going on in Amy's mind??

Kidding lar wtf. Not exactly kidding lar but aiya you know I don't mean it..

We bought these glow stick lollipops that cost 3 for RM 5. Quite cool actually..

Met up with Winnie at Bar Zing. Here, I think she just finished a tequila shot. I don't remember why or how she has that look on her face. Alcohol does that to people..

Winne and her chocolate man.

Ah boi looks old. Its getting quite obvious now if only you can see him in real life. His hair is falling. His eye is blurry. He sleeps all the time. He LIKES porridge. (Old people always eat porridge!) He doesn't run. He hardly barks. He is hardly excited or anything. *Sigh*

I was home alone with ah boi last week, when he suddenly started wheezing/snorting/having difficulty breathing. God help me! I had no idea what to do!! He can't talk to tell me what's wrong. He just lay there panting. All I could do was pat him and stroke him in the vain hopes that it passes soon.

I dunno man. Was it asthma? Did he choke on something? Furball or something more serious? Its not like I could take him to the vet cos he was fine some 5 minutes later. How do I explain to the vet? And how would she examine him since he is perfectly fine now! Grr..times like this sucks!

OK. Time to sleep. Night.

Sweet dreams..