Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Time flies...

So. On Dec 4 2009, Wee Lee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a lot of hair. When ah boon arrived and the baby was already brought away,

Cs said to ah boon: the baby has a lot of hair.

Ah boon (the womanizer): what hair? which hair?

Cs: (silence) then, of course on top of her head laa..what are u thinking about?!!

That aside, Wee lee was so casual about her giving birth and her baby. I think her name is Angie. According to Wee lee, her baby came out within an hour, and that there is only pain for like 5 to 10 mins. After that no problem!! Damn she was up and walking around a few hours later. So wtf man! She is my hero!

Obviously I have never had a baby. But listening to my mum, aunties, cousins, and other friends who have given birth, this should not be so easy. So casual. Like a walk in the park. Its like taking a dump! I wish its that easy for me in the future. I think I may have been influenced by all those HK dramas and Hollywood movies exaggerating childbirth.

I know that its different for every one and of course I'm glad that Wee lee is fine now. She said that she started bleeding at around 8pm, and that there was some pain already. But she refused to go to the hospital. Her husband was going frantic pacing up and down, around the house, persuading her to go to the hospital. But it wasn't till about 1130pm, she said the pain got worse. A different kind of pain. And she went to the hospital at midnight. And had the baby within an hour. Just like that wtf!!! Hero! Salute!

In the morning when we went to visit her, she was awake and talking to us (no sign of fatigue, tiredness, or anything). She was in bed flipping through the newspaper and still joking around with us...


It was a busy day! At night:

Happy Birthday to Frankie (Dec 2), ah boon (Dec 13), and Nana (Dec 11). They decided to celebrate it together last weekend.

We went to the Mandarin Oriental (I think that is the name). Somewhere near Chilli Peppers at Padungan, Upwell area. The food was cheap and ok.

Some photos from dinner...

After the dinner, cs and I went to VA to join Winnie, mum, and her friends. To celebrate Winnie and Kah Ling or Kah Yee's (I always forget their names!!! Sorry I suck at remembering names) belated birthdays.

This is Kah Ling or Kah Yee:

I have no idea what is going on here. Birthday girl was the only one looking this way..

As per usual at VA, it is complete chaos when you combine about 10 semi-drunk women. You get VERY loud voices, shouting and screaming with laughter, outrageous and slutty dance moves, which actually equals fun fun fun!!

Winnie here is hogging a glass of champagne. I don't know where she got it from...

Baby is so red, and I am too pale in comparison..

Alcohol makes you happy..

We got quite a lot of shots like this. Actually this photo sums the night pretty well. Cs and I got there by about 10pm, by which time they have all had enough alcohol in their system.

When I arrived, the table had debris of leftover chicken wing bones, half eaten cake, vodka orange, coke with whiskey (I assume), Long Island Tea, among other things..

Quite a party.

Cs and I ordered a Kilkenny and Heineken each. Pretty soon the rest came to us with various types of alcohol for us to finish as punishment, I think, for being late. Ah well...


On Saturday night, we went to a Rave party supposedly. Got conned more like. Seriously the pub wasn't even full. And the performances we were promised? They asked three girls to dance on top of the pool table!! I could do that too! And better too I bet! Grr..

All they did was prance around and act slutty. And doing a lousy job at it. Not slutty enough and not daring enough girls..

I paid 30 bucks to go in and I got one bottle of beer for that (which typically costs 10 bucks). And lousy DJ and lousy performance.

Here are some photos:

There you go. Dancing on the pool table.

Oh yeah. They had lucky draw's too. The prize? A pen with the Carlsberg inscription on it. Obviously it was a free gift from Carlsberg! Dammit cheapskate like hell. Oh yea they gave out 2 bottles of Black Label or was it Glenfiddich? But that was it! I mean you could get that back from the ticket prices, obviously..

The only group photo of the night. My hip looks like its 50meters wide here. Screw!

A better looking photo..

Ah boon went up to dance with the performers. Seriously, you should have seen them. The girl on the left (in the short gray dress) was the only one slutty enough to strut her stuff. The other two were shy and self conscious and playing with the scarf around her neck.

Yawn. Boring.

End of the night: We are ripping apart the tickets in anger! Heh.

Seriously though, rave party my ass!!

Cs and I went home after that around midnight. Some of the guys were unsatisfied and went to another club. Poor thing. Police raid at around 2++am. And got hauled into the police station along with alot of other party people..

Hahahhaaa....I can laugh not because I don't care about my friends. But they are fine with it and are laughing about it already so what the hell lar..

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!!

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