Thursday, 10 December 2009

If there ever was a bastard, it would be you!!!

Today, I gained new meaning to the word revenge and betrayal. I cannot wait till the day I can do the same to you what you did to me! All those time of preparation gone to waste, all those anticipation, the money wasted, the precious time, and every little thing we agonized over in preparation. Everything wasted. Everything gone just because of you!

I mean it. I will not let this go! I will not forget this. This will not be forgotten. I will wait till the day I can do the same to you! You shall understand! One day I will have the satisfaction of gloating over you. Wait.

What did you gain? Huh? In letting me down, what did you gain? What do you get? Just the satisfaction! What did I do to deserve this from you???!!! Freaking bastard! ROT IN HELL!!!

No, I will not forgive and forget.

Don't even think for one second that I will let this go. Fuck this shit! I will find a way to make sure you pay dammit!! Spoiled my plans did you? Happy that you did the RIGHT thing?

Wait. Just wait.


Wending said...

Are you ok? Why are you angry? I have never seen you this angry.
Calm down, and step back.
Always remember that angry makes you have more wrinkles. :)
Obviously, I don't know what it is. However, I do know that I made foolish mistakes when I am angry.

Amy said...

Hahahha thanks. Wrinkles?! Noo..haha. Hey i thought u said you couldn't access my blog from where u are now.