Sunday, 31 August 2008

I'm weird.

Today I came across my mum watching tv. She was bawling her eyes out to this ridiculously funny drama (in my opinion). I think I have a weird sense of humor. Hahaa.. Cos the scene was something like this:

Woman: He is not dead yet is he? I know he is alive. Come talk to me.

Men: I'm not that guy. The guy you're talking about is dead.

Woman: No. Its you.

Man: No. Its not me. He is dead.

Blablabla...mum was sniffing to a tissue while I burst out laughing. Haha..

Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Pact

Another novel by Jodi Picoult. A love story this time.

Can love move mountains? Would you do anything for the one you love? Something triggers my mind. A guy told me: if you truly love and care for that person you would do anything for her. I work so hard to earn money for what? So she can go and spend it on shopping.

When a man really loves a woman will he do anything for her to protect her from harm? To make her happy? Even if it means killing her to make her happy? Cos in this novel, Chris loves Emily. Emily loves Chris. Problem is, she is suicidal. She wants to die.

I shall stick to the facts of the book. Picture this. Two families have lived next door to each other for 18 years. Their children Emily and Chris grew up together, playing side by side, being best friends when they were little, families were best friends and in high school they started dating. Dating led to sex. Both Emily and Chris were in love with each other. One night. One phone call turns their world upside down. Emily died and evidence points to Chris who killed Emily.

Here you ask yourself. Would you kill the one you love, your other half because she told you to. Because she wants to die. Would you?

This is where i don't understand. In love, I'm more of the selfish type. I won't. If it was me, no. I won't watch him die. If it comes to that, I promise I will die with him rather than stay alive without him.

In this novel, why is Emily suicidal you ask? She was molested when she was young by a stranger and she never told anyone not even Chris. She had sex with Chris mostly because he wanted it. Because they've been so close together ever since birth, they are almost like brothers and sisters, constantly together almost like twins. And yet they are a couple. At times, she questions herself cos she loves Chris like a brother and yet has sex with him. Its not that she don't love him but she was molested when she was young and she has bad memories of sex.

Add another twist, she is 11 weeks pregnant when she dies. No one knows. Not her parents and not Chris. Without a doubt, Chris would marry her, take care of her. But Emily doesn't knows if she wants it. She loves Chris but what he doesn't know that sometimes after sex, she goes home to vomit hours afterwards.

If I was Emily, what would I have done? I wouldn't have kept quiet. I'd have told Chris everything.

The book portrays this story from the parents point of view. What the parents are doing to cope with this nightmare. How this tragedy shatters both families. But for me, I see it from Emily's point of view. What would I have done? What would you have done?

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Two Become One

I'm listening to Spice Girls Two Become One while typing this. I am suddenly reminded of Kitty telling me how this song was soo...porny? For want of a better word.

Allow me to refresh your minds with the song and its lyrics.

Two Become One (think of sex)

Candle light and soul forever
A dream of you and me together
Say you believe it
Say you believe it
Free your mind
Of doubt and danger
Be for real don’t be a stranger
We can achieve it
We can achieve it
Come a little bit closer baby,
Get it on, get it on
`Cause tonight is the night
When two become one

I need some love that
I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love
Now I’m back for more
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free
It’s the only way to be

Silly games that you were playing
Empty words we both were saying
Let’s work it out boy
Let’s work it out boy
Any deal that we endeavour
Boys and girls feel good together
Take it or leave it
Take it or leave it

Are you as good
As I remember baby
Get it on, get it on
`Cause tonight is the night
When two become one

I need some love that
I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love
Now I’m back for more
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free
It’s the only way to be

Be a little bit wiser baby,
Put it on, put it on
`Cause tonight is the night
When to become one

I need some love that
I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love
Now I’m back for more
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free
It’s the only way to be

I need some love that
I never needed love before
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
I had a little love
Now I’m back for more
(Wanna make love to ya baby)
Set your spirit free
It’s the only way to be
Think of the lyrics in a hamsap way as I am. I had a good laugh with Winnie, Kitty and Steph while singing out loud to this song. Put it on. Put it on. Make love to me baby. Try singing this in the karaoke with a group of friends. Lol..

Saturday, 23 August 2008


I'm tired.

At least its Saturday today. No need to set alarm clock, no need to do anything but laze around. I now know why he used to sleep every Saturday afternoon and why he always moans that Saturdays pass by too damn fast. Cos every Mon-Fri is a goddamn routine it sux!

Period coming. I can feel it. Pimple go away.

Last night after work, I rushed home to shower, change, had dinner, apply make up and go to VA with mum, winnie and their friends. A pretty big group last night. A lot of people turned up.

Met up with Soho girl last night. I call her Soho girl cos I forgot her chinese name. I'm lousy at remembering chinese names. Haha. She's cute and a great dancer and single too if I'm not mistaken. You know, Kuching is so small that I realized some guys who don't remember my name also calls me London girl. wtf. I didn't tell them I went to London. But the DJ at VA knows I went to London and he announced it on the dance floor once when he played a song, he shouted out: Amy, How was London?? Btw, I think the DJ is quite fond of winnie.

Blur photo taken with my very old, very outdated W800i. I need a new phone!!

Again, I need a new phone..too bad salary too little it's going to take me a long time to save up for a phone. Sux. I need a new phone. My phone is going crazy on me.

On Thursday evening after work, I went to another job interview with the most unlikely people; my 4 other female colleagues. Hehe.. Saw the advertisement in the papers and brought our CV's to work. Good luck to us all. I wonder if any of us would get through. Sigh. Job hunting sucks.

I seem to be complaining a lot in this post.

So on a happier note I lost weight. But its cos I was so sick the past week. The doctor told me I have asthma. Cos i've been coughing too long (ever since I reached Kuching) and my lung is so weak and he gave me some 6 types of cough and lung medicine to take.

Recovering now. Back to normal already..

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Don't ever lose faith in yourself

Never think that any part of you is lacking
Never doubt your abilities
Never question your judgment
Never let anyone or anything
Make you feel less that you are
Because who you are is someone special

Never feel that the next step
Is a step too far
If you're stumbling as you walk,
Hold your head high and
Know that no other person'
Words or actions
Can ever hurt you
Because you are
Someone special.

Never lose faith in yourself
Just look around you
At the friends who surround you
Because they love and care for you
Support you
And believe in you
Because you are someone special.

-Ashley Bell, The Borneo Post.

Another sleepless night

My mum's friends have a routine for keeping in touch with each other. Even though they each have their family and husband to care for, they spare time once in a couple of months to get together for dinner and drinks pot luck style. Which means one person cooks or take away food for their little gathering which is at one of their houses.

Last Saturday I was at home for one of their gatherings. Aunty Shirley's fish pie was quite awesome.

Couldn't really take good photos since they were all sitting around the table and I didn't want to be rude. Anyway what matters was they all had good fun together eating, talking, drinking.

The pie was made up of mashed potatoes, fish, and some broccoli inside and baked in the oven. Obviously it took a lot more work than that but I didn't ask her how to make it. She also brought Macaroni and cheese.

Others brought coleslaw, fruit salad, chicken wings, mixed vegetables, yam rice, home made stuffed tomatoes. Dunno how to describe. Next.

Mum also made pizza her style. It was delicious. The toppings are covered by the layer of cheese winnie put on top. She really doesn't leave an inch uncovered in cheese. Haha. She is so precise when doing these things. Very slow but precise. Anyway, the toppings were chopped tomatoes, chicken, mushroom and onion cooked in a tomato based soup. Easy to make.

Talking about winnie, just now I saw her sorting out her school notes. Man she is so organized and meticulous. Her notes are all arranged to each subject in different couloured folders separated into with those colourful little stick it things. I don't know what. Never used them before. She actually enjoys punching holes by the side of her notes and sticking those little round things by the side of the hole. And she makes sure her notes or books are never dog eared by the side, unlike me. She's always telling me off for not using a book mark btw.

Some more, her handwriting are the same through out the whole damn file of the whole damn year. I mean come on. When you get stressed or tired surely your notes and handwriting gets messed up. But not Winnie's. And it freaked me out. And I thought I was organized? Hahaha...winnie actually laughed when she heard me say that. Biatch..

Me? I throw all my notes into one file. When its full, I buy another file. And before each class, I rummage through my file for last class's notes. When people want to borrow my notes (hey that's true ler. People still borrow mine even though I'm messy and disorganized) I rummage through my notes while they wait. So, i'm not that bad! Btw, my idea of organized was thinking: I wrote down the class name and date. That's enough right?

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei won silver

The long awaited match we've all been waiting for. Lin Dan won over Lee Chong Wei in 2 matches only. Malaysians all around the nation must be so disappointed. It really wasn't Lee's day.

Lin Dan really did put up a good match. He was much faster in recovering himself than Lee. I don't understand why Lin Dan had to change the shuttlecock after every single point he won! And the Chinese crowd really didn't help Lee in calming down just gives him more pressure man..I wish they'd shut the hell up and let Lee concentrate on the game.

Korea won badminton mixed doubles, Indonesia second and China took third place. And for the badminton men's singles, Chen Jin won 3rd place. Name spellings must be all wrong but I don't care.


Better luck next time Lee Chung Wei. Malaysians still support you.

Beijing Olympics 2008

The whole world probably knows Michael Phelps by now as the US swimmer who won 8 gold medals this Olympics at Beijing. He is the first man in the history of Olympics to win 8 gold medals in one game.

It doesn't hurt that he is physically hot to look at too. Look at their broad shoulders, flat stomach, tight rock hard abs. Woot. Men swimmers body are so hot!

And those tight swim wear don't hurt too. Very eye candy. =)

Michael Phelps (L), Brendan Hansen (2nd L), Jason Lezak (2nd L) and Aaron Peirsol (R) pose during the men's 4 x 100m medley relay swimming final medal ceremony at the National Aquatics Center. They finished in record time.

Ok, moving on. I've been watching badminton as well. Tonight Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei will be competing against China's Lin Dan who is ranked as the world's no. 1 badminton player. Not for long though!! =)

The whole of Malaysia will be watching this live match tonight. Hoping this will be Malaysia's first ever gold medal in the Olympics!

Go Lee Chong Wei!!

Photos all stolen from google. =)

RIP Vincent

I received a text from cs on Friday at work who informed me a mutual friend of ours has passed away the night before from a car accident. My deepest condolences go to his family members, his wife and kids. May God Bless them all.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

13 August 2008

Warning: Photos Overload

I've talked too much about my birthday I know. And I should be so lucky that I have great friends and family who do care about me. Many thanks to the phone calls, texts, emails, and messages in friendster and facebook! Thanks!

So this shall be the last post about my very long birthday. Haha. Bear with me okay. As most people probably know, I love Pizza but I didn't get to eat it for my birthday. Cos unfortunately my family don't share the same love. Haha.. So, we went to a chinese restaurant for seafood last night.

Daddy's girl for the night. =)

First came the Shark fin soup with crabmeat. It was deliciously thick and tastes really rich. Or maybe I was starving by then cos we had dinner at nearly 9pm. Why? Cos we couldn't decide where to eat. Nobody wanted to go where I want to go. I thought it was my bday, my choice? Haha.. not complaining anyway. Dinner was great!

Next dish was kuay tiaw and fried noodles in a creamy egg soup base. The noodles were really special cos they were deep fried into this round shape and tasted like keropok. Not like the normal tomato kuay tiaw type noodles. This was quite special.

Washed it down with some alcohol. Oh and Elaine joined us for dinner as well. She's really becoming part of the family. =)

Dad's Macallan whiskey of 18 yrs. For some reason, whenever we order fish outside its always steamed. Not deep fried, baked, or grilled.

The roast duck here cannot compare to Four Seasons duck back in London. Its not as tender and doesn't taste as good. Not nice. Next..

Kevin imitating Stifler's mom. Anyone watched American Pie? =)

Butter Prawn tastes normal. Like any other restaurant.

What I liked was the crab. Fried crab with salty egg. I've never tried this before and it was quite unique.

Damn nice. =)

Kevin enjoying the crab.

Winnie is the only one in our family who doesn't like fish or crab. And she don't eat prawn unless it is de-shelled. So, here she camwhored while we ate:

Random photo of dad posing for the camera. Haha..

Me being vain. Come on la, long time I didn't dress up ok. Its my birthday, reason enough to cam whore. =)

Met up with Kitty, Steph, Mark, Jee Song, Byung Yong later in the night.

Byung, Mark and Kitty.

Jee Song

Steph and Winnie. Oh yea, I received flowers! From a guy! Guess who? I love flowers!!

12 roses mean.......Happy Birthday? Hahahahaha...

It's a small world

Kuching must be really small or its just too much of a coincidence. My very sweet colleagues bought me cake at the office yesterday. Camwhored a lot when boss went out. I'm really lazy to update so we'll just let the photos do the talking okie. =)

It was much better to buy different flavor slices than one whole cake. Cheaper too. =P

Self timer photo turned out a bit silly..haha

Adeline and I

Girls will always camwhore. Top: Adeline, Alice, Amy. Below: Doris and Sonnia.

The leftovers.

Boss paid for the cakes but we didn't wait for him to come back to eat. Just took one slice out (the most unappetizing one) to leave for him. The girls don't like him much. Lol. We had fun before he came back which means its time to resume our dull, boring work day. Back to work. Wish I could say why work sucks so much here but I can't.

Thanks girls..

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Argentina - Brazil futsal game. Photo stolen off Wikipedia.

I went to play futsal just now with Winnie, Kitty, Steph, Cas and some 4 more girls. Lazy to mention names. There were 10 of us. Futsal is like football except in an indoor court. 5 players on each team. I haven't played football since i can't remember when.. I think we were the only girls there. Most of them were all guys playing serious futsal.

Futsal game between Italy and Spain. Photo stolen off Wikipedia.

It was so damn fun. 9 girls and one guy. Kelvin Ting was his name. We had fun running around chasing the ball, kicking and shouting while getting in some serious exercise at the same time. I sweated so much man. Hope my legs don't ache tomorrow okie.

Kitty tried to score 5 times but failed cos Winnie was awesome at being goal keeper for our team. By using her body parts. Haha. I fell down twice. Once I dragged Kitty to the floor. Second time Clarrisa was falling and dragged me down with her. It was great!!

Next time I'll say yes to futsal again. In the beginning, I was like, Kitty, seriously if I just stand and stare at the ball, don't scold me okay. I can't run after the ball. I've never played futsal before.

But somehow when the game started we all ran after the ball, pushing each other out of the way and just having fun.

Go Futsal!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Turn back time please?

Don't ask me how was work yet cos its too soon to answer that question. Ask me again in 2 weeks in which time I'll have formed an opinion on the work scope, work load, fellow colleagues, boss, boss's wife, office and the food around the office.

I've always had trouble giving speeches or presentation. Maybe not as bad as Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries where she threw up. But I'm still nervous every time I have to stand in front of people to give a speech. Nervous is not good cos it makes me forget things I actually do know. Things I've spent hours preparing for. But when I'm up there being I just feel I'm being judged and that things will go wrong. Everything goes out of my mind leaving me standing like an idiot with sweaty palms and an urge to go to the toilet.

So I hate sales and presenting to potential clients. God, don't make me do this.

Working in Mcd is stressful at times but at least there's no way I'm bringing work home with me. I get angry at stupid annoying customers who completely spoil my day for me, I scold lazy colleagues who piss me off but everything is fine when I'm home.

Working here now I feel pressured already!! Brought home files to read since I am being tested again tomorrow morning. Arrghh. I'm tired. Work was supposed to end at five. I have a feeling I will be cranky for some time. I don't want to be the person who gets angry at her family easily cos of work related stress. Have to keep reminding myself not to get angry.

But dammit. I will beat this. I will get this right.

Time goes by so fast when I want it to slow down. When I want it fast, it was slugging.

I wanna be that young naive girl again. Please?

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Ok after the emoey post on "lonely", I shall attempt to be a cheery happy go lucky person like winnie told me to do. Not to be a sadist, a pessimist. Here goes..

Winnie and I at the beginning of the night. I know her face is blur but this is one of the more decent photos of me.

Like I said, the night started with no electricity. We arrived at the pub in total darkness. Most people wore white which is what we agreed on earlier. Theme of the night: Wear White! And punishment for those not wearing white: First to dance on the table. which btw did not work out too well cos I was first to go on the table being birthday girl and all that.

Because of no electricity, we tried to recognize each other by our white shirts. When we see some white thing or person flash by, we say: is that our friend? It was that dark everywhere. Which reminds me, Kuching is hit by some weird disease. Nearly everyone is sick. Voices all turn funny or sexy.

At 930pm electricity came on. Just in time. Everyone arrived slowly..the girls having trouble putting on make up with only candle lights. Haha. Winnie included. To summarize it all, around 20 people were present. Everyone danced crazy, shouted out to the music and the deejay.

Kitty and Steph

The music sucked at first. 80s music. Rock. But it got better after that thank God. Ah boon, nana, veronica took the lead and started dancing. Winnie said white group started everything last night. The drinks, the dance, photos and the table.

Byong and Mark.

Tried to pose but ended up looking so...fat and ugly and constipated. Shaveen beside me and ah Ping looking on in the background.

Know what they were shouting at? Me on the table. I haven't had enough to drink when they started clearing the table and pushing the drinks to one side. Then hands pushed me up the table.

Shaking that ass..

Half of the group leaving early.

Sweet guys bought me a chocolate cheesecake. They got the deejay to play a birthday song and announce to the whole pub that it was my birthday. Thanks guys. Twice he played the song actually. Once when we cut the cake and once more at midnight.

Shaveen and Tausif said the deejay was so hitting on me cos when he announced it was my birthday cos he also said oohh..she's so pretty. and something that sounds like who wants Amy's phone number, come to me...which only gave the crowd more reason to stare at me. Freaking embarrassing.

I had fun seriously with everyone. I know some guys went through a lot of trouble booking the tables that night. Thanks.

Winnie was asking whether I saw a friend of hers. I didn't. I didn't see a friend of mine who was supposed to come too. But Winnie said: everyone saw you last night and everyone knows its your birthday. The bartender, waiter and strangers came to wish me happy birthday. Thanks to the dee jay and friends who broadcast it last night.

We left not long later cos we got a phone call that cops were coming. We actually decided to go to eat the birthday cake but went instead to another pub. Most of us were exhausted. Ah boon was so...high...hyper...

He kissed the waitress. On the lips. They even danced together on the table. She is so going to be reprimanded by her manager. Haha..and i'm evil for laughing about this.

Ok post ending here. You can read Kitty's and Steph's blog for more details.


I celebrated my birthday early this year. Tonight to be exact. Thanks very much to everyone who turned up. It was unexpected. I had loads of fun tonight and I am not drunk which is also quite unexpected. =P Only one guy threw up which is quite an accomplishment considering we opened 4 bottles of Black Label.

Photos and full update tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm reminiscing about last year's birthday party. Mostly, its reminiscing someone who isn't in my life anymore. I can't sleep even though I drank a lot of whiskey coke. Sigh.

I forgot to make a wish on my birthday cake.

I am a human being with feelings. I have a lot of mixed up feelings right now. Feelings I shouldn't be having. I am allowed a little time to reminisce on my blog. Give me some time.

I lie on my bed tonight. Closed my eyes and somehow the bed feels too big for me. Its so cold in the night without your warmth. Tossing and turning I give up and come to online.

I was surrounded by so many people the whole night. I did what I was supposed to do. I laughed, I danced, I joked, I drank and I am so lonely.

I am always surrounded by guys when I go out and whenever I am left alone but it makes me lonelier than ever.

Please, leave me alone!

Life goes on.

I will be fine tomorrow.

Give me time.

Turn off the lights

Edited: Read in the papers the next day that the whole of Sarawak was out of electricity for around 3 hours. Due to some power failure between Sibu and Bintulu. However, apparently blackout will recur again since they are still upgrading. Damn.

(I think) the whole of Kuching was plunged into darkness tonight because of a black out, electricity failure. Starting from around 630pm we noticed restaurants closed because of no electricity. After cruising around town we decided on a restaurant and had dinner in the dark. On the way home, it was totally dark. No street lights, no lights from houses or restaurants nothing. It was dark everywhere.

It felt weird..

Btw, coincidentally it is the 15th day of the seventh month according to the chinese lunar calendar.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Don't lose contact

I was talking to an ex high school mate just now and we were saying how we lost contact with everyone else. Keeping in touch with old friends can't be hard now with all the technology.

In fact, the only reason for not keeping in touch is because they don't have msn, friendster, facebook, or emails.

Some people are great at keeping in touch. I'm not one of them. I think most people wait for the other person to make the first move. Pretty soon, week after week passes, then years pass and you still haven't kept in touch. Then you forget each other. Life goes on for both of you.

Found this photo taken ages ago at Westminster. Nifer and Wending.

I have one best friend since F1 - F5 and we've lost contact cos i don't have her msn. Can't find her in friendster or facebook. But when we met in Coffee Bean, Kuching 2 years ago we both exclaimed: Amy!! LC!! What's your phone number? What are you doing now? etc etc... but even though we exchanged numbers neither of us called or texted. Life goes on and 2 years passed by already. *snap* just like that!

Crazy girls bought the expensive Mickey Mouse hat we're never going to wear again. =P Photo taken at Disneyland Paris.

At least I know one way of keeping in touch with you guys who are reading my blog. OI! Set up a blog also so I can keep in touch with you people. Shirley, Nifer, Wending!! Or leave me a comment larr.. Lazy people like Shirley don't update her friendster since last last year. Haha..

Don't lose contact.

P/S: My birthday coming up. Presents??!! Hahahahaa...

Amy the bitch signing off,

Hahaha...I shall remind you all its my birthday!! Presents even though you're far far away.

Bank in my Lloyds bank account!

Btw, For those of you who are bored, read this blog. She's THE BITCH but she's so entertaining, I keep going back.