Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Pact

Another novel by Jodi Picoult. A love story this time.

Can love move mountains? Would you do anything for the one you love? Something triggers my mind. A guy told me: if you truly love and care for that person you would do anything for her. I work so hard to earn money for what? So she can go and spend it on shopping.

When a man really loves a woman will he do anything for her to protect her from harm? To make her happy? Even if it means killing her to make her happy? Cos in this novel, Chris loves Emily. Emily loves Chris. Problem is, she is suicidal. She wants to die.

I shall stick to the facts of the book. Picture this. Two families have lived next door to each other for 18 years. Their children Emily and Chris grew up together, playing side by side, being best friends when they were little, families were best friends and in high school they started dating. Dating led to sex. Both Emily and Chris were in love with each other. One night. One phone call turns their world upside down. Emily died and evidence points to Chris who killed Emily.

Here you ask yourself. Would you kill the one you love, your other half because she told you to. Because she wants to die. Would you?

This is where i don't understand. In love, I'm more of the selfish type. I won't. If it was me, no. I won't watch him die. If it comes to that, I promise I will die with him rather than stay alive without him.

In this novel, why is Emily suicidal you ask? She was molested when she was young by a stranger and she never told anyone not even Chris. She had sex with Chris mostly because he wanted it. Because they've been so close together ever since birth, they are almost like brothers and sisters, constantly together almost like twins. And yet they are a couple. At times, she questions herself cos she loves Chris like a brother and yet has sex with him. Its not that she don't love him but she was molested when she was young and she has bad memories of sex.

Add another twist, she is 11 weeks pregnant when she dies. No one knows. Not her parents and not Chris. Without a doubt, Chris would marry her, take care of her. But Emily doesn't knows if she wants it. She loves Chris but what he doesn't know that sometimes after sex, she goes home to vomit hours afterwards.

If I was Emily, what would I have done? I wouldn't have kept quiet. I'd have told Chris everything.

The book portrays this story from the parents point of view. What the parents are doing to cope with this nightmare. How this tragedy shatters both families. But for me, I see it from Emily's point of view. What would I have done? What would you have done?

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