Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Convertible dress and stuff

Hello. Here are some updates on my life:

I made omelets recently. Nothing fancy but so easy to make. 2 eggs, one tomato, one hot dog and one slice of cheese.

I know its unsightly but it tastes good nevertheless.

I added some mixed herbs spices to the egg mixture with a dash of salt and pepper. No use. Tasted no herbs at all. Fail. Maybe I should have let the mixture sit for a while. Oh well.


I recently bought a convertible dress dress online. Basically its a dress that allows you to transform into a few different styles! Kinda awesome! But somehow it doesn't look that good on me. Hmm..

#1 - short tube dress. I didn't tie it up properly on top. Not tight enough and very messy looking. Sorry first try only.

#1 short tube dress take 2. There! Much neater and tighter! No more excess fabric on top!

#2 - sweetheart neckline dress. Hmm not bad but kinda long. Have to fold it up higher next time.

#3 - toga style!

This is how the toga dress looks like from behind.

#4 - twist wrap dress.

The twist wrap dress from behind.

#5 - boring conservative dress

Not so boring conservative dress from behind..

#6 - Dress with wraparound waist

And my backside again.

Verdict? It is very versatile. BUT why did I buy it in that colour? Me no likey! Maybe I should sell it off. Any takers?

It suits many body shapes. Need proof? I have photos of Winnie! Ta-dah!

Not bad ey? Suits all type of body shapes. No more photos of Winnie cos we got lazy after that and stopped snapping photos.

If anyone is interested to know how to do all this, go Google it! Plenty of videos and photos as your teacher! :)

And a vain me after all those unflattering photos above. Bah.

One of Winnie too. To prove that we don't always look that ugly haha.


Went for badminton again with cs and friends. Am pleased to learn that I am not as bad as I thought I would be! :)

I'm typing really slowly and somewhat painfully now because I really need to cut my nails! =.= Lazy. Its public holiday in Kuching. Two whole days! Bliss!! We lucky people! Hehe technically I'm Iban too but we never celebrate.

So yea. I'm just rolling about these past two days. And too lazy to do anything. That said, it took me quite a huge effort to write this post okay. Painful nails.

Now that I'm done, I'm going back to roll around on the sofa some more. Pig. Yes. A bit. Heh bye.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Letter to 16 year old mi

I loved the idea as soon as I read it on TimothyTiah's blog, which was inspired from Jolene. Kudos to them!


Dear 16 year old me,

How are you feeling? Not too good I suppose. New student at SMK Stampin. Not much friends but don't worry, you manage to get through Form 4 and Form 5 still. The school is dirty and rowdy and sucks in general but its okay. You have Leone by your side, and you guys remain close friends till Form 5. Sad to say, you guys don't really keep in touch after that.

She goes on to Form 6, while you go to IBMS. For a while, you actually contemplated joining her in Form 6 because you're afraid you don't have friends in college. Fear not! You manage to make quite a few close friends in IBMS.

Particularly a guy and a girl called: Cs and Shirley. You have to remember them. On the first day of class in room 301, a guy walked in late while the teacher was calling out names. You looked up to see a guy almost exactly like the one you saw sitting two rows behind you. In shock, you realize they are twins! You later realize that they are not related at all. And get laughed at for thinking they are twins. =.=

Cs and you are extremely alike. In fact, the two of you become quick friends, best friends. In class, you guys pass notes to each other, sit next to each other and make the same stupid jokes that nobody else get or laugh at.

You first talk to Shirley in the cafeteria. She recognized you from class and said: why are you so quiet Amy? You are as shy as ever and said nothing. Just smiled. She is loud and popular, and you wonder when will you ever be like her. You guys were never really close in college.

You were more close to cs. He would come to your house, play with ah pui and ah boi, get to know your family and eventually become your best friend.

After college, dad wants you to further your studies overseas. You initially wanted to go to Australia, because that is where everyone is going. But then you decided on New Zealand cos its cheaper. But dad said that New Zealand is cold (????) and suggested that you try U.K. instead.

You were very blur about universities and which country to go to then. But since dad said UK, that's what you will end up doing. You were supposed to go to University of Sunderland, where Aik Lung (a friend from college) was, but he said the city of Sunderland was very small and boring.

The agency said that if you went to London, you get cheaper tuition fees, but more pricey accommodation etc, and you foolishly agreed to go in the end, with Shirley. Because of your love live, you are quite reluctant to go. You initially wanted to go for only 6 months.

Oh yea, forgot to tell you. Your first boyfriend is someone from high school. You get together in Form 5. He's very nice and very sweet but you broke up with him when you were in London because of long distance. He is now happily dating someone else while you are engaged to be married! Not going to tell you who though. That you have to figure out yourself.

In London, you and Shirley grew close. Very close. Like family. Armed with only 20kg of luggage each, it is time to grow up. You learn a lot in your 3 years in London. When you first arrive, you knew nothing. You slept with Shirley at someone's living room on a sofa bed. You learn to walk past shops, post office to look at places for rent together with Shirley, visit the landlords, negotiate the prices, and then move in.

You also work part time jobs while doing your degree and masters. You will eventually work in McDonalds, Starbucks, Camden town (at the markets selling stuff and freezing your ass off), hand out leaflets, and walk so long and so far you feel faint and where dogs chase after you and try to bite your hands. But its ok. You get paid for it.

You make a lot of new friends in Uni. It was tough in the beginning but then when you get used to life there, London is very fun. An exciting place to live in, and to stay there as a student was the best. You get to work to earn money for yourself to shop and travel, and to study. After classes, there are endless places to go to have fun. And weekends too.

But don't neglect your studies too much. You actually failed some classes because you had too much fun working, and playing hard. But when you realized how expensive the re-sit fee was (£50 for Bachelors, and £75 for Masters - per subject), Goddammit, you force yourself to study and stop fooling around.

After your Bachelors, you got a bit carried away. Living away from home, with different countrymen, especially Japanese and Spanish countrymen. Their lifestyle is so different. You learn to start drinking quite heavily. You also fall in love with one of your housemates. A Japanese guy. It turned out to be disastrous. Not only is he dating two other girls at the same time, but he pretends you don't exist when you broke up wtf! But its okay. We all learn from our mistakes. Hope I didn't scare you too much haha.

In the end you did graduate anyway. Oh well. You attended Bachelor's graduation in Sunderland. You went with Nifer (one of your best friends who is from Penang - you will meet her in London no worries) to Newcastle, and there you will meet a guy who will go on to be your next boyfriend.

During your Masters degree, you make a group of new friends. They are the ones you will spend almost all your time with. You graduated in the summer of 2008.

Dad will ask you to come home. You are dreadfully homesick by then but what was the point of studying overseas if not to get a job there? That is what all your friends are doing. Nobody is going back to their home country!

In the end, you chose to go home anyway. In the beginning, you have trouble settling, and wondered if you made the wrong choice. Well, I can tell you now that you made the right choice! You will have no regrets at all. That's all I'm telling you now. There is no place like home..

Life will lead you on. You make mistakes but you learn from them. There are times when you feel so hurt, so upset, so angry at the world, but don't worry so much. Things will work out in the end. And time really does heal all pain.

About your love life. There is always one person there beside you, supporting you, trying to make you smile. You always knew that he liked you. But he never really made a move. Maybe that's because you both were never available at the same time.

The only hint I'm giving you about him is that you guys got together soon after a car accident. Yeah, you in a car accident. Its not serious don't worry. You're still alive and kicking.

So that's it. That's all I'm saying for now. :)


26 year old mi.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Cs' 18th birthday!

I can't believe the weekend is over. Time really flies! Its cs' birthday today (22nd) We spent the entire last week planning and buying stuff for the party last night! It was a blast! But we are both exhausted by now. Hehe oh well it was worth it. At least everyone had fun.

I didn't give him a present at all. He didn't want a gift cos we are trying to save money. So I resorted to Google to suggest ideas what to do to him. For some reason, treasure hunt is very popular.

I used to love treasure hunts when I was a kid. Running around the neighbourhood with my neighbours/friends. It was great fun. We left clues for each other, and I loved it. Love the game and I think that's why I love Amazing Race so much too. Wish I could join it someday.

But what if I can't finish the challenge or road block haih but I still want to join it someday..

So anyway. It can't hurt to try. I prepared a little treasure hunt while he slept. It was very simple - inside our house only. Writing little bits of notes, and hiding them at random places for him to find. Hehe. Each little note leaving clues to the next note.

By the end of it, I led him to his gift: 3 wishes. Which he has yet to use. And I am not revealing it here. Save it baby. Very precious k. :)


But it still feels wrong somehow, to not give him something. To make him feel cherished and loved, by me! Some more, we didn't do anything today. Just the two of us. We had to go to church with his parents and then dinner. Seems like I have to make it up to him next week! :)

On Friday night after work, we cleaned the house together to make it more presentable for the party and made the cocktails and jello shots etc. Hard work considering how messy and dirty it was haha we left clothes everywhere, and none of us bothered to wipe the tv cabinet, the shelves etc. Dust collecting everywhere.

But I am not ashamed lah cos where got time??? Maybe if we stayed there full time, then there is no excuse. But we don't stay there yet. Heh heh so still got excuse.

Saturday after work, we went home to start preparing for the party. Rest a while, and pretty soon our friends started to arrive. Before we knew it, it was midnight, and then 3 am. Everyone had a lot to drink, but nobody was drunk. Phew.

Big sigh of relief. This was one of the main reasons why we wanted to have a party at home. Less likely for anyone to get drunk, especially the birthday boy. Man, he threw up 4 times last year, on his birthday night. So much to drink, and its not fun to drink so much. Its bad for the body and for me (cos have to clean up for him haha).

I like to drink as much as anybody but I just want to enjoy myself without the hangover nowadays. I want to dance it out, and not throw up. Those days are so over. I'm getting old. We're getting old. :P

The internet line is so, so bad - it takes 5 mins to upload a photo, so more photos next time lah.

On Sunday, we were together again, going to church, then family dinner. Even though we are together the whole time, I feel that we have had no alone time at all. We were surrounded by people all the time.

We are so lucky and so blessed to have friends and family with us.

But OMG, I am so tired. It was exhausting. The weekend has flown by and this is the only time I have had to myself the past few days. Exhausted max! Finally I can sit down with the computer. Alone.

So many cakes and he forgot to make a wish on all of them. Silly boy! :)

He answered me: birthdays are once a year, how to remember to make a wish leh?

Me: ............ -_-

Happy birthday baby!!

I hope you had a great time the past few days. If not, I'll just celebrate again next week with you. Love u always! :)

Update next time.

FYI: the title says cs' 18th birthday cos that on his invitation to all his friends, he wrote that its his 18th and the others came up with 18 candles for him and all. In reality, he thinks he is 10 years older than that. Silly.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential - 10 years later.

Let's take a trip down memory lane! 1980s babies. The era of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Haha those were the days. My favorite Spice Girl then was Mel C. Cos she's sporty and tomboyish - just like me back then.

And books. Enid Blyton. Too many to mention: Enchanted Wood, Faraway Tree, Wishing Chair, boarding schools at St. Clare and Mallory Towers etc etc. Francine Pascal. Sweet Valley Junior and Senior High. R.L. Stine. Fear Street. Roald Dahl! Matilda! Twits! James and the Giant Peach. So much more. I can go on gushing about this for ages. I still read these books sometimes. I can re-read books forever!

But I digressed. I want to talk about Francine Pascal's most recent book - Sweet Valley Confidential. 10 years later.

Those who read would know that Francine Pascal's more popular books were the Sweet Valley high/senior series. I loved them. Loved the idea of twin sisters, and knew just about every member of the Sweet Valley town.

So, when I saw that Francine Pascal came up with Sweet Valley Confidential: 10 years later, of course I had to read them! This book tells us what Elizabeth and Jessica as well as what the entire Sweet Valley crew has been up to.

Its like a high school reunion. What happened to them 10 years later. Have you attended your 10 year high school reunion to find out what has happened to your old school mates? Who ended up with who, what they are working as now, which one is married, and who has kids now?

Well, that is exactly what Sweet Valley Confidential is about.



Have to give warning because I hate reading spoilers before I finish the book myself. Heh.

A few pages in, I seriously doubted what I was reading. Are my eyes deceiving me? I actually went to Google it again, to make sure, very sure that what I was reading was actually written by Francine Pascal herself and not some wannabe.

OMG!! Unfortunately it was written by Francine Pascal. I had difficulty believing that the author of soo many books that I loved actually wrote this!

The whole book reads like a bad romance novel. Its so bad that its disbelieving. I don't believe what I'm reading.

Allow me to explain. The beginning of the book shows us that Elizabeth is now in New York, struggling to be a writer. And she is upset, very upset (ok lah furious) at Jessica. Not on speaking terms, refusing to pick up her phone.

Apparently the evil, selfish twin did the unspeakable. She slept with Todd. As in Todd Wilkins. Elizabeth's high school sweetheart. In the whole of her Junior High series, she had us all thinking that Todd and Elizabeth were practically joined at the hips, loyal bf, so in love with each other etc. And Jessica thought Todd was boring.

(I always knew Jessica was a selfish bitch. But to sleep with your twin sister's fiancee?? Hello?! BITCH!)

So, I don't know why she (author) had to bring them together 10 years later. Maybe people do change. But sisters. Twins. How could you do that?!

Jessica and Todd are still in Sweet Valley. Todd is writing a sports column, and Jessica is in PR. Cosmetics and apparently doing very well.

Throughout the book, other characters parade in and out. The author is trying to tell us what happened to the characters 10 years later. To be honest, I expected more. There is so much drama.

For example, Winston Egbert because fabulously wealthy through some dotcom venture with Bruce Patman. He died in the book. Alot of people are married and divorced already.

Steven Wakefield, remember him? He is now gay! What the hell right? She gives absolutely no hint to this. Throughout all the series, Steven is in love with Trisha, then heartbroken when she dies, then tries to get together with another girl (Andrea I think) who looks like his dead love. Then there is Cara. And Billie when he was at University.

So what the hell? Gay? Did she (author) throw in this fact just for fun?! If someone has to be gay, it should be Winston.

Bruce Patman is now a good guy yadda yadda and is best friends with Liz. They ended up together in the end. Yea, you read right. No typo. Bruce Patman ended up with Elizabeth Wakefield.

In Sweet Valley Confidential, they (the characters) are now 27. They drink alcohol like the rest of us now, and have sex. A bit weird reading about Liz and orgasms. But don't get too excited. Its really not very interesting. Nothing like Sex and the City.

Mostly its about someone sleeping with another person. Such as Jessica and Todd ripping off each others clothes. Lila is now slut wannabe sleeping with various people, Enid (now Doctor) sleeping with a shoes salesman (if I'm not mistaken ???), and so on and so forth.

Don't let me spoil it for you (I'm sure I already did though). But yea. It is quite hilarious to say the least. It is very badly written with the characters flitting in and out of the book.

I really loved all her books before this one. Maybe the characters were not meant to grow up. They turned out so different. Why. But maybe its because the book is badly written. The twins are fighting with each other over a guy? It doesn't have to be like that right? Does being adults mean that that's all there is to life? Sex, getting married, sleep around, divorce.

Its just not for me. Has anyone else read it already? Let me know!

Btw, I read the free online version on epub. Awesome stuff! :)

P/S: That said, I still want to watch the movie when it comes out though. Hehe. Just to put a face to the names I have been reading for so long.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Good and the Bad

Start with the bad first. I woke up this morning with a raging headache and really bad stomachache. Actually, my stomach has been hurting on and off this past week already.

Something is trying to come out haha that sounds wrong. Aih don't want to talk about the bad. Health issues and its boring bah nobody wants to read it, and I don't even want to talk about it.


So on the good part of today! I keep thinking of what you said just now. In light of our upcoming wedding, the two of us have been cutting costs in almost everything. I hardly shop for clothes, accessories, shoes anything. No shopping. Boo.

Both our phones are in really bad shape. His camera cannot be used, it is now glued shut. Once he accidentally slides open his camera, the whole phone goes into lock down mode, and hangs there. Nothing he can do to fix it. Tried already.

Plus he can't talk too long on the phone, the battery heats up very fast, and it gets so hot he can't hold it for long.

Ehh actually this sounds very serious. I keep persuading him to change it, but he doesn't want.

My phone, is filled with scratches - but nvm that. *cough* Moving on. It shuts down by itself many times a day haih thanks a lot phone. Its a good thing that no one calls/msg me much. And what else? That's it so far, but its bad enough. I take out my phone to check for messages and realize that my phone is off again. Grr..

So since we are both cutting costs, we decided not to change our phones. A luxury we can live without for now. As long as the phone is still functioning, then that is enough for NOW.

The best way to save money is to put majority of our pay into another hard-to-reach account immediately. And leave a tiny amount in your current account. Very effective! Hahahah.

At Hun Chuen's wedding a few weeks back.

Anyway. Today, we were talking about what we would do after our wedding. And honeymoon. Finally we can spend our salaries! Finally we can buy something we want! Finally we can afford to splurge a little!

And the first thing he intends to buy, is a phone for me first. :) Awwww..specifically, the iphone I've been lusting over.

Got peer pressure ok everyone is using them. Haha no lah. I really, really want a phone to go online anytime, anywhere. Plus its so pretty..

I loved the matter-of-fact way he said it. He stated it like he has already decided long ago that he would do this for me.

So selfless, so sweet, and I can't stop thinking about it. Again and again, you prove that you love me. I'm so lucky to have you. :)

Btw, second thing was a tv for our bedroom. Men.

Oh well. Its still early. Can't hurt to fantasize now. Heh.

I realize this is a boring and lovey-dovey entry about me and cs. Its about the only thing I blog about these days. And food. Sounds boring, but this is my life nowadays. Boring. I don't go out much nowadays.

But I am still jotting down stuff every few days because it is nice to look back. I read entries from last year, to remember what I have been doing. The little things that happened. My blog is my journal. Only public. But maybe I should make it private. Hmm..

Headache. Gotta go lah bye.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Testing, testing..

Hello. It is a public holiday today. Wesak holiday. Technically, I am Buddhist and I should have gone to the temple but I am lazy. So dad represented the whole Simon family. Thanks daddy! :)

Speaking of this, I have to go to church this Sunday. Yikes! I haven't been to church since...I don't remember when. Err..was it during Christmas eve many, many, many years ago, or was it when my grandpa passed away. So, I am nervous. Especially since I will be with cs' family. Yikes again!

Either way, this Sunday is not a good idea.

This Sunday (22nd May) also happens to be my husband-to-be's birthday! Heh. So three guesses what we would be doing on his birthday eve.

Actually, we have a party planned at home already on Saturday night..

Which is why I have been trying to make Jello shots last night! Haha. They are not widely available in Malaysia. In Kuching, I have only come across Ta-Kiong selling these at the Spring.

I have no shot glasses, so have to make do with these. Wait till I go search for more smaller plastic cups lah, if not these will just have to do..

So. I used orange Jell-O with Raspberry vodka. I tried to Google the recipes beforehand, but then in the end, I just made do with what I had to try it out.

I added in some hot water to dissolve the mixture first, then added in some cold water and my vodka. Then poured it into little cups like shown above, and popped them in the refrigerator.

An hour later, cs and I were eagerly trying our creation! Oh my, I just have to say this: it smelled so good. The combination of orange and raspberry hit our nostrils as soon as we opened the fridge! So fragrant!

Actually no lah. My whole fridge smells of raspberry!

After the first bite, it became quickly apparent that I had put in wayyy tooooo muchhhh vodkaaa!! Seriously this is some strong shit man! Haha.

Remember I said my fridge smelt of raspberry, this should have given me an indication of how strong my jello was. The alcohol taste completely dominated. I could taste no orange at all. Only raspberry.

Oh well, this is just the first try!

It would have been fine if we used smaller shot glasses, but as it was, we filled about half a cup. Haha..between the two of us, it took us more than a couple of minutes to finish that one cup. It was some strong tasting jelly that burned your throat going down!

It tastes good. I want to continue eating. But I could feel my cheeks flaming as I kept on eating. What the hell? Hahha if I had made these for the party on Saturday night, it would be one large drunken group!

But now I know. Cut down half the vodka, and give out smaller servings. And I still have half of those leftover in my fridge now. Thinking to leave those for games on Saturday night. Heh heh.

Can't wait! :)

Monday, 16 May 2011


is Cherrie's 1st Birthday!!!

Well not exactly. But, we brought her home a year ago last year on 16 May 2010.

But we're still celebrating for her anyway. Haha.. Today, the spoilt princess turns ONE!

However, birthday girl is in a bitchy mood today. Makes sense, since she is er..a bitch? Haha.

Winnie brought her out to walks, gave her ice cubes (cos Cherrie loves it), lay down on the floor with her, gave her treats (but she don't want), and played around with her and her toys.

But I still hear Cherrie growling and barking at Eli. Poor Eli.

Cherrie and poor Eli. :) Don't feel that sorry for Eli lah. Eli loves Cherrie, and I sometimes don't blame Cherrie for biting Eli - the way Eli keeps taunting her. She keeps trying to mock smack her, and teasing her. No wonder lah.

And cute, bad little Cherrie.

This is how she looks like today. As Winnie took this photo, along with may others, Cherrie was growling at Winnie.

This is her bitchy face. :)

When will Cherrie grow out of it huh? By the time she's two? Three? Don't know if I can wait that long! Ohh gotta go. Bye.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


When Winnie told me to ask my friends if any one wants to exchange a Charcoal colored MCD coke glass, I was like..whaaaat?? Not you too! No way am I asking for you. There is enough hoo-ha in FB over the coke glasses. All that hype for what?! Its just a glass!

I think working in MCD turned me into this. I watch colleagues taking home the happy meal toys for themselves. Hell, I collected almost all of the dogs too when I worked there.

I mean to say that I was so sick and tired of customers asking me what toys was it, can they exchange, they don't want this, they want the other colour. Bah. So that's why I didn't want to collect them. Not interested!

I managed to bring these dogs back to Kuching, but it is now collecting dust somewhere in a plastic bag somewhere in the old house.

Anyway. On Saturday, Winnie wanted MCD for lunch, so said I would tapau lunch for the two of us. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Let me say again, BIG MISTAKE!!

The QUEUE!! OMG! I forgot that there are people who actually want the coke glasses!!

The queue was spilling out the main doors man! Fucking ridiculous. What was even more ridiculous was, I joined the queue! Hits head on the wall. What was I thinking? Ahh cos I was starving, and the smell of the fries, plus Winnie was late. What else could I do besides wait anyway?

After 20 minutes, it was my turn. And alas. I ordered a LARGE Doublecheese burger meal with a strawberry sundae, and walked away with a blue coke glass! HAHAHHAA. Idiot! FAIL. COMPLAIN FAIL. AMY FAIL!!

I am now the proud owner of a blue coke glass!

How? I queued up so long already what! And everyone, I mean EVERYONE else were ordering large and a sundae and getting the glasses. What was I to do?

And (small voice) the glass does look good what! Plus in this hot weather, what's one more ice cream sundae right?

At home, I was admiring my blue coke glass, when I was hit with an epiphany! I want to collect the others! So, who has the charcoal colored one? Haha wtf! No lah! Winnie wants the charcoal one.

I'm happy with just one more, in any other color. One for me, one for cs! Just for fun. :) Hu ha.

The next one is Pink btw, and it starts on 19 May; after that is Lime Green on 26 May; and Grass Green on 2 June. :) The other colors have passed already, so no need to mention. Check it out here.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Of silly questions

Like most girls, I sometimes feel insecure and ask the ever-so-childish question: do you love me?

And of course he says yes, because poor guy what can he say? To which I would answer: prove it. Like I said, poor guy. Haha.

I know I'm making life difficult for him for no reason - I blame it on PMS. Haha best excuse ever!

I think I know the answer to my own question though. Its the little things he does.

Today, he bought a can of cockroach repellent/ridsect thingy what do you call em, for me? I was much too lazy and afraid to use it on my own home. Yea, ashamed. I didn't want to buy it.

Instead, he bought it for me, and said that when he's free, he'll come over to do it for me.

Rid my house of cockroaches. In his words, that means covering every bathroom drain hole and spraying it with and then waiting for the cockroaches to die. And clearing it for me.

He thinks we have a serious cockroach infection in the drain. The smell or something I don't know why he knows. I can't tell what's wrong with it.

I know its not really hard work, quite easy to do. But I really don't want to mess with the drain. What if lizards or rats pop up? Eww eww eww I hate writing/reading even the names of those two things starting with L and R. Yuck. Phobia! Arghh..

My point is, its the thought that counts. He is willing to give up his own free time (very limited considering he works 7 days a week) to do my housework for me. T___T

Now I feel guilty. Sheeeet.

I come back from the dentist the other day whining because apparently according to the dentist, I brush my teeth so hard that I gave myself sensitive teeth by pushing my gums up so high. Something along those lines. Dentist kept tutting while checking my teeth.

My teeth hurts for quite some time, but I kept putting it off. I was expecting cavities, instead I had none but I had sensitive teeth now! Waaahhh *bawls endlessly. It fucking hurts!

The first time I applied the fucking Sensodyne on my teeth, it felt like my whole jaw had fallen off or something. It felt like my teeth were breaking. It FUCKING HURTS! I literally couldn't do anything for a few seconds while I waited for the pain to stop.

I'm supposed to be using Soft toothbrushes from now on. But I really can't be bothered to buy them - don't know what's wrong with me.

Cs chose one for me today while I was perusing the aisles for instant noodles and other unhealthy food. I didn't say anything when he paid for the toothbrush, and said this is for you. But I do know you care for me. :)

Anyway. I suppose this is a rubbish post with no real purpose. Oh well.

I am still in love with this photo! And that Damai trip was and still is one of the best trip ever to Damai!

OK bye.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mum's day 2011

Happy Mummy's Day! Have a cake! Haha, just to be clear, we are not so stingy to buy such a small cake for mum. Delizze messed up our order.

Winnie ordered a strawberry fruit cake for mum, but when we went to collect it today, they said there is no strawberries in the market. So, they made us a fruit cake with mangos.

Bad idea, cos my mum is allergic to mangos. What to do? They refunded us the money and we bought another cake. It looks good though.

Peanut butter something.


The bf's recent new toy. This ice-maker. Its so weird how he is enjoying this. He is making a whole bucket out of these ice cubes.

Ta-da. This should be good during parties! Haha. One fish bone per whiskey glass. I don't get it though. Like normal ice cubes baby, they melt very fast. :)) OK better shut up in case he screw me for embarassing him here. Heh heh.


Last night, we attended Hun Chuen and Soo Lin's wedding dinner at Banquet. Very nice couple. :)


I actually have some things to talk about but I forgot them all now. So aih this shall do for today lah.

Since its mother's day, we be going to try out the new Carvery restaurant beside TJ. Hmm food galore again tonight.

Since I got free time now, I think I shall make mum a mother's day card. Bye.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Updates on my life

Some updates on my life:

1) Just watched Fast and Furious 5. It is every bit as good as everyone else is saying. I was kept on my toes/edge of my seat throughout the whole movie. Humorous at part and very fast paced.

I do have one thing to say though, Dom and crew should have died many times by now, through out the whole movie hehe - just that car accident on the way to prison, Dom should have already died. But we are meant to enjoy the movie and shut up. So, I will. Great one. I cant wait to watch it again already! :D

2) It is a Friday night and I am home! *Gasp! Actually I just came back from the movie, so hmm doesn't really count. :)

3) I cant really remember what I have been up to lately. Been lazy bringing the camera out lately. Well damn.

So I'm going to forgo the list thingy and type as I like. How about wedding preparations?

We have decided and booked the band, and emcee already! *fingers crossed for two reasons. 1) to not regret my decision to splurge. 2) to be able to save even more money from now on. Time is ticking and we have yet to reach our target. Grrr..

I deem the band/entertainment to be very important on the night itself. I believe that they will set the stage (literally) for the event/ceremony at night.

While our guests are eating, I really don't want lousy performances such as free-for-all karaoke (that is so over already, not to mention annoying), or dance groups (blah shuffle moves, no thanks man save it for the clubs), and God knows what else. Bad MCs are the worst. Bad Master of Ceremonies reflect badly on the night.

So, yea. Fingers crossed. Moving on. We also went to look at invites and favors. Honestly speaking, these two items are not that important, right? Everyone knows they have a short-term shelf life.

Who keeps someone else's invitation cards, no matter how pretty they are? Who really wants/needs wedding favors in the form of chopsticks and candles? I am faced with a slight dilemma the shop gave me.

Do you want to forgo the gifts, and spend the money on a nicer, more expensive and comes with photo invitation card?

Or do you want to choose a simple invitation card, and also a simple, boring wedding favor that no one wants?

Haha its not that important to me, seriously. This is up to cs. Let him decide lah.

As a little girl, I never imagined my wedding much. Not like in Bride Wars, Emma and Liz both dream of their big day and already have in mind what they want or don't want. But I didn't. I never imagined myself in a white gown. I don't dream of a Prince Charming on a white horse.

Or a Prince William in Buckingham Palace. Hehehe everyone is talking about the Royal wedding.

Ugh but I look hideous. I think this was taken in May 2005. Damn how time flies. Me in front of Buckingham Palace. Think this was my first time there with Shirley and Rudy. Over the years, I have lost count of how many times I have come here.

Westminster is always a must to bring friends and tourists who come to visit. I have played host and tourist guide myself many times to friends and their parents, siblings and their friends and their other halves, relatives, but never my own family. :(

Haih as I was bringing other people's families around London, I kept wishing it was my parents and family instead. Oh well. Maybe in the future eh. But its different now. I am no longer a student, with so much free time on my hands. Booo..

Cs wanna go to London with me? I think I still remember how to walk from Chinatown in Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, and to London Eye. Then take Jubilee line back to Bermondsey!! Omg. Reminiscing on old memories. :)

Ahh..Moving on..moving on.

Random cute but a bit disgusting photo of Cherrie.

Got milk?

Karaoke session at home.

Cs giving his all..This is actually him acting. He may look like a good, quiet, nice boy. But he is NOT. I'm the quiet one. Lol. He is the noisy, talking non stop one among our group of friends.

You see, banyak bunga lah this guy.

Then, he took the camera and told me to sing. So, I did. After a few shots of photos such as this one below:

He got a bit frustrated and instructed me to relax! Let go. No one is watching you.

Hence, this:

Oh well. Not really singing but at least not a normal, boring photo. Heh. :) More semangat at least.

Normal photo to end the post. These photos were from weeks or months ago already. I really need to bring my camera out more often.


Got something stupid to broadcast here. I have not given up my attempt to spot shooting stars/meteor showers!

If you know me, you would know my motto: when in doubt, google it!

So, I depended on Google to tell me that there is a meteor shower on May 6. About 11pm - 4am in Malaysia time. I have checked various sources on the Internet to confirm this ok. Don't judge me.

Quote from Earthsky: Eta Aquarids meteor shower. This shower has a relatively broad maximum but is expected to show the greatest number of meteors before dawn on May 6.

I even checked the weather forecast as well. The forecast was: cloudy with chance of rain. No lah. Actually forecast was cloudy with thunderstorms. But I thought Kuching weather was unpredictable, and the forecast can't be right etc etc. Making excuses for myself sigh.

Haih, it rained all right. Rained almost the whole damn night! Since it was raining, I went to sleep by 11pm, hoping that it would stop in the middle of the night, and I can fulfill my dream!!

But no, I woke up at 130am, still drizzling. Woke up at 3am, still drizzling! Fuck it! Thwarted again!! :(((( Wahhhh *bawling and whining..

I didn't sleep well the whole night because of this. I was asleep but I knew when Winnie walked into the room, I could hear mum waking up, having a coughing fit outside my room. I could hear the rain. :((( so sad.

For future reference and in case anyone is interested in watching for meteor showers, read
here and here.

Night. Bye.