Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Testing, testing..

Hello. It is a public holiday today. Wesak holiday. Technically, I am Buddhist and I should have gone to the temple but I am lazy. So dad represented the whole Simon family. Thanks daddy! :)

Speaking of this, I have to go to church this Sunday. Yikes! I haven't been to church since...I don't remember when. Err..was it during Christmas eve many, many, many years ago, or was it when my grandpa passed away. So, I am nervous. Especially since I will be with cs' family. Yikes again!

Either way, this Sunday is not a good idea.

This Sunday (22nd May) also happens to be my husband-to-be's birthday! Heh. So three guesses what we would be doing on his birthday eve.

Actually, we have a party planned at home already on Saturday night..

Which is why I have been trying to make Jello shots last night! Haha. They are not widely available in Malaysia. In Kuching, I have only come across Ta-Kiong selling these at the Spring.

I have no shot glasses, so have to make do with these. Wait till I go search for more smaller plastic cups lah, if not these will just have to do..

So. I used orange Jell-O with Raspberry vodka. I tried to Google the recipes beforehand, but then in the end, I just made do with what I had to try it out.

I added in some hot water to dissolve the mixture first, then added in some cold water and my vodka. Then poured it into little cups like shown above, and popped them in the refrigerator.

An hour later, cs and I were eagerly trying our creation! Oh my, I just have to say this: it smelled so good. The combination of orange and raspberry hit our nostrils as soon as we opened the fridge! So fragrant!

Actually no lah. My whole fridge smells of raspberry!

After the first bite, it became quickly apparent that I had put in wayyy tooooo muchhhh vodkaaa!! Seriously this is some strong shit man! Haha.

Remember I said my fridge smelt of raspberry, this should have given me an indication of how strong my jello was. The alcohol taste completely dominated. I could taste no orange at all. Only raspberry.

Oh well, this is just the first try!

It would have been fine if we used smaller shot glasses, but as it was, we filled about half a cup. Haha..between the two of us, it took us more than a couple of minutes to finish that one cup. It was some strong tasting jelly that burned your throat going down!

It tastes good. I want to continue eating. But I could feel my cheeks flaming as I kept on eating. What the hell? Hahha if I had made these for the party on Saturday night, it would be one large drunken group!

But now I know. Cut down half the vodka, and give out smaller servings. And I still have half of those leftover in my fridge now. Thinking to leave those for games on Saturday night. Heh heh.

Can't wait! :)


DD said...

Fancy Jello ? Sorry to tell you it is all made up of cow, horse, pig hooves,tails, ear and hides.
It is better to eat the chinese grass jelly. :)

Amy said...

Haih so what?

Jello is a trademark name for gelatin, an animal product. It is prepared by soaking the bones, skin, or connective tissue from pigs or cows in a bath of mild hydrochloric acid solution. (I'm guessing cows, because it does mention on the Jello packet that it contains beef extracts)

After this, the animal products are heated in distilled water for many hours, and finally boiled. The fluid that collects from this process is drawn off. What’s left is dried, and ground into a fine, pale yellow powder. This is unflavored gelatin, the basis of all gelatin salads, desserts, and drinks.

We, Malaysian-Chinese eat all kinds of animal intestines ok, including pork intestines, pig ears, pig skins, duck tongue, beef intestines, etc. They are very common in our beef noodles, kueh chap.

What is a little collagen from cows/pigs? Its not like I'm taking a huge amount of this. Oh well. At least it tastes good! :)