Sunday, 26 July 2009

Wedding dance

Wending posted this video on facebook, from youtube. Its a wedding dance that is pretty awesome. Watch this all of you.

Everyone would wish to have an entrance like that!

Friday, 24 July 2009

Insomnia strikes again

I thought I would try to be a good girl and sleep early before 11pm. Well, I managed to fall asleep. But I'm awake at 130pm. I regret...grr...being a good girl sux.

Internet is lagging. It has been lagging for the past few days and work was literally hell. How to go online when we cant? When it takes forever for the page to load. When it finally loads, half the page is cut off. Crap. Most of my colleagues and myself spent the time by pretending to be busy. Looking at the half loaded page and pretend to be working when the boss is in. Or off buying snacks and walking around chatting when the boss isn't in to check on us.

Ahhh....why not give us a whole blackout. No electricity. Please, Telecom go on strike. Why can't we be more like the U.S.? Go on strike for weeks.. Fight for our labor. Start a union. heh..Or err..cut off the streamyx at Tun Jugah. easier.

LCW lookalike.

No need to work tomorrow. Friday off!! Muaahhahahhaa..i don't care that I sound shamelessly happy for taking an off day. I'm happy. Very freaking happy that I have one extra day holiday than you. Never mind that I can't sleep now. Doesn't matter. I don't have to wake up early. Muahahhahaa...

Dad went to KL today, so I left him a note on top of his luggage before I went to work this morning.

Daddy, have a safe flight. Enjoy your trip. I'll remember to lock the doors/ turn on the lights etc etc...Love, Amy.

He replied: Thank you. But try to stay at home ok!

I found it rather hilarious actually. Laughing my head off. Its a well known fact in my family that I go out too much. They keep telling me to stay home more often. Mum says I treat home like a hotel. Come home, eat, bath, change and go out. Then come back to sleep, shower then go out again. Routine continues...err..forever..

Sleep is evading me. Still. Should I watch Grey's Anatomy again? Should I play some game on Facebook? Should I read a book? I think I will mope more here. Plan my itinerary for tomorrow. Wake up at 830am. Cos the bf wakes up then to work. Yesh he is "protecting" me at my house since I'm home alone with eli and ah boi. The latter cannot protect me. He just sleeps and eat. Cs is sound asleep now; lucky him.


1) Pick up car from garage tomorrow evening. Finally! Doesn't matter that I don't drive much. Having a car makes you feel more secure. 2) Go for a facial. Finally too! My blackheads are scaring me and cs, and everyone else around me. 3) Prepare for party at home! Hahaa...what did you expect? No one home, except me. It is the weekend. Since I am confined to home these few days, the only logical thing I came up with was: party at home! I haven't had a home party since my disastrous 18th birthday party wtf. Oh well, you cant never go wrong with alcohol, no parents at home, music, plenty of food (junk food). Looking forward!!!


I like this dress. I stole the photo off this blog. I frequently check the blog for new dresses, and fell in love with this one:

I doubt it'll look good on me though. It should suit someone with a body like, say...Gisele Bundchen. Or Jessica Alba. Or Lindsay Lohan cos she is so damn thin. And has big boobs. Unlike me. For some reason, big boobs always make me think of Shirley. I realize I sound a bit gay/les saying this. But see here:


I would post more bikini photos if I could but better don't push my luck. SHe doesn't comment here on my blog. SHe sends me hate mails/offline msn messages complaining and forcing me to delete her photos.

I miss these two. Life is less fattening if the three of us don't stay together agree?

This was the day Nifer made chicken rice for us.

Frequent trips to Tesco, and coming up with our own homemade dish, named 168B is not a good idea. Memories nonetheless...

When will the three of us be reunited again?

Answer: When one of us gets married. I wonder who will be first? =P

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Miscellaneous II

Ok. Those who have read the previous post would know that I've got myself a new phone. Its the Sony Ericsson T707, if you haven't figured it out yet. In Pink! I am amazed I got myself a new pink phone. Here are some photos taken with it:

Smiling like an idiot. :p

And work. Argh. I think I need a new job.

On a positive note (oh crap. work is taking its toll on me. I'm starting to blog like I'm writing reports), I'm looking forward to this weekend!!

On leave this Friday. Just felt like taking one day leave. A break from the company reports, figures, numbers and pages and pages of minute text updates. Crap. I hate my job. But it pays. I went to help cs at his shop last week. Trying my hand at being taukenio (hahahha) and collecting money. I haven't been a cashier in ages, it makes me kinda miss McD. Handling money. Being fast in getting the change and the food. Kinda miss that feeling. I hated it when I first joined of course. I had a tiny, tiny voice which doesn't help in a McD restaurant. Customers strain to hear me, my colleagues shout at me when they cannot hear what I want. And my boss then told me: if you dont get this right by Sunday, you're gone! He meant my voice. Speak louder.

But, once you get the hang of it, get really good at it. It becomes sort of like, your comfort zone. You don't want to leave eventhough you get shit pay, and you know you can do better than this. You stay cos you know your colleagues, you get along with them. You get regular customers who like you, boss likes you and schedules you to work often, but salary is mediocre still. You stay cos it is your comfort zone. Working makes you forget other things.

This photo has been resized. Crap. I didn't know the image size was that big. Have to reset camera settings.


I realized nothing new has been going on in my life and that I have absolutely nothing else to blog about. Or else I have stuff that I cannot blog about. This defies having a blog. Grr....

Well, I'm alone at home as I'm typing this now. Is that new? Yea. Ah boi (my dog) is following me up and down. He's afraid I would leave him too. My siblings and mum are in Taiwan, my dad is out to a dinner party. My dog is feeling very neglected and afraid I would leave him. Example, I was reading in the living room on the sofa. Every time I get up to go to pour myself a drink, change a cd, or go to toilet, he looks up at me. His eyes follows me around when I'm having my dinner, when I'm talking on the phone. When I pack up my book, drink, and phone, I swear he knows, I'm going to the laptop. He drags his blanket with him to follow me to my laptop and plops down at my feet. So damn cute!!! can you not love him?? I love dogs!

Pampered prince. Good night. Off to bed.


Monday, 20 July 2009


I keep seeing all those photos of people returning from Phuket! WHy?! Is it really that good and popular? Yesh it seems. Heck, I don't even know anything about Phuket and I want to go just out of curiousity to see if it really is THAT good. Is it the cheaper version of maldives? Just cos its in thai baht thats why so many Malaysians are going to Phuket?

Stole these photos off google images. If this is Phuket, I want to go. Hell yeah. Cheaper version of Maldives?

ahh..oh well..


I bought myself a new phone. Boo.. Salary gone. One the bright side, behold...

My new phone. Yes it is pink and it looks exactly like this! I love the lights that light up whenever a message or call appears. And the lights can be adjusted to different caller. And you can wave your hand over the phone twice and the phone falls silent when there is an incoming call. Or when my alarm rings. Me like!! Happy.

In order to save up for this thing, i have been eating mee goreng for lunch almost every day. The Maggi instant noodles. And no shopping. Sucks. Yes the bf is scolding me and almost begging me to let him buy a new phone for me. He keeps trying to coax me into letting him buy the phone. Heh. Sorry baby but I must buy this myself. My absent minded-ness is killing me. I lose things/ spoil things almost as fast as I buy them. I hope this phone lasts longer than its predecessor. Damn.

Another reason why I refuse to let him buy is that the people around me, for some reason, seem to think I'm some kind of gold digger, or useless piece of shit who cannot buy stuff for herself. Maybe I look like the type of bimbo who spends her bf's hard earned money. Screw you. I'm sick of people saying that behind me and even to my face. Screw you. Even if he buys me things, its hardly anything wrong is it? A guy who wishes to help out his gf, to buy something for her. Screw everyone.


I forgot to update those with Harry Potter and the half blood prince. It sucks! It was so boring. I don't even want to watch it a second time. I almost fell asleep and that is saying something! The movie was so boring. Cs said said its good, but not something he would watch a second time. I know that trying to cram the whole 700 page book 6 into a 2.5 hours movie is quite impossible. Especially since the whole book is so interesting, and action packed etc. But damn the movie was boring. Its not something you would want to watch again. I liked the first four movies the best. And I loved all 7 books.

Conclusion: yea, watch the movie if you haven't read the book. It should be interesting for you. Don't watch the movie/or don't expect too much of the movie or rather, don't expect anything at all if you've read the book. The movie is really, honestly, quite boring.

OK. That was an update albeit a short and lazy one.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


OH MY GOD!! Harry Potter and the half blood prince is playing in Kuching and I didn't know. What the hell..I'm so stupid. It started YESTERDAY!! what am I coming to?? I have to go tomorrow night!!


Mistake. I just went to check the STar Cineplex website. HP is playing tomorrow. No worries. I'll get cs to buy the tickets in the morning! I shall be reunited with HP tomorrow night. at 930pm.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


I'm bored. No, actually I'm tired. I'm just used to saying I'm bored so often that everyone ignores me when i say I'm bored. Everyone except baby who drops everything else to er spoil me. Normally when boredom strikes, I go online, or search through my book shelf for a nice book. 2 hours ago, Streamyx goes haywire again. Cannot go online. So I went in search of a nice book..

Dilemma. Should I read the Twilight saga again since mum just started reading the chinese version and got me a bit gatal to start reading the first book again. Even though I hate the whiny bella.

Searching through the book shelf, I came across Lord of the Rings. I have only finished the first book: Fellowship of the Ring, and almost by pure force. I practically willed/forced myself to finish the book. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I don't really like the movies too. I know most guys love it. Just like lots of guys love Star Wars, Star Trek. Are they the same thing? Or not? I duno. The one time I watched it, I fell asleep barely 10 mins into the movie. Even then, an ex had warned me right before watching the movie: Amy, I love this movie. You must watch it. Don't fall asleep. And I tried, I really tried to keep my eyes open but it was dead boring.

Maybe some guys think I'm the bimbo who reads/likes SHopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. A chick flick and book. I have read the book years ago, and watched the movie recently. In the movie, the shopaholic has no brains whatsoever. Her credit card bills pile up and she continues to shop even more. The book was an okay read few years back. I've read quite a few of them. But they're all the same. She shops, credit card bills rack up high, job threatened, bf wants to leave her etc. In the end, there is a happily ever after of course. boring.

I initially picked out Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince (again). For the eighty fifth time I suppose. But, even holding it in my hands, I sigh. I know the book from back to front and inside out. I only chose it cos the movie is coming out. Please don't disappoint me again!! The fifth movie sucked! Absolutely sucked. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was so disappointed that the movie was completely different from what I had in mind. The movie was on fast forward. I know that it cannot be helped cos the book itself is like 700 pages long. How to fit it into a 2.30 hrs movie? But still..the fight scene looks like a joke. oh well. I will still be at the cineplex the first day it shows in Kuching! =)

Now the book lying beside me is The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johanen. The first book I bought by her and very pleased. Nice. I like the story line. I'm a bit lazy to explain in my own words. I've only read it once. But from what I remember, it should be along these lines. Here goes: Nell Carder is an ordinary, plain looking woman who survived a brutal attack which killed her husband and daughter. She emerged a woman transformed. How so? Her face was hurt in the attack, so she underwent surgery to save her life. She emerged now, a woman transformed with an exquisite beauty that can only be found in dairy tales. But her killer is still out there. She is now protected by her new face but she has to fight back. She learns to protect herself, to fight and along the way fall in love, with the guy who is helping her. Happy Ending. Typical.

Hmm..which book didn't have a happy ending? Let me think. Singapore true ghost stories. Hah saw the books upstairs just now..

I have just finished Inkheart. I didn't like the book as much as I thought I would. It is still a page turner, but the narration is just too long. Inkheart, the first book of the trilogy, is about Mo or Silvertongue, a man who has the gift to read things/characters to life from a book. For example, suppose he is reading Ali Baba and the forty thieves, an excerpt from where they found the gold, well, when he is reading, real gold would fall from the ceiling, where he is. His daughter inherited his gift. She was reading Peter Pan, when Tinkerbell flew out from the book. Pretty amazing gift to have right.

The downside? Mo was reading a book entitled Inkheart one night to his wife. Inkheart, a book with trolls, faries, dragons, villians etc. Anyway, while Mo was readin, the actual villians of Inkheart appeared into his world. Our world. In Mo's own house. And his wife disappeared into the book, Inkheart. That is the tragic part of his gift. And that is how the story started...

I love books. I love wanting to know what happens next in a page. Inkheart is quite a page turner. Winnie has already bought Inkspell, the second book. I'm saving it for a soon-to-come rainy day on a public holiday hopefully..

Just realized I talked so much about books. I'm such a geek.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Stupidity times two

I am upset. Angry. At myself mostly. Because of my absent minded-ness, my stupid careless behavior, I killed my phone. Sigh. And it was new and all that.

Earlier this evening, I went swimming at Water Park. Walking out of the car, I dropped my phone in the car park. I had my arms full with my towel and bag so dropping it is no surprise. Went in swimming, playing wtc and came out one hour later. Still haven't realized my phone is gone. Idiot.

Cs dropped me home. On reaching home, as I got out of his car, I took out my gate remote and automatically searched for my phone. Only then did I realize shit I lost it. Cs tried to call my phone. It was already: Sorry, the number you dial cannot be reached. Unavailable and what not. SHit!! Either someone stole it or my phone has been run over by cars.

Cs raced (yes raced very fast) back to Waterpark. Found my phone by the road side. Even as I was running to pick it up, a car ran over it again. When I picked it up, it was thin. Ultra slim. Probably could be the world's slimmest phone. Sigh. Stupid Amy!!!!! WHy?!??!!!!

Now I have to waste money to buy myself a new phone! I have no phone now. Don't try to call me. I have no idea whether my SIM card can be used. Wait till I try it out on cs' phone tomorrow. I don't dare tell my family yet.

Am surveying phones now. SHould I buy the cheapest phone in the market and call it a day? Then I can continue to live a semi-normal life? Or should I buy myself a longer lasting phone and eat mee goreng for lunch for the rest of this month? And stay home during weekends. Cannot dye my hair, no shopping.

Coincidentally, Cs' phone has gone haywire recently. I've been bugging him to buy himself a new phone for the past two weeks. So we are both surveying phones together. Joy. Both broke. This is not good. Better stock up on instant noodles. heh.

Something to look forward to. Though its not till next month..

Lucky its paid for in advance. Heh.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


1) Its Sunday again. Time flies man. I hate working life. It makes time goes by so fast. How did it get to be fifth of July today? Half year is gone. We're now in the second half of 2009. Third quarter of 2009. I suddenly recall that 05/07 is my grandfather's deathday. He passed away on 05 July 1998. 11 years today. So fast? Sorry ah kong. Time flies...RIP ah kong. But it should be too late for that RIP. Now, 11 years later, I think he should have reincarnated already. Yes, I believe in reincarnation. Buddhists are brought to think like that. Doesn't matter that ah kong's grave is a Roman Catholic one. I think he would agree with me.

I'm not being disrespectful and what not..I know everyone miss him. In the first few months, first year, it was the hardest. Like during his birthday, chinese new year gatherings, weddings. Where the whole family is present.

*****Ahh..i should stop with this. RIP ah kong****

Ah boi.

2) Cs and I had McD for breakfast the other day.

Big breakfast noob. He never had a MCD breakfast before. Not surprising in Malaysia. Who in their right minds would pay RM10 for a McD breakfast typically? Breakfast is more expensive than normal meals. Oh well. He was very unimpressed with Big Breakfast. Can't blame him. I never did like it.

Two muffins, one sausage, one scrambled egg and a hash brown make up a McD big breakfast. Not nice. Not worth it too. heh. My own opinion.

My favorite McD breakfast is: Sausage and Egg McMuffin meal with Orange Juice!!! Typical! I never change, SHirley. Hahahha...


3) Damn it my weekend is gone just like that. What did I do?? Oh yea. I went to Karaoke on Friday night with some friends. Not my idea obviously but we haven't been to a karaoke in ages and it was kinda fun.

First, you choose a song.

Next you dedicate the song to someone. Or make some opening speech along the lines of: eii..who chose this song? WHo whose this will sing this! Boon? Nana? WHo chose this?!

Boon: I chose it for cs

Cs: what?? I didn't say I want to sing Jay Chou's songs.

Boon: but u should. sounds good.


Yea. Opening remarks normally sounds like this.

Then both cs and boon sing together.

Trying to hit the high note. Haha

No, I don't sing. I hate singing. I hate karaoke. I hate my own voice. I sound exactly like Winnie. And our voices suck.

4) Mum, winnie and kevin are going to Taiwan. I am SO JEALOUS!! For three weeks!! I see Winnie writing down her list of things of clothes etc to bring there; Kevin's huge luggage open in his room! Waaaahh..and mum buying stuff for my aunty, granpa, etc. I am jealous!!!

I want to go sucks. I will never get to take another three weeks holidays unless I'm pregnant what the hell!!! Or unless my bf is my boss! Heh. Or my dad is my boss!

The last time I went to Taiwan, my cousin gave birth to this lil cutie:

She was the first baby I held, and the cutest little thing. She doesn't cry easily. When my cousins came to Kuching 3 years in a row, I wasn't here!!! They say she's the prettiest little girl now. She should be 7 or 8 by now. And plays with her mum's make up. Wants manicures when her mum is having them. Wears pretty dresses, loves little mermaid. Argh...I'm soo outdated..

I think this is Tian Pu Lak. From the night market. In a paper bag no less. So nostalgic. Yes, it is greasy and oily and sinfully delicious.

I wanna go Taiwan too. I want to join them too. I will apply two weeks leave. Use up all my leave for this year. I will make use of my MAS Enrich points to redeem free tickets. I will save $$ to go eat and shop there. I will go to Taiwan with them this July. I'm so jealous!!

5) I will wake up to reality. It is another Monday tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Salmon eggs

I had an ebiko fried rice for lunch a few days ago. It looks like this:

The orange stuff is the ebiko. Quite a generous helping.

I thought the proper name for Salmon roe or eggs are ikura, instead of ebiko? Hmm.. oh well. I eat them either way. I've always loved Japanese food. I don't understand people who don't eat raw salmon or who thinks they are gross. I love ebiko/ikura/roe/caviar. Yum.

Salmon caviar

I don't eat raw egg though. Chicken egg. I had a Japanese friend last time who would always have raw egg with his bowl of rice. Mix it together then proceed to eat the other stuff. Whenever he is lazy to cook. He cracks an egg over his rice, and eat them like that. It tastes alright but hmm..I wasn't brought up to eat eggs like that. Mum would stop me if she saw me eating a raw egg anyway. bird flu and what not...

I know that Salmon Roe comes like this. But, I'm always amazed when I watch the video again. Here.

Sharing is caring.

I thought it was pretty amazing how much eggs there are inside one fish. Then, I went to google images to search for ebiko/salmon roe/egg/caviar.

Caviar. Apparently caviar should be eaten with crackers. The only time I have these are at Japanese restaurants, and we have them with rice, and alcohol. Sake and beer sounds like a nice combination.

Close up of the egg. Pretty gross. But it makes me wanna bring a microsope to Sushi King next time. Heh.

How much is this worth I wonder..

P/S: I hope you guys still have an appetite for salmon eggs after this.