Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Salmon eggs

I had an ebiko fried rice for lunch a few days ago. It looks like this:

The orange stuff is the ebiko. Quite a generous helping.

I thought the proper name for Salmon roe or eggs are ikura, instead of ebiko? Hmm.. oh well. I eat them either way. I've always loved Japanese food. I don't understand people who don't eat raw salmon or who thinks they are gross. I love ebiko/ikura/roe/caviar. Yum.

Salmon caviar

I don't eat raw egg though. Chicken egg. I had a Japanese friend last time who would always have raw egg with his bowl of rice. Mix it together then proceed to eat the other stuff. Whenever he is lazy to cook. He cracks an egg over his rice, and eat them like that. It tastes alright but hmm..I wasn't brought up to eat eggs like that. Mum would stop me if she saw me eating a raw egg anyway. bird flu and what not...

I know that Salmon Roe comes like this. But, I'm always amazed when I watch the video again. Here.

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I thought it was pretty amazing how much eggs there are inside one fish. Then, I went to google images to search for ebiko/salmon roe/egg/caviar.

Caviar. Apparently caviar should be eaten with crackers. The only time I have these are at Japanese restaurants, and we have them with rice, and alcohol. Sake and beer sounds like a nice combination.

Close up of the egg. Pretty gross. But it makes me wanna bring a microsope to Sushi King next time. Heh.

How much is this worth I wonder..

P/S: I hope you guys still have an appetite for salmon eggs after this.

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