Friday, 24 July 2009

Insomnia strikes again

I thought I would try to be a good girl and sleep early before 11pm. Well, I managed to fall asleep. But I'm awake at 130pm. I regret...grr...being a good girl sux.

Internet is lagging. It has been lagging for the past few days and work was literally hell. How to go online when we cant? When it takes forever for the page to load. When it finally loads, half the page is cut off. Crap. Most of my colleagues and myself spent the time by pretending to be busy. Looking at the half loaded page and pretend to be working when the boss is in. Or off buying snacks and walking around chatting when the boss isn't in to check on us.

Ahhh....why not give us a whole blackout. No electricity. Please, Telecom go on strike. Why can't we be more like the U.S.? Go on strike for weeks.. Fight for our labor. Start a union. heh..Or err..cut off the streamyx at Tun Jugah. easier.

LCW lookalike.

No need to work tomorrow. Friday off!! Muaahhahahhaa..i don't care that I sound shamelessly happy for taking an off day. I'm happy. Very freaking happy that I have one extra day holiday than you. Never mind that I can't sleep now. Doesn't matter. I don't have to wake up early. Muahahhahaa...

Dad went to KL today, so I left him a note on top of his luggage before I went to work this morning.

Daddy, have a safe flight. Enjoy your trip. I'll remember to lock the doors/ turn on the lights etc etc...Love, Amy.

He replied: Thank you. But try to stay at home ok!

I found it rather hilarious actually. Laughing my head off. Its a well known fact in my family that I go out too much. They keep telling me to stay home more often. Mum says I treat home like a hotel. Come home, eat, bath, change and go out. Then come back to sleep, shower then go out again. Routine continues...err..forever..

Sleep is evading me. Still. Should I watch Grey's Anatomy again? Should I play some game on Facebook? Should I read a book? I think I will mope more here. Plan my itinerary for tomorrow. Wake up at 830am. Cos the bf wakes up then to work. Yesh he is "protecting" me at my house since I'm home alone with eli and ah boi. The latter cannot protect me. He just sleeps and eat. Cs is sound asleep now; lucky him.


1) Pick up car from garage tomorrow evening. Finally! Doesn't matter that I don't drive much. Having a car makes you feel more secure. 2) Go for a facial. Finally too! My blackheads are scaring me and cs, and everyone else around me. 3) Prepare for party at home! Hahaa...what did you expect? No one home, except me. It is the weekend. Since I am confined to home these few days, the only logical thing I came up with was: party at home! I haven't had a home party since my disastrous 18th birthday party wtf. Oh well, you cant never go wrong with alcohol, no parents at home, music, plenty of food (junk food). Looking forward!!!


I like this dress. I stole the photo off this blog. I frequently check the blog for new dresses, and fell in love with this one:

I doubt it'll look good on me though. It should suit someone with a body like, say...Gisele Bundchen. Or Jessica Alba. Or Lindsay Lohan cos she is so damn thin. And has big boobs. Unlike me. For some reason, big boobs always make me think of Shirley. I realize I sound a bit gay/les saying this. But see here:


I would post more bikini photos if I could but better don't push my luck. SHe doesn't comment here on my blog. SHe sends me hate mails/offline msn messages complaining and forcing me to delete her photos.

I miss these two. Life is less fattening if the three of us don't stay together agree?

This was the day Nifer made chicken rice for us.

Frequent trips to Tesco, and coming up with our own homemade dish, named 168B is not a good idea. Memories nonetheless...

When will the three of us be reunited again?

Answer: When one of us gets married. I wonder who will be first? =P


Anonymous said...

yo amy its chris
man how come shirley is that big in the pics send some more please
thank you

Anonymous said...

i mean her pillows

Anonymous said...

Shirley is the 1st person got married. . . . . ok, let see who is the one get pregnant first . . . . Amy...


Amy said...

yo chris! why do u need photos of shirley? u have her 24/7 by ur side, with nice pillows. heheheh..

nifer: pregnant, why me??!! hahah. shirley first i think..