Monday, 6 July 2009

Stupidity times two

I am upset. Angry. At myself mostly. Because of my absent minded-ness, my stupid careless behavior, I killed my phone. Sigh. And it was new and all that.

Earlier this evening, I went swimming at Water Park. Walking out of the car, I dropped my phone in the car park. I had my arms full with my towel and bag so dropping it is no surprise. Went in swimming, playing wtc and came out one hour later. Still haven't realized my phone is gone. Idiot.

Cs dropped me home. On reaching home, as I got out of his car, I took out my gate remote and automatically searched for my phone. Only then did I realize shit I lost it. Cs tried to call my phone. It was already: Sorry, the number you dial cannot be reached. Unavailable and what not. SHit!! Either someone stole it or my phone has been run over by cars.

Cs raced (yes raced very fast) back to Waterpark. Found my phone by the road side. Even as I was running to pick it up, a car ran over it again. When I picked it up, it was thin. Ultra slim. Probably could be the world's slimmest phone. Sigh. Stupid Amy!!!!! WHy?!??!!!!

Now I have to waste money to buy myself a new phone! I have no phone now. Don't try to call me. I have no idea whether my SIM card can be used. Wait till I try it out on cs' phone tomorrow. I don't dare tell my family yet.

Am surveying phones now. SHould I buy the cheapest phone in the market and call it a day? Then I can continue to live a semi-normal life? Or should I buy myself a longer lasting phone and eat mee goreng for lunch for the rest of this month? And stay home during weekends. Cannot dye my hair, no shopping.

Coincidentally, Cs' phone has gone haywire recently. I've been bugging him to buy himself a new phone for the past two weeks. So we are both surveying phones together. Joy. Both broke. This is not good. Better stock up on instant noodles. heh.

Something to look forward to. Though its not till next month..

Lucky its paid for in advance. Heh.

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