Thursday, 31 March 2011

Emo songs and emo mi

I am feeling emo right now (time of the month when I wish I was a guy Grr!) So. It is a good night for Grey's Anatomy reruns and random songs that I recently came across.

Halfway through Season 4 just now, I realized that the song sounded familiar. I knew I heard it somewhere before. In Bride Wars! I had no idea who sang it, or what the title is, but behold the power of google and youtube! Haha.

Dream by Priscilla Anh. ♥ her voice soo much! I want to sing like her! Awesome!

But in my emo mode now, I still prefer Ivy - Edge of the Ocean. Please do watch this here. Part of an episode from Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy.

Wait for it to load while you read on.

Derek went to look for Meredith at her house. There is a party going on at her house so she is dancing outside, with a bottle of tequila. The party was organized by Izzie, who wanted to introduce her bf to her friends (who work at the hospital), but she herself didn't make it home that night.

I think I watch too much Grey's Anatomy - I can remember exactly what is going to happen next, and almost the exact word that they say to each other. Aside from medical terms lah come on.

Ahh I don't really know why do I like Grey's Anatomy so much? People tend to think that they series is about doctors, a lot of medical terms etc, but its not that hard to understand with subtitles. Plus there is a lot of drama. I like Season 1, 2, 3 and 5. Not 4. 4 is emo and depressing and people in there are stupid. Like Derek - why did he go fuck Rose? Haha.

Back to emo songs:

Kate Havnevik - Grace

Is it me or does the song sounds damn erotic somehow? Hmm..maybe I associate it with Derek and Meredith having sex at the end of Season 2.

Haha ehh ehh disclaimer a bit. Grey's Anatomy is not full of sex lah. I just make it sound that way cos its more interesting to focus on those scenes right? Admit it people! :))

Writing about this is making me less emo after all..

Vain photo of self, just because. OK I have to start to sort my KL photos soon. Tomorrow lahh when my abdomen hurts less...:(

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Or chien/oyster pancake! Food!

I'm hungry. In my mind's eye, I keep seeing lots of or-chien floating around, tempting me! Argh.

Or-chien is oyster pancake. There are a few ways to cook an oyster pancake. In Kuching, it is mostly served as a huge pancake, dry, and with a tiny portion of oysters. Bah. Wait I go search for an example.

Or-chien/oyster pancake stolen off google. Thx buddy. This is typical or chien that you would find in Kuching.

Unless you specify that you want Teochew or chien/wet or chien, then you will get this:

Teochew or chien or something similar to this. Not many places serve this, so expect the large pancake above.

The main difference is that it is wet, and not shaped like a huge pancake. I should warn you, don't expect such a big portion too. I don't know which stall/restaurant is this photo from but it looks goooood! Damn!

Anyway! When cs and I were in KL over the past weekend, we went to Jalan Alor to try some of their local food at CU CHA restaurant!

It was a less than 30 second walk from our hotel. Hahaha sounds so exaggerating but I'm serious. We had plenty of choices for dinner/supper. The first night, cs and I came out for supper at about 12am.

It was directly outside, kinda reminds me of the night markets at Taiwan. Just walk downstairs, and plenty of stalls selling snacks. *longing sigh. I miss Taiwan..

This is my view of Apple hotel (where we are staying) from where I am sitting. Close eh?

Apple Hotel.

The buildings on both sides of the hotel looks damn old eh. Its true. I actually err don't recall what was located beside the hotel. I kept my head bowed in the day time cos shielding from the sun (no umbrella) and hurried back into the hotel. When I go out of the hotel, I have my hand in cs' and let him lead the way, while I hide from the sun.

At night, as I walk back to the hotel, all I think of is collapsing on the bed, and taking a shower. So err yea sorry I don't recall what was next to the hotel. The place should be safe though - plenty of people walking about day and night. Does not look dodgy at all. Don't worry Nancy! Haha.

This was the or chien we had at Chu Cha restaurant at Jalan Alor.

Oyster pancake! Damn awesome! I want this! For dinner every night. I don't care.

I was actually very surprised that it tasted soo good. Mmmmm...the skin was slightly crispy. The sauce was divine. The oysters were plenty and big and juicy! Yummm!!

Eh compare to this again:

Nah. Tell me which one looks more appetizing. I hate that there is so much of the crispy part in Kuching's or chien. Everyone aims for the oysters and there are so little to go around.. Boo.

La la. Clams

We also ordered this dish of clams or more commonly known in KL as lala. Yea pronounced as la la too. This was fried with ginger and onion. We ordered a plate of char kuay teow the night before and it was SO SPICY that between the two of us, we could not finish even half plate. T___T Fail.

So we didn't dare order anything remotely spicy or looked spicy in the menu at all. Haih. Fail.

Deep fried pork. Would go very well with beer. :)

Very nice. I liked that it was very tender, juicy and tasty! Not dry at all! This is not good. Making me salivating at night!

Cs busy eating..

Oh yeaa, I found a little crab in my lala.

I'm guessing that this leetle crab is the lala's last supper?

I also almost swallowed another leetle crab! o_0

Chewing halfway, I thought it tasted weird - too crunchy and spat it out. Ooohh...a leetle crab. How cute. Not. But oh well its just a little crab. I'm still alive and kicking. No harm done. :D

Walked off the calories...all the way to Pavillion and back.

Before I go, look at the two photos below. Look there is a little girl in the second photo.

First photo: no little girl (on the right hand side)

With little girl.

Hahhahahaa..not creepy kah? Hehee..its late at night and I am thinking too much issit? in red some more The photo is slightly blur and I thought it was funny. Sorry no offense meant! :)

OK. Good night! Bye.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor

I am back from KL, and damn broke. 3 days without the Internet sucks. I feel so out of touched with everything. Actually not much, but how to go to sleep without first checking Facebook, Yahoo and Hotmail, and reading up on my favorite blogs!

Speaking of this, Xiaxue is so damn smart and entertaining at the same time. Silly of anyone to get on the wrong side of her haha. If you have not read it yet, please read up on Xiaxue and the Peter Coffin issue. Google it- should be all over the net by now. Its a few days old already.

Photo taken at about 840pm just now, upon arrival at Kuching airport. I look like that cos I was shocked at watching the uncle in front of me digging his nose. Shocked cos he looked like he was enjoying it - eyes closed, and digging slowly o_O

Don't know why my eyes look so big and black (with thirst hahaha Edward from Twilight!) Does anyone understand or not? Haha. Cos Stephanie Meyer refers to the vampires, whenever they are thirsty aka when humans get too close to them thus they want to kill said human, then their eyes are pitch black, which means they are thirsty.

Err not funny now I think of it. But I was thirsty during that time that's why I thought it was haha I'm so lame ignore me lah.

This trip, to both of us, was kinda routine by now. As in, we already know where to go to shop, where to go to eat, what to expect etc. None of that refreshing feeling that you're on holiday!

I am still glad that we're out of town, and still glad for each others company, but none of that discovery, and omg we're in KL! Good thing we have a few trips planned out already! Finally i am going out of the country!! Can't wait - but its still far lahh.

I think it could bes because of the hotel we stayed in this time. When on vacation, I think the hotel is reaaaally important. After being out the whole day, it would be nice to come back to a cozy room eh.

We chose Apple Hotel located at Jalan Alor.

Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor.

Jalan Alor is the infamous road close to Bukit Bintang that is occupied with a lot of restaurants selling mostly local food. Good and cheap, the place resembles a huge open air market.

We went to have supper at about 12am on a Saturday night (or Sunday morning) and the place was still packed with people. A lot of tourists though, people like us. Bringing a camera along, snapping photos of the food, and men with bottles of beer.

Let me give you a tour of Apple Hotel, in case you are thinking of visiting KL some time soon! :D

The walkway as soon as you step out of the lift.

This is a one star budget hotel, mind you, so please throw all your expectations out of the window now.

We were up on the sixth floor. We are also one of the lucky ones with a window! *gasp!

Open the door, and ta-daaa! Bed and toilet. By the way, when you open the door, it should be pitch dark inside as you need the card to turn on the power right. I know, I know that's the case with other hotels too.

The difference with other hotels is that you can use pieces or paper/cardboard to stick it into the slot to leave the aircon and lights on when you go out, so you can come back into a nice cool room eh.

But not in Apple hotel. Nothing works - we tried. No card, no cardboard. You just have to use the hotel room card only. Boo..they are not kidding when they mean budget hotel. Also they are super strict with the no-smoking issue. But I don't mind this since neither of us smokes. So its cool!

Our messy room!

The room is so small. But its not really an issue since we expected this. But the towels they provided were so small and so thin! So hard to take a shower! And washing your hair some more! Grrr...! So tempted to buy a towel just for the two nights there, or going to the saloon just for someone to wash and dry my hair for me!

The water pressure was good though. More than good - it was fucking awesome. Damn strong. Water pressure made up for the tiny bathroom! Good stuff! Wish they provided a mirror in the room itself too, not just in the bathroom. It would make dressing up and trying on new clothes so much easier. ;)

Apple hotel lights.

Location wise- I gotta say that it was good. It was a two minute walk to Sungei Wang/BB Plaza. We were right smack in the middle of Jalan Alor, so plenty of supper choices for cs. I show more food photos next time lah. Tired now. And we were close to the KFC as well. It was a close walk to Pavillion and Times Square. About 10-15 mins?

But I think I want to be pampered after this trip. I need a massage SO BADLY! One good thing though, walking non stop for hours has not only give me blisters on both feet, but a set of toner looking legs! Yay! Photoshoot here I come. Nervous! Bye!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Google how to

Bored and restless, I typed "how to" in Google and this is what it came up with:

Click for larger image.

I have never typed that before okay. Any of the how to's. But look! The top 5 on the list are HOW TO HACK INTO FACEBOOK!

Just goes to show how popular it is, and this is why we should all be careful not to reveal too much information over Facebook. T___T

I am not adding strangers ever again.

I should state in my profile: Before you click Add as Friend, please intro a bit (e.g. we went to school together, u are my brother's friend, u used to date me haha) and state why should I add you. :)) Sounds so fucking hou lian. Hou lian is hokkien for cocky/arrogant.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work

Why are the good love songs all sad? Chicago -If you leave me now. Toni Braxton - How could an angel break my heart. Unbreak my heart. A lot of heart break going on there. Breathe again by Toni Braxton - even worse. Almost suicidal going on there. George Michael - Careless whisper. Ooohh love that. I used to tell Shirley that I want to dance to that song on my wedding night.

But heh. Imagine trying to dance with cs on the night of. Scary. Eyes on me (sounds like a scary movie). Not fun. I would have to drink a lot of champagne before I can get on the dance floor. So, for that reason - no dance floor. We will leave that for the after-party!

Most Chinese weddings in Kuching do not have an after party. I mean, so far I have yet to attend one. Most of my friends, the ones who get married, they retire home immediately after the wedding reception. Hmm..I don't know about others, but it feels almost wrong to not celebrate that day!

So, for that reason - after party is ON! :) Decision made.

Air Supply- All out of love. Back to sad love songs. Bee Gees - Immortality, too much heaven. I am randomly typing whatever pops into my mind now. Mariah Carey - Without you, I still believe. Whitney Houston- I will always love you.

But why are those songs soo good? Is it easier for people to relate to? Hmph.

I am trying to look for good, famous, classic love songs that are not sad.

No, I don't care if the DJ plays sad love songs during the night, but I am just wondering now..hmm..curious.


Gorgeous setting. Love the canopy, love the fairy lights, love the candles, love the colors, love everything.

I want a setting like this. Haha. But, I imagine most older people would be perspiring and pestering the waiters to turn on the light and take away the candles/flowers. Waste of time to try and recreate this only. :)

Gorgeous x2

Referring to both her body and the dress. I wantttt...

Done and done! :) This is a sample stolen off google. My ring does not look anything like this. :DD Happy~

And this is a friendly reminder for my husband-to-be, cs:


Canopy bed- get mine ready! Tick tock tick tock..time is running out. hehehhehe

A long time ago, he promised me that he would build/buy me a canopy bed similar to the one above. It would be properly installed by the day of our wedding. And not a day after! As the day is fast approaching, I thought that he needed a friendly reminder. Heh heh. :)))

Or something like this would be fine too. Gorgeous. *longing sigh..

Or else, I won't marry him. haha I don't know what can I do on the day itself lah. Maybe stand outside the house (in the sun or rain) while he and his heng dai's go to work. Haha. Or ask the designated driver to send me home (and get scolded by my parents for being ridiculous). And get scolded by everyone else for wasting time.

EHh but we are forgetting the main point. Cs broke his promise to me! He promised years ago that he would do this! :DDD How can I trust him with other things when he can't even fulfill me this??! Right? So yea. Hehehhee. :D No pressure now.


I figured its about time I psyched myself up for our wedding. In truth, for the past few months, I felt..very down. It was just too stressful handling everything between the two of us. We quarreled with each other, with the parents and just snapped at each other all the time. (More like I snap at him only). And in the end, I just felt so down.

A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion. I just want to spend the rest of my life with him. That is what I have to focus on. I want to look forward to the day, and not think of eloping every other day. I have to focus on the bright side of things.

I am already incredibly lucky because I have him - someone to cheer me up when I sulk about the planning, someone to hold my hand and kiss me even when he is equally upset about things, someone who still wants me even when I sulk, pout, lose my temper, and cry. T__T

What did I do to deserve him? Heh heh. Anyway, moving away from the mushy details.

We are going to KL this weekend - sooo looking forward. I am a whole new person. I am going to spend and spend like there is no tomorrow. Haha yea right. Spend on the things I have to buy more like. Whatever. Its an excuse to get out of Kuching.

And I have to stop dreaming about this. Its time to get my head out of the clouds and start working.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nancy's birthday and Mcd big breakfast promo

On Friday, we decided to celebrate Nancy's birthday in the office:

Carrot Cheese Cake from Hilton. Nice, tasty and slightly creamy without being too sweet..

The photo of the cake above, I used the wrong function to take the photo so it turned out looking old-ish. But I already lit the candle so no time to take another photo.


There. Normal looking photo of the cake and Nancy is paiseh. Hehe.

As part of the surprise, we tapau-ed MCD for breakfast that morning. You know, the Mcd promo going all about the internet now, its true. It does work.

Apparently, for the month of March, Mcd is rewarding their customers by giving out 2 FREE BIG BREAKFAST ala carte, when you spend a minimum of RM 5. At any McD outlets throughout Malaysia. Just print out this coupon. Cut out the bottom and hand it in at Mcd. Voila. Free breakfasts.

Or you can click this link for more coupons: Credits

Be warned though, the Mcd is very, very, very full almost every morning. Ever since this promotion started, the queue has been crazy at Mcd. Prepare to queue for a long time. But its free! We bought two cups of coffee, and got two FREE Big Breakfasts!

Promotion ends Mar 31st. So hurry hurry hurry.


Ending this with a very cute photo of Cherrie in her new dress. With a little hoodie some more. Cute. We dress her in this because she gets cold - from the air conditioning at home.


Saturday, 19 March 2011

Please stop raining..

It is another Saturday night. Bo-ring. I need a holiday. I will be going swimming tonight again. Ya, even though it has been raining on and off the past few days. Die la. The water will be freezing, or at least fcuking cold tonight. But I really need the exercise. So lazy to get on the treadmill recently. I am running out of movies to watch on the treadmill.

Choosing movies to watch during exercise is so difficult. The "movies" have to be loud enough - as in louder than the sound of the machine, and my thumping/running on the treadmill. For this, new movies that I have never watched before should ideally come with correct subtitles, or the audio is really good that I can turn it up to 100% on my laptop.

The "movie" should also ideally be on a Gold disk, and not purple disk (DVDs) cos my hard disk is super picky. Bitch, just like me.

In the beginning, I run to Grey's Anatomy's marathon (Season 1-6) because I have the full subtitles. By now, I can memorize almost every episode already. Know what is happening next. (Not bragging or exagerrating serious. My family sigh and roll their eyes when they see me watching it again!) Sigh. Where is Season 7??

Anyway. Some of our friends are coming over. Its actually quite nice; we don't go out that often anymore. Meeting like this once a week is a good catch up session. Eating, chilling, relaxing and playing together.

We are kids again.

Jacuzzi is only open from about 530pm to 7pm. After that it is off. Bah. Complain!

Actually I am a bit worried now. I can hear thunder: are we really going swimming tonight? Its cold. At least, there is nothing planned for a BBQ or what not.


I am craving pizza again. Grr..the more I try to lose weight, the more I crave foooood.. Btw, remember the 6 cheese pizza promo some time ago? The 6 cheese pizza where you can order it plain, with mushroom or chicken, and something else.

I decided to try it plain. With just 6 types of cheeses. BIG MISTAKE!

This was the first time pizza had disappointed me! It was bland, slightly salty (because of the cheese), but basically it was like eating pieces of dough. Not nice.

Speaking of which, I just tried the new pizza again. The Cheesy Pops promo.

In the photos, it looked sooo tempting. Hot melted cheese oozing out of the crust. Mmm...

The reality was slightly different. Cs and I went to the Pizza Hut outlet at Spring. FYI, for new pizza promos, you normally get 30% off if you pay using your Maybank card. So in we went to order. But their credit card machine was not working, so no 30% off. At least they told us this in advance, so we were prepared.

Then, when the pizza just was not what I was expecting. There was too much dough. It was quite hard. I meant, they probably baked it too long in the oven or something. I don't know. But it felt like I was eating hard pieces of dough and its not nice.

However, imho, this was one of the most successful promo ever!! The Alaskan Pollock something pizza. Fish King Pizza or something like that. I also liked the King Prawns pizza. Both are yum!

Love the cool mayo sauce, love the fish, love the crust. Pizza is ♥


Need to move away from food.

Vain photo of self because I am not feeling/looking so hot now, so I need a reminder.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

A little side of me..

I wrote this down some time ago:

I think most people are fooled by my appearance. Just the other day, mum was telling me about her friend who said: your daughter is so nice, quiet, ladylike and what not.. Mum told the family this at the dinner table. Wrong timing!

My whole family found it hilarious and burst out laughing. Dad was almost choking on his rice for laughing too hard. Kevin and Winnie were sniggering. Mum (laughing at my indignant expression) said she replied her friend: don't you be fooled by her appearance! Of all three children, she has the worst temper and scolds/swears almost all the time at everyone. See-crew mannn..

Mum is so mistaken, right?? Haihh.

I suppose that I am pretty quiet and shy most of the time: at work, in the office, especially in front of people I don't know well, out with cs' friends, sometimes even my own friends. I hardly initiate conversation at work, unless it is to ask my colleagues about work-related stuff.

I especially have a hard time talking to girls cos they intimidate me more than the guys. I don't know why or how this came to be. Actually, I suppose with guys, I can try to charm them with my looks. No, I don't think I am attractive, but I can be er..quite charming?! Haha now I sound quite thick skinned!

This has been the case ever since I can remember. I think that being put down too often as a child has quite an effect on my personality, hence the shyness.

I attribute this as one of the reasons why I drink so much (I am not proud of this).

An ex-boyfriend told me before that I am different before and after I drink. An ex-colleague told me: I like you more after you drink. You're too quiet. This happens quite often, I realize.

Dammit. This does not make me feel better. I am very aware of this but have no idea how to change this. I suppose I hide my shyness and non-confidence pretty well when I am out in public.

Oh well. At least there is one person I can be truly myself with. Even when we were friends, I didn't need to hide anything. I could just be myself, and tell him anything. And even more so now..

Sunday, 13 March 2011

King Salmon Buffet @ Hilton

One fine Saturday night, the little Simon family decided to try out the salmon buffet at Hilton. Dad finally agreed after much persuasion from Winnie. I was quite curious to try it out as well. Not just your typical salmon dinner but King Salmon eh? Must be good.

Apparently there is also 25% off for Facebook fans. I didn't know about this but oh well we got a voucher for 25% off the next visit. If I am not mistaken, the 25% voucher is only limited to the salmon buffet, which ends at the end of March. So hurry hurry if you want to try it out.

Be warned though, when they say it is a salmon buffet, it really is. Salmon galore. Go only if salmon is really your thing otherwise you would probably think that its not worth the price tag.

They have salmon cooked in a variety of ways:

A huge platter of smoked salmon slices. A tad salty but still yumm..with some kind of sour cream or cheese based sauce? I'm not sure but I like my smoked salmon just like that, without the sauce anyway. Nice..

Grilled salmon:

It really was King salmon. Just look at the size of that fish. It was very nicely done, tender and flaky. The sauce was yum as wel..

The salad section. I liked the potato salad. Its the one on the bottom right of the photo. There were little bits of the onions inside, very nice and crispy. But at the same time not too over powering. But also cos I didn't take much lar. Ahh anyway moving on.

Fried salmon? I didn't try this though. Don't really like salmon cooked like this:

I was more preoccupied with this section! Raw salmon sashimi!! Mmmm..all you can eat! Suits me just fine! Not the thin slices like at Sushi King. Thick, juicy fresh salmon!

My plate:

Salmon sashimi, tuna sashimi, octopus sashimi, baby octopuses, and seaweed.

Notice that I am mostly just talking about the salmon cos besides that, there is not much else to rave about. The salmon sashimi speaks for itself ok. Just look at it. Thick, juicy, fresh. Yumm.

But actually besides the salmon, I didn't really like the other dishes. With names such as Ayam Masak Merah, Kari Lembu etc, they just don't really appeal lar. Even Kevin thinks the food is too oily and that there are not much choices. This is Kevin okay. My brother is not very picky when it comes to food. Imagine what cs would say, heh.

There were also some lobster at the sashimi section, but nothing much to rave about..tasteless, bland. Normal.

The calamari looks good eh? Too bad that after I took this photo, I went to put my camera back. When I went back for the calamari, it was gone!! Wahhhh... *bawls endlessly. And it was not refilled either. I want my calamari!!

Chicken terriyaki was good though, so it deserves a photo:

There were other food but not much selections to be honest. I expected more. But then again, it was King Salmon Buffet. They did prepare a lot of salmon varieties, and for that I should be grateful.

Desserts, in case you can't tell. Err not that outstanding either.

Bottom-line: I wouldn't go back for the King Salmon buffet. Sure the salmon is good but how much of salmon can you eat in one sitting anyway? I love salmon raw, smoked, and grilled. But somehow the dinner itself was not very satisfying.

According to my family, it seems that we want more variety. Btw, has anyone been to Cafe Majestic (at Riverside Majestic)'s Japanese buffet? Now that is a buffet I would love to go. Been there so many times, and they never disappoint!

Wide range of food, fresh made sashimi, sushi, handrolls, great service with a smile, everything. So yea. I would rather pay the same amount and go to that Japanese buffet. Heck the buffet is always full when you go there. Should mean something eh? It is so full that they serve Japanese buffet two times a week.

Never expect to just walk in to Cafe Majestic on a Saturday night and ask for a table. It is always full. Make sure you make a reservation a week in advance.

Ehh paise lar Hilton, I was talking about the salmon buffet halfway, but sorry man. Cafe Majestic wins this round.

This is just my leetle humble opinion. No offense! :)