Saturday, 5 March 2011

Too hot to think

Today I am going to talk about the very boring story of my dependence on inanimate objects.

Lip Balm! Or more specifically Lipice's lip balm:

Lipice strawberry. ♥

If there is one thing I cannot live without, it is my lipbalm. I always have dry lips - I think due to the fact that I wash my mouth or pat it with a tissue too much. :(

You know those types of questions - name three things you cannot live without, or if you were stuck on an island and can only bring three things, what would they be?

Haii.. its so stupid that I think of lip balm first before cs. Tragic. But how? hahaha. Dunno why am I even sharing this here. So dumb can die.

I am blaming the weather. Its too hot in leetle Kuching now. So hot can die too. T__T
It should be good news for me and cs cos we have a pool at home - perfect time to invite friends over at night to swim and eat.

Which is exactly what we are doing tonight btw. If only my period chose a better time to appear. Sigh. Why you so predictable? I knew you would come today! Grrr. Referring to my period now. Just whining but its good news la. I should be so thankful that my reproductive system (sounds scary) is working on time each month. :)

So. This is the inside of my new lip balm. Still looks perfect. White, smooth, slightly fragrant. Strawberry.

I use it till it becomes like this:

Hideous. Moving away from that.

I buy a few sticks of this lip balm and leave it everywhere. Literally. Because I am so dependent on this, I need to have this with me everywhere I go. And also, I am so absent minded that I cannot keep track of where my current lip balm is. So the perfect solution is to buy alot and leave it everywhere! Hahhaha

I have one in my room, one downstairs beside my laptop, in my work bag, in cs' house, his bedroom, his old house. You get the drift. I even have one in his car too!

I actually don't know when this habit started. Before I used Lipice, I was using Vaseline.

Vaseline aloe vera, my ex lover. This was widely available in Boots and everywhere else in the U.K. But coming back to Kuching, it just wasn't that easy to find. So after trying out other lipbalms, I stuck with Lipice.

Despite the slightly teenage girl, pink, peppy and sweet appearance, it is very good to use. It has no overpowering smell that Nivea's lip balm have. Don't like it but Nivea lip balms are actually very lasting - they keep my lips feeling very moist. For a longer period than Lipice even. To be frank. But I don't like the smell.

I like that Lipice has almost no smell, just a lingering scent of strawberries. I don't smell it, probably because I am so used to it already. But strawberries are ok what. Its not sickly sweet. Better than the lipstick smell that Nivea has.

Plus I like that Lipice strawberry makes my lips shine a bit -I mean a bit of pinkish glow, after using, while keeping my lips moist. No dry or chapped lips. I hate hate hate that. Think that is why I am so dependent on lip balms.

God how can I have blabbed so much on such an inanimate object? And my lips. Ahh the shame and vanity!!

Might as well continue since I have come this far eh?

There you go. Bye!

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