Sunday, 6 March 2011

Free drinks on Fridays

Guess where I was last Friday night? No lah! Of course don't guess. Don't you hate it when you are asked this type of question? Guess what? Guess what? Guess your ass lar.

Ahem. Err...anyway. I was at Grand Margherita Hotel. Or more specifically Rajang Lobby Lounge to try their free margaritas. Free for ladies on Friday nights!

Stole this off google. Don't you just love the poster?

Free margaritas are divine!

In case you don't know, margarita is a cocktail consisting of tequila mixed with lime juice, served with salt on the glass rim. Believe it or not, I actually feel thirsty writing this down..ahhh..

Triple sec is (according to google): a strong, clear liqueur with an orange flavor similar to Curacao. It is used in making Margaritas.

There you go! Didn't know that did ya? Neither did I. Heh heh.

We were served free crackers and peanuts for free while we enjoy our free margaritas. Ladies, how good does it get?

I do have a slight complain though. Because each drink is freshly made, blended with ice, it takes quite a while to prepare when the pub is quite full with women. So we have to wait a while for our refills.

But I still managed to get 3 glasses of that during that Friday night. The place (Rajang Lobby Lounge) is quite small - not many tables. Cosy gathering but on that night that I was there, it was quite noisy. The lobby was filled with people. Probably due to some event going on in the hotel. Oh well.

The bar. Slightly blur photo sorry.

Winnie and I.

We did not stay long. After 9pm (ding ding ding no more free drinks), we moved to Liquid. Liquid is the poolside bar at Pullman hotel.

Janet, Daisy and mum.

Liquid is gorgeous but boring. The place is wide open, and so no sound system is going to sound awesome in that setting. Maybe the type they use at concerts only eh. But it was quite boring. Just sit there nothing to do.

But that's just me. When I drink, either I want to:

1) sit quietly with cs and friends to chit chat, laugh etc..
2) drink, drink, drink then dance dance dance the night away..

On Friday nights, most likely its the latter. Heh heh.

Liquid. Looks quite colorful in this photo eh?

There was also a projector showing GI Joe. Surprisingly though, as the night went by, the place started filling up. People are quite content to come here and have overpriced drinks and enjoy the atmosphere, and watch the movie.

After GI Joe, it was the Incredible Hulk. Wanted to stay and watch but we left. :(

Canopy beds by the pool..very windy. I can definitely see the attraction this place holds for some people. But its not for me..



Cs came to join us after work:

Best friend, fiance and driver!! ♥

Oh yea drinks. Forgot to talk about the drinks. Every Friday night, it is also ladies night at Liquid. Also free entrance. And you get a free drink.

According to the waitress I asked, this drink was whiskey with soda and apparently a piece of orange. Was it good? No.

Eh Pullman, at least use a better looking glass. For such a beautiful poolside setting, the drink and the presentation of the drink should have been better. Granted it was free, I know I know.

But look at Grand Margherita's margaritas! Yummeh! And VA's free flow of whiskey, beer, vodka, brandy and cocktails all for RM 15 only.

So I bought my own Corona. Ahh how I have missed you. Coronas are so expensive in Kuching. Or Malaysia for that matter.

Stole this photo of google again. Sorry ah..

But this photo is giving me ideas. Corona by the beach. MMmmmm...heaven.

I sound like such an alcoholic. But no. I am referring to my trip at the end of the year la. With cs. At the beach. By the pool. Together. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Can't wait!

Oh wait. I have not actually finished talking about my Friday night. After Liquid, cs and I sent Winnie home first. Then the four of us (with mum and Janet) went to Planet at third mile for some cheaper drinks.

A bucket of Heineken and a packet of Cheezels costs RM 37 (if I am not mistaken). Yea Cheezels cos I wanted something to munch on. Hungry again cos it was past midnight already.

Planet is a place filled with older working men and women. Its a small pub, quite intimate as in almost everyone know each another in there. Not really a surprise cos Kuching is really small.

Also, something you should know beforehand. Planet is a karaoke slash pub. So instead of normal pub music, you get to hear people singing to Chinese or English songs. Some are good and some are bad singers. But it was all good fun. Once in a while its okay..

So that's it. That was my Friday night.

The end of the night and yea, blur-flash-photo intentional.


Just now I was listening to a techno-like song someone posted on Facebook. Once upon a time, I loved those songs. It was perfect for dancing in the club. But as I put on my headphones just now, I realized that I am really getting old. I felt like those were the days. The days gone by already..

Contrary to what you read and see here on my blog, I really don't go out that much anymore. Even if I did, I go and do boring stuff such as work, cook and eat dinner with my bf, work some more, and go to Boulevard for househould supplies.

But most of the time, I am sitting on my butt surfing the net endlessly..hence the lack of updates on this blog. :)

Oh yess..and watching SATC non stop at nights. But I have finally finished Season 1-Season 6 and the two movies. And yes I am as hooked as everyone else. Wahhh *bawls endlessly. Now what am I going to watch?

But it means that I have a lot more free time to update my blog again. Like now. Heh heh. Bye!

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