Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nancy's birthday and Mcd big breakfast promo

On Friday, we decided to celebrate Nancy's birthday in the office:

Carrot Cheese Cake from Hilton. Nice, tasty and slightly creamy without being too sweet..

The photo of the cake above, I used the wrong function to take the photo so it turned out looking old-ish. But I already lit the candle so no time to take another photo.


There. Normal looking photo of the cake and Nancy is paiseh. Hehe.

As part of the surprise, we tapau-ed MCD for breakfast that morning. You know, the Mcd promo going all about the internet now, its true. It does work.

Apparently, for the month of March, Mcd is rewarding their customers by giving out 2 FREE BIG BREAKFAST ala carte, when you spend a minimum of RM 5. At any McD outlets throughout Malaysia. Just print out this coupon. Cut out the bottom and hand it in at Mcd. Voila. Free breakfasts.

Or you can click this link for more coupons: Credits

Be warned though, the Mcd is very, very, very full almost every morning. Ever since this promotion started, the queue has been crazy at Mcd. Prepare to queue for a long time. But its free! We bought two cups of coffee, and got two FREE Big Breakfasts!

Promotion ends Mar 31st. So hurry hurry hurry.


Ending this with a very cute photo of Cherrie in her new dress. With a little hoodie some more. Cute. We dress her in this because she gets cold - from the air conditioning at home.


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