Monday, 28 March 2011

Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor

I am back from KL, and damn broke. 3 days without the Internet sucks. I feel so out of touched with everything. Actually not much, but how to go to sleep without first checking Facebook, Yahoo and Hotmail, and reading up on my favorite blogs!

Speaking of this, Xiaxue is so damn smart and entertaining at the same time. Silly of anyone to get on the wrong side of her haha. If you have not read it yet, please read up on Xiaxue and the Peter Coffin issue. Google it- should be all over the net by now. Its a few days old already.

Photo taken at about 840pm just now, upon arrival at Kuching airport. I look like that cos I was shocked at watching the uncle in front of me digging his nose. Shocked cos he looked like he was enjoying it - eyes closed, and digging slowly o_O

Don't know why my eyes look so big and black (with thirst hahaha Edward from Twilight!) Does anyone understand or not? Haha. Cos Stephanie Meyer refers to the vampires, whenever they are thirsty aka when humans get too close to them thus they want to kill said human, then their eyes are pitch black, which means they are thirsty.

Err not funny now I think of it. But I was thirsty during that time that's why I thought it was haha I'm so lame ignore me lah.

This trip, to both of us, was kinda routine by now. As in, we already know where to go to shop, where to go to eat, what to expect etc. None of that refreshing feeling that you're on holiday!

I am still glad that we're out of town, and still glad for each others company, but none of that discovery, and omg we're in KL! Good thing we have a few trips planned out already! Finally i am going out of the country!! Can't wait - but its still far lahh.

I think it could bes because of the hotel we stayed in this time. When on vacation, I think the hotel is reaaaally important. After being out the whole day, it would be nice to come back to a cozy room eh.

We chose Apple Hotel located at Jalan Alor.

Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor.

Jalan Alor is the infamous road close to Bukit Bintang that is occupied with a lot of restaurants selling mostly local food. Good and cheap, the place resembles a huge open air market.

We went to have supper at about 12am on a Saturday night (or Sunday morning) and the place was still packed with people. A lot of tourists though, people like us. Bringing a camera along, snapping photos of the food, and men with bottles of beer.

Let me give you a tour of Apple Hotel, in case you are thinking of visiting KL some time soon! :D

The walkway as soon as you step out of the lift.

This is a one star budget hotel, mind you, so please throw all your expectations out of the window now.

We were up on the sixth floor. We are also one of the lucky ones with a window! *gasp!

Open the door, and ta-daaa! Bed and toilet. By the way, when you open the door, it should be pitch dark inside as you need the card to turn on the power right. I know, I know that's the case with other hotels too.

The difference with other hotels is that you can use pieces or paper/cardboard to stick it into the slot to leave the aircon and lights on when you go out, so you can come back into a nice cool room eh.

But not in Apple hotel. Nothing works - we tried. No card, no cardboard. You just have to use the hotel room card only. Boo..they are not kidding when they mean budget hotel. Also they are super strict with the no-smoking issue. But I don't mind this since neither of us smokes. So its cool!

Our messy room!

The room is so small. But its not really an issue since we expected this. But the towels they provided were so small and so thin! So hard to take a shower! And washing your hair some more! Grrr...! So tempted to buy a towel just for the two nights there, or going to the saloon just for someone to wash and dry my hair for me!

The water pressure was good though. More than good - it was fucking awesome. Damn strong. Water pressure made up for the tiny bathroom! Good stuff! Wish they provided a mirror in the room itself too, not just in the bathroom. It would make dressing up and trying on new clothes so much easier. ;)

Apple hotel lights.

Location wise- I gotta say that it was good. It was a two minute walk to Sungei Wang/BB Plaza. We were right smack in the middle of Jalan Alor, so plenty of supper choices for cs. I show more food photos next time lah. Tired now. And we were close to the KFC as well. It was a close walk to Pavillion and Times Square. About 10-15 mins?

But I think I want to be pampered after this trip. I need a massage SO BADLY! One good thing though, walking non stop for hours has not only give me blisters on both feet, but a set of toner looking legs! Yay! Photoshoot here I come. Nervous! Bye!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the apple hotel tour :)

Amy said...

ur welcome. :)

Nina Apple said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for your great sharing and experiences with Apple Hotel Kuala Lumpur! Your feedback are important to us and we always listen to our guests and keep improving!

We hope to see you again soon!

Public Relation Manager
Apple Hotel