Thursday, 3 March 2011

Halfway there..

Halfway through Sex and the City. Actually I am through Season 6 now (gasp!) - Carrie is in Paris and Alexandr Petrovsky slapped her! I actually googled him and he is a fictional character. Haha. Sorry man. But my motto is: when in doubt, google it! Cs has learnt this from me. hehe.

As I was saying, dammit I hate Carrie a lot sometimes. Why does she have to make things so complicated for herself? But I am so hooked! Now she has moved to Paris. I feel sorry for her and at the same time I rewind the part where Alexandr Petrovsky slapped her again and again. Shit something is wrong with me..

Would you move to Paris with someone you love?

I once left an ex-bf in London. I came back to Kuching. He went to Belgium. And we went separate ways. Home, to me, is like nowhere else. Dorothy once said that there is no place like home. Well that chick is right. To me at least.

The story is of course much more complicated than that. Long distance is very, very, VERY fucking difficult and I salute those who can go through it. Been there. Done that. Twice. And failed.

So, no. Bad idea. That said, moving to a foreign country is also a very bad idea. I have once stayed in Belgium for a week - where people address me in Dutch and French and it is not nice. I strictly speak English and Mandarin only. Hello to reality!

While he was working, I was exploring Belgium by myself, and no, it was not fun. Taking train rides to different cities, out walking alone with a guide book, and alot of pointing and miming since I don't speak French or Dutch.

Watching Carrie exploring Paris by herself is like deja vu. But at least he did not accidentally slap me heh.

I have always wondered this: do you know how many people who have found their true love to be the person they never thought it was? The old friend back in their hometown. The brother's friend. That colleague. Someone you used to get along very well with but you didn't accept him because you thought there would be someone better out there!

This is exactly how Carrie is thinking. And most of the women out there. Me included. I searched far and wide for different men. Different nationalities, different personalities. For something different. We had things in common - mostly hormones (kidding!) But once that wore off, we want something closer to home. Isn't that always the case?

I am not referring to just myself, but also to two of my very close friends: Shirley and Nifer. Guess who are we all with now? Life is so very unexpected!

But I do believe in happy endings. Or karma at least.

Carrie is with Mr. Big now. I used to hate him but oh well I already knew they would be together - having watched the movies already.


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