Monday, 30 March 2009


Stupid Pizza Hut at Boulevard spoiled my dinner:

Last time I checked, Hawaiian Supreme stuffed crust does not look like this ok! When we opened the box, the pizza was folded in half, and we flipped it back. It looks like shit! Spoiled my mood! The toppings were a mess, and we tried to evenly put everything back, but they were stuck already. Damn sucks.

Our pepperoni pizza crunchy crust turned out to be worse!

Shit! I'm gonna fucking complain next time I step into Pizza Hut and demand to see the manager and damn right I'm gonna make a scene and produce this pepperoni pizza photo.

Sigh. The reason they turned out like this was cos Pizza Hut decided to save money and give us a TOO SMALL plastic bag for two LARGE PIZZAS. So, they crammed it into one bag sideways. SO, they're not holding the pizza horizontally like normal pizza delivery people do. Seriously where are their fucking brains lar? Who puts pizza in too small bags and holds them vertically? Fuck ass people. Retards! Yes I am angry.

Another night. Went to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Very filling and very satisfied. Love the dessert..

Dessert. The inside is kind of like jelly-ish coconut. Very tiny. Not too sweet..

Been drinking red tea recently. Nice...

Sigh. Still upset over Pizza..

Strut your stuff

It was the Miss Sarawak Tourism? Leisure? Semi finals. Something small and insignificant anyway. If its held in Kuching, it probably is. This was held at the Core; a pub at Travillion. It was a short show. When I arrived, the girls were already introducing themselves. "Hi, I'm bb. I'm 19 years old. I'm a student from Sibu. I love to sing."

Then the girls went backstage and one by one they came up to perform something. Kind of like a talent show. The first girl danced to a song I liked, and have been trying to find for years. "Made in India" I should have gone to ask the DJ who sang it, but forgot. damn. Oh ya. Her dance sucks. She was obviously not right for the song, or the dance.

Then 2 girls played the piano. One of them played Pachabel (no idea how to spell), while the other played one of the song in Jay Chou's movie (something to do with a secret that you can't tell). God I suck at describing stuff..

Ahh..anyway..moving on...everyone wanted to see dance moves right. This girl here danced to a song (forgot). Kinda sexy but more to the slutty dance moves. Her face looks damn horny man. She had on black pants underneath her very short skirt so lots of guys (including ah boon and my bf) had no problem enjoying the view..

This girl below had a nice voice actually but she didn't do a good job on her singing. Cs said he guitar playing was off. And the mic was probably positioned too low/high. don't remember. She sang part of kiss me by sixpence non the richer then switched to another song, which i forgot too. sigh.

This girl below was without a doubt the best of all. From the moment she started shaking her ass, you could tell she was a natural at dancing. Very comfortable and at ease with her body and dance moves...She danced to Britney's Circus and another song from Pussycat Dolls. I think its Dontcha wish your gf was hot like me..

She was the only person I bothered to take a video of. Halfway through her dance, she made to took off her black jacket, and the guys went crazy. Again, including my bf. Caught in the act. Cs was taking the video and I heard his voice going: ooohhhhhh......(it came out like a moan).

This girl here tried to do a sexy dance too but somehow managed to look very cheap in the process. Sorry. No comment.

This girl very obviously lip synced to some Malay song. No need to mention the others. Boring.

After the short event, lights went out and people started leaving. Cos it was a Wednesday night. Boooo...

Little disclaimer: I know i sound mean and bitchy, the way i criticize. but they do. hahaha...I know I probably can't do better. Bah. Cos I lack the confidence. I applaud their er..bravery though. Cos they dare to go up and parade and strut their stuff. Being on display sucks. Never did like it.


Friday, 27 March 2009

Eye candy

I just finished watching New Police Story on Youtube. Damn. Daniel Wu is so hot!! I'm still drooling over him (sorry baby)

He looks hot in anything. Even when crying at the end of the scene wearing a tailcoat tuxedo!! Hot!! I fell in love with Joe Kwan ever since I first watched this movie many years ago. Sorry. Bimbotic as that may sound, still in love..

If my boyfriend looked that hot, I never want to get out of bed, or let him out of my sight. heh. girls would be throwing themselves at him!

I only like Joe Kwan a.k.a Daniel Wu in New Police Story. In other movies, not so. I wonder does it have to do with him being the bad boy and all...?

On an unrelated note, I love when men wear suits, tuxedo. Specifically, tail coat tuxedo. Drool..

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


At 550pm, my colleague told me he saw cs' car downstairs waiting for me. My very cold office is on the 9th floor. I walked over to the window very excitedly under the pretense of refilling my water bottle and saw him with a drink getting into the car. Tried to take a photo but it was difficult to find a nice angle. So, smart lil' me decided to go out of the office and to the Fire Exit Door where I thought that some colleagues go to smoke. Pushed through the heavy door and when the door banged shut behind me, I didn't give a shit.

Cos I was very excited to find that I could see his car very clearly.

Zoomed in as you can see.

Zoom in some more.

Picture is getting smaller sigh. My 3.2 mega pixel camera phone failed me..Anyway, only after taking these photos did I realize the door was locked from the outside. Meaning I was locked outside. Funnily enough, I wasn't panicking at all. Just amazed at how stupid I was. It was nearly 6pm. Everyone was leaving the office. What if no one heard my banging and shouting and I was left to die on the cold office floor? I still thought it was funny.

So I did what I would normally do in an emergency situation, or something similar. Like a car accident. Or this.

I called cs. hahaha.. Thank God I had my phone with me. Told him to come up and look for the fire exit doors and set me free. So, here I am. Idiot!!!!!!!!


Change of topic. Due to the difficult macroeconomic environment, the deterioration of the U.S. economy and financial markets, I decided to start saving money and thus, brought a lunch box with me today! Haha

Mee goreng with two hot dogs to be exact. A little ashamed to say tha eli cooked this, not me. at 830am and eaten by me at 1230pm. Starving by then, the aroma was quite overpowering. That little box looked so tempting by 11am...and my stomach was growling just looking/smelling it.

Even though it was no longer very appetizing. The noodles were stone cold by then, but still spicy nonetheless. Also, the noodles all stuck to each other, and the hot dog looked so shriveled, kinda like some wrinkly..something..

Anyway. I plan to bring lunch to work at least 3 times a week now. Start saving money Amy!! Less shopping. Eating out during lunch would cost me about hmm..RM40 per week. Mee goreng costs like RM6 per packet. That is like RM 6 per week. Damn cheap! I have to save more money.

So ends a boring day at work.

Good night.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Guess what I found:

We look happy.

And drunk.

But we're not. This was taken last year on my birthday party. Fun night out obviously heh..

Some birthday's are coming up. I need some fun in my life!

Things I Miss

I was writing the post below and missed the kebabs, so I thought might as well make it a whole post on the things I no particular order, and no particular meaning etc..

I miss 168B Jamaica Road. I don't know why. I just do. And I don't know why I chose this cake to represent 168B. It is so unsuitable I know. I haven't moved into 168B at that time. I think what I really miss is London.

I miss the freedom of staying alone! I hate that I can't go out during the weekends even now without risking dad or mum getting mad at me. I can't skip a meal without risking them nagging at me for not eating again. I hate having a curfew. Sorry but I value freedom. I hate being locked in, and I won't be controlled by anyone. Not even you. I can't please everybody.

I wonder if there is still a piece of paper like this in the kitchen. I wrote this thing many years ago upon Nifer's orders and pasted it on the kitchen cabinet! heh...

Mine and Shirley's old room. This photo looks beautiful right? The four full length mirrors which I miss and wish I have in my own room now...

Before I started writing this post, I knew I wouldn't finish it cos I get bored easily as I am now. argh. why amy why?!

I miss wearing boots. I kind of miss taking the tube too cos it means freedom. I can go anywhere I want, whenever I want. And its fast. No traffic jams. I mean, there are jams but of a different kind. When during rush hour, you have to wait 3 times before there is a space on the tube. Even then you have to put on a thick face and squueze in, winter coat, heavy bags and all and push other passengers in. No choice. Get in or wait for the next train.

I wear too much high heels recently. I also miss wearing sneakers. My feet are numb from the cold from the air conditioning in my stupid office. Why is it so damn cold? I wear a sweater everyday. Its in the office, I don't bother taking it back home. I also leave my scarf and gloves there. Cos I need it!! I tried wearing boots but I look stupid. So I'm wearing high heels and my feet get so cold they're practically frost bitten. No joke! I'm cold blooded I think. No one else wears gloves or scarves. but everyone wears a jacket during office hours. I think my place is especially cold dammit..

I miss my semi skimmed milk!! I wish I can buy milk every morning here grrr...

I'm feeling rather rebellious today:

I think i know exactly why.

I miss you bitch! Wish you're here. Or wish I'm there. hahaa..

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Vain photos

One fine day when i was taking vain pictures of myself as usual. Busy clicking away, while cs was feeding ah boi as usual. I noticed cs feeds ah boi more than I feed my own dog. Damn. No wonder ah boi likes cs more nowadays..cs is buying ah boi's attention through food. Notably, sweets, bak poh, keropok, cuttle fish etc.. all his regular snacks and favorite foods. I know its unhealthy for human beings, so it should be unhealthy for ah boi too but he's been eating them ever since he was born..13 years ago. In this house to be exact heh.

I don't even have a recent photo with ah boi.. Sorry this is such a bimbotic post. Nothing much happening in my life except work and hanging out with him. Vain photos will suffice for now..

Take #1

take #2

Take #3. Notice someone behind getting bored. Being neglected by his vain gf. heh..

Take #4. So he decides to join in...

Take #5. Trying to distract me. But the cam whore in me still manages to take photos!!

Take #6. Still unsuccessful.. He doesn't give up...

Take #7. i get semi distracted by least I'm not looking at the mirror. =p

My mum saw this photo and went: why you guys do that in public? winnie said: its at home front of the mirror. you dont even recognize your own house?! mum: ......................

take #8. Yes I still managed to keep taking photos..

take #9. Position reverse.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Alvin & Wee Lee's Wedding

Disclaimer: The wedding was held last year and I forgot a lot of the details already. Most of what I've written below were my diary entries which I copy, paste and edited. Lots of photos ahead.

Their wedding was held on 28th Dec 2008, Saturday. On the day itself, my alarm was set at 230am. Cs arrived at our house at around 320am, if I’m not mistaken. We were busy putting on the finishing touches to our make up, getting dressed, changing and packing up the food we’re bringing over to WL’s place. Cs forgot his tie so we had to rush back to his house for it before heading to wl’s place.

The bride getting ready at 3am. I didn't take any photos myself again, which is why its been so long since I wrote this post. Been accumulating the thousands of photos taken from many different cameras that day.

Siaw yen (sy), me, wl and winnie. when we still look fresh and awake.

As chi mui's we were supposed to prepare some games for the groom and his friends. Winnie and I spent the week before and the night before planning what to do to them, what games whould we play that day and what to feed them. We brought yoghurt, Tabasco sauce, strawberry milk, celery, bitter gourd, among others. After finally cutting up the bitter gourd, celery and chilli and mixing the eggs, yoghurt etc, we blended everything and put them in two baby bottles for the men.

After we finished with the juice, we locked the front door and settled in to wait while rehearsing what to say to the guys. While waiting for the guys to arrive, more relatives arrived to our horror. Cos as soon as we locked the door, some car pulls up. Again and again. We wait patiently for them to walk slowly up the driveway, making small talk and take off their shoes, then lock the doors again. Tension and anticipation was slowly building up...

Finally the guys arrive. I was so so happy to see ah ong and david arrive. I knew that time was short. Cos according to the tradition, they had to meet the bride within one hour I think. Don't exactly remember the exact time but we didn't spend much time playing games..

Getting red packets from the groom and his men. Demanding $$$

Refuse to pay up? No problem. Let the games begin. Expected we are handing out undies hand painted by winnie and I, with all the guy's names drawn on it.

To tell the truth, the guys were a bit shy. This didn’t help things much as Alvin was the only one talking in the beginning..

At least they were still smiling and happily putting on the undies. heh..

Serenading us with their singing talents. The TKC song. Something along the lines of: we are brothers together. We go to pub together, we grow up together, best friends forever and what not.

Here they are fed the drinks concoction we made earlier that morning. Very healthy ok, with vegetables, milk etc..

Winnie and I got talking about our own house. How mum would freak out, how obsessed she would be with cleaning and decorating, how she can’t sleep. How our friends would feel etc...

Not long afterwards, I threw them the key from the balcony then ran into wl’s room. There, wl was sitting there smiling at us. I asked Alvin to sing "only you" and to tell wl he loved her.

Finally they meet.

At Alvin’s house, they started taking photos in the bedroom, feeding each other breakfast. Bridesmaids were asked to eat some food. Alvin was asking the guys to force feed us as a form of payback for the food we made them eat earlier that morning. I didn’t mind payback; I was certainly up for anything that could liven up the wedding.

Payback's a bitch!

In Alvin's house; their bedroom.

We hung out at alvin’s place for a while then went to The Spring for photos. I didn’t expect this; didn’t even know about this part during weddings.

Alvin suggested wl throw her bouquet and that we should all catch it.

Cs caught the bouquet. I don't know why he was so happy. Anticipating his wedding already?

We went to friendship park after that. There was another couple taking wedding photos there. We didn’t linger long there cos it was too hot..

The guys started goofing off taking photos.

Later we went to Reservoir park. Only then did I realize winnie never went there. Amazing. And funny the way she described it: when it was popular, I was underaged, I was still in lodge and seldom went out. When i could go out, it was dangerous. So, i never went there..

Don't think the guys would be too pleased to see this photo here. =)

Nice park but everyone was feeling sleepy, hungry and thirsty by then...

I wanted to play this too but I was wearing a short white dress...

Later we went back to Alvin’s house. Winnie, sy, ah ong fell asleep. We were basically just whiling (is there such a word) the time away while waiting for lunch at the groom's house when all the relatives come, and they serve tea to the elders and receive angpau's etc etc..

Everyone was tired by then. After lunch, we went back to wl’s house. Had lunch again. We left not long after that and agreed to meet up at 330pm later. Something funny. Everyone was exhausted by then, and when Alvin said we could leave, everyone started cheering. Cs teasingly hugged boon cos boon couldn’t leave yet as boon was the bride and groom's driver for the day.. Ong was singing cos he thought he could leave. Who knows nana (ong's wife) came out and said: ong cannot leave yet. The situation was hilarious and cs went to hug ong as well.

Wedding reception at night. Outside the ballroom.

The wedding dinner at night was held at Merdeka Palace. 7pm. There were some performances throughout the dinner...Dance performances by two different groups. Also, there were some hot chicks from beauty pageants at the dinner.

After dinner, they hung back taking photos and goofing around. Then went to the apartment suite they had upstairs. Some stayed overnight, some left early..


Chi mui's.

Heng dai's.

This has to be my longest post ever. I broke my own record.

Good night.