Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Over the long weekend, I went up to Sematan for a day trip. It is a 1.5 hour drive away from Kuching. On Sunday cs had to work till around 130pm so we went up around 3pm. When cs and I arrived at Sematan, we realized the rest were fishing at some bridge en route to Sematan. As anyone who knows me should know my fear of getting dark. In the car, I used 3 of those sun shades on my window, and a beach towel to cover my arms and legs. Would have covered my face if I didn't have to talk to cs. heh. So, we whiled the time away eating and drinking while waiting for the sun to set...bit idiotic.

Actually wanted to order myself a cocktail, but cs said: Juice! Healthy! Vitamin C! Sigh..so I had orange juice. sigh. The cocktails sound so tempting: tequila sunrise. the name sounds so beach like and delicious even though I have no idea what is inside..and I normally don't drink cocktails cos they're always too sweet and alcohol is not meant to be sweet. That's what I think anyway.

This thing is cheap. RM10 only. Cheap no? Since its at Sematan, we expected it to be more pricey kinda like Damai, since its further from the city. But its cheap. Very worth it. They could charge more for this and people would still pay cos the city center isn't nearby and its damn hot. don't know how is that relevant but to me the sun is an excuse for everything. too hot cannot go swim. too hot cannot walk on the beach. cannot walk around. no shade etc etc. i know what you're thinking. why are you at the beach in the first place?!

I will come out after i lather on tons of sunblock and after the sun has set.

cs has been very patient with me so far. hahahaa...

Vitamin C.

We went kayaking around 6pm that evening after the rest of the group arrived. Cs and I in one kayak, and ah boon and John in the other one. I was eagerly anticipating the kayak but it wasn't as much fun as I had hoped. I wonder why I had more fun the other time around? Cos the waves were bigger, cos it was raining then? Cos there were less people on the beach? Hmm..I think it would have been more fun if there were more people kayaking. A bigger group I mean.

After we returned the kayaks, we played/swam for a while before calling it a day. The guys had fun messing around in the water, taking off their pants and swiming naked. Haha..they were in quite deep and no one could see anyway.

After returning the kayaks and washing up, we piled into two cars and went on the road again back to Kuching. It was dark by then around 7pm. Some more it had started raining. Not easy to drive down to Kuching cos it was very dark, with very little or no street lights at all. Cs was driving so slowly and the journey took us 2 hours back. Stopped off at Batu Kawa for dinner aound 9pm. By then, everyone was starving.

It's back to work today. Tuesday. I'm having PHS. Post Holiday Syndromes. Too much fun and not enough rest apparently..heh.


Cs said...

I miss the sandwich!! Btw, why i look so fat in the photo? cuz of my widescreen? or i gain weight?? omg!

Amy said...

ur widecreen lar! change ur monitor. i look damn fat on ur screen too.