Sunday, 15 March 2009

Vain photos

One fine day when i was taking vain pictures of myself as usual. Busy clicking away, while cs was feeding ah boi as usual. I noticed cs feeds ah boi more than I feed my own dog. Damn. No wonder ah boi likes cs more nowadays..cs is buying ah boi's attention through food. Notably, sweets, bak poh, keropok, cuttle fish etc.. all his regular snacks and favorite foods. I know its unhealthy for human beings, so it should be unhealthy for ah boi too but he's been eating them ever since he was born..13 years ago. In this house to be exact heh.

I don't even have a recent photo with ah boi.. Sorry this is such a bimbotic post. Nothing much happening in my life except work and hanging out with him. Vain photos will suffice for now..

Take #1

take #2

Take #3. Notice someone behind getting bored. Being neglected by his vain gf. heh..

Take #4. So he decides to join in...

Take #5. Trying to distract me. But the cam whore in me still manages to take photos!!

Take #6. Still unsuccessful.. He doesn't give up...

Take #7. i get semi distracted by least I'm not looking at the mirror. =p

My mum saw this photo and went: why you guys do that in public? winnie said: its at home front of the mirror. you dont even recognize your own house?! mum: ......................

take #8. Yes I still managed to keep taking photos..

take #9. Position reverse.



Cs said...

I like this post!! =) ah boi so cute! he always kek innocent face. hahaha..

Amy said...

of cos u like!!its about u wtf!