Wednesday, 4 March 2009


My best friend told me via email a couple of days ago that she was getting married. Crazy bitch. On 20th May in London. And told me to go back to London, cos she hopes I can be there. Knowing Shirley very well, I emailed her straightaway asking: why?? are you pregnant? what happened? why so fast? you guys just got together etc etc..

Today she called me, admitting the whole thing was a joke. Siao. Its not funny bitch. How would you feel if I suddenly told you I'm getting married with cs?'d think I'm pregnant too! Haha..I would think the same to Nifer too! Hahaa..idiot.. I'm 25 this year, not young actually. A lot of friends are married with kids already, but somehow the idea of getting married seems so far off..

Today I talked to cs about this. We're both not ready yet. I know that if I get married now and have babies (God it sounds weird even typing babies), I wouldn't be a good mother (God it gets worse). Hahaa..tell me how can I be a parent like this! Dad told me before that he went to a fortune teller who said I should get married late in life. Mum took me to another one who said the same thing. But seriously even if I never heard those words, I won't get married soon. 25 still sounds early. I think when I turn 27, I still think I'm not ready.

Cs was telling me about his friend the other day. A doctor, quite good looking, tall, fit and strong for a guy, nice personality etc. Aged around 32. Should be quite a catch, right? Hell yea. Hahaa..anyway I said if cs didn't have me, he should be quite a catch too. Cos I know for a fact that a few of his store workers and other store girls likes him. Writing love letters to him, stealing glances, etc. I'm not worried about this cos haha..they all know he's taken. Forced cs to bring me to his shop, and the neighboring shops. Hahahhaa..

Where was I? Oh yea..marriage..still early for me. for shirley.

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Cs said...

hahaha baby yes u are right. They all know i'm taken. cuz they never smile or even look at me after they saw u at my shop. lols~ no girls hiu me anymore. no more love letter too. hahahaha. =) i'm happy~