Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I want to update my blog but there isn't anything new to update. Nothing new going on. No new photos too except the usual ones I take at work. Winnie just told me something, which I will now share here. Apparently she has classes five days a week, while Steph only has classes three days a week. However, Steph has night classes and winnie don't.

I asked why don't you have night classes? She said: Cos I kiasu mar. I go to class early and get the front seat in class and fight/grab/snatch the sheet of paper to apply for afternoon classes (she gives me a smug and cocky look), So, I don't have night classes..

I laughed. Apparently, you have to fight hard for what you want! Heh..

I hate work. Quite random I realize. No lar, I don't hate work. I hate being trapped inside with the computer. Before starting this job, I couldn't type that fast without looking at the keyboard. I now listen to my ipod, head boppingto the music, while simultaneously typing a report looking at the screen, not looking at the keyboard. no spelling mistakes. heh. smug now. but duh. after five months, I should be able to do that wtf.

Dinner one fine day. The balls are dragon fruit balls, tastes like jelly. The snow is guava flavored, not that sweet, quite nice. The yellow stuff is mango sauce. I ordered this, while cs had the one below:

Mango snow, with mango sauce, and red beans by the side. According to him its too sweet. Hah. But he is so picky when it comes to food that he complains about a lot of things. For example, the fried rice I had during lunch one day is too dry. Hello?? Baby..its fried rice, its supposed to be dry. Another time, the boiled egg on the nasi lemak he had at kaya and toast, was not nice. why? no idea. its just egg. how delicious can you make a boiled egg baby? (I'm including baby to make it sound more sweet so you won't get angry when u read this). so don't get angry...hehe

Anyway, boiled egg. he refused to finish the egg cos it doesn't taste good. I can go on and on with this topic. Another time, we had beef noodles, which was too sweet and he hardly took a few bites before he left it untouched saying: its too sweet, i can't eat noodles like that. and ordered roti canai instead, and said: how come it looks nice when i eat yours? must be too much egg in this roti canai. etc etc..

I am picky when I eat too but on a different level. For example, I am picky in the sense that erm..I don't eat normal taufu. I only eat Japanese taufu (made with egg only). I don't eat any animal's inside (intestines, ears, skin etc). I don't eat any skin for chicken (if its boiled). even any little piece, i refuse to eat. (cos i will gag and vomit) I don't eat any ABC, you know those ice drinks with red bean, the green stuff, or anything with condensed milk like white lady etc. I only drink cincau with sarsi. Like i said, anything with milk, I don't drink. I don't eat toast with butter cos it tastes horrible. I can't take anything wth butter when I can see it. Cos, I just cant! I don't know why. I can't think of anything else right now, but probably cs can.

Another day in the toilet. If my colleagues read my blog, they would be like: wtf Amy goes to the toilet to take photos of herself everyday! crazy bitch.. wasting time. no wonder she's so unproductive. no wonder she goes to toilet so many times everyday.. i also go to toilet to make phone calls everyday. ho ho ho....i haunt the toilets..

Look closely. Spot cs' car...waiting for me to finish work at 6pm. Why is it only Tuesday?


Cs said...

wtf!! haha. i know i'm picky but.. not that bad kkk.. btw, did i complain bout the boiled egg?? Anything to complain?? too dry maybe. lols. At least i didnt complain about ur maggi mee with hotdog and eggs right? =)

Amy said...

baby, u can complain about the maggi mee if u want. just don't expect me to cook anything else for u ever ever ever ever!!!! =)