Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fasten your seat belts

I haven't been on a plane in ages. Compared with cs' parents, I'm totally outdated. His dad checks AirAsia faithfully everyday (its his homepage) for cheap fares and they travel so many times a year. I want to go somewhere.

Baby let's plan! Haha..I seem to be saying that quite often recently. obviously I'm bored with my routine life already. I want a change. I want something new. I want to do something else. Everyday after work, when cs picks me up, I am especially hyper. Totally different from lunch time. And I know why. It is the pent up energy. It is being kept inside a room for 8-9 hours sitting in front of a computer that is driving me crazy.

Complained enough. Change of topic with a photo:

KL Bird's eye view.

I want to hear: ladies and gentleman, please fasten your seat belts. I want to get screwed by the flight attendants for texting on the plane during takeoff again. I want to rush to queue up at the Air Asia counters and squeeze in with the crowd. I'm so kiasu that I am always somewhere in the front of the queue. No joke.

Singapore. bird's eye view. With Shirley. I miss her like crazy! Come back bitch. I know you're reading this. I don't care who you bring back. Just come back this year!! Sigh. Sien. Cos I know you won't. Miss you anyway..

My hair and face looks oily. My breath probably stinks. My eyebags are so deep. My lips and skin so dry. Yes. I was on my first ever trip to London with Shirley. I look so young. Damn. I actually like being on a plane. Even though I might be alone, even though the seats are too small and my feet gets cramped, but it feels good. I always look forward to being on the plane.

Normally I try to keep myself awake before takeoff. But I once fell asleep before takeoff on a London-KL flight. Once I settled in, buckled up, hugged the pillow and covered myself head to toe in jackets and blankets, I fell asleep before the plane even started moving. When I next opened my eyes, the plane had landed (God knows where) but when I looked at my watch, only 1 hour had passed.

I panicked and woke the nice gentleman up beside me and asked: where the hell are we??? He laughed at me and said don't worry. We are in Amsterdam. We stopped for a fuel change and we are still going to Kuala Lumpur. I am amazed you slept through all that. Jeez. Never again. Always listen to what the pilot has to say before falling asleep. Apparently I got too comfortable...

Being on a plane so rocks, no? The plane food. What is so bad about it? I like the hot rolls, I like the curry, I like the vegetarian lasagna, I like the fish, potatoes etc. I like everything. I like the free flow drinks and the friendly (sometimes) flight attendants. have met a few very friendly guys who work with MAS. Accompany me to chat in the middle of the night when the lights are off and I am wandering the aisle by myself stretching my legs. Very nice..

I like catching up on the Movies on Demand. I normally hardly have time to watch any new movies and so, its quite nice watching the movies while eating. The 13 hour flight goes by very fast ler..heh...Maybe I'm weird.

I sometimes sleep for 5 hours straight, skipping meals. Actually I didn't even hear or feel the air stewardess waking me up. When I finally woke up, she asked: did you have a nice sleep? Would you like something to eat? I said: ohh...meal is served already? She smiled and asked if I would like a sandwich or ice cream?

One thing I hate is queuing up for the toilets. People always take a very long time in the toilets in the middle of the night..I understand why larr..Me as well. I walk in armed with my tooth brush, paste and facial wash. And we all know the tap is not easy to control...So of course everyone takes longer than usual..I'm so paise when I walk out and there's a long queue outside. But I take small comfort in thinking that everyone is stretching their legs (cos standing) while waiting for me wtf. heh..

The transit also always pass by very fast too right. Arrive at airport. If have time to spare, go to toilet and brush teeth, wash face. Then go shop around, reading books and magazines and buy cigarettes and alcohol (if applicable) then go check in. Listening to iPod the whole time. The whole journey! Don't eat or drink anything at airport cos everything is waaayy overpriced.

But normally I do anyway cos too much time to waste. So i buy an overpriced drink and utilize their chair and table to take a nap. Then go check in and get on a plane. Nice no?

I need a vacation. I want a vacation. Fingers crossed.


I want to go kayaking again.

Found this photo of myself by the beach at Sematan. We just went to Sematan for a day trip that day, and none of us brought extra clothes. When we realized how beautiful the beach was, and saw the kayaks there available for rent, we organized another trip within the next few days.

And that is how the photo below came about:

There's a public holiday coming up soon. Let's plan!

I also want to go to Damai again. This was taken back in 2006. Such a coincidence that Xiao Rong was in Kuching three years ago. Three years later she came to visit again, and we managed to go to Damai to stay overnight this night but we hardly took any photos. Idiot. We were at the exact same location.

We both look different now. But I'm still wearing that same top! Haha...has it been three years??

A bunch of us brought red wine and chips/keropok to those same chairs by the beach around midnight and talked and laughed for many hours. The salty sea breeze, no one around us, the whole beach to ourselves, perfect weather, full moon no less that night, and wonderful company. We had fun that night. All of us left out phones and cameras back in the chalet. None of us wanted to go back to get it. A bit regret now right?? =)

Mum and dad. The photo below is Damai again, by the pool on another different occasion. Night time visit armed with Beer and chips.

I should miss those days. But I don't. Cos the present is so much better. Thank you. :)

Another day.

I actually wanted to post a few photos from Kayaking. But. I'm on a roll here. Might as well continue. The photo below was taken many many years ago in KL. Forgot which hotel we were stying at. Federal, I think. Winnie and I. Lucky her face is hidden or she would be screwing me for posting ugly photos of her again. I look like shit!

For the past few trips to KL, I've always been unlucky. Meaning period on those days so I can't swim in the hotel pool. We used to stay at Melia hotel for quite some time but the pool is so small and shallow; it sucks. Not complaining though. A pool is a pool. Next.

This is from the most recent Damai trip at the hilltop pool. Nice view..

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tell me why

can't I say NO to Pizza?

I seriously think there is something wrong with my genes. Maybe mum starved herself during pregnancy and didn't eat any pizza at all during the 9 months that I was inside her body. So that's why everytime I see pizza now, I have to eat it! Kind of like revenge?

Back in London, Shirley and I used to order from Pizza Gogo at least once a month. It is so sinful but damn delicious, and cheap too! Before, Shirley used to work at Pizza Hut in London and the store which she works at had these pizza buffets. Being her friend, I get to eat free(yay). But a pizza buffet?! Any idea how fattening that is? And since she works in the kitchen, she feeds me alot! Lasagne, chips, cheese cakes. And after she finish work, she would make pizzas to bring home for me! Despite all that pizza, I still wasn't sick of it. Why?


Maybe I should get a part time job at Pizza Hut then I will get sick of it. Cos I used to love McD. When I worked there, I hardly ate the fries. So so so so so sick of it. My body stank of fries. My hair, my clothes, my bag, my bra, my undies all reek of the oil and fries smell. And only then do I realize how often do they change the oil. Haha..

But hey Shirley used to work at Pizza Hut and I watched her make pizzas and close the kitchen at night but I still ate the pizza. Cheese stuck between fingernails, dirty pans with cheese still stuck to it after coming out of the dishwasher. Hmm..yea..a bit offputting now I think of it.

But it still tastes good, dirty nails and all. We all know better than to watch the chef in action when at outside restaurants right, especially kopitiams and fast food restaurant. The faster they move, the less time they have to care about hygiene. Just as long as I don't have to watch the chef in action, I'll eat it. Home cook is best. Mum is best. =)

I once saw a fellow colleague during a busy dinner period make some double cheeseburgers without gloves. It was gross. Why? Peeling off the cheese with his bare hands, adding ketchup, pickles and the bun. Hmm... Another time, during a busy lunch hour, my colleague dropped the toasted Big Mac bun on the floor but hurriedly picked it up, dusted it with his hands and put it back on top of the meat. It was too busy, and too much hassle to toast eight more buns at the same time, so what could he do? Anyway, not like customers are so sensitive that they get diarrhea immediately after the burger right.

I digressed.

Still love Pizza. Will worship Pizza till the day I die. Amen.

Monday, 23 February 2009


is not a good day.

Another wedding

So here are photos from last Saturday. All from other people's camera which I stole off the public folder at work. Thanks everyone. I knew I didn't have to bring a camera. Haha..

The Church reception in the morning which I couldn't wake up to. I did the right thing to my body by sleeping till 1pm that day. I'm sorry but my health is more important. Not like anyone missed me anyway..:)

The wedding dinner at Hilton at night. Their wedding is more westernised compared with all the other weddings I've ever been too (not a lot actually. just a handful). There is no Yam Seng. The bride and groom go up on stage whereby Sean makes a short speech (I have found my newfound love, I am very happy, heres to a happy future together) and then we toast the bride and groom saying: SeanandAnne. Twice. To be honest, it sounded a bit awkward. A bit too quiet. The music was switched off and there was total silence when everyone toasted and then drank. Then everyone clapped and resumed their seats. Hmm..

I like these white roses ensemble with the pearls hanging from the entrance of the ballroom. Pretty no?

Speaking of pretty, this is the bride: Anne.

Another pretty thing: the candle! This is the first cold dish combination. The purple thing is some crispy popiah with yam. Tastes pretty awesome for yam. =p

Table 13. The lights make everything seem glow in the dark..

We were entertained throughout dinner by a Jazz Band performing and singing to mostly love songs. I was surprised they didn't set up a dance floor in the middle of the hall so that some people can dance. It would have made a very nice change. I wish I could do that at my wedding..

Some of my colleagues..

Front row from left: Shepy, Grace, Mary and Charissa. Back row: Anne and Amelie.

Some of the guys from our table: Back row from left: Jeradiah, Wilson, Lesley. Front: Aaron and Eric.

Laughing at boss' speech? He said something along the lines of: For a happy and successful marriage, the secret lies not in those special three words: I LOVE YOU. Instead, all it takes is two very simple words: YES DEAR. No matter what your wife says, just reply yes dear.

This drew many laughs. And for the rest of the night until today even at work, I keep hearing my male colleagues teasing each other with Yes Dear.

If you look closely, I'm somewhere in the background of this photo.

To make me feel better, here are some better looking photos taken from better angles.

At the end of the night around 2am when all the make up is practically gone.

Good night.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Dinner at ah siang's place

Not too long ago, we went to ah Siang's house for dinner. Potluck. Each of us brought/cooked something. Siao rong made ma po tofu, ah siang fried some vege. Ah boon cooked a salty veg and fish soup i think. Alvin made the oyster baked with cheese.

Ong brought some fried rolls called ngo hiam. Cs and I tapau-ed KFC.

KFC sure win ok. Guaranteed finish.

Siao rong, nana, ong, and John. from left.

Nice gathering..


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm sitting here in too tight shoes, sipping on a mocha frappucino that i didn't realy want cos its much too sweet, contains way too much calories and also ridiculously overpriced just for d brand name. Why am i here? Cos this is kuching. This is life nw. Come out for drinks after work with frens, chill, relax, n another day gone by. The boyfriend is peeping down my nearly non existent cleavage, as discreet as he can manage. :-) yes i noticed.. I wish i can have alcohol nw. Argh. Got to kick the habit of turning to alcohol when i'm pissed off. The other group are playing cards very happily. The bf is damn bored, i don't blame him. His wifi phone is in my hands. :-) why is it only tues? Wish its friday night then i have an excuse to drink. Argh. No wonder my siblings nicknamed me drunk-a-tard. Kevin is fuck-a-tard. Winnie is pork-a-tard. The tard at the back stands for retard. Lazy to explain how the names started but its the usual teasing and name callings to each other. Damn. Battery low. Bf why didn't u charge ur phone. Haha. Don't screw me. K. Bye.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Valentine

A week ago I asked him: what are we doing for Valentines? He smiled and tried to change the topic. As the day got nearer, I asked more and more. The day before, he finally relented and asked where would I like to go for dinner? Carvery, Merdeka Palace or Hilton Steakhouse for dinner? I chose the Merdeka buffet. It was some International buffet with the usual food. The place was decorated with little hearts and stars and a lot of pink and white ribbons, while blue-shirt clad waitresses wandered around refilling our drinks. Overall it felt weird!

There was a single rose on the table, and also many little stars and hearts littering the table. Cs gave me the rose, saying: economic downturn baby. Sorry. Hahahaa...that's okay.

After dinner he told me that he had to go to Hilton to meet a publisher. Some work related stuff to pass the quotation since he will be leaving the next day. I said ok of course.. However, due to the amount of traffic by the roadside resulting from the many stalls selling flowers, candy, soft toys etc by the road side, there was no parking and traffic had slowed to a crawl. It sucks. He left me there in the car while he took some papers to Hilton. Not 5 minutes later, a jam had formed where he parked. Cars couldn't pass through and a quarrell was forming between 3 cars. I was afraid that they would result in a fight so quickly called cs to come back and move his car.

Found a parking and he told me the client was not feeling well and told cs to go to his hotel room wtf. So cs told me to accompany him, in hopes that the client would let cs go off. since its valentines and all that..

On reaching the hotel room, cs knocked on the door. I was thinking: why is he knocking so softly? can he hear? what if he's asleep since he's sick? then cs took out the room key and led me into the room. I was thinking: waa..the client gave cs his room key? Is he Gay??!!

The first thing I saw was that the room was dark wtf! Gay!! Then I saw some balloons. Then I saw candles. Then I saw cs smiling at me.. Then I said: is this a surprise????

The scene that greeted me...

After he turned on the gay client. hahaha...stupid Amy. Turned out he went to light the candles and put on some music and prepare the wine glasses etc while I waited in the car. Now I know why he was so impatient during the jam. He was afraid the candles would spill over and burn something..Heh..

I love candles..thank u baby..:)

What happened to economic downturn?

He also bought champagne. He went to so much trouble to plan the night, and to hide it from me. Quite an accomplishment considering we see each other at least twice everyday. He send me down to work, meets me for lunch, then pick me up from work. I wonder how he managed to get any work done..heh..

I was spoiled rotten...

Before the day itself, I asked him what were we doing after dinner? Are we going to club with other friends? He laughed out loud and said: do you think I'm going to invite everyone to have steamboat together on our first Valentine's? Then he said to not ask him. It will be a surprise. Knowing me, I can't resist asking larrr..come on. I even asked: what if I don't like the surprise? tell me..tell me..

He got upset at me and told me not to give him any pressure. Hehe..sorry..

At least you know now that I was happy. He totally surprised me though. Cos throughout dinner and the day before, he kept reminding me that he had to meet the client at Hilton. Talking about what a pain, having to work on the night itself etc that's why I was still surprised on reaching the room..

At the restaurant earlier, I didn't like all the cheesy stuff. The love songs being played, the pink and white and red loves, hearts, ribbons, stars were too much. But with him later in the room, everything felt perfect..

Thinking back now, I was so stupid. In the car while waiting for him, I texted winnie. I told her we finished dinner and that I'm waiting outside Hilton while he went to work. Winnie replied me: Yea right. He probably went to buy you some chocolates or something. Did you get flowers already??

She knows cs better than that. Afterwards, when I told cs about the text message, he laughed and said: see..even ur sister knows I won't leave u alone like that.

Ah boon's CD and speaker which he borrowed for the night.

These balloons are in my bedroom now. I wonder if my parents saw them yet...hmm...when they asked me what did you do last night with cs?

I said: he made a reservation at Merdeka. We had an International buffet...and I tried to elaborate on the food as long as I could but luckily thet didn't ask what did we do after dinner...heh..

Before leaving the house last night, I tried on different dresses and asked mum which should I wear. She gave me her opinions and helped with my make up.

Then dad asked: who are u going out with tonight?

Me: cs.

He asked: only cs? No one else?

Me: err..ya.

Mum interrupted: Its Valentines Day today. Of course cs only. If not go out with a group of friends?

Dad: ohh...

My point is: cs, they know we are together now..
Cos recently, dad has been trying to match me up with a friend's son again! To meet up for drinks. Arrghh...I have stopped answering calls from unknown numbers, so don't worry baby. =)

My parents went to KFC for their dinner last night while all three children went out. Kevin and sis in law went to some seafood restaurant. He actually told me he was taking her to have steak but I guess it was fully booked. Haven't had a chance to talk to him yet. Kevin is in a cranky mood. He is now at the movies with sis in law. Their routine every Sunday night. Quite nice actually; they are always up to date with new movies.

Winnie went to the Junk with Steph, Sarah, and Mic last night. She ordered a RM40 rack of lamb. According to her, the salad is bigger than the lamb. And there were more bones than meat. She was so pissed off and die die also have to finish her plate cos, I quote winnie: I paid RM40 for a rack of lamb so I will finish the rack of lamb and the salad! Even if the lamb consists of bones and sauce. Haha...even if I don't really like salad.

According to Winnie, she had the worst Valentines ever, while I had the best.

Change of topic. WInie suddenly told me. Hey. Kenny Rogers is a singer right. He opened Kenny Rogers (Roasters. The chicken) too? I gave her a look. No, he didn't open it. sigh. sometimes I wonder if winnie IS THAT naive????!!! She is reading the paper on Kenny Rogers now as if she thinks its perfectly natural to think like that. I don't want to imagine her reaction when she reads this. Btw, she is serenading me now with some disney songs..

Back to topic.

I had a wonderful time last night. A beautiful memory. Thank you.