Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy New Year!!

It is New Year's Eve tomorrow! Officially the end of another year! The end of 2010! Is it me or am I the only who thinks that New Year's Eve should be ended with a bang! A party at least! Surrounded by people you love! Fireworks!

Read my posts on New Year's Eve here: 2007, 2008, 2009.

Reading back on those posts made me realize how much things have changed over the years. In 2007, I was leaving London, going back to Kuching to start a new life. Said goodbye to friends and did a crap job at keeping in touch. T__T

2008 was shit for me! I spent a good half year wasting time adjusting to my new life and accomplished nothing in the end. And when I got a job, I got cheated out of my salary by my pathetic ex boss! Motherfucker!

This photo just about sums up 2008 for me. Not just the cut on my knee, but my facial expression as well.

2009: Life was better. I had a new job and a new bf. Someone to love me and care for me everyday. Best friend turned bf. I have a stable income, albeit small. I also blogged more often now.

Btw, for the uninformed, blogging requires dedication. It requires you to carry a camera out everyday, everywhere and take photos of everything, and then uploading them, and writing them out when you have some time to yourselves. Everyday. I find myself thinking, can I blog about this at random times during the day.

Finding something to talk about may seem like a piece of cake. But finding something to talk about that does not reveal other people's secrets or bad habits or offend people, and something that people actually want to read is not as simple as you think. Oh ya and then taking crap from people for what you write. And how not to be offended when people talk crap about you.

I digressed. A lot. Sorry. Sorry.

2010: I took this photo during CNY 2010. A photo speaks a thousand words. And I am kinda out of words.. I am still in the same job. But, with cs now, I feel safe and secure. Settled somehow. Shrugs. Housewifey!! And happy about it!

I was telling cs earlier today: tomorrow is New Year's Eve. So after tomorrow, life should be back to normal somewhat.

He disagreed. Life won't go back to normal yet. After NYE, its time to get ready and prepare for Chinese New Year. Buy new clothes, buy food and drinks, clean the house. Not in that order haha.

Then, after CNY, it is time to start worrying about our wedding. *gasp!! Oh my!! Time does flies and from this side, it seems much closer than it is.

I have already started planning but everything is still in the early planning phase. I can still ummm and ahh about many things. But after CNY, oh shit. Time to diet. For real, I mean. Care for my complexion, decide on wedding dresses, MC, entertainment, and oh mannn that guest list.

OK. Calm down Amy. Still far away. Pfft. How about honeymoon? Shit shit shit! Haven't informed some relatives! Perfect! Perfect! Life is perfect!

No really. I know I sound sadist or emoey or whatever in my blog. But I am not in real life. Really. I am smiling at everyone. Humming to myself in the shower. Head bopping to the music with my earphones on in front of the laptop now. Life is upsa-daisy.

And I am very much looking forward to 2011!!!


P/S: Its public holiday in Malaysia tomorrow! Muahahhaha. Even more reason to celebrate. Its Friday, New Year's Eve and I AM NOT WORKING! HEHEHE.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Xmas Eve buffet at Four Points

So, Xmas is over and done with for another year.. Cs and I have just celebrated our two years anniversary. Where has the time gone?

I wrote about our 1st anniversary here last year. *click*

This Friday is New Year's Eve. Last year, I went to Sarawak Club to ring in the new year. This Friday, we will all be there again. Read here! *click*

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. It was like any other day. We had lunch together at home. As I laid down on his lap and we chit chatted about Astro, his new laptop, our wedding etc..I had trouble believing that we have only been together for 2 years. We are so comfortable together.

Mum once said that cs and I are like an old married couple wtf! This is not good news, is it? Haha. Whatever. Better to be an old married couple than what I dunno. Err..ah lian and ah beng?!

We went to Damai btw, to celebrate. Photos next time.

I wanted to talk about Xmas first!

Pretty nails for Xmas. Mum came home with a beautiful pedicure and I tried to imitate it. That is where I get all my nail ideas from. Plagiarised from mum's pedicures from the shop. Heh.

Mum's nails were painted white, with silver by the side. The rest of the nail were striped, like a zebra's coat. It looked gorgeous so I tried to imitate it somewhat.

And this is what I managed to come up with. No zebra print. That's for next time.

So on Xmas eve, we and a bunch of friends went to Four Points for the buffet! It was RM 79 ++ per person, which adds up to about RM 90 nett.


Cs looks unprepared probably cos he was eating halfway. I kept aiming the camera at ourselves, hoping to get a decent shot but he just kept nom nom noming away. =.= Men.

There was a band serenading us throughout dinner. The place was packed full! Amazing. The dining hall is quite huge and yet it was full. A lot of people queuing for food. And as such the hall was quite noisy, so I have no idea what songs the band were singing.

Err.. Christmas Carols? Or normal songs? Even though I snapped this photo, sorry lar. Sing louder next time k wtf. haha

This was the candy section! For the kids I suppose but that didn't stop me going back again and again checking to see if they refilled the candy canes yet! Heh.

Cs found one candy cane lying on the table and brought it back to me. So I kept going back trying to get my hands on some more.

By the end of the night then I realized! OH! The candy cane must have belonged to some other poor kid. The fake Santa Claus strolling around was the only guy handing out candy canes to kids. It was not in this section.

Sorry kiddo. Why did you leave your candy lying around? Che che is teaching you a lesson by taking your candy. Karma! Hahaha evil evil evil!!

No lar, I only realized this after I left the restaurant okay. I am not that evil..

This is ah ong and nana plus ah ong's xmas tree hat. The hat attracted a lot of attention that night.

Sal-mon galore! Eat your heart out!

I love these desserts in little dishes. They look almost too good to eat. Almost. I said almost okay. Of course I ate them in the end.

This was the best! Sorry no photos of how it looks like inside. I gobbled it up. And then realized I forgot to take photo. These are Crystal's desserts haha.

This was so so only..

So is this. But still pretty.

From left, Nana, John, Ping and See Luan. With our pile of presents!

Cs and I both gave out a bottle of sparkling juice each, and some chocs. I received a candle lighting thingy (which I love)! Been wanting to get one for ages cos I love candles and love an occasion to light a candle, and sometimes light candles for no reason around the house.

Cs got a little pillow from Ong. John received a Christmas card and RM 10 cash, Nana and See Luan got facial masks, and Crystal got a body lotion from Garnier, and I can't remember the other gifts. :)

There was also a noodle section. Cs had some DIY laksa!

With yellow noodles and mushrooms. Hmm..

There. That's the candy cane I was after hehe.

And cs is ignoring me again. Eating again. Eat non stop and still so thin. Actually, he gained a total of 12 kg ever since we got together.. 12 kg in 24 months. That's not bad eh.

I don't know how he survived before me! Why was he not eating?!

I need a camwhore buddy.

Alvin and Wee Lee's daughter: Jia Jia. She has a lot of aunties and uncles all wanting to carry her and play with her every time we go out now.

She is so kwai btw. Never cry and shout or scream outside. And whenever Alvin hands her food, she just eats them. So kwai. No spitting them out or throwing them anywhere..

From left: Boon, Nicholas, Ong and Nana.

After dinner, we went to the pool side to take some more photos. Finally cs has stopped eating!!

After dinner, a bunch of us went to Kings Arm for the countdown. It was full but not too crowded. Very nice change from bar Zing last year where we were all squashed and pushed to one side. And everyone in a tiny table. Grr.

Anyway. Xmas is over for another year. The Xmas songs playing everywhere last week has changed to Chinese New Year songs. Green Gallery has changed its deco to big red lanterns already! We went there on Boxing Day and had a laugh at how fast they moved!

Chinese New Year is a-comin. And I am so much more excited for this!

I don't know what to name this

I am back from Damai.

The trip was fun, filled with laughter as usual. Time passed by too fast as usual too. The weather was terrible though - depends how you look at it. I thought it was fine.

It started drizzling at about 3pm. It was very cloudy all day. We slept till about 5pm and woke up to go swimming. Our hotel room was directly facing the pool. It was noisy. The resort was packed and kids were screaming and running around. But. The adult pool was empty.

We were so excited! Yes! Nice weather and no adults in the pool! Good news indeed. Hurriedly dressed and ran out only to realize something is wrong!!

How can there be no adults in the pool? The resort is crowded. So crowded. As we walked nearer, we realized the pool had been roped off.

Closed for chlorination! Noooo...

Of course everyone was upset. Refund! One of the busiest weekend of the year and the pool is closed the entire day! Of course we should have suspected something was up. Something serious.

Turns out something did happen that day!

When I arrived back in Kuching, mum immediately informed me that a kid died in the pool the day before. And showed me the exact same photo of the pool in question. Yes. It is the same photo above! It was in today's paper!

Gasp! I am sooo sorry. God bless you. RIP.

I am soo sorry. And so shocked!

How would we guests know? The resort was crowded with people and when we asked the hotel staff, all they said was that the pool was closed for the entire day!

No wonder there were lifeguards patrolling the pool non stop. When there normally are no lifeguards by the pool. Yesterday, there were 3 just watching cs and I by the pool. Empty pool some more - the one at the hilltop at about 630pm yesterday evening.

They should have lifeguards patrolling the pool ALL THE TIME!! I don't suppose this is Damai's first accident nor will it be the last.

Is it wrong to feel kinda spooked? The pool is open this morning, but we didn't go in for a dip. Right now, I am feeling kinda thankful. Even though I feel slightly guilty for feeling this way..

Yesterday was a bad day all around.

Ah Ping's father passed away this morning or last night. Rest In Peace uncle.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Xmas 2010


Busy busy. No time to blog!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas is here, bring me the cheer!

It is Christmas Eve tomorrow! Amazing how time flies!! In an effort to make myself more in the mood for Christmas, I have been listening to xmas songs for a few hours straight while I work.

And now, all I can think of are snippets of various xmas songs.

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle bell rock.

Hark the herald angels sing. Glory to the new born king.

Let it snow! Let it snow!

Feliz navidad. Feliz navidad. I wanna wish u a merry christmas. I wanna wish u a merry christmas from the bottom of my hearrrtt..

And on and on and on. I feel dumb but definitely more in the mood for xmas now! Christmas is here. Bring me the cheer!

What are your favorite Christmas carols?

My staple favorite used to be Last Christmas - Wham. And also Carol of the bells. Slighly eerie but you can't help loving it.

There used to be a time in my life where I would hear Last Christmas and smile secretly to myself. Because this song had some very special meaning to me.

But the other day, as I was singing Last Christmas to myself in the shower, I find myself smiling for very different reasons. I am a lucky girl.

Some songs can be so fond to the heart and mind.

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away! Christmas is here, bring me the cheer! - Carol of the bells. How come her voice so nice one?

The other day at Spring, a few carolers came up to sing and ask for donation. Oh God! Their voices. So sweet and pure like angels. I am sooo envious. They sound like girls. I sound like half man and half what I don't know, with a permanent sore throat gah.

Its a half working day tomorrow! Yay! Yay for Xmas eve! Yay for December! Yay for year end! Yay for New Year's Eve!

Nay for New Year's Eve theme. For the ball this year, the theme is: Garden of Eden! Sigh. I mean no disrespect ok. But seriously! Have the organisers seriously tried to imagine what we would wear?

I went to google Garden of Eden. No surprise what images came out:

Are we supposed to go in the nude?

Or wrap my bikini in two pieces of leaves? Not possible. Its a black tie affair, which means most people will be all dressed up. Argh.

I hope the dress I have in mind is ok. More on this after the event itself.


I suppose its time for some New Year Resolutions. But its so pointless. I write down the resolutions and forget about them till the end of the year, when I read back. =.= Fail.

So how about what I want for Christmas?

1) Money
2) Money
3) Money
4) Money
5) Money

Yes thank you Santa! Money would solve all my problems. Who ever said money cannot buy you happiness has never been poor.

Haha no lar. Just kidding. Kidding. Spare me the lecture.

Err yea back to seriousness.


Last Saturday night, a bunch of us went swimming and to test out a new toy. Everyone meet Dolphin. I am uncreative when it comes to naming things. Unlike Winnie who named her car Bubbles.

Or Kate Hudson in How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days who named the guy's member as Princess Sophia! Haha! Just watched it again not long ago and laughed out loud at that part! Heh.
Anyway. Back to topic.

This was after many, many failed attempts. Dolphin's body is too round. It would be easier to ride if it was not so inflated. After the air is let out a bit.

I have a lot more photos but none in this computer so I upload them next time. The pool was empty except for us. It was a warm night and we brought plenty of liqour, beer and snacks. Add in the company of good friends and the night was perfect. Bliss.

Till next time. Bye~

Monday, 20 December 2010

Girl I Wanna Make You Sweat

Song of the day. More like song of the decade.

I don't know who sang this version. Youtube says it could be either:

1) Inner Circle - Sweat or

2) Bob Marley - Looking In Your Big Brown Eyes

I don't care. I first heard this song when I was in Form 1? Ya man what the hell am I doing listening to songs like this when I am 13 years old?!

My cousin gave me a cassette filled with songs like these. Other songs in the cassette includes Made in India, and I Wanna Fuck You, among many many others. I loved those songs btw dammit wish I still have the cassette.

No idea where it is now.

Anyway! I love this song! ♥

Lyrics are so super horny!!

I've been watching you
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
Come on
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong

Standing across the room I saw you smile
Said I wanna talk to you (woooo) for a little while
But before I make my move
My emotions start running wild
My tongue gets tied
And that's no lie
I'm looking in your eyes
I'm looking in your big brown eyes
(ooh yeah and I've got this to say to you hey)

Girl I want to make you sweat
Sweat till you cant sweat no more
And if you cry out,
Im gonna push it some mo-o-ore
Girl I want to make you sweat
Sweat till you cant sweat no more
And if you cry out,
Im gonna push it, push it push it some more
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
(come on)
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong

So I say to myself if she loves me or not
But the dread I know that love is here together
I put a little bit of this and a little bit of that
the lyrics goes on the attack
my tongue gets tied
and that's no lie
I'm looking in your eyes
I'm looking in your big brown eyes (ooh girl Ive got to say to you)
Hey !

Girl I want to make you sweat
Sweat till you cant sweat no more
And if you cry out,
Im gonna push it some mo-o-ore
Girl I want to make you sweat
Sweat till you cant sweat no more
And if you cry out,
Im gonna push it, push it push it some more
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
(ooh yeah)
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
(one more time)
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
(sing it)
alalalalalong alalalalalonglongleelonglonglong
(hey oohooh weee yeah)
eyes , im looking in your brown eyes

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dim Sum buffet at Toh Yuen

Dim Sum. Who doesn't love dim sum? I love it!

Too bad dim sum is not widely available in Kuching. Unless you count those at kopitiams. The only dim sum places I know of are: the one at Lok Thian, the Shanghai something on the top floor. Sorry I am not being very informative. I'm lousy at remembering names, especially when it is in Chinese.

Then there is the new place at 101. Don't know the name too. And er where else? Siang Siang and Expert kopitiams don't count ok.

But fear not! We have a new dim sum place in Kuching. Dim Sum buffet some more. At Toh Yuen restaurant at Hilton hotel.

You know how dim sums can be quite pricey when you eat outside. Try the Shanghai place at Lok Thian and order to your heart's content and guess how much would that cost you.

So its better if its a dim sum buffet where you don't have to worry about the price. Just eat eat eat nonstop.

The price is RM 45 ++ on weekends only. Available 1130am to 230pm.

This is the dining hall where all the selections are:

Another view..

Without further ado, let us go to the fooooddd:

Char Siew Pao is a must. Char Siew Pao in English is pork buns. BTW, Toh Yuen is a halal restaurant meaning no pork. Therefore, the pork must be chicken or something else. So fear not.

Btw, if char siew pao is a must, so is xiao long bao. Where are you?? Xiaolongbao in English is ermm..steamed buns. Smaller and filled with meat, vege and soup inside the buns. But it is more popular in Shanghai, China and Taiwan, I suppose.

Moving on. Steamed Squid Ball with Snow Fungus


Chicken dumpling with crab roe

This needs no further introduction. Siew mai is basically pork (or chicken in this case) or prawn dumplings. Served at every dim sum. No dim sum is complete without this.

This was part of the salad bar with salads, cold pasta and..

Salad prawns. This was good. Big juicy prawns. Nice..

Another section filled with pastries and dumplings mmm..

This is where your sesame balls, spring rolls, real authentic chicken and chive dumplings, yam balls, yam cake etc etc can be found..

There was also duck. Roast duck. Or to be more precise: PEKING ROAST DUCK!

Who serves Peking duck at dim sums? No one!!

Peking duck can get quite pricey at restaurants. No shit. Ask Li Garden Oops. No lar. Seriously. It can't be cheap, just knowing how much work, time and effort it takes to prepare this dish.

I don't know exactly but if you must, google it peeps. I just know how to eat.

First, prepare some pancakes. Spread it out like so and add on that awesome crispy roasted duck. Mostly the skin and a little meat and add on some spring onions and what not. Also not forgetting the sauce. Plum sauce and something else to add that zest.

And voila.

The sauce is what adds the zest to this dish. When I asked, what sauce is this? The chef smiled and said Peking duck sauce. Okay. Obviously that is the closest I can get. Oh well. It is good!

A break from all that food.

Speaking of sauces, these were the sauces available:

I didn't notice the names but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Tomato and chili sauce. Mayonnaise and something that looks suspiciously like sambal. Heh. Just saying btw. I am just guessing. No way to vouch for the truth now..

Anyway, if you are still not full after all that food, they also have mee hoon..

I thought it was spicy enough. John and Yien both said it was not spicy enough. Oh well. I always knew that I am a spicy food noob. That aside, the mee hoon was gooooood!

Chicken feet.

I don't eat chicken feet. Yea, this is the part where you roll ur eyes and go: whaaat? You went for dim sum and didn't try chicken feet? Are u even Chinese? I assure u that I am not. Iban to be exact. Heh heh.

Porridge in case you were looking for it.

Hong Kong style congee with century egg and chicken to be exact. Even the name sounds good. HK style don't play play. Hehe.

Something else I must have at dim sums is:

Chee Cheong Fan!

It is basically rolls of flat rice noodles filled with either pork (or chicken in this case) or prawn, eaten with shrimp paste, belacan and chili with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. At Toh Yuen, the cheong fan I had was filled with chicken bits. I prefer prawn though..

Last but not least, its dessert time.

When Amelie said please remember to leave room for the mango pudding ok, I thought ok. *Shrugs* I always leave room for dessert anyway. No biggie.

Then someone said that the last time she was here, she had 5 bowls of this mango pudding, and someone else said she had three. I was VERY SKEPTICAL and somewhat wtf?!


Ehh no seriously. I am a dessert freak. Ask anyone in my family or my friends!

This is good! Good stuff!!! It was rich without being too overpowering. Sweet but not over the top. Yummmy and makes me wanna have a second bowl. But ahhh calories! Woe is me..

Err yea. Down to earth Amy.

Right where was I? Dim sums are quite rich though and after all that you need a good cup of tea to wash it down..

Time to exercise more and forget about calories count today bimbo! Heh.

Do try out the buffet lunch though. It is only available on weekends! Perfect cos all the more time to nom nom nom from 1130 to 230. If I had the stomach, I would clean out the peking duck.

If I was a guy and don't need to worry about my figure or waist line, I would have MORE THAN 5 bowls of mango pudding. WTF! Hahha. No lar kidding.

OK Bye!