Sunday, 12 December 2010


Its another Sunday! After lunch, Kevin and I did some chores around the house while Winnie escaped upstairs to study.

On a typical Sunday, I would be here sitting in front of the computer blogging. Cos got nothing else to do. Unless its time for my monthly facial. Sunday's are also time to do stuff we don't normally have time to do. Such as clean the new house, go shopping like some old married couple for furniture, and then now, wedding stuff.

But today he is busy and I am home. So, here are some (boring) photos of my life:

This was probably last weekend where we had time to go shopping. And have dessert.

At Jalan Song. Dessert Paradise. It was ok..Not really my thing.

My type of dessert paradise is called Secret Recipe..

This was good though. The honeydew ice cream. Yum. And bits of honeydew melon. Some pearls. Watermelon with bits of seeds inside. So mahuan to eat. But the overall combination was good on a hot day in Kuching. Very cool and refreshing.

Some honeydew ice cream with sago. Nice. Yea, abit honeydew galore cos cs loves honeydew.

Me? I don't mind. If he likes it, I like it lar. He finishes up my food anyway.

Green Gallery is so kiasu. Filled with Christmas trees and decorations.

Also filled with people. Makes shopping a bit difficult without accidentally knocking over some stuff. Was so tempted to buy a christmas tree and haul it home too. year la.

The tree should be moulting by the time you put it at home..haha.

I sound like I am complaining don't I? Sorry I don't mean it. I just don't know what to write as captions.

We went to Chef at Home at Hui Sing. And fell in love with this dessert below:


Full of chocolatey goodness. Warm from the oven and oozing chocolate. it with ice cream. MMmmmmm...

I feel like google-ing a recipe for this. I don't know the name but chocolate lava cake sounds close enough. MMmm..

Btw is google-ing correct? Cos googling sounds wrong. Whatever.

As you can see from the photo, both my arms are red and swollen. Like some nasty rash or allergy eh.

But noooo...I got this from a Wii session. Ya I know man. I am such a disgrace to myself. I so need to work out more often .

This was the result of one session of wrestling. I won!! Haha I beat cs' ass. So worth it.

He won in tennis though. The way he plays tennis is so like badminton. Since I refuse to play with him, and also cos of my arms' condition, he had to play with the er..machine.

Believe it or not, my arms are still aching today. It it time to join a yoga class. Work out more often..

I know I have a treadmill at home but I am so lazy. I have not stepped on it this whole week. Might start tonight. I have not been swimming for 2 weeks. Oh man. Don't ask me how much I weigh. I am afraid to step on the scale. Sorry I am so shallow.

OK bye.

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