Monday, 27 December 2010

Xmas Eve buffet at Four Points

So, Xmas is over and done with for another year.. Cs and I have just celebrated our two years anniversary. Where has the time gone?

I wrote about our 1st anniversary here last year. *click*

This Friday is New Year's Eve. Last year, I went to Sarawak Club to ring in the new year. This Friday, we will all be there again. Read here! *click*

Yesterday was our two year anniversary. It was like any other day. We had lunch together at home. As I laid down on his lap and we chit chatted about Astro, his new laptop, our wedding etc..I had trouble believing that we have only been together for 2 years. We are so comfortable together.

Mum once said that cs and I are like an old married couple wtf! This is not good news, is it? Haha. Whatever. Better to be an old married couple than what I dunno. Err..ah lian and ah beng?!

We went to Damai btw, to celebrate. Photos next time.

I wanted to talk about Xmas first!

Pretty nails for Xmas. Mum came home with a beautiful pedicure and I tried to imitate it. That is where I get all my nail ideas from. Plagiarised from mum's pedicures from the shop. Heh.

Mum's nails were painted white, with silver by the side. The rest of the nail were striped, like a zebra's coat. It looked gorgeous so I tried to imitate it somewhat.

And this is what I managed to come up with. No zebra print. That's for next time.

So on Xmas eve, we and a bunch of friends went to Four Points for the buffet! It was RM 79 ++ per person, which adds up to about RM 90 nett.


Cs looks unprepared probably cos he was eating halfway. I kept aiming the camera at ourselves, hoping to get a decent shot but he just kept nom nom noming away. =.= Men.

There was a band serenading us throughout dinner. The place was packed full! Amazing. The dining hall is quite huge and yet it was full. A lot of people queuing for food. And as such the hall was quite noisy, so I have no idea what songs the band were singing.

Err.. Christmas Carols? Or normal songs? Even though I snapped this photo, sorry lar. Sing louder next time k wtf. haha

This was the candy section! For the kids I suppose but that didn't stop me going back again and again checking to see if they refilled the candy canes yet! Heh.

Cs found one candy cane lying on the table and brought it back to me. So I kept going back trying to get my hands on some more.

By the end of the night then I realized! OH! The candy cane must have belonged to some other poor kid. The fake Santa Claus strolling around was the only guy handing out candy canes to kids. It was not in this section.

Sorry kiddo. Why did you leave your candy lying around? Che che is teaching you a lesson by taking your candy. Karma! Hahaha evil evil evil!!

No lar, I only realized this after I left the restaurant okay. I am not that evil..

This is ah ong and nana plus ah ong's xmas tree hat. The hat attracted a lot of attention that night.

Sal-mon galore! Eat your heart out!

I love these desserts in little dishes. They look almost too good to eat. Almost. I said almost okay. Of course I ate them in the end.

This was the best! Sorry no photos of how it looks like inside. I gobbled it up. And then realized I forgot to take photo. These are Crystal's desserts haha.

This was so so only..

So is this. But still pretty.

From left, Nana, John, Ping and See Luan. With our pile of presents!

Cs and I both gave out a bottle of sparkling juice each, and some chocs. I received a candle lighting thingy (which I love)! Been wanting to get one for ages cos I love candles and love an occasion to light a candle, and sometimes light candles for no reason around the house.

Cs got a little pillow from Ong. John received a Christmas card and RM 10 cash, Nana and See Luan got facial masks, and Crystal got a body lotion from Garnier, and I can't remember the other gifts. :)

There was also a noodle section. Cs had some DIY laksa!

With yellow noodles and mushrooms. Hmm..

There. That's the candy cane I was after hehe.

And cs is ignoring me again. Eating again. Eat non stop and still so thin. Actually, he gained a total of 12 kg ever since we got together.. 12 kg in 24 months. That's not bad eh.

I don't know how he survived before me! Why was he not eating?!

I need a camwhore buddy.

Alvin and Wee Lee's daughter: Jia Jia. She has a lot of aunties and uncles all wanting to carry her and play with her every time we go out now.

She is so kwai btw. Never cry and shout or scream outside. And whenever Alvin hands her food, she just eats them. So kwai. No spitting them out or throwing them anywhere..

From left: Boon, Nicholas, Ong and Nana.

After dinner, we went to the pool side to take some more photos. Finally cs has stopped eating!!

After dinner, a bunch of us went to Kings Arm for the countdown. It was full but not too crowded. Very nice change from bar Zing last year where we were all squashed and pushed to one side. And everyone in a tiny table. Grr.

Anyway. Xmas is over for another year. The Xmas songs playing everywhere last week has changed to Chinese New Year songs. Green Gallery has changed its deco to big red lanterns already! We went there on Boxing Day and had a laugh at how fast they moved!

Chinese New Year is a-comin. And I am so much more excited for this!


Karen Eva Chin said...

We were singing a combination of carols and circular songs. Four Points Eatery isn't a nightclub so don't except loud music. We got a feedback from the customers that the vocals were too loud. Why so passionate with the 'wtf'? LOL. Take a chill pill.

Karen Eva Chin (need to bitch some more? send me hatemail here cos I won't come back to your blog)

Amy said...

HAHAHHAAH funny actually. Touchy touchy. I said that the hall was packed full, hence I couldn't hear the music (from where I was sitting). How is that wrong?

Seriously though, I wasn't criticizing u or your singing. Take a chill pill urself! :)