Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Snippets of 03.09.2011

So here are some photos taken by Doris' camera. I'm typing from my phone again. So progress is sloe. I mean slow. Bear with me..

Also, photos are not in order. Damn. I still haven't got the hang of this yet. Will I ever?

Anyway. I shall try to explain as best I can. I wrote out a super long post of part 2 of my wedding, including the church ceremony and the night one, but I have no photos yet.

So, I'm stuck/reduced to writing like this. Oh, woe is me.

Refer to Part 1 of my wedding session here.

Like I mentioned before, we held the church reception at Riverside, the hotel ballroom itself. By about 1030 am, everyone gathered here to witness Cs and I saying our vows to each other. The blessing ceremony.

Awaiting the bride and groom's main entrance! Ehh wait no lah! My dad gave me away. Silly. I forgot. Dad walked me in and handed me "away" to cs.

I thought I would be shy/awkward to walk arm in arm with dad. That either one of us would be shy, but surprisingly we both were actually "giggling" together at the door.

I had to estimate how long the march in song was, and I kept reminding dad not to walk too fast in. He laughed with me, saying that he has never walked this slow before in his whole life.

Yeah, in case you were wondering why daddy and I were laughing throughout the walk in. We were talking about our steps. At some point, I was worried that we were walking too slowly and that the song might finish halfway before I arrived, so I asked dad to walk faster.

He laughed again, saying are u sure? You told me to walk slowly. By the time he reached cs, dad was telling cs: she keep telling me to walk slow, and then fast.

I post photos when I have them. Heh heh.

church reception

Cs and I staring off into the distance. I think the choir/band was playing/singing by then. So we are looking at the projector screen for the lyrics.

We owe quite a lot to the church to help us out btw. They rehearsed and picked out the songs. Pastor Jerry and a few others came to the rehearsal with us, decided on the speeches, the vows etc. All Cs and I did was basically, show up.

So, a big Thank You to Pastor Jerry, Aunty Lily, and the rest. Too many to mention. They even brought the projector from church, now I think of it.

A few of the bridesmaids/grooms men dunno doing what. Haha..Doris took this photo. I'm guessing that at this moment, we are all still waiting for the arrival of the guests.

Our bridal suite at the hotel and my dress for the night. I love this photo taken by her. It feels sort of romantic somehow..

This photo is edited by me. The first photo on the left was taken at the end of the night. Photo stolen off ermm..either Cherling or Angelo's photo album. I forgot. I copied photos from many friends who attended our wedding that day, but forgot now. Kudos to them!

Anyway, first photo was taken at the end of the night. Most of the guests have left. Left behind are the very close friends and relatives. By the end of the night, cs is walking around holding a jug of beer. It is full, then empty, then refilled again, and empty and on and on. Hence, his red face. Haha. This was in addition to the whiskey's he had.

Top right photo is the photo of our signature book from Hollywood bridal. For some reason, nobody signed in it. Probably too pretty to touch. Heh. I meant the album design ah. Ahh stuff like this isn't important. Guests signed on other signature books provided by the hotel, but after 03.09, I haven't seen even a glimspe of them.

The pretty signature book is now at my parent's house. Sitting pretty. Untouched.

Bottom right photo are cupcakes. The bride and groom figure on top are also a cake by themselves. These very pricey cupcakes and cake are a gift from my brother-in-law, Jerrick and wife! :) Thanks!

Jerrick was reminding me to take home the cake, don't let it go to waste, ask your friends to have some more cake because, the cupcakes cost RM 5 each ahh, and the cake on top costs RM 100 plus!! lol. So yea, we did bring the remainder home. Nice..

Oops photo not in order. This was at the church reception/lunch again. As you can see, the tables are set up nicely behind, that is where we had the buffet lunch afterwards. Nice candid shot. I like!

Doris took this photo of me after the lunch gathering. After everyone had left, those who were staying over night at the hotel went to check in, and those good friends who were not staying overnight, went to the spa and came to kepo. Haha. :) Joke of couse.

I was so tired by then already. But gawdd (I like this - taken from Winnie), my hair! It took sooooooooooooooo long to untangle that mess. While I was in the shower, a couple more hairpins fell out.

I was looking forward to a 30 minute nap at least. But le sigh. No time!

OK that's it. Update more next time..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

10 day challenge: 5 foods

1) Pizza. Especially stuffed crust but I eat just about any type of pizza and/or crust. If it wasn't so fattening, I would eat it more often. As it is, I had to stop eating pizza for a month before my big day. The day after, I dragged cs to have pizza with me! :)

2) Sushi, sashimi, Japanese food in general. I had a hard time deciding which should be number 1 on my list, but if I was honest with myself, pizza ranks ahead.

To tell the truth, for my birthday, my choice of food would normally be Japanese food or pizza or both. What what? Don't tell me you celebrate once only?

3) Taiwan street food. Maybe cos I'm missing Taiwan. Emo sial. Oyster mee sua, fried chicken, and actually I can't think of anything right now. Oh yea, that beef noodles on the sizzling hot plate, and the noodles are actually pasta. Beef on top of the noodles refers to steak, not chunks of meat like in beef noodles here in Kuching. I miss that.

Tried to Google it. This is what I'm talking about. Click to read!

4) Bread. Yea, I love the smell of freshly baked bread. I love bread, period. Why did Delizze shut down!

5) Fruits. I love the smell of fresh strawberries too. Actually I've run out of food that's why I said this. But really the smell of strawberries when you open the plastic bag. Nicee..

Monday, 26 September 2011

Cooking attempts

Because i realized that photo below of my tuna pasta salad looks quite er..unappetizing. are some photos to document my cooking.

This is my attempt at coleslaw. Healthy indeed! :) I took the recipe from kimberlycun and modified a bit i.e. less mayo and no nutmeg but instead used mix herbs and lemon juice instead of vinegar. Worked out fine and I feel healthier eating this, instead of my staple mee goreng for lunch in the office.

I loved KFC's coleslaw recipe so i went to google it up. There were many claims to be the "original" kfc coleslaw recipe. From what i can tell, the kfc coleslaw recipe all includes about 1 or 1/3 cup of granulated sugar, milk AND buttermilk, in addition to other stuff.

This revelation kind put me off from eating their coleslaw in future. Too much sugar. Haih better make my own. Cheap and easy!

Fried noodles attempt: a success! I don't exactly remember the exact ingredients. Hmm from the photo below (I really have no talent in taking food photos lah haih), you can see eggs, carrots, cabbage and hot dogs. Recipe was googled from a few websites, and modified slightly to whatever I had in my pantry again.

I also made potato salad. Also credits to Kimberly again. Thanks btw! :) I always wanted to try out her recipes cos she makes it look so easy and delicious. Lihai.

Yum! I added hot dog to the potato salad so I could eat it as a main meal, instead of as a side. More filling. :)

I would like to cook more often but for now, we haven't really settled into a routine yet. Both sets of parents wants us to go back for dinner or tapau food for us, and I want to try to cook my own meals, and at the same time, some times all I want is grab a takeout and go home to rest.

So yea, I need to set up a routine real soon..

And that's it for now. More updates next time.

Friday, 23 September 2011


I tried blogging from my phone. All photos from my phone, but then it turned out to be too much of a hassle, or I'm not used to blogging from my phone yet. Aahh anyway I gave up and used the laptop instead. /shamefaced. Oh well.

So, I made tuna pasta salad for my lunch on Friday. (Practicing healthy living and living up to my words of eating less instant noodles these days) Even boiled an egg to go with it. Healthy. But in my hurry to get to work on time, I forgot to pack a fork or spoon. Brilliant work sister!

Btw, I realized trying to eat healthy in Kuching can get quite pricey. Haih. I want to drink more milk and yoghurt, and fruits in the hopes that I can go to toilet easier. Some more, when trying to cook at home, buying all the ingredients are quite expensive.

Not expensive lah but it makes me think why don't we just go for a kolo mee/laksa/fried noodles etc for RM 3.50/4.00. Much cheaper, less hassle to cook, and simple food to just get it over with.Particularly for dinner when both of us are already tired and on nights when he has to rush off to work again. Boo. Oh well, at least I try. I will keep trying especially when I get my oven! :)

Thanks to Xiaxue and her apps (haha), Winnie and I are on a photo editing spree. I've downloaded photography apps such as leme leme and instagram but never the face makeover or facecam she recommended. Its so easy to use.

This photo of Cherrie below is edited using Instagram and Princess Cam. Also another app recommended by Xiaxue. Its very cutesy and fun to use. As you can see, Cherrie looks so much cuter now. Haha. Miss the lil cutie.

Here are a few more examples below. This is a before photo of Emily.

After photo of Emily. Ya, I know its way too bright. I'm very lazy when it comes to editing still. Lazy to tweak and learn more from the apps. :)

Unlike Winnie. Maybe her app got more features. This is her before photo:

Winnie after. Added lightening features, skin looks smoother. I think she also added liquify cos her face looks slimmer too. Apparently you can make your eyes bigger too. Kinda cool. Never knew it was that easy to edit photos. :)

Btw, in case you ever wanted to know the difference between camera quality of an iPhone 4 vs HTC Sensation, observe:

This is a photo taken with my iPhone 4. Horrific. My skin looks yellowish from the flash. I don't mean that the camera is that bad. Most of the other photos turn out okay, not that bad.

But actually most of my photos are of food, or I add leme effects or sepia or what not. So, I never noticed. But that day cs happened to take this photo of me with my phone, and then one more with his phone. Look at the difference:

Taken with iPhone 4.

Taken with HTC Sensation.

If you don't know already, HTC Sensation comes with 8 mega pixels, compared with iPhone's 5 MP. HTC also has dual LED flash at the back whereas my phone has only one. I didn't think there would be such a difference.

Cs and I are constantly trying to compete with each other over who has the better phone/apps/design. Haih but in this end, its kinda obvious. Husband 1; wife 0.

Actually, I was no iPhone fan at all. I initially wanted to get the HTC Incredible S, but cs who wanted to buy it for me on my birthday said it was out of stock. That is why I got my iPhone 4. No complains. I love my phone. Hypocrite fail! :)

After adding face cam, and princess cam. Voila!

This is another edited photo of the three of us, coincidentally all dressed in hot pink! Winnie and I were attending a wedding. Cs sent me from home, and Winnie went with Kevin, and mum went out with dad. Anyway, it was totally unplanned lah.

I'm so behind on my 10 day challenge. I'll get going on that soon. And if you're wondering where the hell are my wedding photos, its because I haven't got them yet! Waahhh..bawls endlessly. Its only my big day, no big deal. I'm in no hurry to see them really. Waaahh..

Wipes tears and takes big breath..


OK bye.

Monday, 19 September 2011

6 Places!!

6 places! Before I start, I know 6 isn't enough already! There are so many places I want to go to.

If only I can apparate and disapparate, and take people along with me!! Or be a teleporter. Ahh how nice..

1) Maldives. Maldives. Maldives. Again and again. Or Seychelles would be nice too.

Heaven. Paradise.

This is Seychelles. I'm a sucker for beautiful beaches, soft white sandy shores, and crystal clear waters.

Actually, Mexico would be nice too. Mmmmmm..I'm thinking of that resort in the Sex and the city movie, where Carrie and the girls went on Carrie's honeymoon.

2) Venice. I have always wanted to go to Venice, Italy. But when I was in London and looking for people to go with me, there was no one. Nifer had already been there, and Shirley didn't want to. So there. :(

I'm gettin' on that gondola! Someday!

Now I'm stuck whining to cs about this, hoping and wishing one day he would relent. :)

3) Rome, Italy. Because I have to make a wish at the Trevi fountain. And it will come true..

And to visit the Colloseum.

Actually, I want to go and explore Italy. I want to walk everywhere, take photos and sit in a cafe sipping cappuccino, served with a slice of tiramisu.

I also want to go to the Vatican City and meet the Pope, and go to Florence..just to see what the fuss is about. But mostly Venice and Rome. But anyway, let's move on.

4) Toyko, Japan. Because of the food (all the different types of sushi/sashimi etc etc), technology (to use their full fledged bathroom, among other things!), and so on and so forth..

I also want to go to Kyoto and take a photo with a geisha. :)

For now, I think its difficult (for me) to go to Japan because of language barriers. Unless you know someone who can take you around, or follow a tour.

5) Iceland. To stay in the ice hotel. Just because not many people have been there. Haha.

As I googled for this image, I realized a lot of other places have ice hotels, including Sweden and Canada.

6) Canada. To see the Niagara Falls. I read about it in a novel, and ever since, I've really wanted to go. It sounded amazing.

Niagara falls by night. Pretty awesome eh?

I'm sure there are more. I just can't think of anymore right now. When I'm down in Popular bookstore, I always flip through the 501 places to go/beaches to see/natural wonders of the world etc.

What I have listed above here are the far off places that are out of reach. Heh heh. The places that I want to go to, within reach are:

1) Bangkok, Thailand - heard so many people raving about Chatuchak market that I must go. Cs and I are planning a trip sometime next year. Yay to Air Asia! :)

2) Taiwan (been there few times before already but I miss Taiwan so much. I want to go back! I want to hear the sound of the garbage truck (they play a song so that residents know when to come out with the garbage - do they still do that?!), to go to Shih lin for shopping, eat proper oyster mee sua with the intestines in it (I don't eat the intestines, I pick them out and pass to mum but I like knowing its there..its authentic! :)), have breakfast in the breakfast shop. I can go on and on about this. Ahhh memories indeed.

I'm going in Jan btw. :) With cs and his family! So happy!! SO excited! In winter some more! I can wear boots again!

3) Bali.

OK time to stop I think. The list will just keep growing if I don't stop myself NOW. Bye.

Seven wants

I should have been updating everyday, but I've been lazy. So, I'll do two today!

Seven wants:

1) Money. $$$ Yes, very materialistic and honest. :) Without money, how are we going to survive? What will we eat, and how to pay the bills? As we are living alone now, we start to appreciate how expensive things are, such as aircon and electricity bills. Argh.

And I never realized how much food two people have to go through in a week. Haha. Now, I constantly think of what we're going to eat for dinner, supper, breakfast and lunch! T__T

2) To go on a holiday!! I'm counting down the days to Phuket and Hong Kong!! Can't wait!!

3) To go on more holidays! Btw, Air Asia cheap fairs coming up the next two days I think. I wanna go somewhere.

4) An auto gate, because opening and closing the gate is a bitch. In the sun and in the rain! :(
Yes, cs can do it and I can stay in the car, but then I get guilty so we alternate.

5) A tv in the bedroom, so we can stay watch drama until we both fall asleep. Hahah cos we're too tired (read: lazy) to walk up that long flight of stairs to go to bed. /lazy

6) Shoes, clothes, accessories. In short, a major shopping trip. But I'm saving up for Phuket and HK. Oh, woe is me.

7) Still got ah? I'm running out of wants. How can a person want so much? I sound bloody greedy already, even to myself. :)

But I suppose, more money can't hurt! Ka-ching!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Updates on life now.

10 days challenge aside. I really want to talk about something more close to heart. Where to start hmm..

Last week, when it was all still very fresh..I laid in bed and watched cs snore, before I fell asleep. I smiled to myself because I can't believe we're married. Wow. When did that happen?

The whole of last week, I woke up once every night, because I was woken up by his snores. But I fell asleep immediately after, so no big deal.

Today, it is two weeks since we've been married. I'm getting more and more used to life together now. But I still don't like it when he goes to work at night or on Saturdays, and I'm left alone. The house seems too quiet and I keep hearing sounds. I know, silly. =.=

Both sets of parents are quite worried (I sense) about our diet. What do we eat these days, and are we getting enough nutrition.

My parents ask me to go home to eat and to go out for dinner with them. Cs' parents as well. Cs' mum in particular packs food and drinks for us two days in a row. Food such as rice, chicken wings, ngo hiam, liang teh etc etc that can last us for a week!

We are both so incredibly lucky.. Both sets of parents are worried we would starve to death! Haha!

Give me some credit lah!! I did make some fried noodles, fried rice and pasta salad(s) by myself ok. Cs, he sleeps while I cook, which is actually what I prefer.. No photos because they are in my phone still. :)

The only photo I have for now. Proof! Evidence! I am not useless after all. Heh heh.

I want to continue on but its 6pm and I really have to go get dressed for dinner and drinks. Drinks, because daddy apparently asked me to go out with them tonight. Again. :)

No complains though. Bye!

10 day challenge: 8 fears

1) Pain. Physically and emotionally. Aih pain covers almost everything. Pain from being hurt/injured. Pain of losing loved ones.

2) Watching loved ones being in pain. Also both physically and emotionally.

3) Rats and lizards. Highlight if you want to read it.

I hate even writing down the names of those two things I fear. Argh. When I encounter the first one in public, I almost always make a scene and embarrass myself (and cs, I think)..

Allow me to explain. I have an example. Once upon a time, cs and I went to Happy Garden/Valley (I think that is the name) for dinner. Its the one opposite Crown Towers. That restaurant in a house.

So we were both enjoying our dinner. I was chatting happily oblivious, when cs suddenly said: Amy, I'm going to tell you something. He was very serious, and of course I immediately tensed. What what?

He said: there is a rat over there. I followed his eyes and what I saw was this huge fat rat running to our table from the drain!

I didn't think about it! I must have let out a scream and pushed the chair out and ran out from the restaurant. Leaving cs alone at the table.

I waited by the car for him to come out. Poor cs. According to him later, people were all watching him, he heard some people speculating, whether we were quarreling or what, and was I crying when I left. =.= kepo.

So cs paid the bill and came out to look for me. The taukenio/lady boss apparently noticed the rat because she apologized to cs for it. T___T

That was the last time I went to Happy Valley/Garden. (Forgot the name).

4) Falling sick and throwing up. I kinda dread being pregnant because I might throw up every morning for at least three months. T____T

My friend who is currently about 5 months pregnant tells me that she still throws up very often these days. And it gets very bad.. Scaring me to bits.

And I know not everyone throws up. I have another friend (Hi Nana) who didn't throw up even once throughout her pregnancy. So nice. Wish I'm like her in the future. :)

5) Heights. OK, actually not so much but I'm out of things to say. I don't really have an issue with this when I was younger (damn that makes me sound old), but nowadays I find I get a bit weak in the knees when I try to imagine myself bungee jumping. :)

6) So many things to fear ah? Voldermort come back to live!! Hahaha wtf!

7) Dementors because everyone says so. wtf again.

8) Above all, losing loved ones. Repeating this because this is the biggest fear.


Don't know if I can finish the 10 day challenge or not because the questions seem a bit boring and repetitive.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

10 day challenge: 9 loves

To continue off with the 10 day challenge.

9 loves:

1) My family, my loved ones, cs.

2) Cherrie. Little fatty/cutie deserves a special spot even though she's such a bitch. Ha!

3) My life, I feel very blessed.

4) Food: sushi, pizza, salads, and shamefully maggi mee/mee goreng! Fail. =.=

5) Black eye shadow make up, black gel eyeliner, that still somehow looks neat. Can't think of anything to write. This is off the top of my head.

6) Public holidays. Like tomorrow! :)

7) I can only think of materialistic things now: money (without which, there would be no beautiful things), travel and holidays, and so on and so forth.

8) Lying on my bed all wrapped up: snug and comfortable. Especially when its raining heavily.

9) Books. Never ending supply of books for me to read.

Actually this is a very general list isn't it? I suppose most people's list would be more or less the same. :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10 day challenge

I came across this on the web and decided to this 10 day challenge. I saw something similar to this in Kimberly's blog, but this looks easier to answer. Since I'm bored now, here we go:

Today, here are 10 secrets from me:

1) I suspect I might be in Slytherin house, if I'm placed under the sorting hat. But I would choose to go to Gryffindor in the end, like Harry. Do the right thing!

2) I'm very self conscious and not at all confident in public.

3) I really like to cook/bake but haven't had the chance to at home. Now I do! :)

4) Given a chance, most of the time, I would rather read than watch a movie. Novels. I don't really like comics.

5) I wasn't a good student at all and I didn't get good grades throughout high school. The only motivation to get me studying in college and uni was the high resit fee to pay when you fail. Yikes!

6) I like to dress up, put on make up, curl my hair and look pretty, like any other girl. Only, I do it at night. I don't know why. I seem to come alive at night. In the day time, I drift around looking like a ghost. Not good.

7) I like swimming, sunsets, the beach, and the sound of the waves.

8) I have a soft spot for cute, short, and very furry little dogs.

9) I have been told that I am very different before and after alcohol. I think its a bad thing.

10) I am a very quiet person in real life, and I suspect only cs really knows the real me.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Now and then

Photos from my phone. They tell the stories of my everyday life. Cs is now watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - part 2. I have watched it already, and somehow watching the movie for a second time is really not very appealing. I keep comparing it to the book. Hmm..An hour more to go.

So how is married life?

Earlier today while we were in the shower, my bf husband turned to me and asked: are we really married? I smiled then because I still feel like that too. We do everything together, and we are still getting used to life together. But it feels surreal. Sept 3rd already feels like it has happened a long time ago.

I'm loving the apps on my phone. So much that I'm abusing leme leme, instagram, photo stitch and the captions! Heh. Kah Ling is right. I have a new addition - comic.

Yah, very vain shot.

Brought the car for a carwash. It was still Raya holidays and most carwash shops are closed, if not full. So we sat there for at least one hour waiting for the car. Grrr!! Too damn long.

Hence this photo.

This was taken at Riverside, after the morning church session. It took soo long to get rid of all the pins in my hair (its like looking for a needle(s) in a haystack), and washing all that hairspray out. Knots and bee hives in my hair. It took at least 30 mins (serious no joke!) just to wash it all out.

So we had about 20 mins left to ourselves before I had to go for hair and makeup again. =.= Looong day..:)

And I took these photos in the car in the morning of:

Kinda addicted to leme leme. :D

I have wanted a canopy bed for so long. I dreamed of it. I pestered him for it. I bought it.

Now I have it. I sleep under this with him every night, and it different! Hahaha wtf Amy! Women.

Turns out that what matters most is the person sleeping next to you, not the deco.

Super cute photo of Cherrie - this photo is my current wallpaper. I miss the little cutie.. I wonder does she miss me? Haih I wouldn't know really..Every time I go back with cs, Cherrie throws herself at cs and ignores me. Fail.

Half arsed update because I'm too tired to type. Really need to sleep now. Bye

Monday, 5 September 2011

And so we are married..

I'm at home enjoying a bottle of champagne with cs. The best feeling? That its all behind us now.. No more worries.. We went grocery shopping earlier today: bread, kaya, cheese, and what not. The difference now is that we drive home together, put away the groceries and do things together..

I really want to write a proper entry but cs is monopolizing (how to spell) the laptop so proper update tomoro. By then i should have stolen enough photos off fb! :)

My laptop - i'm waiting for some kind hearted soul to fix it for me..:( but these few days, cs was so busy, i have no heart to scold him for not being that kind hearted soul..

Niway..till then short updates like this will have to do. :)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

So for the second time today, i'm being left alone. In the hotel room this time. The honeymoon suite to be exact. Alone up here on the highest floor, i keep thinking i heard noises =.=

The rest of my family and friends are now welcoming the guests that arrive while i'm supposed to be up here hidden. Gulp. So i'm replying comments on fb ( if u were wondering why the bride is so free on her wedding day, this is why). I have an hour to waste again. Heh

Its been a long day already. I went to bed at abt 9 pm las night, fell asleep by abt 1030pm n woke up at 130am panicking. Tossed n turned in bed till 3 am when i gave up n went downstairs alone. My alarm was set for 330 anyway n the make up artist, photo n videographer were due to arrive at 4am. So early!!

Which also explains why there are 2 empty red bull cans in this room. One for cs, one for me. Its been years since my last can. Ahh exams, finals.. I miss u not..

Dont like being the only one up here. I get nervous n get myself all worked out when in fact other ppl are handling the stress right now even as i type this..

So relax. Deep breath.. Pretend you cant feel the stares.

Your compliments make me feel so humbled and shy. But happy nonetheless..

Wish me luck! :)
Listening to the screams of laughter makes my heart beat faster and faster.. So this is what it feels to be a modern day bride. I'm all dressed up waiting in the room as my bridesmaids, and relatives join in the fun and games.

Their hour is nearly up..

My groom is coming..

Friday, 2 September 2011

Ok finally its the day before.

How am i feeling? Kinda calm actually. A bit surreal like i cant believe this is happening. Is it really 3.9.11 tomoro?? Unbelievable. ( yea, i'm still marvelling at how fast time has flown by)..

Nervous, anticipation, stress.. Blahh i'm over it. The only thing that bothers me out of all this is that i have trouble sleeping, and i'm prone to running to the toilet when the rush of stress/nerves come. No, not to throw up. To err..shit. (shirley do u remember this! Haha so stupid)

What am i doing still blogging nw? Actually i'm waiting for the car deco to finish. Then i can pick up my wedding gown, flowers etc to go home.. I have abt an hour to waste nw..

Btw ..I'm loving my iphone (hypocrite).

Loving the apps. I'm beginning to (finally) understand why people are glued to their phones.

K bye