Monday, 19 September 2011

Seven wants

I should have been updating everyday, but I've been lazy. So, I'll do two today!

Seven wants:

1) Money. $$$ Yes, very materialistic and honest. :) Without money, how are we going to survive? What will we eat, and how to pay the bills? As we are living alone now, we start to appreciate how expensive things are, such as aircon and electricity bills. Argh.

And I never realized how much food two people have to go through in a week. Haha. Now, I constantly think of what we're going to eat for dinner, supper, breakfast and lunch! T__T

2) To go on a holiday!! I'm counting down the days to Phuket and Hong Kong!! Can't wait!!

3) To go on more holidays! Btw, Air Asia cheap fairs coming up the next two days I think. I wanna go somewhere.

4) An auto gate, because opening and closing the gate is a bitch. In the sun and in the rain! :(
Yes, cs can do it and I can stay in the car, but then I get guilty so we alternate.

5) A tv in the bedroom, so we can stay watch drama until we both fall asleep. Hahah cos we're too tired (read: lazy) to walk up that long flight of stairs to go to bed. /lazy

6) Shoes, clothes, accessories. In short, a major shopping trip. But I'm saving up for Phuket and HK. Oh, woe is me.

7) Still got ah? I'm running out of wants. How can a person want so much? I sound bloody greedy already, even to myself. :)

But I suppose, more money can't hurt! Ka-ching!

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