Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Snippets of 03.09.2011

So here are some photos taken by Doris' camera. I'm typing from my phone again. So progress is sloe. I mean slow. Bear with me..

Also, photos are not in order. Damn. I still haven't got the hang of this yet. Will I ever?

Anyway. I shall try to explain as best I can. I wrote out a super long post of part 2 of my wedding, including the church ceremony and the night one, but I have no photos yet.

So, I'm stuck/reduced to writing like this. Oh, woe is me.

Refer to Part 1 of my wedding session here.

Like I mentioned before, we held the church reception at Riverside, the hotel ballroom itself. By about 1030 am, everyone gathered here to witness Cs and I saying our vows to each other. The blessing ceremony.

Awaiting the bride and groom's main entrance! Ehh wait no lah! My dad gave me away. Silly. I forgot. Dad walked me in and handed me "away" to cs.

I thought I would be shy/awkward to walk arm in arm with dad. That either one of us would be shy, but surprisingly we both were actually "giggling" together at the door.

I had to estimate how long the march in song was, and I kept reminding dad not to walk too fast in. He laughed with me, saying that he has never walked this slow before in his whole life.

Yeah, in case you were wondering why daddy and I were laughing throughout the walk in. We were talking about our steps. At some point, I was worried that we were walking too slowly and that the song might finish halfway before I arrived, so I asked dad to walk faster.

He laughed again, saying are u sure? You told me to walk slowly. By the time he reached cs, dad was telling cs: she keep telling me to walk slow, and then fast.

I post photos when I have them. Heh heh.

church reception

Cs and I staring off into the distance. I think the choir/band was playing/singing by then. So we are looking at the projector screen for the lyrics.

We owe quite a lot to the church to help us out btw. They rehearsed and picked out the songs. Pastor Jerry and a few others came to the rehearsal with us, decided on the speeches, the vows etc. All Cs and I did was basically, show up.

So, a big Thank You to Pastor Jerry, Aunty Lily, and the rest. Too many to mention. They even brought the projector from church, now I think of it.

A few of the bridesmaids/grooms men dunno doing what. Haha..Doris took this photo. I'm guessing that at this moment, we are all still waiting for the arrival of the guests.

Our bridal suite at the hotel and my dress for the night. I love this photo taken by her. It feels sort of romantic somehow..

This photo is edited by me. The first photo on the left was taken at the end of the night. Photo stolen off ermm..either Cherling or Angelo's photo album. I forgot. I copied photos from many friends who attended our wedding that day, but forgot now. Kudos to them!

Anyway, first photo was taken at the end of the night. Most of the guests have left. Left behind are the very close friends and relatives. By the end of the night, cs is walking around holding a jug of beer. It is full, then empty, then refilled again, and empty and on and on. Hence, his red face. Haha. This was in addition to the whiskey's he had.

Top right photo is the photo of our signature book from Hollywood bridal. For some reason, nobody signed in it. Probably too pretty to touch. Heh. I meant the album design ah. Ahh stuff like this isn't important. Guests signed on other signature books provided by the hotel, but after 03.09, I haven't seen even a glimspe of them.

The pretty signature book is now at my parent's house. Sitting pretty. Untouched.

Bottom right photo are cupcakes. The bride and groom figure on top are also a cake by themselves. These very pricey cupcakes and cake are a gift from my brother-in-law, Jerrick and wife! :) Thanks!

Jerrick was reminding me to take home the cake, don't let it go to waste, ask your friends to have some more cake because, the cupcakes cost RM 5 each ahh, and the cake on top costs RM 100 plus!! lol. So yea, we did bring the remainder home. Nice..

Oops photo not in order. This was at the church reception/lunch again. As you can see, the tables are set up nicely behind, that is where we had the buffet lunch afterwards. Nice candid shot. I like!

Doris took this photo of me after the lunch gathering. After everyone had left, those who were staying over night at the hotel went to check in, and those good friends who were not staying overnight, went to the spa and came to kepo. Haha. :) Joke of couse.

I was so tired by then already. But gawdd (I like this - taken from Winnie), my hair! It took sooooooooooooooo long to untangle that mess. While I was in the shower, a couple more hairpins fell out.

I was looking forward to a 30 minute nap at least. But le sigh. No time!

OK that's it. Update more next time..


Anonymous said...

that thing is a book?? i thought it was just a super huge photo frame thingy!! -winnie-

Amy said...

yea its a pretty signature book, not a photo frame hehe.