Saturday, 30 April 2011

Baking frenzy

I have been craving cakes, cookies, sweets for some time. I went to Secret Recipe a few nights ago, for a slice of cheese cake and that helped stopped the cravings temporarily.

But, now. I still want some more chocolate-y food. So I Googled some recipes!

I found two recipes to make: a chocolate brownie cake, and a white chocolate raspberry muffin! Both from Karen Cheng.

My chocolate brownie cake is a success so I shall share the recipe here! Very easy to make, and takes such a short time to get ready. Simple ingredients!

250 grams butter

1 1/2 cup sugar (I used caster sugar)

3/4 cup cocoa

3 eggs

1 1/4 cups plain flour

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

a handful of Rolos (I used Cadbury chocolate mousse - works just as well)

So, how to make?

First, you slowly melt butter and sugar on a saucepan on low heat until sugar is dissolved.

Remember to turn off
the fire once well mixed together before you stir in the flour, eggs, vanilla.

The saucepan was still on low heat while I added in the flour, eggs and vanilla. Realized my mistake as the egg white turned well, white!!!! Shittt!!! My eggs! They are cooking!

So I hastily scooped the whole thing into a big mixing bowl to stir. Hehe. Once well mixed, pour it into a well greased pan.

At this point, throw in the Cadbury chocolate that you cut up. I didn't cut it much, just break it into little pieces.

Brownies cake! Delicious!!

That lump of thing you see is chocolate! The chocolate I dumped in at the last minute, that I didn't cut up properly. But it is still love! So sinful, so delicious. Big chunk of chocolate in my fresh out of the oven brownie..mmmm...heaven in a bite!

It is really simple to make. Hell, even if I can make it (with partially cooked egg some more haha, so can you. :)


I also decided to make raspberry and white chocolate muffins. This was also taken from Karen Cheng's website. While she rocked the recipe, I didn't. Fail fail fail.

I blame it on Boulevard. They didn't have the ingredients I needed. I wanted self raising flour. Boulevard don't have, or maybe they have but I have no idea where they stock it! So, I used wheat flour with baking powder. Because some website suggested I use this as substitute for self raising flour.

Boulevard also don't sell raspberries or strawberries at all! None! Nada! No fresh, no frozen! Grr..twarted! But I still really wanted to make those muffins, so I used err..fresh strawberry jam.

Needless to say, big mistake! Haih my muffins turned out to be tooo moist and it tasted really off. Actually, I didn't even taste it. I threw them away. What a waste.

When they still look ok in the oven.

Not too bad right, slightly roasted only.

I left them in the oven longer because I could still see bubbles, foam coming out of the muffins. They were still too moist.

When I took them out of the oven, it looked like in the photo above. After I left it for about 10 minutes, they turned this colour:

Mufins fail! Hideous! Blah.

Even though they are roasted to this colour, they are still moist and somewhat wet at the bottom. Not nice.

Oh well. At least I have my awesome brownie cake! Heheh.


Moving away from my ugly muffins..

This was from Station One last week I think? Nice place but somewhat pricey. I might still go back. But if you do go, make sure you go early cos the place fills up very quickly.

They have a wide range of food and drinks, and alcohol. The environment is overall, very nice. Easy to see why the place is so popular.

Okie bye..

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Behind the scenes..

Today, I wanted to work out. I want to sweat! I have been freezing my ass off in the office everyday. Sitting down 8 hours a day, five days a week is fast turning me into a pear.

Pretty soon I'll have Jennifer Lopez's bum size and Beyonce's thighs. Haha! Only flabby instead of fit and trim like theirs. And I will also have a flabby little tummy but this I blame on the beer heh heh. Grr trying to cut down on this very bad habit!

My treadmill is currently under repair. But I must sweat. So I went to put on a pilates DVD that I bought months ago. It contains many 10 minutes work out sessions focusing on the abs, thighs, bum, shoulders and what not.

I found it. Its this exact same one. This woman is so fit lah! So strong and flexible. Ugh. 10 minutes solution - very good line. That was what made me buy this CD. Grr..

The first session I chose was a 10 minute work out on the abs. The first time I did this, I lasted all of 5 minutes, and then panting and wheezing and cursing, I shut off the damn thing, and my entire stomach and lower abdomen hurts like hell for the next two-three days!

Damn embarrassing I don't know why I'm broadcasting it here. To my defense, I had just finished running on the treadmill for an hour then I put on the damn CD. Stoopid.

But I was so scared and so put off that it took me a few months before I dared to try on that exercise again.

So. Last Saturday, I put on the pilates CD for the second time (without first working out on the treadmill -learnt from my mistake!!) and prayed to God that I won't suffer the next few days.

It is Tuesday night and my stomach muscles still hurt. Yesterday it felt like I pulled a muscle or something and even lying down in bed, I would be afraid to turn or make any big movements. Until today, it still hurts like hell to cough. What the hell is wrong with me? I have no finesse at all!

Unwilling to admit defeat! Everyone says that if it hurts, that means its effective right? So I put on the CD again tonight! For the 3rd time ever! As I laid down on the mat, I chickened out and skipped the work out on the abs. Hahaha stupid.

It hurts to even try to do a sit-up so forget it lah. After I did the workout on Saturday, I practically had to roll off the bed on Sunday morning. Like a very fat sea slug or sea lion. Haha. It was that bad!

So fine. Work out failed. I shall just put on my earphones and take my ipod to dance/prance around in my room. I need to find another form of exercise and soon!


I think every bride-to-be has attempted to try to make her own corsages for their bridesmaids. I umm-ed and ahh-ed for quite a while before I made it.

I have no idea how to make them, but youtube is the best teacher so no worries. And secondly, what if my bridesmaids don't like them and secretly don't want to wear them, then its a waste of my efforts and money, right? Especially since I'm trying to save on money to make them. Heh.

But as I walked by this flower shop just now, I couldn't resist. There were quite a number of flowers and silk ribbons etc for me to choose from. Plus it was cheap so, I succumbed.

And ta-dah!!

Corsages! Voila!! I am lihai! Haha let's hope they don't fall off..

I like the large white flowers. Don't like the small puny ones - so small people can't even see it properly ah.

But now I think mine looks a little too large here. Oh well I don't care. It still looks good in real life lah. With the right dress, makeup and hair, the flower will stand out! :D


I went for a mani and pedi session a while back and forgot to take a proper photo. Love french manicures! Have to learn to do this myself so I can save myself the $$

Some behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot the other day! Have yet to see the official photos yet! Gasp! Nervous!

Matching shirts!

This was during our lunch break at about 2 - 230pm. So poor cs is starving by then. I was starving too but did not dare eat too much in case I can't fit into the dress after lunch haha.

Cs is busy eating his way through one and a half pack of chicken rice..heh heh that is how he gained 10 kg ever since we got together.

While I continue to do this:

Seriously, people are always shocked to hear how I managed to get cs to gain weight! He was so thin last time only about 57-58 kg for a guy at about 178cm. Now he weights 67-68kg.

I'm happy, he's happy, his mum is happy. Haha. We order for two people, and he always finishes one and a half portion of whatever we order. Plus I either feed him snacks throughout the day if we are together or I make him supper at night. Supper is his weakness.

The key is just knowing what he likes to eat. And voila! Weight gain! Genius! Haha wtf.

Back to topic.

I like the make up job done by the stylist. Very satisfied. I like that she is young and fashionable herself, so we agree on many things - the make up, the hair style, hair accessories etc. Happy! :D

Eh just realized how the above sentence sounds. I don't mean that I am fashionable myself, just that I'm glad she is. Not like you know, some girls who don't really put on make up themselves, but is a stylist - quite wtf right. How you expect customers to put their face and hair in your hands if you look like that! At least look presentable right?

I can get away with not being presentable in the office because I face my computer and only my computer. No clients, no commission based job hence no need to make up and dress sexy. Haha.

Last one. Cs is bugging me to go to bed now. Night!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Always a lesson!

Don't know why I am so unmotivated to blog at all these days. The Internet line still sucks, it took me so so long to upload these photos. When I want to write something down, the line kept went crazy on me then now I'm so not in the mood to talk.

Anyway. Photos!

Love is a weekend away..

Love is a public holiday on Friday! Good Friday so we lucky people get to enjoy a long weekend. Happy. :) But its Monday tomorrow ahh oh well never mind.

Love is also a photo that looks like I have a lot of hair. Doesn't really sound right haha but you know what I mean.

Cos I don't actually. Have a full head of hair. The bad people in the saloon keep telling me that I am balding or have the hair of someone 10 years older than me. T___T Boo.

I just had to show an ugly fat face just to show off my fake tattoo! :D

And another sunset photo by the beach.

So what have I been up to recently? Well, I finally went for the photo shoot after a few gown fittings. You know the whole hoo haa regarding bridal shops? Allow me to bring you up to speed.

Basically, you go into the bridal shop and sign up for a package. In the package, they rent you a few dresses for the photo shoot, with hair and make up, and also two photo albums. Depending on the package you sign up for and your negotiating skills, you would have about 30, 35, 40 and so on poses.

Poses here refer to photos. Such as 35 photos per album. Cs and I suck at negotiating lo. We knew shit about this and no one had advices for us. We just had to learn as we go.

Then there is the whole hoo haa with dresses. For my package, I could choose 5 dresses for the photo shoot. There are 3 classes of dresses. Normal, VIP and HB. No idea what HB stands for just know that they are fucking expensive.

When you sign up for a package, do remember to make sure you know what classes your dresses are in, and go and have a look at the dresses first. And service is so important.

Service because we have to go back to try the dresses for hours at a time, and they have to put it on for you. Most of the dresses are strapless, organza, tied at the back, with can can and what not so they have to wear it for you.

If someone has to see me in my undies and bra, we might as well be close. At least you can chit chat with someone nice.

Hate that we went to one other bridal studio with lousy attitude; they kept pushing us to sign up for the package. Bah. Insisting that the deal ends today!

Btw, you know that we have to wear free bra/ nu bra for the photo shoot right? Thinking to avoid my stylist staring at my undersized boobs, I wore my free bra under my t shirt already.

But no, she took one look at my boobs, and peeled my bra off me claiming that I wore it wrongly.

Waahhh!! Stripped of my dignity! *bawls endlessly! Hahhahah no lah. I was just totally unprepared for that. But yeah this is to prepare any of you who are planning to go for a photo shoot any time soon.



Wait wait I need to change topic for a while! Got something I must share here! Must let everyone know! Beware!! Grr so angry thinking about this.

That weekend away in Damai Puri, we were staying in a room at the end of the hallway. The very last room. Normally I would be spooked because it was quite isolated but the resort was really full that weekend and we had plenty of people in our room. But that's not the point!

What I wanted to say was, two sisters were taking a shower in the bathroom when one of them noticed a blinking blue light on the floor. Next to the waste paper basket. It was partially wrapped in a towel on the floor.

She opened it to find a device about as big as an iPhone. It had the time on it, and there was a flashing blue light, kinda like when you record something on your phone, there is a flashing light right?! MCB!!

We had no idea what it was!

After they showered, they came out and forgot to tell us about it. It was about 1150am by then. Almost checkout time. They mentioned it to us (the rest) in passing and we didn't go in to check immediately cos the toilet was continually occupied.

Only as we were walking to check out did we realize ehh..remember that device in the toilet? Oh yaaa..let's go back to check.

As we walked back to the room, we saw 2 people walking away from our room.

1) a guy who ran down the stairs away from us

2) a hotel staff carrying a walkie talkie and the hotel room card (the one that opens every door).

As we walked back to our room, we realized too late that the door was ajar. It was closed and locked by us only minutes ago!!! We went into the toilet and she (the girl who saw the device) immediately exclaimed: its gone!! Its not there anymore!!

WTF does this mean?!!! Obviously it was something. Someone had removed it already. Either one of the two guys leaving our room.

It can't be a phone. If there was an innocent explanation for this, what could it be? We have been over this and over this but all of us are convinced that it has to be a recording device! MCB!! Dammit!!! What else could it be?

If it was something innocent, why is it gone? Why would someone remove it within minutes of us leaving the room?!! Goddammit! Getting angry now I think of it again!!

The room have not been left empty that morning. Meaning there are at least 3 people in the room the whole morning. We all left for dinner the night before and that was the only chance someone could slip into our room! So upset!

God I hope we wont come across nude photos of ourselves anywhere on the Internet!

We didn't complain to the management or make a big deal out of it because we had no evidence. No proof nothing. What could we say in our defense and also we had no idea if it was done by the staff or someone else.

But at least we learned our lesson! Always always check everywhere. Be more alert! Sigh! When friends mention a blinking blue light in the bathroom, go back and check ASAP!!! Why are we so dumb? ARgggghhhhhhhhhh!! Angry!

But really, lesson learnt!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Flipflops weekend

So I was at Damai Puri over the weekend for the Flip Flops Beach Carnival thing. Before I went, I had big expectations (well not really big but expectations nonetheless) of hot air balloons, rave party, and all round beach carnival.

The reality was a bit different. It sucked for the organizers that the event fell on election weekend, and it sucked for us that it rained at night, ruining the rave party. It sucks cos the hot air balloon cannot go on as planned but oh well.

I didn't really want to go on the hot air balloon after realizing that it was in the parking lot! Instead of at the beach! I can understand, for obvious safety reasons, why it was not at the beach instead lah but still oh well.

Hot air balloon. It looked like quite a let down though. About the height of a 2 - 3 storey building and frankly it is disappointing. I was hoping to climb in a hot air balloon overlooking the sea, the beach, waaaayy up higher.

Not like this! But the rain at night! We had a late dinner that night about 9pm, so by the time we finished, it had started raining boo hoo (drizzling more like) but still sucks to be in the rain (I am old).

Rain = mud/wet/dirty crowded people. So, cs and I went to get out free beer (inclusive with the tickets) and went back to our hotel room.

FYI, the rave party ticket costs 80 fucking ringgit! So expensive! But lucky for me, Winnie won me a free ticket from a beer drinking competition last week! Yay!

And cs bought his ticket for half price, only RM 40 from a friend on Facebook! The entrance to the carnival itself costs RM 15. You have to wear a bright purple bracelet on your wrist to be allowed entry. I have two because I'm wearing cs' as well.

So, the two of us were very fortunate actually that we got both tickets for RM 40. Oh well. We still didn't go for the rave party or any other carnival games, except for the tattoo I got!

I always wanted a tattoo!! It is fake of course! So not used to seeing this on me. It doesn't come off even after I go swimming in the pool, in the sea, and after a shower! So happy!! Makes me kinda wish this is permanent! Sigh..when will I even get a permanent one? :)

I love sunset photos. I love the beach. If I could choose anywhere to die, it would be on the beach. In cs' arms hahhaha wtf. Why so sadistic dramatic sounding?

Let me rephrase. If I could choose anywhere to spend the rest of my life, it would be by the beach.

My mostest favoritest place would be here!! Or any seaside really. Preferably sunset. Ahh if only cs chose to propose to me here!! Hahhahaha...take 3?! I can imagine his reaction/facial expression reading this now. Disbelief!

I am kinda in love with this photo. Not because we look particularly good but because of how we felt at that time. We were so happy, laughing together and blissfully unaware of others around us.. :)

The beach was practically empty by that time. Think it was around 645pm by then?

Sunset. Random ship in the distance. It almost looks like a postcard. :) Love love love that scene back there. Take me back.

We were so carefree. Empty beach. Scream, laugh, run. Not a care in the world. As I laid there in the water, I thought of the week ahead, the things I have to get done. The preparations etc, but I felt...calm. Like I didn't care.. Not a care in the world. It felt good.

Even if it was just for a few short minutes.. It sounds so cheesy but I really don't care now.. The sea was calm that evening, gentle waves. As I laid on my back, floating, letting the waves carry me about, it felt so surreal. For a few moments, it was so quiet, me alone with my thoughts but I couldn't think of anything except how happy I was at that time. Can I do that everyday?

Ah boon and his cousins.

Empty beach scenario:

♥ this photo. Ideal photo taking condition. This is why I want sunset photos!! Hahah!

Boys will be boys. Running around throwing sand at each other. Shouting and laughing: I am so glad that I went to take the camera to capture these photos. So I have a reminder now at least. Hmm maybe I should have taken the sound of the waves as well.

Cs and John being kids again! :)

More photos and updates next time. Its late and I have to work tomorrow. Its okay! I had an awesome weekend! Now that I am back here, thinking of work the next day, I realize that the past two days and nights have indeed been fucking awesome! Haiiih.. OK. Updates next time. Bye!

Monday, 18 April 2011

KL Photos..

I really want to blog but the line is so so bad these few days. So, this is a post I wrote about some weeks ago about KL some weeks ago. :D Time passes by so fast and yet can it only be 3 -4 weeks since KL. I think this photo was taken at 1 Utama. It was my and cs' first time there. So unsurprisingly, we got lost so many times. Basically we just go round in circles, go up and down the same elevators and only realize that we are lost by the food signs such as A&W. Haha idiot plus SPK =not a good match together. Here, I'm tired because my bf refuses to believe me that we walked past this aisle before! So I'm objecting by pouting and not looking at him when he whips the camera out for a photo. Normally I smile cos he knows me so well, that he knows to take a photo of his vain gf so she can post it on her blog. But not this time. No poor feet. Haha that was a load of bull I came up with because I don't know what to caption the photo. I don't want to be honest and say that yes, I looked that side so it looks cooler in the photo plus I didn't have make up on. So I spun a lot of web to make it sound better. Very wtf/lame lah aiya I don't care. Moving on. A&W! We don't have A&W in Kuching. We used to though but then A&W kua soi (look down) on us kuching people. Think we cannot afford A&W ah! Think we don't like root beer with float ah?! Nowhere else sells this in Kuching! Come back A&W! A&W root beer! No lah actually I don't really like root beer with float anyway. Notice I didn't even order it, but it looks good nonetheless! Huge glass enough for two! And they have (cue dramatic gasp!!) curly fries!!! Omigod! Mcd only have this during the CNY promo sux please introduce this the whole year round. Please.. We also went to have Nandos! Kuching don't have Nandos! I'm sorry but every time I get back from KL, I have to bitch about certain things. Such as, why we don't have Nandos?!! Why we don't have Sungei Wang? Why we don't have monorail?? Why cant the Air Asia LCCT be based in Kuching, so all the international flights fly out of Kuching? Why don't we have Zouk here? Why why why? Sigh..I'm sure a lot of of people can continue bitching about this for a long time. Arghhh..I can go on about this forever! Nandos. And yes, spare me the counter argument! I know the pros and cons of living in KL and Kuching. But I still want Kuching to be more like KL please? Will they please hurry up the development this side of Malaysia? Moving on from this.. We I mean cs met Misbun at Sungei Wang. Misbun cutout poster at Sungei Wang for some cafe/restaurant. I don't know. I don't know badminton except those that I hear from cs. I know Lee Chong Wei cos everyone knows him, and cos cs idolizes him. I asked cs before, which star would he want to meet on the streets, in person? Even before he answered, I knew it would be Lee Chong Wei. The fucker (cs) even said that if you (me. Amy) didn't have your camera with you then (when we met hypothetical LCW on the streets) I would be sooo...upset! So kek tiok. (fucker miming angry face together with angry hand movements and shaking head!!!!) Hello??? My bf is upset at me because I didn't bring a camera out to take a photo of him with another man. Is something wrong here? Hahahahaha. Serious no joke. :) I just know that I freaking miss Sungei Wang. I don't shop much actually to be honest. Compared to most girls, compared to Winnie. I don't even shop much while I was in London, fashion capital and all that. But that was cos it was expensive and I was so out of league. But in KL, I want to shop. I want to spend and spend more on clothes, shoes, bags, make up. Sigh (big mournful sigh). Maybe its cos I was shopping deprived in leetle Kuching eh? Haha I bitch so much about my own hometown I'm sorry Kuching but there really is not much to love about this city. Besides the fact that we have the better laksa compared to West Malaysians. Bah Penang laksa is a joke (haha sorry Nifer!). Kidding kidding. Chill people chill. We took a walk around Lot 10 at night and learnt some eco tips! It's up to u to save our planet, so get involved in an environmental organization. Hmm good point! Such as, er what? (Ignorant being here don't shoot me) Be an environmentally conscious consumer, buy products in bulk and never buy single use/disposable items. Hmm..good point again. Does this rule out toilet papers? Well damn! Maybe if I buy toilet papers in BULK, does it help? Heh heh.. Chill environmentalists! Chill! I do care about the planet! I abhor plastic bags and I don't know why stores give them out for free! Make us pay, yea right thing to do! I may bitch about it but I will stop using them eventually! :) (big fake plastic smile) Hehe. Lots of things can be recycled, even coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for some plants, so don't throw away what you can reuse! Well, we (consumers) don't know that - referring to coffee grounds. It would be helpful if you could please state on the coffee grounds (please reuse on plants). There. Very helpful, no? Hahaha eh I'm just kidding. Please don't comment saying I'm ignorant and shit. Its a joke. This is me with no make up on and cs after a glass of beer! He hates it when he gets red. I know a lot of people hates it when they get red because absolute retards love to say shit such as: eh you drunk issit? Why you so red? Then laugh (more like sniggering somewhat superiorly) Sooo...cheebye! It is always always the retards who get drunk first! Sorry I'm being so rude but I hate hate hate people who say that. I don't get red at all so this is not about me. I'm angry on the red people's behalf! :) Beer and beer food is love. I am a man at heart! Delifrance! Croissant with ice cream mmm..yumm!! Salivates all over keyboard. I have to bitch some more. Just a little bit. Delifrance was supposed to be opened at the Hills! I saw the sign board up already! But they took it down! Why? I love bread and pastries. This, I want in leetle Kuching. Its so close to my office, and thus the perfect lunch spot! :D Oh well maybe some day~ Night!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Remember I mentioned before that Victoria Arms (VA) at Merdeka Palace has increased their price to RM 20 (inclusive of food)?? Well now I have photos!

Photo of me first! :) Good hair day and good make up day so must cam whore a lot. Not kidding. Plenty of photos (of myself) throughout the post. I'm so proud of myself, I have finally mastered the skill to curl my own hair! No need to go to salons anymore before a fancy dinner and fork out money and then get disappointed cos its not done the way I like it! Happy!

Back to the food!

There are five choices of food you can choose from on Friday nights at VA. Sigh. Actually, I don't know why I keep promoting VA on my blog. I know why lahh its cos I don't exactly go out to other places much nowadays. :(

Garlic sausage comes with mashed potatoes. Winnie likes the mashed potatoes. I thought the sausage were a little bit spicy but I cannot take spicy food at all. People like Nifer or dad would probably scoff at me for saying this.

Chicken chop is good! Love the sauce, love the portion size. Quite big actually. Not big lah but enough for me. It is good.

Fish and chips that mum ordered was just ok. The batter was a bit hard, probably too crispy like chips but not tasty. Nice if you like it crispy..

The other 2 choices are hamburger and chicken wings. But no photos because I was getting lazy. And since VA is not paying me in any way, lazy to promo some more lah. Haha. Cheh not like people who read my blog actually go to VA anyway. haha..

But I have to promote the pizza. ♥ Delicious! I wasn't ready yet and Winnie snapped the photo too soon oh well.

Kah Ling and I.

Mischief by Rita. :) Three guesses what it is.

a) mashed potatoes and sausages lah. what else?
b) ping pong balls/ eggs and sausage haha
c) lazy to think of one more lah. To quote Miranda, "its a pink elephant in the room" without the pink in this case. Not even sure if this phrase would be right in this instance but oh well. Just realized I use oh well too much simply because I don't care/too lazy to argue. So, oh well. :)

Winnie's camera bag is kinda cute.

One more of Kah Ling and me! We talked a lot that night about our dogs. :) Dog lovers do stick together..

And myself!

Group photo minus mum and Janet.

Don't really know what to talk about now cos that night actually pretty sucked. The songs were bad. The dance floor was empty. No one wanted to dance. The DJ won't play danceable songs for us. Sigh.

At first, I went to ask him nicely, would he play faster songs please? So we can dance? With smiles and all that. I was very polite! He shrugged and said its up to my boss. Something along the lines that his boss don't like it.

So we complained to the boss. He was actually very nice and told us not to worry. He would tell the DJ immediately.

So we waited. This is not wrong is it? Requesting songs is a sin? Its not ok when the customers are just standing at the bar, drinking and listening to old songs ok. Its a Friday night, can liven things up or not?

After the boss talked to the DJ, there was a pause (in the music). Literally. The DJ turned off the music and the whole pub was silent for a few seconds. Then he (DJ) announced: FINALLY. U LIKE THIS SHIT!!!!

He then played normal pub/dancing songs from then on. But fuck this shit! Hello? Are we not customers? Did we not pay entrance tickets? Do we not buy drinks after 9pm? Are we not fucking customers? U LIKE THIS SHIT!!! Whether he was saying that to us or to his boss, we have no idea.

So what could we do? Of course don't dance lah! CHEE BYE!!! Complained again to his boss! FUCK U BACK!

Boss: Yes, don't worry. I heard him announce it on the mic. I will take action. Sorry again etc.(very polite)

There. Proof. Empty dance floor! How to attract customers like that?

Ehh VA is not always like this ok. To be fair, the DJ is also not always like this. This was the first time this has happened, and also the first time he was so rude. Well not the first but let's not talk about that for now. Maybe he got period that night that's why so bitchy eh?

So we are all stuck taking photos, while trying to finish up all the drinks. Then we left! Mum went home, and some of us went to Bar Zing! for the rest of the night. Luckily, Bar Zing was fun fun fun! I shall blog about that another time..

Must post more photos first to block out bad memories of a place I frequent so often! Sigh. Its really bad and I don't know when will we go back, and if we do, what would it be like? Oh well.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope! I forgot who said this and am lazy to google right now. Doesn't really relate but who cares. Point is, I am disappointed!

♥ this photo cos my hair looks good here. Good hair day indeed. Ok am quite exhausted so I shall sleep early tonight but its already 11pm. There goes my resolution to sleep by 10pm again! Dammit why does time goes by so fast? 24 hours in a day is so not enough! I need 28 hours pls.

Night. Bye!