Monday, 18 April 2011

KL Photos..

I really want to blog but the line is so so bad these few days. So, this is a post I wrote about some weeks ago about KL some weeks ago. :D Time passes by so fast and yet can it only be 3 -4 weeks since KL. I think this photo was taken at 1 Utama. It was my and cs' first time there. So unsurprisingly, we got lost so many times. Basically we just go round in circles, go up and down the same elevators and only realize that we are lost by the food signs such as A&W. Haha idiot plus SPK =not a good match together. Here, I'm tired because my bf refuses to believe me that we walked past this aisle before! So I'm objecting by pouting and not looking at him when he whips the camera out for a photo. Normally I smile cos he knows me so well, that he knows to take a photo of his vain gf so she can post it on her blog. But not this time. No poor feet. Haha that was a load of bull I came up with because I don't know what to caption the photo. I don't want to be honest and say that yes, I looked that side so it looks cooler in the photo plus I didn't have make up on. So I spun a lot of web to make it sound better. Very wtf/lame lah aiya I don't care. Moving on. A&W! We don't have A&W in Kuching. We used to though but then A&W kua soi (look down) on us kuching people. Think we cannot afford A&W ah! Think we don't like root beer with float ah?! Nowhere else sells this in Kuching! Come back A&W! A&W root beer! No lah actually I don't really like root beer with float anyway. Notice I didn't even order it, but it looks good nonetheless! Huge glass enough for two! And they have (cue dramatic gasp!!) curly fries!!! Omigod! Mcd only have this during the CNY promo sux please introduce this the whole year round. Please.. We also went to have Nandos! Kuching don't have Nandos! I'm sorry but every time I get back from KL, I have to bitch about certain things. Such as, why we don't have Nandos?!! Why we don't have Sungei Wang? Why we don't have monorail?? Why cant the Air Asia LCCT be based in Kuching, so all the international flights fly out of Kuching? Why don't we have Zouk here? Why why why? Sigh..I'm sure a lot of of people can continue bitching about this for a long time. Arghhh..I can go on about this forever! Nandos. And yes, spare me the counter argument! I know the pros and cons of living in KL and Kuching. But I still want Kuching to be more like KL please? Will they please hurry up the development this side of Malaysia? Moving on from this.. We I mean cs met Misbun at Sungei Wang. Misbun cutout poster at Sungei Wang for some cafe/restaurant. I don't know. I don't know badminton except those that I hear from cs. I know Lee Chong Wei cos everyone knows him, and cos cs idolizes him. I asked cs before, which star would he want to meet on the streets, in person? Even before he answered, I knew it would be Lee Chong Wei. The fucker (cs) even said that if you (me. Amy) didn't have your camera with you then (when we met hypothetical LCW on the streets) I would be sooo...upset! So kek tiok. (fucker miming angry face together with angry hand movements and shaking head!!!!) Hello??? My bf is upset at me because I didn't bring a camera out to take a photo of him with another man. Is something wrong here? Hahahahaha. Serious no joke. :) I just know that I freaking miss Sungei Wang. I don't shop much actually to be honest. Compared to most girls, compared to Winnie. I don't even shop much while I was in London, fashion capital and all that. But that was cos it was expensive and I was so out of league. But in KL, I want to shop. I want to spend and spend more on clothes, shoes, bags, make up. Sigh (big mournful sigh). Maybe its cos I was shopping deprived in leetle Kuching eh? Haha I bitch so much about my own hometown I'm sorry Kuching but there really is not much to love about this city. Besides the fact that we have the better laksa compared to West Malaysians. Bah Penang laksa is a joke (haha sorry Nifer!). Kidding kidding. Chill people chill. We took a walk around Lot 10 at night and learnt some eco tips! It's up to u to save our planet, so get involved in an environmental organization. Hmm good point! Such as, er what? (Ignorant being here don't shoot me) Be an environmentally conscious consumer, buy products in bulk and never buy single use/disposable items. Hmm..good point again. Does this rule out toilet papers? Well damn! Maybe if I buy toilet papers in BULK, does it help? Heh heh.. Chill environmentalists! Chill! I do care about the planet! I abhor plastic bags and I don't know why stores give them out for free! Make us pay, yea right thing to do! I may bitch about it but I will stop using them eventually! :) (big fake plastic smile) Hehe. Lots of things can be recycled, even coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for some plants, so don't throw away what you can reuse! Well, we (consumers) don't know that - referring to coffee grounds. It would be helpful if you could please state on the coffee grounds (please reuse on plants). There. Very helpful, no? Hahaha eh I'm just kidding. Please don't comment saying I'm ignorant and shit. Its a joke. This is me with no make up on and cs after a glass of beer! He hates it when he gets red. I know a lot of people hates it when they get red because absolute retards love to say shit such as: eh you drunk issit? Why you so red? Then laugh (more like sniggering somewhat superiorly) Sooo...cheebye! It is always always the retards who get drunk first! Sorry I'm being so rude but I hate hate hate people who say that. I don't get red at all so this is not about me. I'm angry on the red people's behalf! :) Beer and beer food is love. I am a man at heart! Delifrance! Croissant with ice cream mmm..yumm!! Salivates all over keyboard. I have to bitch some more. Just a little bit. Delifrance was supposed to be opened at the Hills! I saw the sign board up already! But they took it down! Why? I love bread and pastries. This, I want in leetle Kuching. Its so close to my office, and thus the perfect lunch spot! :D Oh well maybe some day~ Night!

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