Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Behind the scenes..

Today, I wanted to work out. I want to sweat! I have been freezing my ass off in the office everyday. Sitting down 8 hours a day, five days a week is fast turning me into a pear.

Pretty soon I'll have Jennifer Lopez's bum size and Beyonce's thighs. Haha! Only flabby instead of fit and trim like theirs. And I will also have a flabby little tummy but this I blame on the beer heh heh. Grr trying to cut down on this very bad habit!

My treadmill is currently under repair. But I must sweat. So I went to put on a pilates DVD that I bought months ago. It contains many 10 minutes work out sessions focusing on the abs, thighs, bum, shoulders and what not.

I found it. Its this exact same one. This woman is so fit lah! So strong and flexible. Ugh. 10 minutes solution - very good line. That was what made me buy this CD. Grr..

The first session I chose was a 10 minute work out on the abs. The first time I did this, I lasted all of 5 minutes, and then panting and wheezing and cursing, I shut off the damn thing, and my entire stomach and lower abdomen hurts like hell for the next two-three days!

Damn embarrassing I don't know why I'm broadcasting it here. To my defense, I had just finished running on the treadmill for an hour then I put on the damn CD. Stoopid.

But I was so scared and so put off that it took me a few months before I dared to try on that exercise again.

So. Last Saturday, I put on the pilates CD for the second time (without first working out on the treadmill -learnt from my mistake!!) and prayed to God that I won't suffer the next few days.

It is Tuesday night and my stomach muscles still hurt. Yesterday it felt like I pulled a muscle or something and even lying down in bed, I would be afraid to turn or make any big movements. Until today, it still hurts like hell to cough. What the hell is wrong with me? I have no finesse at all!

Unwilling to admit defeat! Everyone says that if it hurts, that means its effective right? So I put on the CD again tonight! For the 3rd time ever! As I laid down on the mat, I chickened out and skipped the work out on the abs. Hahaha stupid.

It hurts to even try to do a sit-up so forget it lah. After I did the workout on Saturday, I practically had to roll off the bed on Sunday morning. Like a very fat sea slug or sea lion. Haha. It was that bad!

So fine. Work out failed. I shall just put on my earphones and take my ipod to dance/prance around in my room. I need to find another form of exercise and soon!


I think every bride-to-be has attempted to try to make her own corsages for their bridesmaids. I umm-ed and ahh-ed for quite a while before I made it.

I have no idea how to make them, but youtube is the best teacher so no worries. And secondly, what if my bridesmaids don't like them and secretly don't want to wear them, then its a waste of my efforts and money, right? Especially since I'm trying to save on money to make them. Heh.

But as I walked by this flower shop just now, I couldn't resist. There were quite a number of flowers and silk ribbons etc for me to choose from. Plus it was cheap so, I succumbed.

And ta-dah!!

Corsages! Voila!! I am lihai! Haha let's hope they don't fall off..

I like the large white flowers. Don't like the small puny ones - so small people can't even see it properly ah.

But now I think mine looks a little too large here. Oh well I don't care. It still looks good in real life lah. With the right dress, makeup and hair, the flower will stand out! :D


I went for a mani and pedi session a while back and forgot to take a proper photo. Love french manicures! Have to learn to do this myself so I can save myself the $$

Some behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot the other day! Have yet to see the official photos yet! Gasp! Nervous!

Matching shirts!

This was during our lunch break at about 2 - 230pm. So poor cs is starving by then. I was starving too but did not dare eat too much in case I can't fit into the dress after lunch haha.

Cs is busy eating his way through one and a half pack of chicken rice..heh heh that is how he gained 10 kg ever since we got together.

While I continue to do this:

Seriously, people are always shocked to hear how I managed to get cs to gain weight! He was so thin last time only about 57-58 kg for a guy at about 178cm. Now he weights 67-68kg.

I'm happy, he's happy, his mum is happy. Haha. We order for two people, and he always finishes one and a half portion of whatever we order. Plus I either feed him snacks throughout the day if we are together or I make him supper at night. Supper is his weakness.

The key is just knowing what he likes to eat. And voila! Weight gain! Genius! Haha wtf.

Back to topic.

I like the make up job done by the stylist. Very satisfied. I like that she is young and fashionable herself, so we agree on many things - the make up, the hair style, hair accessories etc. Happy! :D

Eh just realized how the above sentence sounds. I don't mean that I am fashionable myself, just that I'm glad she is. Not like you know, some girls who don't really put on make up themselves, but is a stylist - quite wtf right. How you expect customers to put their face and hair in your hands if you look like that! At least look presentable right?

I can get away with not being presentable in the office because I face my computer and only my computer. No clients, no commission based job hence no need to make up and dress sexy. Haha.

Last one. Cs is bugging me to go to bed now. Night!

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