Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wednesday ladies night..

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog again. Been going out almost every night the past few days and have no time to update my blog. When I want to update something, the line is so so so bad! Maybe its time to get myself a new toy - iPhone or iPad. Haih wishful thinking.


So, this was from Wednesday ladies night. Bar hopping from Zebra (the old Core) at Travillion, to Check in, Bar Zing, Soho, Mojo, and Havana then to lok lok for supper. I am amazed at how I could still manage to go to work the next day. -____-

Oh well. It doesn't happen often. Kitty is back for two weeks, so I joined them for ladies night around town. So nice. Nowhere is full. Plenty of free drinks, we only paid for supper at lok lok. Being a girl so rocks - no need to pay for free drinks. No entrance fees! Awesome

The best free vodka can be found at Bar Zing!

We went to Zebra first and had Whiskey coke. Bah it sucks. Lousy whiskey that tasted very suspiciously like brandy. So we requested for more coke to add in (free!) and then it tasted like coke only so we finished all of it. It didn't come in glasses like this. Instead, because there were about 5 of us, they gave us a whole jug of whiskey coke mixed already.

Then when another couple came to join us, they gave us ANOTHER jug of whiskey coke. Very generous. Too bad it tasted really bad. Kitty had vodka lime, and it was good. We should have all ordered vodka lime first. Argh.


After that, we went to Check in to check out the crowd, and wheedle more free drinks because we can. Hehe.

Its bad to have lots of free drinks in one bar only right. By bar hopping, its not so obvious that we drink a lot. Haha!

From left, Kitty, Winnie, Cherling, Steph and me!

I miss ladies night. Friday nights at VA don't count cos they are routine already.

What I mean is, it is SO nice to have some girls talk only. To just hang out, chill and drink without the guys ala Sex and the city. We are all taken, but its nice to be without him once in a while. Estrogen rush! Fun!

I laughed so much the whole night in a way only being with girls and vodka can give you. Plus the pubs were all almost empty. No crowds, no guys oogling, and nobody pushing us around. Love! More please!

If only it wasn't a work day on Thursday! =.=

Bar Zing.

In the beginning, it was just Winnie and I dancing. It felt quite automatic already. When the alcohol kicks in, you move, and do what you want. Rock on!

Winnie to Steph: can you tell we are related (while indicating me and her dancing oblivious to the others). Haha..yea man. A bit weird.


After that we went to Soho and Ipanema. Cherling met some friends there so we stayed for a while. We went to Soho trying to find a spot to dance when we realized that they were cleaning up. And they told us that they are closing in 5 minutes. T____T so sad.

By then, I didn't even realize how late it was. It was five minutes to midnight. For future reference, Soho closes at midnight on Wed. :)

So we made our way to Cure (the old Mojo). As we were nearing the Curve, someone (I think it was Steph) said: ssshhhh....listen listen.

All of us went quiet. What what?

Someone: Can you hear anything? There is no music! T__T

HAHA fucking hilarious. Its true. There was no music. So we went to ask anyway what time do they close? 2am but it was so quiet and so dead that we toddled back to Ipanema.

Then went to Havana and then to Lok Lok. Reached home at about 2am that morning. How I managed to work the next day, I don't know. But it was so worth it! :) A night out, that is what I needed!

Before this photo was taken, no one was this proper ok. Everyone was talking loudly, laughing and joking around etc.. but I was the only one dumb enough to still fool around when Winnie pointed the camera at us. Wahhh *bawls endlessly. Now I look drunk and after reading this post I don't blame people for thinking this way of me.

Die lah why do I sound so bimbotic even to myself? *wipes tear and deep breath. (And so Malaysian. Who says die lah? Just Malaysians and some Singaporean maybe. But more kuching ah lian. Die lah! Die chim chim. Haha fuck this shit)

Battle of the shoes! ♥

Okay that's it for now. Gotta go. Bye. Night!

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