Friday, 4 January 2008

New Year

London Eye on Fire

New Year Eve Countdown on the banks of River Thames, in front of London Eye and Big Ben.

It's 2008. I should set some New Year Resolutions for myself. I wonder if i'll stick to it. First and foremost, i resolve to drink less and eat more healthily. I will complete my dissertation before i return to Kuching. That's about it. I can't plan my life when i go back to Kuching. Some things in life are unpredictable. Anyway, i might change my mind about things. Not coming back to London though. There is nothing left for me to come back for. At home, i have my family. But i don't have you... You are going to be far away from me.

Which reminds me, i have to add another resolution. I resolve to remember forever every path we have walked through, every song we've listened to together, every touch and every kiss we shared, and oh god. My heart hurts. No tears coming out. But i felt as if an invisible hand just squeezed my heart. hard. I felt the same when i looked at winnie's friendster photo. That photo of mum and winnie. It hurts to look at them, and i couldn't stop the tears coming out. i miss home.. But when i'm home, i'm going to miss you so......... If both of us are longing to see each other after one week apart, how am i going to spend 2 years without u? Looks like a gloomy end to 2007. And i wonder what 2008 will bring for me?