Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2010 annual dinner

I don't know why lar. Come 2011 and I am getting lazier and lazier to blog. Part of this is due to my increasing addiction to SATC. Sex and the City. Yes. I am halfway through Season 3. Heh heh. When I have time at night, all I do is watch SATC, instead of blogging.

Samantha quote of the day: Marriage doesn't mean a happy ending, just an ending!

Sounds pessimist, but this is coming from Samantha, of all people. So yea. I just thought it was a bit amusing in a different way.

There was another scene I liked too from SATC 2. The movie. Someone mentioned that there ought to be a law against men to cheat on their wives with their nanny.

And Carrie snickered: yeah, the Jude law. Geddit? Geddit?

Ya, this is probably quite outdated now boo hoo but I only watched it mar. So its still funny to me. Heh heh.

Anyway. Because I have no new photos to upload (so lazy that I haven't charged my camera batt since 2010 haha)

Photos from a million years ago. The 2010 company annual dinner.. I wrote about this some time back. We had an 80s theme this year. (last year - 2010)

From left: Mary, me and Nancy.

A lot of my colleagues dressed up for the night to fit in the 80s theme. Not me though.

Mary was dressed as a goth queen? 80s goth queen. Pretty cool eh? Wait, got nicer photo of her somewhere below.

This is Lian and me. He is actually bald. He had on this really cool wig. I don't know if his bandanna comes with the wig, or did he tie it on. Either way it looks really cool.

Here, this is Mary. My drinking buddy of Level 9. Haha. The only other person who appreciates TGIF as ladies night! Time for happy drinks! :)

Solo shot of Mary:

As per usual, every year we play a few games throughout the dinner, to win some games. The first game was to guess the actors and actresses from the 80s. We are shown a photo on the projector screen. The twist is that their face is all erm..scrambled up. To make it hard to guess.

This is the hamper we won!

Our table won the first game! Credits go to Shepy, Elissa, and Rebecca. It was due to them that they won. Lihai.

The next game was to guess the song and artist from the 80s. This time, credits go to: Mary, Elissa, Nadiah, and me (just one song lar). Only recognized Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long.

Oh well. We didn't win this game though.

This is my leetle plate of sweets:

And my leetle plate of nachos:

Snacks while playing games. Snacks that go down so well with beer. :)

Some other photos of colleagues who were all dressed up:

Photo stolen from John's Facebook, who stole it from Geraldine! :D

Coincidentally, some of our colleagues threw them both birthday parties on that night. Yea, it was their birthdays. Very smart - make use of the free food and alcohol. hahaha kidding kidding.

One of the lucky draw prizes for the night:

Duno how many inch LCD tv monitor.

Another colleague won a Sony 32 or 37 inch tv. So nice. Of course everyone was waiting and secretly wishing they won the tv.

After that, we adjourned to the poolside for an after party.

Nice view eh. This is Pullman Hotel btw. The place is called Liquid. By place, I mean the pub/bar/lounge by the pool. They have a DJ, and bar there.

They also have these canopy beds by the pool. What for, i wonder? Hmmm..heh heh.

Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous setting though.

There is just enough space for a party at the pool side. I am guessing for about 100 people? I have seen photos of people with a wedding party here. A bit weird though, but I guess to some people, a small intimate setting is enough. There was no air con, but it can't be that hot or stuffy -its open air anyway.

Anyway. We were fed some more food. Bosses are scared we go hungry. Heh. We were served buffet already earlier in the night, at the ballroom. Now, we are served finger food. There is also a bar here - where we get more beer.

Btw, the buffet is much better this year- I mean that there are more choices this year. Not that I had much anyway. Oh well.

This is how it looks like. The area behind the pool. Quite cosy setting eh..

From the photos, it looks like quite a nice party. And it was really. Thanks boss.

But you know, humans are greedy people. And this human is dreaming of a Damai getaway for a change. A family day. One night stay at Damai. Hehe.

Once, on a trip to Damai Puri, I saw that AmBank (if I am not mistaken), had organized this family day for their staff! Soo nice!! SOoo relaxing. Sooo jealous. There were Ambank balloons everywhere, the staff and their family are invited to go. So nice. Organizing beach and water games, instead of being in a ballroom.

It can't hurt to dream eh. Bye!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Baking up a storm

Hello hello. Here are some updates of my life in case anyone is interested.

Its a new year, and I have a new hairstyle. Actually no, just a new hair color. I refused to let them trim or cut my hair. No way. I have had it with lousy hair cuts and hair stylists. So, just a hair color.

How did I end up with green hair?

Its like this. I went inside the salon, and when the stylist asked me what color I wanted, I pointed at her own hair and said like yours. That's it. Hers was a rich red-blonde hair. Not too dark and not too bright. It seemed perfect.

When she pointed the shade to me, it read ash blonde. Oh well. I thought, as long as it comes out looking like hers. Then I put my hair in her hands.

And that is how I ended up with green hair! This looks nothing like her hair. But she assured me that the color will fade by CNY, and I will have her hair eventually. WTF?!

I don't know lar. Where do I put my brain at times like this?

Actually, its not so bad now. The green has more or less faded away. Its more to dark blonde now. Oh well.

Moving on from my hair do.

Here is a random cute photo of Cherrie:

She is trying to reach for her packets of dog treats on the side table. Clever girl.

As Chinese New Year is coming up, the women of the Simon family have been baking up a storm. No lar. Just that Winnie and I seldom cook, so this is reason enough to bake something.

Mum came home with a new cook book yesterday. Winnie saw the fortune cookies recipe and excitedly pointed it out to me. Without further ado, we went to search online for Fortune Cookie quotes, cutting papers and writing it down.

And just like that. We spontaneously decided to start baking fortune cookies. Which turned out to be..hmm...quite a disaster.

I shall let you be the judge.

Fortune cookies! Pass or not?

Hahaa obviously not. We spent 1.5 hours and came up with ONLY 4 not-very-presentable fortune cookies.

Lesson of the day: Spontaneous ideas are bad ideas.

Hunchback of Kuching alert.

Look at Eli wrestling with Cherrie in the background. Or Cherrie wrestling with Eli. Whichever way it is, Eli is going down..

These are the fortunes we wrote out:

Click to read.

And this is Winnie's disgruntled face:

Heh heh

To make me feel better, I shall show you some photos of the food we made.

Winnie and I made these awesome chocolate chip cookies. Awesome is actually ranked by erm.. myself.

You got to have confidence, ya know?!

Sorry, I am in a very peppy mood now. No idea what brought this on. :)

This is my hand. And the scratches are courtesy of Cherrie. You can see the perfect imprint of her little mouth. Bad Cherrie!

If it doesn't fade, then I am the new Bella Swan. Ever read Twilight? Bella has a bite mark, a scar from James, the vampire who bit her.

I remember useless bits of trivia like this. I don't know what's wrong with me. The other day, I asked Winnie: what is the tag line for Ravenclaw again?

I know that it goes something along this line: wit beyond measure is man's greatest something.

I went to google it already, so I know that the line goes like this: wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure! - Rowena Ravenclaw

FYI, I am talking Harry Potter. If I am not mistaken, J.K. Rowling mentioned this in the Deathly Hallows. Near the end, where Harry and Luna are under the invisibility cloak, and they entered the Ravenclaw common room, then Alecto said this: which makes you pretty skint, witless.

Heh heh. Damn I'm awesome. Like I said, I am in a peppy mood now. Sorry. No idea why.

OK. Moving on.

Mum, Winnie and Eli also made these:

Seaweed crisps. Made from popiah skin.

Ridiculously easy to make and so yummy.

We bought a packet for what RM 18 outside, and then decided to just make it ourselves lar. It took 2 hours to complete and voila. We have our own seaweed crisps.

Photo for comparison purposes. The bought outside one and the DIY one wtf. I am not making much sense. Actually, I don't even remember which one is the bought outside one and which is the DIY one.

Moving on.

We also made these:

Popiah with chicken floss inside. Chicken or pork floss, I don't know.

The ones sold outside always comes with sambal, which I don't like. Ours is more awesome. Got chicken floss!

And last but not least, we have coffee cookies topped with chopped almond, and almond flakes.

Mum made these.

These won't be all. Mum said she is making fruit cake today! Yay. Love fruit cake.

But then, writing this post made me realize one thing! Why I am not losing any weight! Dammit. Its so obvious now that I look at all these photos. The non stop snacking. Dammit.

And CNY is coming. I have a grand total of 8 more days to lose some more weight. 2 kg in 8 days, can or not?

At the rate I am going, with my peppy energy not running out, then perhaps I can walk some 5 km on the treadmill tonight, or go swimming to work off my excess energy. I think its the latter tonight!


Friday, 21 January 2011


Will everyone please do me a favor?

As you know, seeing as I have been broadcasting it quite often (hehe), I am getting married!! *cue confetti and fireworks again!!

But this time, I need help. Please. Pretty please. I have entered cs and I in this contest.

Go to this Facebook profile, and click LIKE. You must like the profile first to be able to start liking the contestants photos and comment.

Then, please go to my photo:

Its this one. I love this photo. I love the day itself. I love that the waves, and I love how natural this photo is. We are just being ourselves. And the photo turned out quite nice. Sorry, it seems humility is not my strong point. :)

Please LIKE the photo and comment. A simple good luck will do. By liking the photo, and commenting is how we earn points, and thus win.

We are quite far behind in this contest actually. I just found out about it tonight. And the contest ends Jan 31 2010. There are already more than 363 likes to the other photos, as of tonight. I have a lot of catching up to do. So, please help!

Much thanks in advance! Go to Facebook and help me please!! Here. Like it. And here we are. *click to vote*

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kim Bay at the Hills

Today, I went to Kim Bay restaurant/cafe at the Hills for lunch. The newly opened branch at the Hills. They have a branch at Spring too.

I ordered Croissant with chicken mayo/salad inside. It came with a portion of fries. RM 6.90. It took the cafe about 45 minutes to serve this to me!! Grr! On a fucking lunch hour ok! It took so long to come that I practically swallowed everything off the plate because 1) I AM FUCKING STARVING! 2) LUNCH HOUR IS UP THANKS TO YOU!!!

To make matters worse, the croissant is not only small, it is tiny, it is also hard and reeks of oil or butter or whatever. It is not nice!! The chicken mayo/salad thing is ok, cos I finished it up. But it is tiny! I am hungry! Nothing like the photo ok.

So I finished off the fries. Yippee hot salty fries for lunch that I have to chew and swallow in 5 mins or less. Have to drive back to the office ok!

I have only been to Kim Bay a few times. Probably a handful of times only but screw it. Every time I go there, I get disappointed! So why go back, you ask? For two reasons:

1) We know the guy who co-owns Kim Bay. Just know la. Not really a friend. More like friend's friend (?) Hence, I refrained from complaining. But this is one time too many.

He has been nothing but nice to us. Once, when I went to Kim Bay, I ordered a wanton noodle soup that tasted of...flour. No shit. It just wasn't very appetizing. So I didn't eat it. I left it there practically untouched. The guy came and asked why? Is it not nice etc? So I told him. He tasted it and agreed.

Then he didn't charge us for the noodle soup. He is very nice and I am either a fucking picky eater or just unlucky. Maybe its just the things I ordered. The other things could be good ok, I never said anything about the other stufff. Just the things I had.

2) Cs wanted to go there. Not me!

Anyway, I was very upset with the lunch I had. I was starving and when the food came, it was so disappointing. The food took so long to arrive.

If a Large Pizza can be cooked and sent to the customer in 15-17 minutes, so can this dish ok! How hard is it to make? Do you only have one chef in the kitchen?

Before someone comes to screw me for posting this entry, let me just say that we, as customers, are entitled to our own opinions or criticisms in this case.

I won't be going back anytime soon.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A kiss is not a kiss without your sigh..

Ever since I heard that song, I can't get it out of my head. After consulting google and youtube, I am even more hooked.

For your viewing pleasure:

A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca,
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh....♥

Is that not the most romantic thing ever? Sigh. I am such a romance at heart aren't I? The weird thing is, I have never thought of this myself. I mean, I never imagined myself as this.

As I was discussing with Eileen about her tattoos, I told her what I wanted. She smiled at me and said I that I am a just a romance at heart. This startled me. This was also the first time anyone ever said this to me. Hmmm..I think she may be right though..

I took these photos sometime last year. I don't remember the occasion but it seems fitting for tonight:

Weirdly enough, I have never watched Casablanca. I know what the movie is about, and have read about it. But I have yet to get my hands on the movie. Who has it? Borrow please?

Earlier tonight, I entered cs and myself in a contest. Haha. If all goes well, I shall be posting it up here tomorrow and hope that everyone reading this will vote for me please! More details later.

I mentioned before, I heard that guy singing this song at that place. I am so in love and so shamelessly admitting it.

I love you more and more each day as time goes by...

How did cheesy love songs get to be my thing now? Don't know and don't care.

Lyrics here:

I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Popcorn and cokes beneath the stars became champagne and caviar
Making love on a long hot summers night

I thought you fell in love with me watching Casablance
Holding hands 'neath the paddle fans in Rick's Candle lit cafe
Hiding in the shadows from the spies. Moroccan moonlight in your eyes
Making magic at the movies in my old chevrolet

Oh! A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh
Please come back to me in Casablanca
I love you more and more each day as time goes by

I guess there're many broken hearts in Casablanca
[ From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/b/bertie-higgins-lyrics/casablanca-lyrics.html ]
You know I've never really been there. so, I don't know
I guess our love story will never be seen on the big wide silver screen
But it hurt just as bad when I had to watch you go

Oh! A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh
Please come back to me in Casablanca
I love you more and more each day as time goes by
Oh! A kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
But a kiss is not a kiss without your sigh

Please come back to me in Casablanca
I love you more and more each day as time goes by
I love you more and more each day as time goes by


Good night! :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

In Cold Water

I went swimming last night because I am determined to lose some weight. The healthy way without starving myself or taking supplements. Tried taking one diet pill a day, and oh God! The insomnia damn near killed me. (Ya, of course I am exaggerating) It was physically impossible to fall asleep. After that, gah forget it. This was in college btw. Ancient news.

Anyway. In an effort to seriously lose some weight, we went swimming last night. As cs and I walked past our neighbour in our swimsuits and towels (and burger in cs' case), he exclaimed: won't it be too cold to go swimming?

I was a bit perplexed because the sun has been shining brightly the whole day. Why would he say that?

Sigh. I should have guessed. Older people are wiser people..

The pool water was so so so SO COLD! It has been raining on and off for the past week or two.

What I mean is, it rains the whole day and night with about a 10 minute pause then continue again. Throughout the whole night. Horrible weather. Some places were flooded. Don't know where, cos ever since that huge drain was built at Hui Sing, we lucky residents never experienced flood again. *Touch on wood.

Back to topic. It was SO COLD! Shivering, teeth chattering and instant regret. Blaming each other (jokingly), whose idea was it to go swimming at 830pm?!

The pool was empty save for us. Apparently nobody is as stupid as us. Heh.

In the pool, we pushed ourselves to move, move, move our asses! Swam a few laps.

But actually this is a pretty good strategy what. Since it was so cold, I had no choice but to keep moving and swimming up and down.

Moving my muscles until the water finally felt lukewarm to me. Effective!

Ya, this is a pretty rubbish post. I am trying to keep my blog alive and blog more often but have nothing to say. I didn't bring a camera out last night. No need lar. Photos of the pool are in the post below anyway. So this shall suffice today!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Meeting the in-laws

Photos from a million years ago. So many photos and garbage are accummulating in my computer that I bought a new hard disk. Best decision ever.

Does anyone else have the same problem as me? I don't want to delete my dissertations from Uni cos I worked hard on them. Why delete notes from class too? I might want to study them again in the future. Haha highly unlikely. I sound like a hoarder. But no lar. I am not.


These are photos from the housewarming party ages ago, where the main objective of the night was for cs and I to introduce our two families. A little get together for both our families. They have never met before this.

Kevin asked: why not just have the party at home? Trust me, nobody believe it when I say the living room is too small to accommodate 30 people plus catering. Not enough space.

This is because of the way our house was built. The carpark to the living room is not a step away like most terrace houses. People can escape to the carpark when they feel stuffy or step outside for a smoke. Our living room is more like 15 steps away, up a flight of stairs.

Up this flight of stairs actually. Here, mum is inspecting our staircase. Heh.

In the beginning, when we just got the house keys, we were both so very wildly excited and running up and down those steps was nothing! No biggie! Its good exercise. We are young, and even if we have children in the future, so? Good exercise for them too, and worse come to worse, we build a fence around the stairs la (so kids don't fall down the stairs).

Now, not too long ago, I stand on the top of the stairs, thinking did I forget anyting? Better double check so I don't have to run up again. Check every room, open the drawers.

This comes after a few lessons of forgetting to turn off the light or the aircon, or leaving our wallets or phones upstairs. Only to realize our mistake, when we are sitting in the car. Running up two long flights of stairs is no fun. You may think its nothing, but at the end of the day, it is fucking tiring. Haha.

Seriously, I am not complaining. We are still young. This is not a home for people aged over 40 or 50 and above.

So, where was I? Oh yea, the clubhouse was our choice of location. For pre-dinner drinks. Formal introductions.

And now they finally meet. :)

These photos are all from last year. Now they all recognise each other (hopefully).

I have not been swimming for a while now. The last time was probably when we brought Dolphin to the pool. Don't think I have blogged about that too. Oh well. Next time.

This is Dolphin. Oh, and me.

If it does not rain, I shall go swimming tonight. *determined. Have to lose some weight before Chinese New Year, to look good in new clothes! :D CNY shopping is done.

The past weekend was spent shopping and more shopping. Shopping with cs for his cny clothes. And man. Its so unfair. His shopping was done in a total of 30 mins or less!! Whereas mine was done in a span of two weeks, from Spring to Jalan Tun Jugah, to One Jaya, to Jenny, to the many differnet online blogshops and I am still waiting for items to deliver to my house. HUGE difference eh. This is just clothes, not including shoes, bags, accessories.

On Saturday, I went shopping with my parents for mostly cny goods too. Cookies, cakes, sweets, chocs, food in general to offer people who will be visiting our house from CNY eve to the 4th or 5th day of CNY. Busy busy.

Next weekend's itinerary includes baking and cleaning. Time flies eh. I used to miss CNY at home when studying abroad, and wish I could come back home. And now, I know I did the right thing! Life is so much better here! There is no place like home.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The first glimpse

Oh man. So long since I last posted something up. Over the past few days, I did write things down, saved it as a draft, and in the end decided not to post it up. There are just some things I still don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone yet. Friends and strangers alike. Maybe later.

So ho hum what to talk about today. Come 2011 and I am so busy everyday. Busy with Chinese New Year stuff, buying cakes, cookies, clothes, cleaning the house (the one I am staying in and the one I will be moving into). This applies to both house. We just got a washing machine yay. I can't believe I am excited about washing clothes. How much more house wifey can you get?

Haha. Don't worry. This is something that will NOT last. Of this, I am sure.


Cs and I were scouting for wedding locations the other day. I wrote this down that day when I arrived home, because I don't want to forget this. I want to remember it so I can still envision it and somehow try to replicate it in the future.


As I stepped out of the elevator, as the walkway ended, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful flower arrangements hanging and trailing all over the walls and the ceiling. Two workers were busy at work. They were transforming the hallway for the event happening at night.

There were workers everywhere putting the finishing touches to the table and flower arrangements. Some more are busy testing the projector systems, and the band are busy doing a sound check.

I see a real life cardboard printout of the happy couple. Photos everywhere. The hall was packed full with tables and chairs; the last table number I read out was 91. I learnt later that there were 10 more tables inside the other lounge with a projector screen showing the ballroom live.

There were clouds and clouds of white gossamer hanging from the ballroom. Covering the entire ceiling. There were flower arrangements everywhere, hanging from the walls, down the red carpet were eight flower pedestrals and an arch, and even a make shift mini flower garden at the entrance.

The tables and chairs were covered in white. The chair covers were tied with pink or lavender silk ribbons. The head table is set for 20 people, draped in gold and halfway decorated. But I have no doubt that it will be beautiful.

There were four huge projector screens in the ballroom; two in front and two at the back. As I was walking around and admiring everything, the band started playing and singing Casablanca. It was so beautiful, I almost had tears in my eyes. His voice. It was simply amazing. The sax. The sound system.

As I looked up, I catch my breath again. The stage was beautifully lit with fairy lights and cut outs of the couple’s names on the very edge. It was just 4pm by then. The band was rehearsing; the workers were busy putting the finishing touches. The couple are blissfully oblivious to this scene.

Never have I entered a ballroom and had my breath taken away so literally again and again. I am just a hopeless romantic at heart, aren’t I? Never have I attended a wedding that looked anything like this. And this is just not even the real thing yet. Just the rehearsal.

How to describe it? It felt like you were walking into a dream when you entered the room. A different place. Just wow. What does it take to put together something like that?

And now, I know. It is the little details that bring everything together. The little detail that matters.


So yea, time to get to work. That is what has been occupying most of my time online. Instead of blogging. Researching for more photos and information, and then trying to put them into action. I need an assistant and more sponsors.

*For the sake of a photo:

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Year Eve post and gibberish

Come 2011 and I am getting lazier to blog. Too many things to do everyday ie Facebook and stalking people's profiles on FB. No lar. Kidding.

Ah Ong and Nana welcomed a handsome baby boy, Jarrod Tan on 8 Jan 2011! Congrats again guys!! So happy for you guys.

My gosh. Time flies. The second baby in the group already. And Wee Lee should be giving birth soon..


Moving on. I have been eating too much food recently. Mum made yummy lamb shank. She cooked six of these for dinner that night. One for each of us. Its pretty easy to see why almost everyone in the family is a plus size eh.

And why I need to work out more often. Gah. But, this is so good. The meat is so tender, the sauce just right. Not too rich or heavy.


My New Year's Eve was spent at Sarawak Club. Theme of the night was Garden of Eden.

Weird choice I think. I saw a couple of women walking around carrying a big plastic apple, and a golden snake hung on her arm. Should have taken a photo with her.

It was a good hair day. And the only person who successfully curled my hair without me whining afterwards was the senior hairstylist at BLONDE. Haha. Great skills man! I should go back there more often.

The person who looked most at ease in this photo is Winnie. Mum's expression looks almost angry, but she is in fact paiseh. Mummy is shy.

The ballroom. It was black tie so everyone was so dressed up. Men in suits and the women in pretty party dresses. Most of them maxi dresses.

At home, I felt so overdressed. But luckily we did though. We blended in perfectly. I am writing in short sentences because I am tired and my nails are slowing me down. Have yet to cut them. I sound so bimbotic to myself. I only care about my looks and I whine about my hair and nails oh man.

OK. Done with the New Year post. Finally. Heh. Been meaning to post up the photos in ages but they take forever to upload bah. Time is precious. Tick tock tick tock no time to wait. And no time to edit and resize photos. I shall never make it as a blogger or anything else for that matter, what with my limited patience to wait.

Its the same with everything else in life. When applying make up, I slap things on and as long as the overall effect is ok, then I am ok. I need some non bimbotic examples lar. This reflects badly on me..

Moving on. CNY is a-coming. Going out with mum to go buy CNY cakes and cookies. Dad has made an appointment with me to start cleaning the house next Sunday.

P/S: I realized that I actually curse much less now!! In this whole post, there is not one Damn, dammit, fcuk, chee bye nada. I am a new woman!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Its a Love Hate Relationship

This is Cherrie in a good temper. At times like these, when she is looking like this, it is so easy to love her, pamper her, coddle her.

She is docile, tame, like a dog. Not a wildcat.

But she can still look like this and suddenly jump up and bite you on your hand. Hard. Instant two holes, bruise and a drop of blood.

You should really see Eli's arms and legs. If you didn't know better, you would think that we abuse Eli.

More like Cherrie abuses Eli. I keep telling Eli to just hit her hard when she bites you. Teach her. Let her know who is the boss!

There is a reason why Cherrie bites Eli more than us. Its because she can somehow sense that Eli is afraid to hit her. Eli always coddles her and reward her for this and that. Which I think is senseless.

Sure, reward is good. But for the right time. Eli tells Cherrie she is a good girl, just for eating.

I have so little patience. With Cherrie, it is so obvious, what type of parent I would be in the future.

The scary type. The one most likely to lose her temper and slap her child in public. Haha. No lar. Not in public. Just at home. Hit and lecture enough so that he/she knows never to do that in public.

God I hate kids that shout and run amok in public. At restaurants, supermarkets, airport, in the plane. Obviously kids don't know better. Its the parents fault. Its up to the parent to teach them.

And I really hope my future kids better be kwai. For their own sakes. Heh.

I was brought up to think like that. My parents taught us better than that. Or rather, my mum trained us better than that.

Mum used to bring out a cane in the car. So she can still hit us when we misbehave. Or quarrell with each other.

My family's little private joke is that in the future, when Winnie and Kevin's kids misbehave, all they have to threaten them is: I'll send you to Aunty Amy!

So very wtf right? I can't be that bad. But alas. I know I am. Woe on my future kids.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Damai getwaway!

Cs and I recently went to Damai, in conjunction with our two year anniversary. Time flies. I have been saying this almost every time I write a new post. Then, when I read other blogs or in Facebook, it seems like almost everyone else feels the same way. Good. I'm not the only weird one..

Anyway. It feels like we have only celebrated the first one not so long ago..

I took a day off from work, so we could go on a weekday, and avoid the crowd. But, it was so so so crowded! Year end holidays, and school holidays!

So many people everywhere. Checking in and out at the lobby, kids running amok and screaming all the way, as well as alot of tourists and their children by the beach. So crowded.

The waves were huge that day! Strong winds and overcast clouds. It had been raining on and off that day, and for the past week, and this week for that matter.

I look like some siao chabo. Haih. It was red flag day, meaning the beach was deemed dangerous, and no lifeguards are on duty.

Nonetheless, we ventured out to sea and got thrown about and smacked in the face by the waves. Hence, the hairstyle. Drank alot of sea water in the process. Hehe.

Bad hairday.

We gave up after shrieking and screaming (me of course - and swallowing some more sea water), after about 10 to 15 mins? The waves were just too strong that day. There was just no way we could go swimming or even lazing around in the sea that day.

The pool outside the lobby was closed. So the beach was full of people. I wanted to go to the hilltop pool, but was afraid that it would be packed with people as well. So we stayed on the beach taking photos to chill for a while.

Its nice to have a bf fiance (hahaa) who will willingly take photos of me all the time without making a face. As evidenced! Plenty of photos! Thanks btw. :D

After a while, we went up to begin the long climb up the hilltop.

The longest journey begins with a single step. Or was it a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Whatever. Confucius was right..

There are some more hotel rooms up here. Never stayed up here before though.

Long climb up and long legs. :) Quite pleasantly surprised to find a flattering photo of my legs. Don't be fooled Amy. Its the angle. Just the angle. Alas. In real life, they don't look like that though. Boo.

After a thousand or so steps later, we have arrived at our destination!

The hilltop pool or infinity pool.

I have always wondered why they call it infinity pool. So I went to google and wiki it. Quote from wikipedia, "An infinity edge pool (also named negative edge, zero edge, disappearing edge or vanishing edge pool) is a swimming or reflecting pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to infinity".

And they are also supposedly very expensive to build. Hmm..interesting. I'm such a geek, I can read wikipedia nonstop cos it links here and there nonstop. Hehe. Nerd.

For example, from Wikipedia infinity pools, I clicked on this link! OMG!! The Infinity Pools at Jade Mountain. Fcuking awesome!! Excuse me, I'm sorry but there is no other word!! Awesome!

Its located in St. Lucia. Please explore the website if you are free now, like me! It is just so beautiful! Like somewhere in heaven. There are no words to describe.

It looks like someplace the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous can be found. Probably might see Prince William and Kate Middleton there in the pool. Or David and Victoria Beckham sipping cocktails at the lounge..

Never mind. People like us vacation at Damai.

We also have a pretty awesome view here in Kuching here what..

Sunset by the beach/pool is always blisss..

Some more photos of our infinity pool. :)

Oh btw, did I mention that the hilltop pool was virtually empty save for us? When we arrived, (me panting and wheezing after those 1,000 steps), there were a few people in the pool. Never too crowded. Plenty of space to laze around and enjoy ourselves still.

But most people seem to leave quite early. About 6pm. So, it was just cs and I. Hmm..I wonder why? Hungry probably? But it was good news for us cos I can take photos like this without being watched..

The pool closed at 630pm btw. The sign says 7pm but the lifeguards told us 630pm, so they can do their stuff. Clean the pool or err jump in themselves? Wonder what it would be like to work there?

Maybe in the beginning, I would be like waa waa waa..I have the most awesome view compared to office workers. Heh poor folk. But after long, I would be sick and tired of Damai and the view when I am tired and miss home. Then when I want to relax and go to the beach, I end up being frustrated cos there is no place to go and I dont want to go Damai cos its my office. Hahaa.

OK. Bye~~