Thursday, 13 January 2011

The first glimpse

Oh man. So long since I last posted something up. Over the past few days, I did write things down, saved it as a draft, and in the end decided not to post it up. There are just some things I still don't feel comfortable sharing with everyone yet. Friends and strangers alike. Maybe later.

So ho hum what to talk about today. Come 2011 and I am so busy everyday. Busy with Chinese New Year stuff, buying cakes, cookies, clothes, cleaning the house (the one I am staying in and the one I will be moving into). This applies to both house. We just got a washing machine yay. I can't believe I am excited about washing clothes. How much more house wifey can you get?

Haha. Don't worry. This is something that will NOT last. Of this, I am sure.


Cs and I were scouting for wedding locations the other day. I wrote this down that day when I arrived home, because I don't want to forget this. I want to remember it so I can still envision it and somehow try to replicate it in the future.


As I stepped out of the elevator, as the walkway ended, my eyes were drawn to the beautiful flower arrangements hanging and trailing all over the walls and the ceiling. Two workers were busy at work. They were transforming the hallway for the event happening at night.

There were workers everywhere putting the finishing touches to the table and flower arrangements. Some more are busy testing the projector systems, and the band are busy doing a sound check.

I see a real life cardboard printout of the happy couple. Photos everywhere. The hall was packed full with tables and chairs; the last table number I read out was 91. I learnt later that there were 10 more tables inside the other lounge with a projector screen showing the ballroom live.

There were clouds and clouds of white gossamer hanging from the ballroom. Covering the entire ceiling. There were flower arrangements everywhere, hanging from the walls, down the red carpet were eight flower pedestrals and an arch, and even a make shift mini flower garden at the entrance.

The tables and chairs were covered in white. The chair covers were tied with pink or lavender silk ribbons. The head table is set for 20 people, draped in gold and halfway decorated. But I have no doubt that it will be beautiful.

There were four huge projector screens in the ballroom; two in front and two at the back. As I was walking around and admiring everything, the band started playing and singing Casablanca. It was so beautiful, I almost had tears in my eyes. His voice. It was simply amazing. The sax. The sound system.

As I looked up, I catch my breath again. The stage was beautifully lit with fairy lights and cut outs of the couple’s names on the very edge. It was just 4pm by then. The band was rehearsing; the workers were busy putting the finishing touches. The couple are blissfully oblivious to this scene.

Never have I entered a ballroom and had my breath taken away so literally again and again. I am just a hopeless romantic at heart, aren’t I? Never have I attended a wedding that looked anything like this. And this is just not even the real thing yet. Just the rehearsal.

How to describe it? It felt like you were walking into a dream when you entered the room. A different place. Just wow. What does it take to put together something like that?

And now, I know. It is the little details that bring everything together. The little detail that matters.


So yea, time to get to work. That is what has been occupying most of my time online. Instead of blogging. Researching for more photos and information, and then trying to put them into action. I need an assistant and more sponsors.

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