Friday, 21 January 2011


Will everyone please do me a favor?

As you know, seeing as I have been broadcasting it quite often (hehe), I am getting married!! *cue confetti and fireworks again!!

But this time, I need help. Please. Pretty please. I have entered cs and I in this contest.

Go to this Facebook profile, and click LIKE. You must like the profile first to be able to start liking the contestants photos and comment.

Then, please go to my photo:

Its this one. I love this photo. I love the day itself. I love that the waves, and I love how natural this photo is. We are just being ourselves. And the photo turned out quite nice. Sorry, it seems humility is not my strong point. :)

Please LIKE the photo and comment. A simple good luck will do. By liking the photo, and commenting is how we earn points, and thus win.

We are quite far behind in this contest actually. I just found out about it tonight. And the contest ends Jan 31 2010. There are already more than 363 likes to the other photos, as of tonight. I have a lot of catching up to do. So, please help!

Much thanks in advance! Go to Facebook and help me please!! Here. Like it. And here we are. *click to vote*

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