Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kim Bay at the Hills

Today, I went to Kim Bay restaurant/cafe at the Hills for lunch. The newly opened branch at the Hills. They have a branch at Spring too.

I ordered Croissant with chicken mayo/salad inside. It came with a portion of fries. RM 6.90. It took the cafe about 45 minutes to serve this to me!! Grr! On a fucking lunch hour ok! It took so long to come that I practically swallowed everything off the plate because 1) I AM FUCKING STARVING! 2) LUNCH HOUR IS UP THANKS TO YOU!!!

To make matters worse, the croissant is not only small, it is tiny, it is also hard and reeks of oil or butter or whatever. It is not nice!! The chicken mayo/salad thing is ok, cos I finished it up. But it is tiny! I am hungry! Nothing like the photo ok.

So I finished off the fries. Yippee hot salty fries for lunch that I have to chew and swallow in 5 mins or less. Have to drive back to the office ok!

I have only been to Kim Bay a few times. Probably a handful of times only but screw it. Every time I go there, I get disappointed! So why go back, you ask? For two reasons:

1) We know the guy who co-owns Kim Bay. Just know la. Not really a friend. More like friend's friend (?) Hence, I refrained from complaining. But this is one time too many.

He has been nothing but nice to us. Once, when I went to Kim Bay, I ordered a wanton noodle soup that tasted of...flour. No shit. It just wasn't very appetizing. So I didn't eat it. I left it there practically untouched. The guy came and asked why? Is it not nice etc? So I told him. He tasted it and agreed.

Then he didn't charge us for the noodle soup. He is very nice and I am either a fucking picky eater or just unlucky. Maybe its just the things I ordered. The other things could be good ok, I never said anything about the other stufff. Just the things I had.

2) Cs wanted to go there. Not me!

Anyway, I was very upset with the lunch I had. I was starving and when the food came, it was so disappointing. The food took so long to arrive.

If a Large Pizza can be cooked and sent to the customer in 15-17 minutes, so can this dish ok! How hard is it to make? Do you only have one chef in the kitchen?

Before someone comes to screw me for posting this entry, let me just say that we, as customers, are entitled to our own opinions or criticisms in this case.

I won't be going back anytime soon.

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