Sunday, 25 April 2010

This and that II

1) How fast can you type?

Do try this test!

This is my result:

61 words

Speed Typing test

2) Quite slow actually. I think my nails are slowing me down!

New nails.

I am out of ideas. How do people get inspiration for new designs ar? I don't really like sticking on the little crystals cos they fall off so easily.

3) I am the most careless and clumsy person I know. I get cuts and bruises so often that my parents actually laughed (rather than care) for me when they saw stuff like this:

Yea its a very ugly and unflattering bruise/photo of me thigh.. I frequently have no idea how these bruises come about.

That second photo, when I found that bruise, it actually freaked me out a little. How did I end up with such a nasty bruise with no recollections whatsoever. Winnie was quite worried: Mi, do you have a disease/sickness?

I showed my parents. Both laughed so hard at out worried faces. Its just a bruise as usual. What the hell man.

Bah! Don't wanna look at my bruises. Ugly.

4) Here's a photo of me at Pizza Hut! (again) I am their best customer lah. Why don't they have any loyalty cards or programs eh? I would qualify again and again..

And this is the Hut Large Fries is it? What are they called? They are just normal fries.

Because I was starving by dinner, I munched on these fries: ohh so delicious full of taste..smells so good..ohh...

When my Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Supreme arrived,

Not this is the best food on earth.

Fries are left untouched. Let the bf finish it. :)

5) A bunch of us went to Basaga last week. Basaga (if the spelling is correct) is opposite Westwood. Erm beside Chonglin Park (opposite Lim Hua San temple). Its a sort of wooden house with a hotel place..

I'm sure a lot of people know the place right? Its not exactly new now..

This is my nachos with melted cheese (microwaved or oven baked) topped with sour cream sauce, seasoned tomatoes and jalapenos, I think. Not nice! Don't order. The name and description cheated me. The nachos were slightly stale (lau huong in hokkien). Not crispy anymore. The whole plate sort of stuck together. You had to pry the chips apart from the cheese. And the cream was just tooo much. Not nice.

Here. A better photo.

6) Alvin is looking wary, giving me the "not again" look. Hehe

7) Wall stickers!! So cute. We know exactly where to put this!

8) I shall leave you with a flattering photo of Winnie and I after all that food and bruises.

Sisters, alike?

Wait..wait...Let you compare mum and I.

Mother and daughter. I am going to look exactly like mum in 25 years time.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

I should learn to play the guitar myself

OK. This is very random. I was browsing through youtube initially looking through Siti Nurhaliza. Tried looking for good Malay songs.

I love guys who play the guitar. They just look so so cool. So sexy..Even better if he sings too.. Somebody serenade me please! ♥

I would fall. Hook, line and sinker.

While I'm at it, support Malaysian music!

I know I am one to talk. I hardly do. But I am very open to music suggestions from anybody. I accept that I don't know much about music which is why I am open to everyone's suggestion.

I have a friend, who is a musician. I mean, he has a part time job. But he (says) he just wants to be a musician. His ambition in life is to be a rock star. I mean all he wants is to play on stage and to produce albums. To drink and get wasted. To jam on stage. You get the drift.

He asked me: What music do you like Amy?

Me: Eerr..anything. All types.

Him (very incredulous and somewhat angry): you can't say that. Do you know how many types of music there is? Do you know every type? You just cant. Tell me what you like.

He actually demanded that I tell him.

Actually, I don't know how to tell him. If you asked me what is in my iPod, I can tell you that I have yes, Akon, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, all the top of the charts songs, Michael Buble, Oasis, Nirvana, Bee Gees, Eagles, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and also some Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Faye Wong and many others, and cantonese songs, Japanese, Korean, French songs, and instrumental music, such as Kenny G.

I like all of them and I will continue to accept and download files from friends suggesting their version of good music to me.

Anyway I am getting sidetracked.

Guys with a guitar...come serenade me please..hahaha. The bf actually learnt classical guitar some 10 years ago. Let's see if he still remembers. I will beg him to play for me..

OK. I stole this off youtube.

I actually first came across him in

But I keep going back again and again to listen to this. Argh. Decided that I should just post it here.


Monday, 19 April 2010

Random photos

Here are some more random photos of my KL trip in no particular order. I had no makeup on and makeup on in some of the photos. I actually think there is no difference. So no point slaving over makeup every day, right? right?

Look at this. Toy cars everyday at 5pm onwards? Or earlier? They appear to be stuck there unmoving for the next few hours. I can't imagine driving home from work in that jam.

We were in KL from Thurs till Sunday. On Thursday and Friday, we wondered why there weren't more people around town.

On Saturday, the crowd seems to have more than doubled in size. And so has the traffic jam.

We initially had Tuborg. Then some salesgirls came up to ask us to try Jaz.

So we had a bottle each. I thought the name suited the beer. I'm sorry I don't know how to describe the taste of beers to you. But if I had to choose, ermm..Jaz is a quite nice change. Slightly funkier. Ohh I dunno how to explain.

Tuborg is typical. Like Carlsberg, or Heineken. They taste about the same. Tiger is slightly sweeter in comparison. I think lah.

Ehh I didn't have on make up here. Safe to say I have pretty good skin? Minus the pimple of course. I have an outbreak of pimple on my chin recently. Don't know why. Guess this rules out nice skin..

Pavillion and hot models on posters..

My backside to block out the hot models on posters...

I can't get enough of my rug! I am actually not using it yet. I have this kept at cs' bedroom right now. Tightly bound in a plastic bag and stuffed into a box. I made sure that he has not taken this out to use yet. Reason being, I want to use this at his new house only when its ready.

Sort of my house warming gift to me him.

Doesn't matter that I love this and him, not so..Since he loves me, he should the rug. Yea..logical, and reasonable, no?

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THIS!!!! I remember when I was a kid, someone (forgot who) offered me one of this. I had just one taste of it and I swear I remembered it for the rest of my life (all 25 years and counting).

I searched everywhere! In Kuching, at all the supermarkets, at Choice Daily, Cold Storage, Ta Kiong, Boulevard everywhere. They all failed me! I went to Taiwan and didn't find it. I went to London and searched through the Japanese shops. Alas! I had given up. And then.

Fate smiled upon me. I walked into Isetan and saw "Japan Fair". And the first thing I saw was this! I grabbed it and looked at the price. Ahhhh....nearly put it back. Cs, seeing how in pain I was, insisted I buy it. So I did!

In fact, I went back the next day and bought this much.

Ehh this is to last the whole of my life ok. What expiry date? Its worth it to get diarrhea ok. In fact, I sometimes drink sour milk knowingly hoping I get diarrhea. choi no lar. Just kidding of course!

In case there are not enough photos of he is eating some fried tempura from Shihlinsnacks. They cincai translate. But since I can't read or write chinese, I can't translate too. I'm pretty sure this is the well-known "tian pu lak" (mandarin) available at almost every night market, and sold together with the fried chicken (xian su chi), right?

I'm sure my siblings would understand. Ahh never mind..

With make up. Almost no difference really. My make up skills really sucks. Need improving..

This is us in the elevator or lift...I need a new camera. whine.

I love Melia hotel. Its directly opposite Times square. This is the view from our hotel room. Room 608? Dammit I forgot. I just know its the sixth floor.

I haven't had Budweiser for so long..So, when I saw it at 7-11, I bought a couple. This has to be the best beer, in my opinion.

Oh yea. When we were at the Speedos shop in Pavillion, we got snubbed by the girl! Dammit. When we walked in, two salesgirls continue chatting without a glance in our direction. So cs and I walked around looking for swimsuits. Cs wanted to buy a pair of trunks.

Two ang mohs walk in, they (bitches) stop talking immediately and went: good morning. can I help u sir? Chee-bye!

Actually those two ang mohs admittedly looked like swimmers, while we looked like time-wasters. But seriously, they (ang mohs) walked out the door in less than 3 mins. While, we bought a pair of trunks. Chee-bye again!

One bad thing about Melia Hotel is, they need to get a bigger room/space to serve breakfast! Every morning, there is a queue waiting to be seated. Then, I would see the manager and the servers rushing up and down clearing tables for the hotel guests. They really need a bigger room.

And more people cooking breakfast. I gave up waiting for eggs as part of my breakfast a few trips back, cos the queue was ridiculous. To have to wait 5 - 7 mins (that is long ok), for eggs sunny side up is ridiculous. My seat could have been grabbed by other people.

The breakfast time ends at 1030am, and I err normally arrive for breakfast at 1030am. time to wait. I arrive just in time to grab a toast, orange juice and coffee.

I like the photo below cos it looks like I was mid-air. Something like that anyway. See-through lifts rocks my socks.

Btw, we saw this guy on Sat (10/4) at Sungei Wang. Some singer, I think. Cs knows who he is. But I am ignorant as usual of chinese artistes. I may have heard his songs before, but I don't know his name.

Boring. Ehh give me some hunks lar. Daniel Wu. Or Louis Koo. Then hell yea..I would join the queue (if cs allows). Haha..I would allow him to go if it was SHE anyway.

OK. I asked cs. He said it was JJ. *shrugs*

This guy. Famous?

Writing about this trip makes me wanna go back to holidays again..

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Another week has come and gone. Time flies. I cannot say this often enough. I sound like a broken record. So this is what I have been up to recently:

On Friday night, we went to Happy Garden (if that is the name don't remember). Directly opposite Spring, a seafood restaurant for dinner. The food was all right. I didn't like the iam midin (hokkien) not outstanding. I liked the mango duck. This is good. I didn't take a photo. I'm sorry. I went to google it and none of the images fit.

Oh well this means I have to go back to eat that mango duck again and take a proper photo. Haha..

Cs' skin looks so good now seriously.. So fair and smooth. Except for the occasional pimple. Thanks to me! Seriously considering should I pluck his eyebrows? I don't like the jokes about him looking like that silly Shin Chan cartoon. So yea..maybe I should pluck and trim his eyebrows. Hehe

Come to think of it, I realized there is something similar with Shin Chan and cs. Both like to show off their butts. Hahahhaa...

Hahah silly inside joke between us..

Butts aside.

After dinner, we went to Kings Arm. Its a new (quite) pub at Petanak area, the same row as Terminal One. No photos again. I like the place and I will go back. Alvin had us all playing a drinking game, where I had too much to drink and spent much of Saturday being hangover.

I thought that this tasted almost exactly the same as the other Tiger. Only difference was they gave us lemon slices. So we drink it like Corona then. With lemon.

Pretty amazing actually. I have never had too much to drink and ended up hangover with beer alone. No mixture of drinks. No whiskey or tequila nothing.

I haven't had this feeling in ages, months really. So its ok. As long as everyone had fun.

Oh yea someone (cough*me*cough) requested a birthday song for Frankie and he got a graveyard (I think) for free. I don't know if he was mad or happy actually. Haha but I have a feeling he is going to repay that favor!

During one fine lunch time, we went to Hock Lee again. This time to play this!

Jurassic Park. Killing the dinosaurs. To play this game, you need a really strong index finger! That's all. Haha all you need to do is press the trigger non stop and blindly shoot. How far off target could you be? The screen is right in front of you! That is what I thought.

But apparently I was soo off target that the actual score that came up was: Cs killed about 92% of the dinasours while I killed the 8%. Hahahha so wtf! The game is so inaccurate. Impossible! Something wrong with the score. How could I have killed 8%??? The screen was right in front of me!

I have been swimming quite often lately ever since he got his house keys. Am going back to swim tonight again! Yea. Healthy! Bringing a beer pack lar. But still healthy.

This photo below was so stupid. We were at Boulevard:

He just picked up this phone and went (in hokkien) hello. ahh..where r u? talking to an imaginary person.

While I snapped this photo..

Last words:

I'm quite worried about the travel woes due to that volcano at Iceland. Hopefully you can still catch your flight on Monday! Ehh is there anyone here who is supposed to be surprised by you? No right? OK.

Hopefully you guys can still catch your flight out of Heathrow and that you won't be affected! Good luck!

Apology accepted

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I agonized over it. Thought through ways of hating you back. In my mind, I was going through different arguments already. But in the end, I came to the conclusion to. just. apologize.

If only to smooth things over between us.

Turned out that was all it takes. Sorry is the hardest thing to say. But I am so glad I said it.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, my heart felt so light. I felt good and relieved.

I resolve to do this more often. I don't have to win every fight. Have to keep reminding myself that's why I'm writing this here.


So I found some photos that I have yet to post up..

From Chinese new year obviously. At Aunty Ivy's (far left) house, with Aunty Lina and mum.

OK. Time to call it a day..

My bed is calling. Night all.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Books I recently finished:

1) Jeffrey Archer - The Fourth Estate

Brilliant! Just brilliant. I've read quite a few of his books but this is one of the best so far. Just read it. There is nothing much I can write that will justify how good this book is. Just. Go read it.

To each his own; you may not like it. I dunno.

2) Lauren Weisberger - The Devil Wears Prada

I liked the movie, but I avoided reading the book cos I was afraid it would be disappointing or I would end up hating the movie.

I don't like reading books and watching the movie after cos you would almost always be disappointed! Examples: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and the Half Blood Prince. Blah. Disappointing. The fight scene looked like a joke! New Moon. Didn't bother watching the movie a second time. It just looked so boring.

Anyway. I bought the Devil Wears Prada. Cos it was cheap (during the Popular book fair). Surprisingly it was quite funny and yea, I still like the movie.

In case you didn't know, the movie starred Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

3) Sidney Sheldon - Mistress of the Game.

I have read all of Sidney Sheldon's books. So I knew that this is new. When I saw the words "Sidney Sheldon. Mistress of the Game" I grabbed it without further ado and marched to the cashier! Look at the book! Those words written in bold and huge font act as an advertising ploy to fool Sidney Sheldon fans like me!

Sidney Sheldon had another book: Master of the Game, which I absolutely loved. That's why I acted so rashly.

Only at home, did I realize fuck! Sidney Sheldon already passed away!? How could he have written this? This book was written by Tilly Bagshaw as a sequel to Sidney Sheldon's previous bestseller. The Master of the Game. See-crew. I didn't see Tilly Bagshaw at the bottom of the page!! Sigh.

Never mind. Read it anyway. Grudgingly admitted that it could have been written by Sidney Sheldon himself. It was (almost) just as good!