Sunday, 25 April 2010

This and that II

1) How fast can you type?

Do try this test!

This is my result:

61 words

Speed Typing test

2) Quite slow actually. I think my nails are slowing me down!

New nails.

I am out of ideas. How do people get inspiration for new designs ar? I don't really like sticking on the little crystals cos they fall off so easily.

3) I am the most careless and clumsy person I know. I get cuts and bruises so often that my parents actually laughed (rather than care) for me when they saw stuff like this:

Yea its a very ugly and unflattering bruise/photo of me thigh.. I frequently have no idea how these bruises come about.

That second photo, when I found that bruise, it actually freaked me out a little. How did I end up with such a nasty bruise with no recollections whatsoever. Winnie was quite worried: Mi, do you have a disease/sickness?

I showed my parents. Both laughed so hard at out worried faces. Its just a bruise as usual. What the hell man.

Bah! Don't wanna look at my bruises. Ugly.

4) Here's a photo of me at Pizza Hut! (again) I am their best customer lah. Why don't they have any loyalty cards or programs eh? I would qualify again and again..

And this is the Hut Large Fries is it? What are they called? They are just normal fries.

Because I was starving by dinner, I munched on these fries: ohh so delicious full of taste..smells so good..ohh...

When my Stuffed Crust Hawaiian Supreme arrived,

Not this is the best food on earth.

Fries are left untouched. Let the bf finish it. :)

5) A bunch of us went to Basaga last week. Basaga (if the spelling is correct) is opposite Westwood. Erm beside Chonglin Park (opposite Lim Hua San temple). Its a sort of wooden house with a hotel place..

I'm sure a lot of people know the place right? Its not exactly new now..

This is my nachos with melted cheese (microwaved or oven baked) topped with sour cream sauce, seasoned tomatoes and jalapenos, I think. Not nice! Don't order. The name and description cheated me. The nachos were slightly stale (lau huong in hokkien). Not crispy anymore. The whole plate sort of stuck together. You had to pry the chips apart from the cheese. And the cream was just tooo much. Not nice.

Here. A better photo.

6) Alvin is looking wary, giving me the "not again" look. Hehe

7) Wall stickers!! So cute. We know exactly where to put this!

8) I shall leave you with a flattering photo of Winnie and I after all that food and bruises.

Sisters, alike?

Wait..wait...Let you compare mum and I.

Mother and daughter. I am going to look exactly like mum in 25 years time.

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