Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Winnie's sushi and others

I've been so busy these few days. No time to blog. Actually I don't even know why I busy. I've been doing nothing much. The same stuff everyday.

Went out to dinner on Saturday night with the family, then Kenyalang, and McGregor's. We actually wanted to go to Spring.

Big mistake! Never go to Spring on a Saturday night at around 830pm again! Traffic jam like hell. And all the parking lots were full. The staff were actually standing in front of the "Parking Full" sign to prevent people (who ignore the sign) from going in. Waste of time..

On Sunday, cs and I went in search of a new beautician cos my regular one quit!!! Horror upon horrors! Come back Kui Chin! Ahh..I hope this new place I'm going to is good. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? A good and not too pricey beautician please?! I would be a loyal and regular customer..

On Monday night, I went swimming with cs at his house again. A couple of frogs decided to hop into the pool with us. Nooo...I scared la. So I hopped out after 1 hour in there. Imagine if I was swimming halfway, and opening my mouth to breathe halfway and the frog swam in my mouth or in my face or something like that. Hahah..eww..gross. So. I left the pool. Doesn't matter. I was beat anyway.

On Tuesday night, I created this:

In case you need more evidence that T707 sucks at taking photos. OK lar. To be fair, its a 3MP phone which I bought knowing full well that it has no flash. Doesn't mean I don't get to complain. I bought it cos I was desperate for a phone since my previous one broke.

Not much difference actually. Its a different shade of blue. More turquoise than my previous blue. But I like it. Looks funky!

To make up for my absence these few days, I shall post up lots and lots of photos. Mainly food this time..

Winnie is so lihai! She made sushi!!

Actually I'm lihai too ok. I made them before.. They're really easy to make. If you want to make sushi ala winnie, you will need:

Roasted Seaweed. Sold everywhere and cheap too.

You are seeing a plate of fried eggs, and cooked crabsticks. You will need to slice them both into strips like what Winnie is doing.

This is cucumber and yellow pickles. I don't actually know the correct name for that. Tried googling Japanese pickles, pickles, yellow pickles but I see no photos that resemble this. Soo...

But these are served with quite a lot of Japanese dishes, right? At Sushi King, and many other Japanese restaurants. So I assume these are Japanese pickles for now. Feel free to drop a comment if you think otherwise.

Ebiko is pricey but delicious..

We also added some hot dogs to the sushi actually but I didn't take a photo. Slice it up like the other ingredients.

Mum's recipe for the sushi rice was: just add vinegar and salt. So that's what we did and it tasted all right.

Its not as easy as it looks, spreading the rice onto the seaweed. Cos the rice will stick onto the seaweed making it hard for you to spread it evenly covering every inch.

Once you managed that, put whatever ingredients you want in the middle. In the beginning, Winnie didn't put much of those ingredients. Being kwai, cos if you put too much in one roll, you're gonna have trouble closing it, making it stick to the end. So when you end up cutting the sushi, it won't stick together. Am I making sense? I suck at explaining.

I shall let the photos do the talking.

Roll em up and squeeze to get them to hold their shape.

Voila. Winnie is lihai.

Cut them up and you get this:

This is what happens when you try to cram too much inside one roll. After you cut them up, it just comes apart:

We didn't put ebiko inside. Instead, we spread ebiko on top of all of the sushi. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo. Busy eating. You understand.

On Saturday night, we went to have this: Pork! This was at the old Hai Pa Wang restaurant. What is the name? After three? Something like that. Its opposite the school, which I forgot the name too. hahaha...I'm terrible. Cs must have told me a thousand times already but I cant remember that chinese school's name.

Upon seeing our set"menu" for the night, I thought wow that is so cheap. Including a whole suckling pig. But only the pork is quite big in size. The rest were very small portions. More like appetizer size, instead of main menu sizes.

Maybe for a small table of four. But the table set was for 7 pax.

I am not a big fan of pork or oil and fat. So err..I didn't try this. Actually I hardly ever have this suckling pig even though my dad lives for this thing. He insists on having this for almost every occasion: his birthday, father's day, family get together etc.

The second biggest plate after the pork, was our fried midin with belacan. And that was ordered separately cos we felt the food wasn't enough.

But after we asked the waitress, it turns out that they had some kind of promotion that night. Each of the other five dishes costs RM 10 only. That includes the hot n spicy prawn, chicken in wine, braised duck, sliced abalone, and another portion of deep fried pork.

After dinner, it seems that between all of us, we could only come up with: the food is sooo oily and salty. There is nothing outstanding either. Blah.

Bad experience. I went there once with cs and another friends, and I thought it was ok. Thought the food tasted pretty good. But that was last year or maybe 2008.

There was a Tiger promo. Buy 5 bottles of Tiger beer (or a bucket), and get a free Tiger fridge magnet!

So, Winnie, dad, and I had the beer. And mum got her magnet.

Flipped through my camera album to find more food photo that I have yet to post up and found these. Haha we ordered a bit too much food in the pub. McGregor's spoils us by letting us eat in there.

This time, we ordered from Pumpkin Cafe. It is located somewhere at Brighton Square. As usual, we placed the order from McGregor's and the waitress brought our food to the pub, where we were. Like tua taukes.

I was quite embarrassed when the waitress brought this onto our table in the pub ( We were seating at the bar counter) Cos we didn't expect this much. It was only cs and I.

I swear every eye was on us to check out what have we ordered to eat this time..

From left to right: Boxing Chicken, Pumpkin wedges, and french fries.

I like wedges and whenever possible, I order them over fries. At VA, I always want to order wedges and Winnie want the fries. Most of the time, she lets me have my way. I wonder why is she so generous? Is it cos she already ate dinner, and most of the time I haven't?

Ever tried pumpkin wedges? If you like pumpkin, you will like this. If you don't like pumpkin, you wont like this. Simple as that.

I don't. Neither does cs. So we tapaued.

I always wondered, in all Harry Potter books, JK Rowling mentioned that they all had pumpkin juice. Before I went to UK, I wondered, do all British/English people drink pumpkin juice regularly too? Or is it just JK Rowling's preference?

Or is it just in the Wizarding world that they have pumpin juice all the time! During breakfast at Hogwarts, on the Hogwarts express, at Sirius's house where Lupin brought pumpkin juice with him, when Hermione tapaued the pumpkin juice from Shell Cottage after the Gringotts break in.

Its like plain water to them! Or orange juice to them.

Turns out it was the Wizarding world. I've never actually seen or tried pumpkin juice before. I don't imagine it would taste good. Should be quite thick. Puree. Has anyone ever tried pumpkin juice before? Please tell me! Nice?

I am re-reading the Harry Potter series for the thousanth time (I think), and finally I have had to skip through pages cos I know it all by heart already. Every single thing that is about to happen. I think its time to hide all my books away and wait till the next movie is coming out. Then, its time to bring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows out again. I'm such a geek!

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