Sunday, 11 April 2010

I am back!

I am Back! Back to reality! Back to Kuching. My KL trip was relaxing, laid back, and better than anticipated. Actually no. I am feeling pretty exhausted now. I don't know why. I woke up this morning (in the hotel room), with my lower back, arms and legs aching. Why? Aren't I on holiday? Shouldn't I feel relaxed?

Why do I feel...exhausted?

Haha I think cs and I tend to overdo things.

We are so stupid. Actually, I think it was me!

I suggested to him to wake up at 730am to go for a morning swim! Shivering as I entered the pool, I forced myself to swim up and down to get my muscles burning.

Then, we went back to shower before going down for breakfast! Breakfast by 930am. Quite impressive for me. I usually sleep till noon on holidays. I wake up for work at 8am ok. Earliest 745am. Latest 815am.

By then, we were congratulating ourselves. We are so healthy! Wake up so early to swim. So refreshing. So nice. Let's do it again tomorrow.

So we pigged out during breakfast. A morning swim makes you super hungry.

The crazy fella had nasi goreng, nasi lemak, mee hoon, yoghurt, donut, mixed fruits, bacon, sausages, and ham for breakfast! Siao.

Aftermath. Healthy my ass baby. Haha.

By 3pm, both of us were regretting the early morning swim. Why wake up so early during holidays? Siao. In bed by 10pm.

The highlight of the trip was supposed to be IKEA. We bought some stuff for his new house..

But, in my opinion, best buy ever is this:

I love it! It was love at first sight! I insisted that we buy it! No matter what, we will find a way to bring it back to kuching! Where there is a will, there is a way.

I wanted to buy two! But...even I know that would be quite hard to bring back on Air Asia. Hehe.

It is so fluffy and so soft. I love furry stuff! I keep hugging it to myself. No idea where I am going to put it yet.

Cs tried to pose. But alas men are awful at taking photos:

He turned out looking like Ariel. Little Mermaid. Haha..

There. Better.

Update more next time.

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