Sunday, 30 November 2008

Winnie's Day

Winnie (my sister) turned 19 on the 27th. Haha. The day before her birthday, Kevin (our brother) had to buy her lychee cheesecake. In the car, Kevin turned to me at the the traffic lights and asked: eh, how old is winnie? We stared at each other for about 5 seconds then I said: 19 i think. 18? We started counting. Oh. Ok. 19. Then we grinned at each other and continued our journey. Sorry winnie! I keep thinking ur older than that. Hahah..

Anyway, it was quite boring for her that day I think. It was on a Thursday, the day she finished her exam. Can't go out to celebrate cos her bf and friends' exams end on Friday.

So, she chose Magenta for dinner. The parents snacking before main course.

Birthday Girl grinning happily after all that food. Haha. Not too much actually. She had pasta with lamb, while I was practicing vegetarian so I had seafood linguine. Dad had a seafood platter, and mum had her usual fish and chips, while kevin had sirloin steak. Didn't take photos sorry. I was starving.

Covering up her tummy. I'm kidding winnie! 


Winnie's lychee cheesecake. Never had it before. Tastes quite good actually. Highly recommended. Winnie chose it, words and all..

Daddy's little girl all grown up.

She took so long making her wish. Wishing u pass ur exams yao? Wishing u did better in exams? Wishing u studied harder? The nights before her exam, she spent chatting/nagging/venting to me. Then, in the mornings, she'd be awake by 6am and telling me: i regret talking to u last night. If only i studied more...

I'm lousy at aiming with my camera phone so here is half of me with winnie.

Like mother like daugther?

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. 

Take bimbotic photos like this.
I need to go shoppping for new clothes. When I wore this again, mum said: u should throw away this top. I've seen it waaay too many times. Jeez man. I never thought I'd say this but: I have no time to go shopping!! I'm either too busy/tired or there's something else more important than shopping for myself. 

Enough for this post. Updates next time. Bye.


I like this:

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

KL's Birthday Party

Last Saturday I went to KL's birthday party. He paid for dinner. We had seafood, around 12 people at Batu Lintang area. I didn't take photos. Lazy + Forgot. These photos were taken by my phone. Here, we were outside Terminal One. Waiting for the others to arrive.

Alina and Wei lee. I like this place. There's speakers outside too so the music can be heard here. Wish I could start dancing here, make it an outdoor party. Inside is so boring. Not boring lar, but I get bored easily. Imagine if they decorate outside and bring the party outside. Better. Something new at least..

Moving on..

They're both taken. Both married already. Actually, Wei lee is getting married next month. Lucky girl..Looking forward to her wedding!! =p

Boring old me.

Tequila shots. And that's the birthday boy on the right. 

Frankie and Kheng loon. The bottle is stil unopened. This is just for the camera..

Boys in the club.

Birthday boy and his lamborghini. Is that the correct spelling? I never tried one btw. On my birthday, Kitty and Steph wanted to buy me one but I had waaayyy too much whiskey coke n beer that night, so I said no. I wonder what it tastes like..

KL has so many glasses of tequila. He was a good sport. He didn't turn them away or spit them out. Haha. 

Yet another cheese cake. Hahaa. Winnie's birthday is in 2 days and she requested lychee cheesecake. Note: LYCHEE cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake. She is so loso. Anyway.

Oh ya. I bought winnie a microphone for her birthday cos that is what she requested. She wants to use it on the computer to chat with Hassan. Before the mic, she had requested a list of other stuff including a french manicure, RM70 worth of archie comics, RM50 reload, RM 50 of archie comics, alcohol/one jug/black label, lychee cheesecake etc etc...

I got impatient and fed up somewhere through her list and said why don't i give you RM50 angpau and you go buy yourself something. But she didn't want. So, when she said mic, I said ok. Cos i know its cheap. She asked how much does it costs? Of cos I said RM50 lar. Haha..

Just now, I bought one for her. After discount, it costs RM13. So cheap right? I took off the price tag before I came home but forgot to throw away the receipt. She saw it and started spluttering in disbelief, then started nagging indignantly at how cheapskate I was, then demanding that I buy her something else for her birthday. 

Talk about LOSO. In the end, she said I have to buy her alcohol for this Saturday when she is celebrating after her exams. Fine. I expected her reaction and her nagging anyway. Hahaa...

Monday, 24 November 2008


Last Sunday.

Occasion? Editor Jong's birthday.

Venue? Amelie's house.

Normally Sunday's are hangover days, no? Haha. The party was supposed to be on Saturday but we had to work that day. Not enough time for us to go home and cook and party. So, changed to Sun. Anyway. We had decided at work via emails what each of us should cook/bring.

I brought chicken wings marinated by mum, and deep fried by Eli. While I er.. slept....

Charissa brought chicken curry.

Shepy - lasagna

Grace - Caesar salad. Didn't take photos cos she arrived one hour late after we finished eating.

Editor Jong - Veg with ham. Forgot to take photos.

Watching Little Britain, of all things.

Nancy - birthday cake

Wilson - ice cream for dessert

Mary - pork chops. She told me yesterday during lunch: I LOVE PORK.


Me: hahahaa

Melissa, another friend who loves laksa said before: No laksa, no melissa.

I really should come up with something for my love of Pizza.

Girls will be girls.


Amelie's parents were traveling that's why we could have a party at her place. Freedom for her.

Happy people.

Editor Jong's birthday card.

I'm so lazy to think of what to write as caption. Food was delicious. But too heavy and too rich. I'm dieting now. Starting now. Cos even though my clothes still fit, my face looks too plump. Cos its nearly xmas. Cos chinese new year coming up. Cos my cousin is coming from Taiwan. Cos i gained weight Sigh

As of now, don't invite me to lunch, or dinner please. No birthday cakes. No meat too. No chicken, no pork, no beef, no lamb. Cos this limits my choice of food to eat. Haha. In Kuching that is saying something. It'll be hard for me to decide what to eat for lunch everyday.

I tried having no meat before. I succeeded for 2-3 months. But that was cos my bf was a vegetarian. So, it was much easier to eat whatever he ate. And that was in London. In Kuching, I have to reject dinners at home. When i didn't eat meat at home, my parents started nagging me.
Something to do with lower hormones level, which is actually quite true. Very low sex drive during that period. =)

Kingway commercial.

The group that day. My colleagues at work. Most of them. The 2 guys in front are their husbands. Why is everyone getting married so fas? One of my close friends is getting married next month. I'm soo looking forward. It will be fun cos both bride and groom are among our group of friends. Sooo...looking forward. I've never been to any friend's wedding yet. Only cousins, aunties, uncles's bla bla bla. Boring stuff..

But this wedding should be fun. I need to get a dress!
Where was I? Oh yea. Diet. I mean it. No more meat.

When i told winnie I'm on a diet, she said: I thought you've been on a diet your whole life? Being a girl sucks.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


That's the theme for the night. Blue attire, blue accessories etc. Most people wore blue, or the company t-shirt which was blue. Here are some photos from Saturday night. The company annual dinner. At Holiday Inn by the Poolside. This is the setting. At 7pm when people are arriving. A very relaxed atmosphere. I like.

There were around 12 tables I thinks. Not sure. Don't even know how many colleagues I have since some flew in from KL and US for this dinner. Anyway, this photo was taken from the stage. Very good camera quality. I don't even know whose camera or whose photos are these from. Copied them from the computer at work. =)

Seriously, I don't know half the names of my colleagues yet. And I'm kind of embarrassed to blurt out: Sorry, but what's your name? Then they'd look at me in disbelief and say wtf?! You don't know my name? So...

Anyway, food was alright. Not too bad. But I didn't eat much. Gained weight as shown in the photos. Damn.

No idea what is it. Lots of whipped cream, probably tastes horrible. Cos I hate cream...

Barbequed meat and satay. Again, I didn't sample any. Such a waste of money. But, I make up for it with drinking alcohol. Free flow. Too bad I was practicing self control...better don't scare my colleagues yet..

Charisa and I. She is exactly one day younger than me as I found out that night. We should have almost the same personality eh? Bitchy. Impatient. Stubborn. Haha..kidding.. Don't know her well yet...

From left: Kuei Nee, Nancy, Charisa and me.

I sat with other 9th floor colleagues. We're the company analysts here. The two on the left are editors. I'm the newest CA among the group. Have so much more to learn to catch up with them.

Shirley, remember Melissa??

Table 9 sucks at games. We were out the first round. The game was pretty simple. Just listen to part of the song and guess the singer and title of the song. This game suits our company cos at work every day everyone has on earphones, head bopping to the music while doing our work.

Pretty girls queuing up for food.

My table mates. At work, they kept circulating emails urging us to join the competitions. With names such as apple eating, coke drinking competition, they sound so mundane, so boring. But, surprisingly it was fun.

It was hilarious watching them eating the apples without hands. Winner gets a hamper. The guy on the right won.

Drinking coke using the baby's milk bottle. What's that called? Sucking on the teat? Tit? whatever. Still funny.

And karaoke competition. Then, around 930pm we went to Tribes, the pub, and the real fun begins. This photo below consists of my colleagues forming a band. Not too bad actually. Great performance.

And I met Jackie. He's the only non-Finexsys person there that night. He was invited by a friend to play the drums for the band since they couldn't find a drummer.
I like drummers. They look so cool...

No, actually guys who play an instrument looks cool.

Somehow, that sounds wrong...

Dancefloor. Lazy to type now.

Mary, who is a great singer. Seriously. She rocks!

Last but definitely not least, my mummy:


My teacher, my mentor, my sensei.