Tuesday, 25 November 2008

KL's Birthday Party

Last Saturday I went to KL's birthday party. He paid for dinner. We had seafood, around 12 people at Batu Lintang area. I didn't take photos. Lazy + Forgot. These photos were taken by my phone. Here, we were outside Terminal One. Waiting for the others to arrive.

Alina and Wei lee. I like this place. There's speakers outside too so the music can be heard here. Wish I could start dancing here, make it an outdoor party. Inside is so boring. Not boring lar, but I get bored easily. Imagine if they decorate outside and bring the party outside. Better. Something new at least..

Moving on..

They're both taken. Both married already. Actually, Wei lee is getting married next month. Lucky girl..Looking forward to her wedding!! =p

Boring old me.

Tequila shots. And that's the birthday boy on the right. 

Frankie and Kheng loon. The bottle is stil unopened. This is just for the camera..

Boys in the club.

Birthday boy and his lamborghini. Is that the correct spelling? I never tried one btw. On my birthday, Kitty and Steph wanted to buy me one but I had waaayyy too much whiskey coke n beer that night, so I said no. I wonder what it tastes like..

KL has so many glasses of tequila. He was a good sport. He didn't turn them away or spit them out. Haha. 

Yet another cheese cake. Hahaa. Winnie's birthday is in 2 days and she requested lychee cheesecake. Note: LYCHEE cheesecake. Not just any cheesecake. She is so loso. Anyway.

Oh ya. I bought winnie a microphone for her birthday cos that is what she requested. She wants to use it on the computer to chat with Hassan. Before the mic, she had requested a list of other stuff including a french manicure, RM70 worth of archie comics, RM50 reload, RM 50 of archie comics, alcohol/one jug/black label, lychee cheesecake etc etc...

I got impatient and fed up somewhere through her list and said why don't i give you RM50 angpau and you go buy yourself something. But she didn't want. So, when she said mic, I said ok. Cos i know its cheap. She asked how much does it costs? Of cos I said RM50 lar. Haha..

Just now, I bought one for her. After discount, it costs RM13. So cheap right? I took off the price tag before I came home but forgot to throw away the receipt. She saw it and started spluttering in disbelief, then started nagging indignantly at how cheapskate I was, then demanding that I buy her something else for her birthday. 

Talk about LOSO. In the end, she said I have to buy her alcohol for this Saturday when she is celebrating after her exams. Fine. I expected her reaction and her nagging anyway. Hahaa...

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