Monday, 24 November 2008


Last Sunday.

Occasion? Editor Jong's birthday.

Venue? Amelie's house.

Normally Sunday's are hangover days, no? Haha. The party was supposed to be on Saturday but we had to work that day. Not enough time for us to go home and cook and party. So, changed to Sun. Anyway. We had decided at work via emails what each of us should cook/bring.

I brought chicken wings marinated by mum, and deep fried by Eli. While I er.. slept....

Charissa brought chicken curry.

Shepy - lasagna

Grace - Caesar salad. Didn't take photos cos she arrived one hour late after we finished eating.

Editor Jong - Veg with ham. Forgot to take photos.

Watching Little Britain, of all things.

Nancy - birthday cake

Wilson - ice cream for dessert

Mary - pork chops. She told me yesterday during lunch: I LOVE PORK.


Me: hahahaa

Melissa, another friend who loves laksa said before: No laksa, no melissa.

I really should come up with something for my love of Pizza.

Girls will be girls.


Amelie's parents were traveling that's why we could have a party at her place. Freedom for her.

Happy people.

Editor Jong's birthday card.

I'm so lazy to think of what to write as caption. Food was delicious. But too heavy and too rich. I'm dieting now. Starting now. Cos even though my clothes still fit, my face looks too plump. Cos its nearly xmas. Cos chinese new year coming up. Cos my cousin is coming from Taiwan. Cos i gained weight Sigh

As of now, don't invite me to lunch, or dinner please. No birthday cakes. No meat too. No chicken, no pork, no beef, no lamb. Cos this limits my choice of food to eat. Haha. In Kuching that is saying something. It'll be hard for me to decide what to eat for lunch everyday.

I tried having no meat before. I succeeded for 2-3 months. But that was cos my bf was a vegetarian. So, it was much easier to eat whatever he ate. And that was in London. In Kuching, I have to reject dinners at home. When i didn't eat meat at home, my parents started nagging me.
Something to do with lower hormones level, which is actually quite true. Very low sex drive during that period. =)

Kingway commercial.

The group that day. My colleagues at work. Most of them. The 2 guys in front are their husbands. Why is everyone getting married so fas? One of my close friends is getting married next month. I'm soo looking forward. It will be fun cos both bride and groom are among our group of friends. Sooo...looking forward. I've never been to any friend's wedding yet. Only cousins, aunties, uncles's bla bla bla. Boring stuff..

But this wedding should be fun. I need to get a dress!
Where was I? Oh yea. Diet. I mean it. No more meat.

When i told winnie I'm on a diet, she said: I thought you've been on a diet your whole life? Being a girl sucks.

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